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Haribo Gummi Candy, Sugarless Gummi Bears, 5-Pound Bag
List Price: $25.00

Our Price: $19.23

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Product Description

Sugar-free gummi bears with five real fruit flavors and jewel-like sparkling clear colors. Made with Lycasin. Available in 5-pound bags only. Approximately 216 pieces per pound.

  • One 5-pound bag containing approximately 1080 pieces
  • Fat-free and sugar-free; sweetened with Lycasin
  • Five real fruit flavors
  • Jewel-like sparkling clear colors
  • An international favorite

Customer Reviews:

  • Sugarless Gummi Bears

    These gummi bears have a great taste and are sugar free,AND the price is right. What more could you ask for.

    ...more info
  • Same Gastro Problems
    Really recommend that buyers beware - I too ate no more than a handful of this product - about 2.5 hours later, I had minor stomach pains - another hour after that, I was in umimaginable pain. It took a good 3 hours of severe pain and bathroom trips to be able to walk upright or consider any other behavior. Twenty-four hours later, I was still not 100%. Buy the full sugar version in little bags and learn moderation - the sugar-free version is NOT a good answer...more info
  • tricky!
    These are really yummy. However, they are just as high in calories as the ones with sugar... so I still wouldnt recomend them....more info
  • Right price
    Great price for this large package. Hard to find sugarless candy. Good taste but don't eat too many because you'll pay for it!!...more info
  • Yummy Gummies
    These are fabulous! I am on a diet and can eat these guilt-free. They taste just like the regular ones. YUMM!!!...more info
  • Terrance and Phillip Show
    The title of my review says it all. I have high blood sugar, so I am always on the lookout for sugar free or relatively low sugar foods and snacks.

    I saw 3 stars on the product without reading the actual review, which I should have, and ordered these. I am not going to lie to you, these taste great, and that's where all the pros end. Ate about 30 of them and about 3 hours later, the merciless gas attack began. Gas-X, Imodium, nothing helps at this point.... just had to deal with the gastrointestinal pain, flatulence and diarrhea.

    These would make a great prank candy..... if that isn't your goal, these delicious gas inducing candy isn't for you.
    ...more info
    the price is too high but I like to eat these gummi candies because they are chewey and sugar-free. eating too much at one time will bother your digestive tract....more info
  • sugar free but requires moderation w/5lb bag, hard
    I love these. They require a good deal of chewing thus gives you an opportunity to enjoy the sweetness longer. I can have 10-15/day but not at once. 3-5 at a time max (respectively without food-with food I can tolerate more), separated by at least 4 hours. These are great. I am on atkins and my ketones (stay) are unaffected. I also have a glucose monitor for trying out new sugar substitute products and these gummy bears have no affect.Receiving a 5lb bag of these requires one to use or quickly learn self-restraint. If not you will be in horrendous abdominal pain with bloating, flatulance & perhaps diarhea like some of the one star posters. I was forewarned by other reviewers and bought them anyway. I will surely buy these again once they run out in a few months. I don't feel deprived and I feel in control of what I do or don't put in my body....more info
  • No Imposters Here!
    These are the real deal. I was blown away that these tasted EXACTLY like the Haribos with sugar. They smelled the same, tasted the same, had the same amazing texture, colors, the whole works. They are amazing. I've wanted to try them for years, and I'm so glad I finally did. Oh yes, they'll send you to the outhouse all right, but I'll stuff one too many handfuls of these in my mouth any day! Rock on Haribo!...more info
  • Very close to the real thing.
    I lived in Germany and have consumed my share of gummi bears. :) These sugar free bears are very good. This type of candy suits itself to sugar free treatment. Much like hard candy. You don't get the big taste difference like you do with lots of the chocolate sugar free treats.

    A word on some of the reviews listed here on Amazon... Sugar Free candies are not meant to be eaten by the handfull. Sugar Free is mostly made for people that can't process the Sugar and people that are in this category have all learned from experience, you don't eat Sugar Free sweets in any large amount.

    I have a mild case of Type II which I am gratefully able to control by diet alone and can tell you personally that these candies are very good if you are in a Gummi mood. The affect on my blood sugar is typical of this sort of treat. Just as I wouldn't eat 50 carbs of anything, a snack of this type is only around 10 bears.

    People living with health issues concerning Blood Sugar understand the requirement. Those just looking to cut carbs or lose a bit of weight may want to re-think eating most sugar free treats and look into other type of sweets to satisfy.

    ...more info
  • Toxic Gummi Bears
    The sugar substitute used is a laxative and caused everyone who ate them to become very sick...more info
  • Absolutely fantastic!
    I am a huge Haribo brand gummy bear fan which is why I decided to go for the sugar-free variety to curb the sweet tooth and control the quantity. Anyone who has experienced the reaction to sugar alcohols knows what happens when you consume too much... this is not a reason to rank the product low. The texture is the same hard bite you get with the sugared variety, and the bears are clear just like the originals. Now for the taste... I could detect a very subtle aftertaste, but other than that they are exactly like the originals. I wouldn't know which bears were sugar-free if I was given both. These are a fantastic alternative to the sugar variety, but if you plan to eat your gummy bears by the handful, these are not for you... now if only I could find sugar free gummy cola's I would be set!...more info
  • Tastes great, makes you fart
    These taste just as good as the sugar ones to me. The best part is that it gives you tons of gas, which is really fun when around friends. Just make sure you don't eat these before a job interview or something....more info
  • Yuck!
    I too had severe stomach reaction to these. The flavor is poor, hardly any flavor at all. They are so hard you can chew them w/o risking damage to dental work. I can imagine anyone wanting these.. I gave them all away at work rather than just tossing them in the garbage. DONT WASTE YOU MONEY THEY ARE AWFUL ALL THE WAY AROUND. ...more info
  • low in carbs
    one reviewer mentioned these are not low in carbs. almost all of the carbs are from the sugar alcohol, which is not absorbed by the body (hence the gastrointestinal distress). so these are perfectly good for a low carb diet. just limit your intake to a very few at a time!...more info
  • gummi bears that are delicious
    I am on a sugar restictive diet...these taste like the original ones and are delicious...more info
  • Save your stomach and eat something else.
    I tried this product mostly to save calories, and boy did I get an education. I ate a handful of gummy bears and blew up like a balloon - felt pain like I've rarely felt before, was in the bathroom for a good 12 hours, and honestly considered calling 911 at one point. It was 2 days before my digestive system could handle regular food again.

    Later I found out that this sweetener (otherwise known as "Lycasin"), actually killed certain lower animals it was given to. I for one plan to read my labels much more carefully and avoid it like the plague!...more info