Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 (68C-00001)
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Product Description

Experience instant messaging in a whole new way. Communicate with friends and family as if they were in the room with you. 1.3 megapixels high Definition video and 5.0 megapixels photos interpolated shows you in the best light. The built-in microphone automatically picks up your voice with remarkable clarity. Just press this button and select an Online Contact to start a video call. The 71-degree wide angle lens ensures no one gets left out of the picture. The pan and tilt functionality make it a snap to capture the big picture, however you want to see it. The long, flexible cable gives you more room to move. The zoom delivers realistic, up-close-and-personal video, so you can see the contours of every smile. The new USB 2.0 enables much higher connection speeds, so you can experience life in real-time. Surprise your friends with cool video effects, accessible right from the Windows Live Messenger Window. LifeCams capture life at 30 frames per second, which means the video images you see are smooth and seamless. Windows Vista or Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) required.

Putting the power of Windows Live Messenger at your fingertips, the Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 takes instant messaging with family and friends to a new level of sight and sound by offering great video and crystal-clear audio with acoustic noise cancellation.

The LifeCam VX-6000 features one-touch access to Windows Live Messenger.

Enjoy megapixel resolution, a wide angle lens, and a 3x digital zoom.
Plus, you get advanced features, such as automatic face tracking software and low-light adjustment, so you feel like you're right there. The VX-6000 also adds several key enhancements over the LifeCam VX-3000, including high definition video capabilities, a wide angle lens, a 3x digital zoom, and a high-speed USB connection. View a comparison of the LifeCam VX-3000 and VX-6000.

The Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 is optimized for Windows Live Messenger, which is used by the largest worldwide instant messenger community with over 200 million users. Three key features give you a superior Windows Live Experience. First, the Windows Live Call Button makes it easy to start a video call. Simply press the button to see who's online, and you're on your way to a video call. Second, with the LifeCam Dashboard you can access video effects and control your webcam from the Windows Live Messenger window. Lastly, with One-Touch Blogging, a single click allows you to upload to Windows Live Spaces, an "online scrapbook" that lets you easily post blogs, photo albums, and personal music lists.

The VX-6000's automatic face tracking software, which takes advantage of the camera's pan, tilt, and zoom controls, follows you so you don't disappear off-screen. The VX-6000's wide angle lens lets you fit more people on screen so everyone can join in the fun. Alternatively, the 3x digital zoom brings you so close that it's almost like sitting opposite the other person. The camera's high definition sensor makes it possible to experience true 1.3 megapixel video and 5.0 interpolated megapixel photos.

The camera automatically adjusts for low-light conditions for improved video quality, and a built-in unidirectional microphone with acoustic noise cancellation provides crystal-clear audio. Video effects give you a fun way to express yourself, and last but not least, the camera's universal attachment base fits on most monitors, including flat screens. Alternatively, the camera can sit directly on your desk.

Note that while the VX-6000 is optimized for use with Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft LifeCams also work with other instant messaging programs, such as Yahoo Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger.

  • Use with Windows Live Messenger to communicate with friends and family as if they were in the room with you
  • Delivers 1.3 megapixel video resolution and 5 megapixel photo resolution
  • Built-in microphone
  • Simply press the Windows Live Call Button and select an Online Contact to start a video conversation
  • 71 degree wide angle lens ensures no one gets left out of the picture

Customer Reviews:

  • WebCam
    This is a great product, it's working fine and the whole transaction with amazon was good...more info
  • There's better out there for less money
    Any judgment on the quality of a webcam depends in part on what the camera is being used for, so let me start by saying that i was looking for a camera to record videos of myself playing acoustic guitar a la "youtube" as opposed to using it to chat. BOTTOM LINE: Don't waste your money. Even if picture and sound quality are not a big concern for your purposes, there are still better cameras out there for the money (or for even less).

    I got a Logitech webcam in my stocking this Christmas, but unfortunately the Logitech had one problem: the picture was a little jumpy. So i took it back and got the Microsoft VX-6000, which cost twice as much and works about half as well. The software took 10-15 minutes to install, which I was hoping meant this camera would have decent settings and a usable UI. In the end, I prefer the Logitech UI.

    The picture is slightly less jumpy than the Logitech (sorry, don't recall the model for the Logitech), it tracked my movements slightly better without getting blurry - but all of this is only true until you actually try to record something. Upon playing back a recording, i found that the sound and picture were unsynchronized, movements were more jumpy. There was a lot of background noise (hissing, static sounds) and, unlike the Logitech camera, I couldn't find any settings to help eliminate this noise.

    My biggest problem with the Microsoft camera was that the picture was TERRIBLE. Absolutely awful. There was a lot of static and pixelation happening. Additionally, even with all the settings for hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, etc, my face looked slightly distorted (a little bit of a fish-eye lens effect), and the contrast was still off. With the camera focused as well as possible, the picture still looked too fuzzy (messing with the sharpness in settings did not help).

    Maybe I had unreasonable expectations for this camera, but because of the significant problems with the image quality, I cannot imagine using the VX-6000 for any purpose....more info
  • Disapointment
    I was very disappointed with the quality of picture from this LifeCam. It's extremely grainy. Compared to the quality in the 3000 model, this one is very poor.
    ...more info
  • Lousy Camera
    Bought this camera as an "upgrade" for an older L***tech laptop web cam. What a waste of money! The picture on this thing is horrible! Even though the specs on this camera are much better, my older camera's video is waaay better. The video from this hunk-o-junk is very blurry and grainy. The sound seems to be okay, but I never really paid attention because the video was so bad. M$ makes decent keyboards and mice, but if this is the best web cam they can make, they need to get out of this market. I'll stick with L***tech....more info
  • not bad
    I have had some problems with it ... primarily the built in microphone - don't count on it....more info
  • Very Pleased
    Easy to install and setup. Light weight can put it most anywhere on my desk. Cord is just the right length. Snapshots are good with the right light. Price was good too....more info
  • software problems
    I installed the software and it crashed my computer, I am running Windows XP. It took forever to uninstall and now I keep getting error messages when I go on AOL. I use the cam on Yahoo messenger but no sound, anyone know how to fix my problems now?...more info
  • Microsoft should be ashamed
    I got this webcam for my birthday. First of all, the accompanying software will not install on Windows XP 64-bit edition. The CD does contain drivers for Windows XP 64-bit, but I never got them to work (and I am an IT professional). The installation seemed work fine, but everytime I rebooted my computer, it detected the camera as new hardware. Microsoft's support requires you to first pay $30, before they will lift a finger. No way I would do that on a $50 product. On a laptop with Windows XP 32-edition, it did not want to work with Microsoft's own Messenger software. So we sent it back and got a Logitech Pro 9000 instead. That one worked straight away. ...more info
  • Don't Buy this Camera!
    The resolution is decent not great. Its a camera for BSing around with friends but if you want crystal clear video that is colorful this camera falls short. Also the rubber ring around the lens degrades and turns sticky. Feels like glue as it breaks down. ...more info
  • Decent value for price paid.
    I paid for this web camera $37. Quality is good as soon as camera not more than 2 feet's from you. Other wise if you getting fuser from camera, quality falling. Be careful with microphone, it is very sensitive and picking all noses around. It you worried about how much you want to pay for camera it will be nice pick, but if you do not care of price than find something better....more info
  • Super Duper Camera!!!
    I had an old eyeball camera with separate mic, but this is so much better is so many ways. Mic is on the camera. Easy to install and using Yahoo connection it is free!!! Picture is about 90% quality compared to my old one that was about 20%. Sound is like being in the same room. Price about half what I paid when the technology was new. Liked it so so much got one for each of my grown kids and their families. Be aware that the speed is still not in exact real time using my high speed connection thru Charter, but it has only a second or so lag time. ...more info
  • It works with Vista x64 Ultimate! but...
    but > I had to download the latest drivers from [...] making sure it was vista x64. It was ver.2.04 to be exact. The drivers that came with it was insufficient needless to say dont use it. Besides the new driver/software is better and has more dashboard effects which are far more enjoyable. The camera quality is couple of notches better than the vx-3000 which I also have but gave away to my folks. But@ 640x480 resolution they are very similar maybe its just me or maybe I just dont notice the wide angle at that setting. either way both of them are great cams. I bought a $20 offbrand webcam it was great but when I got the vx3000 I noticed it was slow on refresh. I also tinkered with the registry to modify the cam button to launch Yahoo Messenger (its tricky). I tried to regedit launch Skype to but failed. Anyways a great cam / too bad I didnt buy it from Amazon as I got it half off elsewhere. ...more info
  • Not as great as I thought...
    I think this is Not a New that's why the Video quality is so poor...//
    I won't recommend it from this store......more info
  • Worthless
    I gave this product one star because thats the lowest rating allowable...

    I bought this webcam because it was on sale and as I was just starting Grad school, funds were tight. I needed a webcam for video chats with the Prof and classmates. I should have spent the extra money on the webcam I recommended to a friend (a Logitech). The Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 worked exactly twice, and no more.

    So, even on sale from my local Best Buy, this POS webcam failed to give me even minimal funtion or use...

    Caveat emptor, it IS a Microsoft-branded product....more info
  • Dollarwise it is a great value
    After nearly giving up on this item while trying to use it on Windows Live Messenger, I decoded a problem that many others seem to have had--the error message "You have another process/camera program running. Turn it off..."

    I knew I didn't have another camera program running but after three hours of installing and un-installing, I was ready to throw in the towel. My wife opened up the Windows Live "tools" pull down and went to "Audio and video options." I went through that one more time and then realized that I had missed the most important one! The very last tab that asks what video camera you are using to run Windows Live Messenger.

    After that pulldown was a choice of 4 things that I never heard of and one choice of the VX 6000 camera. I selected that and my problem was solved. But you won't find this easily, if at all. When I went online with the error message on Yahoo! Search no one had an answer. And on Google Search the answer was in the first choice, [...]! That's the one my wife took me to when she solved the problem.

    After this long drawn out review the reader may still want to know about the camera and microphone--they are recommended highly. The only problem I had and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that the built in microphone doesn't screen out the sounds of the computer in the background. It sounds like a helicopter is landing in my office. But the visual is very good and comes with a multitude of settings for its high-resolution picture. I like the fact that it works well in low light, has no flicker, and finds your movie editing software after you record a video. You can also use it to snap pictures and send them in email, as well as the videos. Good luck! And I see it's now $[...] cheaper than when I bought it!

    Addendum: My complaint about the motorboating (helicopter) sound in the background was solved by moving the webcam to a level spot on my desk instead of on top of my monitor. The buzzing has completely stopped and now I would give the unit 5 stars. It performs exactly as advertised....more info
  • Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 What a great device!!!
    I ordered two of the Microsoft webcams for Christmas gifts this year. They were new and reasonably priced compared to the retail stores prices. I am very pleased with the product and its features. I would recommend this product to anyone interested in a webcam....more info
  • good and it works well
    This web cam works well. But, it is hard to intall it because of poor driver. Except that one, it is one of best web-cam. To be caucious, its microphone is very sensitive. ...more info
  • Lifecam VX-6000
    It works well but the quality is no where near as good as the webcam that came on my laptop. It does a good job of tracking and the mic is ok but the pic quality is only so-so...more info
  • I see you
    To be quite honest with you, its still in the box it came in. I have yet to install and use it..... not that its something I didn't want... just been lazy. But it sure looks good in the box...... so I'm not sure this review will help at all........more info
  • Software doesnt load
    The software wouldn't load - couldn't get it to work from the website, the CD, etc. Read some reviews on boards after I tried and found others had the same problem.
    Had to return it....more info
  • Resource Hog
    If you are considering this product, I would suggest that you be sure that your computer meets the high end of the specs. My system has a P4 running at 2GHz with 2 GB of RAM and the LifeCam constantly froze. I finally returned the VX-6000 and replaced it with the VX-1000 which ran fine and is performing well. ...more info
  • Great Webcam for the price
    This was a great buy for less 40.00 dollars, microphone works perfectly clear and picture is so vivid. We use the cam to talk and see our family overseas via Internet for FREE.
    Thank you Amazon, delivery was fast and free, in only 5 days.

    ...more info
  • Webcam
    Worked right out of the box with WinXP. Installation and set-up is a snap. Picture quality is great as is the audio without using a headset. No problem using Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger....more info
  • Good webcam, good price
    Video quality is clear, and motion is fairly clean (not so many frame skips that it looks like stop-motion). My pets have graciously put it through QC testing (it's taken a fall on a few occasions), and it has passed every test so far so I'd say it's durable....more info
  • Just a webcam
    Its a nice web cam, but its just a web cam.
    Face tracking doesnt work on highest resolution. The best luck i everhad with a web cam was to use a video card with capture (ATI) and my handy cam. Nothing still touches that....more info
  • Life Cam 6000
    Love this little camera. It provides a clear picture. It was easy to set up and is easy to use. An excellent web camera for the money....more info
  • micrisift lifecam vx-6000
    it has a better picture, no problem with installation. now i can see my family abroad in a cheaper way....more info
  • Not worth the Trouble
    This product is not even worthy of the one star I gave it. I just bought this for my parents computer because it was a good price. Now I know why. They shouldn't even give it away! It wasn't ready for the market. I have the Logitech 9000 and I recommend this. The Lifecam software never installed. I had to go online and then it didn't install properly. After 2 hours of fooling around, it is going back. This was a waste of my time and money. ...more info
  • satisfactory
    I bought this for my laptop and seems to work pretty well. It picks up a lot of noise interference when sitting on top of my screen which forces me to place it off to the side or where ever I can find. So rather than having the people I'm chatting with look squarely at my face they usually get a nice view of what's up my nose. Another quirk is I have noticed the status light on even though I'm not using it. Probably would not buy again....more info
  • Great
    I bought this camera mainly to be able to tape reference for my animation work.

    Totally did the trick. Small, easy to use and set-up was a breeze. It took a total of 7 minutes to get it ready.

    Sweet!...more info