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Kick your party into high gear with Disney's Cars CD. Disney Cars Soundtrack, Real Gone, Route 66, Life is a Highway, Behind the Clouds, Our Town, Sh-Boom, Find Yourself.

Cars is a typical Disney-Pixar animated movie in that it deals with an anthropomorphic character (here, a car) and the heartwarming values of family and friendship. (Alas, we'll have to wait a little while longer for the company to take on greed and selfishness.) The accompanying soundtrack is equally typical in that it's split between catchy pop songs and a score by Randy Newman. The clear highlight of the pop tracks is Sheryl Crow's boisterous, huge-sounding "Real Gone" (her best song in ages). Rascal Flatts also cover Tom Cochrane's 1991 hit "Life Is a Highway," while John Mayer rocks out on "Route 66" (Chuck Berry's elegantly lean version is included as well). For his part, Newman continues his distinguished association with quality animation by supplying a nimble score. It's fun to hear him deploy riffs that wouldn't be out of place on a Quiet Riot album on the bombastic "Opening Race," while the bluesy "Bessie" does George Thorogood with a tuba. The CD's overall Southern flavor is emphasized by the frequent use of banjo and slide guitar, as well as by score tracks cantering about, like "McQueen and Sally." And, as usual, Newman delivers a nostalgic, misty-eyed song--in this case "Our Town," performed by that master of sensitive laid-back charm, James Taylor. --Elisabeth Vincentelli

Customer Reviews:

  • Parent Friendly
    this is a great CD because it is parent friendly. The kids like it because it is from the movie and we like it because it is actually good music....more info
  • Enjoyable, even with country music
    Not much to add to previous reviews. I'm not a country fan, but loved the movie and the songs bring back fun scenes from the movie. Only disappointment was that "enhanced" only means a link to their website. No fun stuff like videos or interviews....more info
  • even if you have not seen the movie, soundtrack is worth getting
    if for nothing else, then for "real gone", 2 versions of "route 66" and "sh-boom"!
    however, if you have seen the movie, you will probably love the CD no matter your musical taste and persuasion :)
    the music goes so well with the film, it's a true enhancer, and works really funny:
    first time you see the film, you get so enveloped into the total of sounds and sights that you cannot take in all the details.
    every time you watch it (and if you have kids, you know what i mean when i say EVERY TIME) it just gets better and better.
    you notice more of the fun bits, puns, details in the animation and, YES, music.
    randy newman's score great, especially "dirt is different" and "new road" - funny how you can actually "see" the movie playing in your head while you listen to the score :)
    its a great film, great music chosen to illustrate it, some pieces great of its own right.
    i cannot praise disney enough for having given us Cars....more info
  • My kids LOVE this!!!
    My 3 kids, ages 2, 4, & 6 ALL love this! They want to listen to it at home and in the car!!! It makes listening to "child friendly" entertainment MUCH more palatable!...more info
  • If you love the movie ...
    Cars is one of my all-time favorite movies and ther are a bunch of great tunes in the movie. So if you like them, get this CD. Only unfortunate thing is that there are a ton of tunes from the movie that are a bit boring and they of course are also on the CD. ...more info
  • Great CD to play in the car...
    I really enjoy listening to music when I travel,and this cd is the perfect choice. If you liked the movie you'll love this cd as it has the songs used in it. I would recommend to anyone who even hasn't seen the movie. Like I said, it is a great cd to play while traveling or just a small ride...even at home...check it out! Great James Taylor......more info
  • Fun music
    I wonder if I'm the only baby boomer listening to this CD as I drive around town with no kids in the car (they're away at college!) It's fun music and if you liked the movie, you'll enjoy it....more info
  • Good music
    I bought this CD because I liked the songs in the film (love Chuck Berry, Sheryl Crow, Rascal Flatts, and John Mayer; a better group can't be found for the vocals), but I found that I also liked the Randy Newman background music, especially while I'm on long road trips. Watch the movie and enjoy Newman's music, then enjoy the CD while you drive....more info
  • Great, but cannot listen on my computer
    This soundtrack is really two soundtracks in one. The first eight tracks are songs by the original artists - Sheryl Crow, Chuck Berry, and even James Taylor. The second soundtrack is made up of the remaining tracks - 12 tracks with of the music that formed the backdrop of the movie (including one, which is really a Hank Williams songs, and could have been moved to the beginning).

    I loved the movie, and I love being able to listen to the songs from that great movie. My one complaint is that I cannot listen to it on my computer, because the security is blocking it. I listen to music all day, while I work, and not being able to listen to this one is quite a drag. Now, it might be that I did something wrong. But, if so, they need to make the software better.

    But, that said, it is a great soundtrack, sure to please any Cars fan!...more info
  • Very surprised!

    Really enjoyed the movie, but didn't think I'd like the soundtrack as much. I was wrong, listened to it while driving from Los Angeles to San Diego and was singin' along with it the whole way!!...more info
  • Fun for all to hear and dance to
    My son LOVES anything from the Cars movie but the music really gets him and the rest of us jamming in the car. I wish there weren't the couple of songs repeated but they're great songs. My son would rather hear the lyrical songs than the scores, which there are several on the CD. Overall a great collection....more info
  • Toddler loves it!
    Great audio for a long drive with my little one. He loves the movie, and this soundtrack is enjoyable for us both. He also enjoys listening to it while playing with his Cars collection....more info
  • My daughter loves this cd
    It has a lot of great songs on it and my daughter loves it. I have to say it is a whole lot better than listening to the "Wiggles" on a long road trip....more info
  • For Your Cars' Fans
    I really have not listened very closely to this CD, but any CD that can get my 4 year old son singing "Life is a Highway" is worth it. He is just so cute and will not stay this way for long.

    Great for the Cars fan....more info
  • good listening
    If you've seen and or bought the movie, this cd compliments it nicely,it is also a good price.There are some songs on here that I really like, movie or not, this is a good bargain ....more info
  • If you liked the movie, this is great!
    My 4-year-old son is a Cars fanatic, and he loves all the music, too. I thought I was buying this CD for him, but I find myself listening to it in the car when he's not around, too. Great artists and great songs. ...more info
  • Cars Soundtrack Review
    After watching the movie and having the opening number in my head for a couple of days afterward, I had to get the music as well. It's definitely going with my family on our next Road Trip. Overall, a very good work, some weak areas,but the opening number with Sheryl Crow gets in your head and stays there. My son has heard certain songs enough times that he could tell you what part of the movie it is. Very Enjoyable....more info
  • Another Disney hit CD
    My three y/o likes the movie, as well as the rest of the family. We love the music CD even more. Great mix of music. We play the CD often at home and while traveling....more info
  • Fun, Fun, Fun
    Great, fun selection of music from the movie. First half is "word songs" and next are orchestral pieces from the movie, including the races. Fun to listen to in the car....more info
  • sound track Fair
    Tracks 3,5 & 10 were best song rtracks on the whole cd. I wish theyed put thoses 3 songs on a cd with other disney songs which would be much better. Id say thoses 3 tracks is what saves this cd from getting 1 star rating....more info
  • My kid's FAVORITE
    My son loved the movie and was constantly singing the songs. We bought the CD to enjoy some of the best parts of the movie in the car or at home during TV-free time. I recommend putting it on shuffle so the instrumentals are mixed in with the vocal songs; makes for a great mix of music. I also love listening to something other than "kid" music with my young sons....more info
  • Great
    Great CD. Kids soooooo love the first half, the songs. They recall the parts of the movie to the songs. The second half, the score, is good listening. The kids don't get it, but mom and dad know what part they are from....more info
  • Fun and Bouncy
    This was a gift for an adult man who had seen "Cars." Since I did not see the movie, I wanted to hear what was on the CD that an adult would like. Top performers play the best old and new songs from the animated movie, and you cannot help bouncing along with the music. It is not cartoon or children's music. I dare you to sit still! I don't remember whether I heard the music on the Amazon site or went to the internet to hear it, but it is great! ...more info
  • Great for anyone who loved the movie.
    My five year old can't get enough of this music. He likes anything to do with the CARS movie....more info
  • Nothing better for a road trip
    What an upbeat album! Perfect for the movie and perfect for popping in the cd player on a road trip. My kids and I have loved singing along at the top of our lungs to Rascal Flatts' way-better-than-the-original version of "Life is a Highway". Then add the talent of the always fun Sheryl Crow and the Oscar nominated James Taylor for his vocal delight in "Our Town". Everything else in between keeps your hand tapping the wheel. This soundtrack is a great buy and so much fun. A++
    ...more info
  • Cars
    I bought this for my two sons. One is five and the other is three. They love it! A great buy for kids and for parents who want to create a fun car ride!...more info
  • Like the movie, even entertaining for adults
    Perhaps your child is obsessed with the movie. Perhaps he has countless Cars characters that race around the house, Cars books, even Cars underwear. Now the obsession can carry over into car rides! Perhaps your child will even get to the point where they tell you what is happening in the movie while a certain song is playing.
    Thank goodness it's such a listenable CD!...more info
  • Spectacular!
    This CD is wonderful. My fiance has decided he's singing "Find Yourself" to me at our wedding reception. It's a beautiful song that will touch a lot of people. Listen carefully to the words. All the other songs are fun and catchy. I'd recommend this CD to all adults. And it's completely safe for children of all ages....more info
  • An over and over CD
    You can play this CD over and over and never get tired of it. My son wants it on all the time and I love hearing it as much as he does. He loves the instrumentals at the end b/c he re-enacts what is happening in the movie while that music is playing. Great buy!!...more info
  • Fantastic
    Such a wonderful collection of Mid-Western songs. My children play it over and over again as they recall the movie. The tracks are so great it's a pleasure to listen to each one so many times. With so many soundtrack albums you only tend to get instrumental music but with this there is more emphasis on single hits. Highly recommended for the home or even better on the move....more info