Zillions Deluxe ATM Machine
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Product Description

Smashing your piggy bank is a thing of the past with this ATM machine that works as a personal savings bank. The large screen welcomes you by name, then gives you all of your up-to-date account information. Its built-in camera and sound effects are so real, you'll think you just pulled into the bank! Requires 3 "AA" batteries (included). Measures 12" x 4" x 10".

  • High Tech Savings Tool for Children
  • It works just like a real ATM.
  • ATM keeps track of your "account" balance.
  • It recognizes coins and has an electronic bill feeder.
  • Recommended Age Range 8+

Customer Reviews:

  • Bank machine
    I bought this for my daughter who was saving her money in a jar and would recount it every time some one gave her money. Now she just adds it like a deposit at a regular ATM machine and loves that even with change she knows the total. It is great and I would recommend it to any parent who wants to teach their kids the value of saving....more info
  • I bought this for my 7 year old.
    We got this for our daughter for Christmas. I will say it is a pretty neat way to learn about money, but the quality is not the best. The door lock did not work right from the start. I'm not sure how long it will last. It doesn't appear to be very durable, and I don't believe it's worth the money that we spent on it. ...more info
  • Great savings bank
    This is a great savings bank. It allows the child to set goals and watch their savings grow. The only drawback is that the bank does not recognize the paper money. You must input the value of the deposit bill by bill. The coin slot sometimes misread the coin value if too much pressure is put on the smaller coins. All in all this is a great toy for children to learn about saving money....more info
  • Love This ATM!!!
    This is a great toy! My oldest recieved it 2 years ago for Christmas. He was only 5 and loved it! Now he is 7 and his brother is 5 and they both use it. It is great. It really helps them realize that when you save your money it really adds up! My daughter is 2 and everytime she finds a penny or change she sayd "Uh-Oh! Bank!!" And goes to find the ATM. We give it as a present all the time! We love it!! ...more info
  • Feedback
    Good quality and good price! The problem is, my son is asking me real money to play the machine now!...more info
  • ATM Machies
    I purchased three of these ATM machines. They are so great that I almost bought one for myself. It's just like a real ATM machine. It teaches kids how to save money and balance their account. I think it's great for teaching math. I would recommend this for everyone....more info
    Santa brought this ATM for my 7 yr. old son. For the expense, I would have hoped it at least kept track of how much you were depositing. You have to input that info. yourself. No big deal! BUT the noise level is out of control! Grates on my nerves everytime I hear it. There is no way to disable the DEMO button so everytime my 2 yr. old gets a hold of it, we have to listen to the Demo lady over and over until someone can go take it away from him! It's not a very educational toy in my opinion. Just a 'cool' way of storing your money. You also have to keep up with the ATM card which is probably easier for an older child instead of a 7 yr. old.
    Next time I will purchase the little jar thing from Discovery that actually counts your money as you put it in. ??? ...more info
  • Great teaching tool.
    This item is great for teaching the basics on how to save your money. My 9 year old son enjoys the ability to have his own password and the ability to deposit money and withdraw money just as if he is at the bank. He has even figured out a way to use the atm machine as a place to store his gift cards as well. Great idea, and I highly recommend it....more info
  • The annoying ATM that my kid loves
    OK...my 7 year old son absolutely adores this obnoxious machine. Most of his friends who have it love it to. Unfortunately it also takes "fake" money which makes it ding and ring more. If you had noise, don't buy this machine. However, it does do a good job encouraging kids to save. They don't have to count their money, this machine does it for them....more info
  • Nice concept, but doesn't work as described.
    Nice concept. Love the sounds and look BUT it doesn't work as described. Possibly we just received a defective one. Would not keep track of coins inserted, so the count was off.
    ...more info
  • Just okay, but may be best option
    My 6 year old likes this ATM and has fun knowing how much money he has in it. I searched this type of product online and not many of them had good reviews. So maybe this is the best there is for a kids' toy.
    Be warned, however, that it doesn't hold a LOT of money (in coins, anyway.) The money is all stored behind that rectangular door at the bottom which is only about half as deep as the machine itself. When you get very many coins in there, the next time you open the door to make a "withdrawal" (you open the door, take some out, then type in the amount of you removed), they all come spilling out before you can shut the door again. It would be great if the money was sorted somehow or dropped into a place that would not fall out.
    Also, this machine does not count $2 bills.
    It's fun, but not very impressive....more info
  • Saving is Fun
    I purchased two of these. I have a 5 year old (who loves to count her money) and a 10 year old. These are great but be certain to read the instructions to set it up correctly. One of them had a problem with the motorized bill feeder and we had to return it and reorder another one. The return was very easy and simple. I think my husband spent the most time, feeding the coins and bills and enjoying seeing the total calculate. It is a good way to teach the children to save. ...more info
  • Worked for a while
    Gave this to our 6 year old daughter for Christmas. It worked fine for a couple of months, but now won't work at all. We have replaced the batteries, reprogrammed the ATM code, re-input all the coins. What a waste of time and money. It was fun while it worked....more info
  • ATM great! Nephew loves its features and security
    My nephew loved the ATM I got him for Xmas. He likes its features and the security - he doesn't have to keep all his gift money in wallets in his room. Its all locked up inside!...more info
  • Great Educational Toy
    This was purchased for my seven-year-old daughter as a Christmas gift, and not only has she "played" with it, but she uses it as a means of keeping track of her money. She has spent quite a bit of time learning an important life skill. She checks her balance each time she makes her change deposit, and she has already changed her PIN twice to keep out her older brothers! Great toy for teaching kids how to manage their money, and use technology to do so.
    ...more info