10,000 Days
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  • Track: 10: Right In Two,
  • Track: 11: Viginti Tres,
  • Track: 1: Vicarious,
  • Track: 2: Jambi,
  • Track: 3: Wings For Marie (Pt 1),
  • Track: 4: 10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2),
  • Track: 5: The Pot,
  • Track: 6: Lipan Conjuring,
  • Track: 7: Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann),
  • Track: 8: Rosetta Stoned,
  • Track: 9: Intension
    Media Type: CD
    Artist: TOOL
    Title: 10000 DAYS
    Street Release Date: 05/02/2006
    Genre: HEAVY METAL

    With a majority of the songs on 10,000 Days clocking in well past the seven-minute mark, you wouldn't be entirely mistaken in thinking that the title of the album refers to how long it actually takes to make it through the whole thing. Two of the tracks--the sitar and tabla enhanced "10,000 Days (Wings Part 2)" and its suitably epic psych-rock sister "Rosetta Stoned"--even linger on for nearly a dozen leisurely minutes each. That's delightful news for the legion of Tool fans that have been waiting five years for the follow-up to 2001's Lateralus, which debuted at number one and sold 2.3 million copies in the United States. Singer Maynard James Keenan is back on mystical form after his hiatus with the politically slanted A Perfect Circle, sounding at once ethereal and eloquent as he calmly charges through the metal tempest of the opening track "Vicarious." The rest of the band, meanwhile, hits a series of high-flying moments with tracks such as "Jambi" and "The Pot." When Tool sounds as good as it does on these songs it's hard to get enough. Which makes it all the more baffling that a surprisingly large chunk of the disc is given over to mood-enhancing soundscapes like "Lost Keys" and "Vigniti Tres." Who has time for filler? --Aidin Vaziri
  • Customer Reviews:

    • 10,000 Days
      I really wanted to love this CD. I really did. Part of me wanted to start this review (in my preparation to writing it) with a Hmmmmmm. Because I just did not know what to say about it.

      To have a band like TOOL around during these days of very homogenised/pasteurised shelf market processed musical offerings where everyone sounds slightly the same barring the way the singer says "you" (optional "chu") is pure luck of the draw. They put so much work into what they do, visually, musicially, artistically, it is so difficult to fault them for anything. They are literally something very hard to find in the music industry. Had this been the late 60's, early 70's, it would be easier to find bands like TOOL roaming around the tundra, eating up all the vegetation, but in the 21st century, TOOL are one of the last of their species. And this species is dwindling if you listen to modern radio and pay attention to the media and what it says is the new link in the food chain. TOOL -- count your blessings in regards to them.

      This aside, listening to 10,000 Days with eager anticipation because LATERALUS was so amazingly great (and I agree with the reviewer who stated every TOOL release just seemed to keep getting better the further into their career they got) was ..... well .... it just was.

      First impressions should never be trusted. You should always give something or someone a 2nd, 3rd, 4th chance if possible. You might be missing something first time around. So first impressions left me thinking I loved "The Pot". But not alot else. And I was disappointed,. But I thought it was me. It might still be me. Maybe I am missing something. Maybe I'm looking too hard for something that just ain't there, or something that I understand now completely which was a mystery to me before. The questions, the questions.

      After impression 15 (I keep trying with this album) I felt I had favourites from it. But I also had this nagging sensation. It kind of cropped up listening to my two favourite songs. They being "Jambi" and "The Pot". During both their "solo" sections, I sat there wondering, um, what is the difference between Jambi and The Pot here? They were practically interchangeable, and Danny Carey takes the same approach to one as he does the other. And part of me wondered, is it me who notices that this album has a sort of "automatic for the masses" feel to it, or have TOOL entered into a slight musical/inspirational rut? Maybe it's just me. But my two favourite songs all of a sudden became, the two songs that kinda sound alike for a little while, which makes me wonder what happens in the creative process, and maybe 5 years is too long to put out albums.

      And after awhile, listening to all the songs, half the time I was saying "why"? I have no problems with songs being 11 minutes long. If I can sit and listen to Tales From Topographic Oceans by YES and concentrate on 4 songs that each last near or over 20 minutes, AND I'm not particularly a fan of that work preferring CLOSE TO THE EDGE or RELAYER, then TOOL are quite easy compared. 10,000 Days just seemed to have songs that I wondered "why" a lot. I just couldn't see a reason why this song had to be 8 minutes, or that one 9. Particularly with:
      Wings For Marie (Pt 1)
      10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)
      Those two in particular.

      I definitely have favourites on this album, they being:
      The Pot
      Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)
      Rosetta Stoned
      Right In Two

      To me, these are all essential TOOL songs. Even with that slight nagging sensation I get with Jambi and The Pot. But Right In Two is something TOOL does incredibly well. And that song "feels" right. It takes ages to get through it, but you love it regardless, because the minutes are filled with something to listen to, and respect for its talent, and enjoy on multiple layers. Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) & Rosetta Stoned are favourites. They just are. I think they're just incredibly interesting, moody pieces. They make you question, they make you curious, they make you wonder what's going on. TOOL - count your blessings in regards to them.

      I just think this is an album, if I was introducing someone to TOOL, that I wouldn't go with. I don't know if it's me, or if it's TOOL, but something's not right here, and I'd love to get to the bottom of it, so I can look at this album for what it's truly worth. Or maybe I don't need to. I have the other albums to enjoy. But there's something about this album that I feel TOOL didn't do. I expected them to develop and change their sound massively. I don't know why. I just expected a major or at least noticeable departure from where they've been before. Different sounds, textures, different arrangements. I don't know what I was expecting. I just wasn't expecting this. And "this" made me feel like TOOL was here before in this territory, and the trail has truly been traveled. There were moments (quite a few) that I loved. But there were quite a few that made me say "I've heard this before". And I don't want to do that with TOOL. I didn't want to do that with Jambi and The Pot. But it happened.

      Maybe in a couple years I'll say -- ahhh I see where they were headed. But right now, in this moment, I'm thinking TOOL counted the days because they just didn't quite know where they were. It just has a kind of "where do we go from here" quality about it, this 10,000 Days that I can't shake when listening to it. Hearing them use synthesisers on LATERALUS said they were expanding on how they do what they do. 10,000 Days seems like they stepped back to something pre-Lateralus thinking they missed something back there that they need. Don't know if that makes sense, but it just seems like 10,000 Days is a step-back. Not forward.

      But it's TOOL. And there are very few like them, if at all, so it's worth it regardless. :)

      ...more info
    • just awful
      My God is Tool an awful, awful band. This is officially a band that has absolutely *nothing* going for them. They have NO interesting guitar riffs, NO interesting vocal melodies, and absolutely no reason to create an album like this. It's an insult to people with good taste in rock music.

      What's up with the lead singer? He's not even singing most of the time- he's just obnoxiously talking over the guitar playing, many times even whispering for an *incredibly* long period of time. Every song is like this- talk or whisper over an unmemorable guitar riff, make the song 10 minutes long, and repeat the same formula again for the next track.

      If it wasn't for the lyrics this band would mean absolutely nothing to anyone. Musically, this is commercial rock at its most generic. What's even worse is how Tool insists on writing lengthy songs with every release which is probably a deliberate attempt to annoy everyone. Writing lengthy songs certainly doesn't show me any talent from the members of Tool. These guys definitely aren't an important art/progressive rock band. For the most part it's just the same guitar riffs recycled over and over, and even if it's not, it sure *seems* like it.

      One thing's for sure- I don't recommend this band to *anybody* with a pair of ears. The music has grown on me after repeated listens to the point where it doesn't annoy me as much as it did upon fist listen, but honestly, the music has grown on me because it's not the most annoying thing out there; just completely mediocre. It has grown on me enough to remember what some songs are like, because I was forcing myself to try and accept this kind of rock by clearing my mind assuming that would be the only way to get into it. It didn't work. I just don't have the strength to do it, sorry.

      The appeal of a band like this is a mystery to me. How about this? Just look up the lyrics for the songs, read them, admire the band for their lyric-writing abilities, and don't even waste your time with horribly generic commercial alternative rock such as this.
      ...more info
    • Something is missing here
      I really like tool music a lot, i think it is one of the few bands that is worth listening, but this album is not that good, and i wonder, does this album took almost 5 years on the making?
      When i first played it sounded like they made a pasticchio of previous albums songs and paste them on this one, then after 3 plays I just leave the album there and never almost played it since then, What happened tool?
      The artwork is great, if if was not for that i would feel i just waste my money on this album. Lateralus was a masterpiece, this is... not that good. Still waiting for the live dvd, even if it comes in an envelope i will purchase it. ...more info
    • 10,000 cruddy songs
      I'm a long time Tool fan. I like tool.. This pabulum is 4 songs tool - the rest junk. Just because I'm a Tool fan doesn't mean I'm going to be all 'artsy' and say Tool has matured. If they have matured they have matured into crap.

      The CD opens GREAT.. the first 2 songs are class. Updated and revised kick butt Tool. Then the 3rd "song" comes and it's like "Whale Music." Which is fine if you're a whale looking for a mate. I'm not though, I'm human and I'm already married. Thinking this must be an anomoly I move to the 4th. Which is 11.. yes count them 11 minutes of MORE WHALE MUSIC!

      Then we have song 5 "the pot" which everyone should know. Classic tool - revised - kick butt. A golden reprieve from the otherwise useless 17 MINUTES of PURE CRAP I was forced to listen to while searching for the band formerly known as Tool.

      Track 6 is a 1 minute long interlude of American Indian head-hunting chant music. A purely random entry by Tool to honor the tough Indian Warrior of yesteryear. Atleast that's my assumption.

      7 - Crap.. undefined crap. Don't even know how to describe it waste-of-time junk.

      8 - Pretty good song.. Really good. Also the last Tool song on this CD.

      9 - Junk, 10 - Junk .. they actually play Bongos in 10. Bongos. I felt like I was in the movie Beach Blanket Bingo or whatever that my Mom used to watch. I was about to yell "Lets put the pig on the fire!.." and then I realized I was in my car listening to crap.

      11 - some guy got his hand caught in a blender made of keyboards and produced more crap.

      Bottom line.. If you're a whale, or an American Indian Warrior circa 1842, or one of those people that like Bongo music this CD is for you.

      If you're a Tool fan you should avoid at all costs or you'll be forced to tell your friends how far they have gone and how much they have matured while quietly shelving this piece of slag between the letters Crap and Junk....more info
    • What happen to tool ?
      I remenber when tool had songs that made you think or were realy impressive but damn this new release is realy bad. At first when i started listining, i had that let down feeling all over me and coulnd belive this is the same band that release undertow , opiate , aenima . I bought this not even havent heard one track, like a movie not even watching a preview and wanted to be surprise. I thought i was going to impressed. What happen to tool ? Ever since lateralus they began sucking and now this ? Rock is dead so il stick to my old records. laters, do skip this junk...more info
    • Can't really tell the difference.
      I've just been listening to the import cd next to an mp3 10,000 days album that I downloaded and I can't honestly really tell any difference between the two. I'm using a pair of Sennheiser HD595 headphones with a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum sound card so I'm using a pretty decent setup. If you're buying this album thinking that you were going to get some type of far superior product, then you're going to be a bit disapointed like I was. The cd may be superior, but even with good audio equipment, It's very hard or impossible to notice. I give it 5 stars for the album, 3 stars for the value....more info
    • A Good Direction for Tool
      The trouble with coming to a new Tool album is that they are not sequels. In the movies, when the producers, directors, etc. create a sequel, they walk a tightrope between trying to recreate the experience of the original while also offering something new. The same thing goes when a band attempts to make a sequel to a successful cd, recreating the experience of the original for the audience. Tool, as I stated, avoids making their successive albums sequels of the preceding outings. We as fans, however, being used to the industry placating us with watered down sequels of successful albums, come to each new Tool cd, as we come to 10,000 days, expecting to have our wonderful experience of the previous albums recreated. On some level, this is probably the explanation for a general observation of mine, that Tool fans generally seem to think that the first Tool album they got hooked on is the best album and that it is the pinnacle of Tool's work. When we go on from that first love, even to already existing works, we come to them with those expectations, as though they were sequels, and if we allow this to bait us into impatience then we only skim the surface of the music. As is generally acknowledged, Tool is too deep for this, and only passing by we miss the true beauty of the music.
      With that said, I love 10,000 days. Aenima was my first love, and to me 10,000 days has a tonal feel about it that is resonant of that album. I think you can really feel that on The Pot. The bass and guitar work there really brings me back, but then at the same time the song goes to a totally different place than anything on Aenima. Somehow, Lateralus never caught on for me, but this album I very much enjoy. I feel like it has a stronger character than Lateralus. Obviously, I don't have much particularly intelligent or insightful to add, as I really don't know much about music, but I thought maybe my general insight on Tool's artistic output would be helpful to you. I hope so....more info
    • Tool continues to amaze...
      Tool's 5th album in 17 years. They are not the most prolific band in the industry but every album they have come out with has been groundbreaking, epic and timeless, and their last, 10,000 Days, is no exception. I am tired of reading all of these reviews that say that Tool has slackened and their last effort is a disappointment. It isn't! Just because it's not Aenima or Lateralus Pt. 2 does not mean that it's worse. They're not exactly moving in a completely new direction with 10,000 days (their music in general is already a completely new direction), it is simply a new chapter in their book of head-scratchingly amazing and complex albums. Minus the filler, every single song is a winner. Even the drawn-out Wings for Marie and 10,000 Days have their purpose. They are not necessarily supposed to go somewhere specific or invoke rocking out, but they create an atmosphere that is undeniable. Vicarious and Jambi are both complex rockers in the epic Tool vein. Wings for Marie and 10,000 Days tone it down but nevertheless keep the listener interested in what's to come. The Pot picks up with the rocking with the help of the intricate bass lines courtesy of Mr. Chancellor. The last 3 songs are no worse or less epic. The only tracks that can be skipped on the album are the filler, which I've never been too big of a fan of. I'm not going to go into song specifics as most of the people reading this are probably already Tool fans or have at least had some previous exposure and are not completely unfamiliar with their music. My main point here is that it's not a step down for Tool. It was undoubtedly the best rock album of 2006. I'm not saying that it is necessarily their best album (I personally am partial to Aenima) but it is nonetheless an excellent album and far from a disappointment. If you are a Tool fan and debating whether to get this then do not hesitate. It is an excellent continuation to Tool's unique ability to boggle minds. Or if you are just a metal fan in general don't hesitate to pick this up either. It will make you headbang and think at the same time, something that has not been done properly in a while. Bottom line, it is just good. It's good for Tool and it's good for metal in general. It's just plain good. ...more info
    • Awesome!
      For years I have liked Tool. Well I should say that I liked a lot of their songs, but for some reason I had never bought a CD. I bought this one at Target one day. This CD is awesome! Of course there were a few songs I didn't care for, but on a whole this is one kick *** CD. I liked it so much in fact that I went and bought their other CDs. This is absolutely a must buy. ...more info
    • STILL listening to this album!
      The last reviewer stole my thunder somewhat.
      The previous two Tool records had songs on them that I really didn't discover until a year or so later. '10,000 Days' is a little different as
      I got into the songs immediately and haven't got sick of them yet.
      What makes this my favorite Tool record is that there more songs
      which I like as compared to the three of four on 'Aenima' & 'Lateralus'.
      Standouts tracks are 'Vicarious' and 'Rosetta Stoned'...more info
    • Perfection
      I have been listening to this recrord for 2 years now and i'm still blown away. It is a timeless classic. Best production by far for a Tool Record and the songs are killer. Dont hesitate to buy this if you havnt allready. BTW the album packaging is worth the $ alone. It makes it worth it that this album is not available on itunes. YOu will see why when you purchase it. I am on my third copy of this album because i keep giving it to my friends. i will keep buying it untill i am broke. ...more info
    • TOOL - LOOT
      Got to be the best album they've done. That's the thing about Tool: with every album they've released, they somehow manage to outdo themselves every [...] time!

      I agree that it takes a few listens in order to appreciate each song, but there are always a couple that grab you by the yambag right away and won't let go. I've got a habit of listening to the album over and over again. By the end of a dozen listens, the entire album becomes my fave.

      'Rosetta Stoned' (alien abduction) and 'Vicarious' (media influence) stand out as highlights for me on this album. Maynard has managed to outdo himself lyrically with each album, pushing the music over the edge with such passionate meaning. And this one is no exception....more info
    • Finally, Tool is still Tool!
      Tool is back doing what they do best. After a painfull long wait due to Maynard's other project Tool is back in the saddle and finds a rythem and words that stamp the music unmistabkly as Tool. Let's just hope that the wait for the next album won't be quite so long....more info
    • wow!!!
      Now this is how a band should sound!! I dont know why im even writing this review but anyway this is up there with back in black, led zep 4,number of the beast!! Are you getting it!??! This cd ROCKS LIKE NO OTHER CD IN THIS DECADE! PERIOD!!...more info
    • Sound like an image
      Just a few words about this TOOL album...
      Extraordinary...sublime (although I might be subjective about it), because I really like this band.
      This album comes with a nice 3D booklet and glasses that might enhance your audio experience with awesome 3D images.
      The audio experience is very TOOL specific and this album has a good sound production. I highly recommend it for every TOOL fan ...and not only !...more info
    • Regressive Metal
      Ok, Maynard, I totally get it. You have mommy issues. Now stop having a midlife crisis and try to make a decent rock album again. ...more info
    • great album
      Wings for Marie sounds like the perfect soundtrack for Donnie Darko. All you people who say this isn't heavy don't know the meaning of the word heavy. Older Tool may have been more aggressive, but 10,000 Days is easily their darkest, deepest, "heaviest" album to date. To be honest, I probably prefer Lateralus, but that doesn't mean that 10,000 Days isn't awesome in it's own right. Just give it a chance....more info
    • How about just one day
      That is all it takes, one day of listening to this disc to realize it is another mind trip of the best kind. Nothing they have done is sub-par...more info
    • Great!!!
      As usual, an absolutely great Tool album. I don't even know which of their albums is the best. Hypnotic, different, label-free sound. Not indicated for hip hop, pop and idiotic "music" fans....more info
    • Tool at their best
      This Album is more then creation. It shows the complex works of Adam Jones
      at his best. This is by far the best Album ever produced by Tool. There is a dark secret that lies within the lyrics of each song. Adam Jones is the modern day Jimmy Hendrix with his complex and unique playing style. I highly recommend this agressive then subtle Album by Tool....more info
    • One of the years best, One of Tool's Worst
      I got this album the day it came out, and I'm still trying to like it. I have been a fan of tool since I was a child and first heard Sober on the radio and was freaked out by the video on MTV. Since then I have purchased every album (in chronological order so I could see how the band evolved). If the "hard" songs on opiate, undertow, and aenima are your favorite tool songs ever, and if you also have a Godsmack, or three days grace album, you will probably not like this album much like most people who like rock music didn't really care for lateralus. Each and Every tool album is, without sounding philosophical, a release of each band members emotions. Each and Every tool album is very taxing on the members to create and to play, the members have stated this many times in interviews. And Each and Every tool album has been filled with lyrics that have multiple meanings to different people, everything from a song being about heroin to that same song being about jesus. This album, lyrically, as a tool album, is one of if not worst by maynard. Vicarious is a song about violence on TV, thats it. I cannot see how there could be an argument otherwise. It is reminiscent of Stinkfist which is arguably about being desensitised by the media (most widely accepted theory), but lacks the "laugh in your face cause you think I'm serious humor" and ability for the lyrics to be interpreted otherwise. Musically vicarious is fantastic. Jambi starts off with a great riff (kinda like schism), but seemingly goes absolutely no where but an "annoying the third time around" peter frampton-ish guitar solo. There is absolutely no climax to this song, just a great begining and a great end. Lyrically Maynard dips back into his secret meanings and widely open to interpretation lyrics, for a little. There is just something lacking about them, especially the part where he repeats I wanna wish it all away. In the past maynard has never expressed something like that so simply, there has always been some more poetic lyric. Even on undertow, one of tool's most angry albums, he never really says something like I just want to yell at you, or any similar lyric which would be better suited in some crappy band like nicklebacks vocabulary. Wings for marie pt1 and 2 are good songs. They are lateralus-ish in that they last long and are more abient than previous songs. Both songs are some what anticlimatic as well. Pt. 1 has what sounds to be a great riff to lead into a more agressive melody, but it quickly disappears and the song goes back to being melencoly (maybe it's like maynard's emotions at the time...I dunno), but I can appreciate a good soft emotional song. Pt. 2 builds and builds and builds, and just when you think he's gonna let rip, there is a lack luster guitar solo that to me is kind of annoying. Lyrically I understand maynard wanting to write a song like this, it just seems weird that in disgustipated on undertow he would have sheep baaing(?) while he talks like a reverend, he would write a song like Judith (I know its APC but still) he would comment about how people let religion stop them from being enlightend and then he would sing a song with lyrics that say fetch me the spirit the son and the father, tell them their pillar of faith has ascended. I mean I know his mother was religous, it just seems weird that he would sing about it this way when he has mocked it so much in the past. The pot... a feeble attempt at making a song like hooker with penis? Its a straight rock song that people who only really like tools harder songs will get behind, and some misinformed stoners will chant as an anthem. It really has nothing to do with weed (its about the pot calling the kettle black). The lyrics make no sense, probably to anyone but maynard. Kangaroo (as in kangaroo court I'm guessing) done hung the jury with the innocent. Not very emotional or controversal lyrics, it just seems like tool having a good time (which there is nothing wrong with). Radio play has just about killed this song for me though. Maynard's singnig is different and I liked that, but even for one of tools harder songs it lacks in that special "unf" that cold and ugly, hooker with a penis, or ticks and leeches had. Lipan conjuring--- I know the lipans are native americans, and I think I read somewhere that they like peyotee. My only guess is that the character in lost keys and rosetta stone ate some bad peyotee and had a weird indian "nature" moment where he thought he was abducted. Otherwise this song has some other cryptic meaning for why it's there and we all will undoubtedly hit skip on our cd players when this track arrives. Lost keys (blame hoffman). Sounds like tool having fun again, especially in the title. This song and rosetta are more like a short story that would make an album just by themselves. Rosetta stone is entirely too drawn out (even when you compare it to third eye). I know maynard is into conspiricy theories and I guess he wanted to make a funny song about an alien abduction. I have absolutely no problem with long songs, but this one is about 5 minutes too long and would have been best if placed at the end of the album followed up by the closing track on lateralus. Intention is very much like disposition and to me is actually a good track. I like disposition so I have no problem with the minimalist feel to this song. It is weird to hear danny play an electric drum set that doesn't sound like his accoustic set, but it was still good. Right in two... I hate the lyrics to this song. It is hard to say that because I love every single song by tool. There has never been a track on any tool album but this one where I can say those lyrics suck. These lyrics do not capture the picture tool has been painting for so many years. Yes I know, bands mature yaddy yaddy yadda. But I mean c'mon. Angels on the sideline? How do you go from a song like eulogy or opiate to a song where it seems like your local church's youth group might sing it? I can see APC maybe playing music to this song because their last album, which was their worst, was kinda political and all that. These lyrics leave nothing to the imagination, and to me don't evoke any sense of inspiration or enlightenment which is the very thing maynard said he wants his music to do. I do enjoy the instrumental aspect of this song. It is a catchy riff, a little happy when compared to any other tool song, and it does have a climax that makes for a song that feels complete. This song is easily (and this includes the segments in between songs like (-) ions, and mantra, etc.) my least favorite song by tool Ever. I'm not sure that six years was long enough for tool when making this album. It feels like it was a forced effort and maynard might have had his mind in other places (wine making, puscifer, life in general) so that he was not able to go to that place inside of his mind that has spawned such great lyrics that to this day spark conversations over meanings and the emotions that they evoke. It is not tools job to impress me, obviously they are not and never have played music for anyone but themselves. That being said I feel dissapointed and let down by this album. Yet it was still better than almost everything else that was shat out when this album was released. I hope now that puscifer is kinda out of maynards system (I'm sorry but I really don't care for any of those songs) that he can focus, relax, and when they're all ready, construct another album (which I see as being the last one sadly, I just have a hunch) that is 10,000x better than this one. Like aenima +1. Everyone will have different opinions about this album and I'm not trying to say mine is better than yours, so thanks for hearing mine. ...more info
    • Excellent
      Isn't The best album from Tool but is a great one, i recommend it if you like this band....more info
    • Yep
      They definitely stepped up their use of technology. I find that their singles that are on the radio are my least favorite songs on the album probably. Not their best album but it's great....more info
    • 10,000 days, probably the one of the best records ever made! worth the wait
      Although many people went into details how great this album was and how great it was not. The 4 long years waiting were more than worth it. I would give 10,000 dollars for this album. By far the best tool album and by far the best album made in the last 15 years. I dont understand how people say Tool has lost its flavour? wings part 2, well lets start with that.........the end of that song is a virtuoso masterpiece for danney...im a drummer and thats well, the drumming is some of the best ive heard. My second favorite song is rosetta stoned. moody, yet delacate, yet strong, and well, Jambi! powerful!!!! everything about this album is perfect. although u do have to be in the right mood to truly understand this album and you have to truly understand alot about music to fully apprieciate this album. I RECCOMEND THIS TO EVERYONE ON THE PLANET AND THIS ALBUM WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS ONE OF THE GREATEST ALBUMS EVER MADE, ATLEAST IN MY HEART IT WILL!!!!!!!...more info
    • Rosetta Stoned is probably the funniest song I have ever heard.
      I'm not going to write an actual review because it looks like everyone has commented on everything worthwhile pertaining to this CD. I just wanted to suggest that everyone look up the lyrics to Rosetta Stoned... hilarious. Only Tool could pull off something like that and make it sound so sincere....more info