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D-Link DPR-1260 RangeBooster G Multifunction Print Server
List Price: $105.99

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Product Description

The D-Link RangeBooster G Multifunction Print Server DPR-1260 is the ideal network printing solution for small offices, home offices, schools, and other businesses that require sharing multiple printers. This is D-Link's most versatile and easiest to use Print Server yet. When attaching multiple devices, the Quick Installation Wizard takes all the work out of setting up the Print Server and configuring the attached printers. Multiple ports give you the option of adding multiple printers, multifunction printers, or scanners to the network. RangeBooster G technology improves wireless performance, reducing the time required to send print jobs to the print server. Tested with over 100 different printer models, this Print Server offers class-leading device compatibility. Using the web-based interface, easily scan documents, photos, and more directly to your computer. This print server is compatible with a wide range of USB multifunction printers and scanners and is backward compatible with USB 1.1 printers. The Ethernet port on the Print Server can be used as a wireless bridge. This provides wireless connectivity for any Ethernet-enabled device, such as a computer, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), or Network-Attached Storage (NAS) to the wireless network. Wireless Transmit Power - 15dBm +/- 2dBm External Antenna Type - Single Detachable Reverse SMA Modulation Technology - Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), Complementary Code Keying (CCK) Security - 64/128-bit WEP, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA-PSK, WPA-EAP) Transport Protocols - TCP/IP, NetBEUI Device Management - Internet Explorer v6 or other Java-enabled Browsers, DHCP Server and Client Diagnostic LEDs - Power, Link/Activity, WLAN Dimensions - Width 5.59 x Height 1.22 x Depth 4.29 inch Weight - 0.46 pounds Ethernet port can be used as a wireless bridge

  • Wirelessly Share up to 4 Printers or Multifunction Printers on your Network
  • Print & Scan* When You Need to without Booting up a Host PC
  • Ideal for Small Offices, Home Offices, Schools, and Other Businesses

Customer Reviews:

  • Great! MUST HAVE if you want to avoid HP's bloatware, especially!
    I won't go into too much detail, because the other reviews have done that well. It works great, easy to set up..etc. Once in awhile, I do have to power it down and restart big deal. But the best part, for me, is that I can scan directly through the web interface. This is a huge selling point, due to the fact that I have an HP All-In-One OfficeJet - and in order to scan with an HP scanner, you have to install a few hundred MB of bloatware. This way, I can avoid all that, and that alone makes it worth its weight in gold!...more info
  • ADF Scanning Deficiencies with the Epson CX9400Fax AIO
    If you are a small business owner or spend much time in your home office, multiple page scanning is a vital record keeping chore. If multiple scanning is important to you, then please read on...

    I have the Epson CX9400 AIO. Printing works flawlessly, albeit it took 4 calls over 3 days to the dlink tech support (level 3) to finally get it working. Problem is that you have to manually enter your router's "static" IP and default gateway address.

    In the case of wireless scanning, you can only scan "one-page" at a time using dlink dpr-1260 software/driver/firmware. Multiple pages with the use of the ADF (automatic feed) will "NOT" work! Moreover, this print-server will "NOT" work on the Epson software.

    I've also asked both the Epson (level 2) and Dlink (level 3) tech support about any planned update for the print server's firmware/driver to allow multiple page scanning...they told me that plans for new drivers/firmware relating to multiple page scanning are "indeterminate"...that I should purchase the $185 Epson CX9475 (exactly the same as the CX9400Fax with the dedicated Epson print server).

    To all prospective AIO and print server purchasers, I recommend that you should save yourselves the headache (after 3 wasteful days of tinkering), and purchase any HP AIO with a "built-in" wireless....and "FORGET" about the dlink dpr-1260 (unless your 3 days of your life is worth less than the $80 print server)!

    For small business and home office users, I would rate this product one (1) star. For the home personal user, I would rate it two (2) stars.Epson Stylus CX9400Fax Color All-in-One PrinterStylus CX9475FAX All In One Adf 32PPM 2.5IN LCD Pc Free...more info
  • D-Link wireless print server
    The product works quite well using both a PV and an iMac. Using tech support for initial set up assistance is highly recommended, however. I like this unit much better than the Linksys, who, bother way, would not support or help me with my iMac....more info
  • Avoid the D-Link, get the Linksys instead
    Bottom line first: Don't buy this D-Link print server. I got it and after several hours trying to get it to work, with "help" from their support, I had to return it, it just refused to work as everyone else said. Instead, go get the Linksys. Within 5 minutes, the Linksys wizard (oh yeah, D-link doesn't have a wizard) got it all set up and working beautifully. It was so pain free, I almost cried.

    So the details:
    I purchased this D-Link print server, got it home, followed instructions to the letter, both the quick start and the full manual. All I got was the print server to show up for about 30 seconds in my network. Could not for the life of me get the configuration window to stay up, either through the ip address it was using (which showed up on my router status list) or through the "friendly" name, "http::/dlinkps-mac" or whatever it was, that included the Mac address. I'm not an IT pro but I can get myself around technology pretty well. I'm the guy my friends go to to help them set up their networks. I blame my arrogance for thinking this product couldn't be THAT bad. No, I was wrong, it is just a bad product. Your skills can't save it. Save yourself the time....more info
  • What can I say, it works.
    I needed a wireless print server that I could print to from Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Ulitimate x64 and Linux. I went through a couple of others before I got to this one. This one does everything I need it to do. ...more info
  • D-Link Printer Server
    Excellent Product. Works real great and is easy to set up. It don't work for the scanning option with my Brother printer, but, I can live with that. ...more info
  • Couldn't Get It to Go
    I got this print server because I had read on the Internet it would work with my Samsung printer. I did never find out, because on my two Windows computers (one XP and the other Vista) I was unable to complete the very first stage of the installation, namely connecting to the print server's configuration page. I sent an e-mail to D-Link's support, but did not get an answer within four days.

    Thus, the print server was either incompatible with my Windows installations, or the instructions given were so bad that even I, an experienced computer user, could not figure them out (I tried a number of hours). Disappointed, I will have to bring this device back to the store....more info
  • Problematic
    In general the DPR-1260 server worked as stated. I used it w/ a Canon MP530 and it only worked for printing, not scanning (as I expected since it isn't a supported printer). It failed a few times and twice I needed tech support to help get it back on track. In about a year it failed completely so I recycled it and won't be buying another one....more info
  • Couldn't install this device
    Following instructions found around the web, the first thing I did was to update the firmware. For some reason this fried the device and I had to take it back to the store. The firmware did install correctly on the second device and I could access the device's set up screen, but when I tried to print to either of my two printers nothing happened. I tried this on my Vista and XP boxes. My brother is a professional IT person and after spending hours trying to get this thing to work we gave up. Actually I kept the device in hopes of getting it to work and experiencing the sheer joy of winning a sibling rivalry but having spent more time trying to get it to work the outcome isn't looking so good. There is a new firmware upgrade on DLink but the download link doesn't work. I wrote to tech support to tell them the link was broken and they wrote back that I should contact tech support. Probably best to avoid this product and this company....more info
  • Great Product
    This is an awesome product for the price! It is easy to install & just as easy to use. I highly recommend this product - I love it!...more info
    I ordered this device yesterday and got it overnight through Amazon Prime (a great cost saving service if you order from Amazon as much as I do).

    I did read the many reviews, particularly those with technical notes. To those of you that did that, thank you very much!!! Your efforts were not in vain.

    First thing I know even without reading the manual is that you should never set up a wireless device wirelessly. Easy enough to remember, but luckily its right there at the beginning of the manual. Take the time to connect via Ethernet cable. And that goes for every single computer (as the manual also states). Don't get lazy and attempt to do it through a wireless connection.

    Second thing: to anyone who buys this device in the future, chances are its like mine with older firmware. Firmware was very easy to download and install. My device came with firmware 1.21, but 1.24 was available.

    Third: The full manual on the cd will show you how to make your computer see the device if it doesn't appear. It only takes a couple of minutes, and the on-screen instructions and screen shots were fine. Very easy.

    If you are planning on printing wirelessly, don't bother doing the test page when you are connected via ethernet. The real test is wireless printing, and you have to complete the install first.

    Here is my home configuration:

    Dlink mimo wireless router
    Desktop computer with vista ultimate, connected via ethernet cable
    Laptop 1: windows xp media center edition, connected wirelessly
    Laptop 2: Vista home premium tablet pc, connected wirelessly
    And an ASUS netbook, with XP Home, connected wirelessly (its my mom's computer, so she can print from her little netbook when she visits).

    Not one single problem. But for the two XP machines I did need to use the manual's instructions to start the Universal Plug and Play services. This was a breeze on both computers. The two vista computers not a single problem.

    Oh the printer: HP Laserjet 1100, which is not on the tested printers list. If DLink is reading this, they should add it. The reason it is not on the list is probably because it is not a USB printer, but parallel. For this to work I need a parallel to USB adapter, and not just any adapter. The mini centronics to female 24pin parallel cable that HP included with this printer made it a challenge, but I found the right cable at because Amazon didn't have it. If you have this printer, I would highly recommend this cable: USB-1284-PRO
    Product Name: USB to Parallel Adapter - A / DB-25 female Price: $18.95. No special drivers needed for network printing.


    I added an Epson 1280 wide format printer with zero issues on all 4 of the computers mentioned above. I decided not to add my scanner, because I only want to use it on my main desktop computer. I only found out about the ability to add a scanner through the amazon reviews, so it wasn't the reason I bought it. I just want to print wirelessly.

    When I printed wirelessly through my Western Digital NetCenter network storage device's built-in print server, I always found it to be slow with the Epson (the HP Laserjet was relatively quick). The Dlink device is much faster, akin to a direct connection, whether I'm printing wirelessly or not. Maybe it's because I am using a dedicated device for network printing.

    Overall I am 100% satisfied that I got what I paid for....more info
  • D-Link DPR-1260 Wireless Print Server
    I had tried two units, both of which were unsuccessful at even being recognized by my laptop. I never really got to even test my printer compatibilities. My downfall was attempting to configure the print server via D-link's web browser interface. While connected through a LAN connection I could not for the life of me get the server to be recognized. With my first unit I had contacted D-link regarding my problems. After an hour or so on the phone, D-link support came to the conclusion that I was sold a defective product. So off I went to return for an exchange. Got home and attempted to setup just as D-link support had guided me last time. Still no luck. Overall, its a nice looking product, instructions/manuals seem to be a bit disorganized and incomplete, and phone support seemed to not be too concerned with helping me get my system running. Sorry, but this product is really a no go for me. ...more info
  • Great devide
    Great device, saved my HP All-in-One 7310 that had a faulty network card. I was able to plug it into this print server and it was up and running in no time. Set-up was relatively painless too as long as you follow the instructions closely. As a matter of fact, it is especially important that you follow through with the set-up steps, otherwise you are bound to run into issues here and there....more info
  • Works fine with my two printers
    Had to buy a new printer and my existing Belkin print server didn't work with the new printer (HP). I bought the DLink DPR-1260 to replace the Belkin. I have two printers, the new HP D5460 color inkjet and a Brother HL-2040 laser. Connected them both to the print server, connected the print server to the router and did the print server install.

    Installation was a little tricky because you might need to enable UPnP but the instructions on how to do this are clear and accurate (for WinXP). After that, the print server was visible to Windows and you use a browser to configure the print server. This was also clearly and accurately described in the quick setup guide. Both printers worked fine after the install.

    The print server configuration must be run on each computer that will print through the server. This was really simple. There are no ports to configure, nor TCP/IP settings to mess with. It's pretty much a click-through operation. I was impressed with the clarity and simplicity, given the relatively complex function print servers perform.

    My computers access the print server through the wireless router so I didn't use the wireless radio built into the server; I can't comment on the range or quality of the wireless aspect of this product. I also connected two printers (neither is a multifunction device) so I can't comment on the DPR-1260's multifunction support.

    All in all, I'm very satisfied. I've been installing more and more D-Link gear for friends and family and moving away from Linksys. I continue to be impressed with the overall quality of D-Link products and their documentation....more info
  • Saves time
    Very easy to set up, and does work. Not always perfect, especially if printing from the internet, but still worth purchasing....more info
  • Limited usefullness
    I had trouble getting the print server to talk to the router when ethernet was pulled.
    The USB ports are not fully functional and only support a limited number of printers.
    The solution is not to buy this print server!...more info
  • Got a defective item
    Received item. Power on the item doesn't light up. Call DLink tech support found out that the item was defective. Returning item to Amazon. Looking for another one. ...more info
  • Didn't work with 2 of 3 HP printers in my home!
    When I read it was tested with more than 100 printers, I assumed it would work with my 3 home printers. After all, they are HP, the most common printers outthere. Not so!

    Turned out, it worked with my HP Photosmart 8450, but didn't work with my HP Laserjet 1018 nor with HP Laserjet 3330. Disappointing experience....more info
  • returned it
    I returned it. It did not work with my old printer that I wanted to network. The interfaces only work with Windows. I could not print from my mac on the network.

    I went and spent the money on an apple Airport for $100 - better product (after some twiddling), better interfaces, more useful. I have two of those and now I have multiple SIDs with printers, broadcast music, and network printers - all seemless using multiple Windows, Mac, Chumby, OLPC, and Fedora box. ...more info
  • Difficult to install. Works as expected.
    I am a techy, but it took me almost a day to get this installed. I am confident that I CANNOT repeat the install process for the DPR-1260 on another computer. The quick install guide is a joke...I dont think even DLINK can use that to install their own product. The electronic instruction manual (CD version) is also deficient, although I would recommend to read that completely prior to installing. The only reason I am giving 3 stars (instead of 1 or 2) is because since installation (about 3 weeks), the product has been working without fail with my old HP Photosmart. I have not yet configured it for a scanner or a multi-function device. Since there are not too wireless Print Servers in the market in the price range, I would recommend this as a "cautious buy"....more info
  • Works perfectly with my HP Officejet All in One
    Looking at the other reviews, I was a bit skeptical. However, for me the printserver worked like a charm - well kind of. Its true that the instructions aren't one of the best I have seen out there. But if you are a little "Handy" with computers, the setup is fairly simple. There are a few things to keep in mind (some of them are obvious but I will list them anyways):

    1. Ensure that your printer is supported - look at the list of printers at the D Link site. Other printers may also work, but then you are taking a chance and you don't want to come to the review section later with a one star rating.

    2. Don't forget that the MAC ID of the printer is on the box and if you have a secure wireless setup with MAC filtering, you will do well to include the server's MAC ID in the security setup of your router as the first step in the setup.

    3. Can't believe I did this - my first computer was setup in a flash while the printserver CD in the CD ROM. When I went to other computers to setup - it just won't work, even when the CD was in the CD ROM. Well, you need the printer CD (not the printserver CD - which has just the dcouments) in the CD ROM. Well, then how did it work for the first computer. Becuase, that machine already had all the printer drivers as the printer was locally attached to it. Duh!

    Apart from keeping the above in mind, the setup completed with ease. All the machines can print wirelessly and perfectly. And it comes with a little plastic platform, to stick it to a wall (though I did not use it. With $20 rebate, this thing is a steal!...more info
  • Works with OKI Laser Printer
    I recently purchased this printer server for the low cost. I have an Oki C5200 color laser printer and they work perfectly together. Very easy to install and works well with my Linksys wireless router....more info
  • Works well
    Works as advertised. Doesn't allow Scanning with a Brother MFC-9600, but no surprise since that machine wasn't on their compatible list. Not too difficult to set-up - has worked flawlessly for a month since then....more info
  • The darnedest thing...
    D.k. whether it's antivirus software or what, but getting this print server to print wirelessly just ain't happening. Have plenty of experience (read: years wasted) on this stuff and on a cuople of occasions have gotten things to work right for one of two wirelessly connected laptops, but then couldn't print from two ethernet-connected-to-wireless-router desktops. Vista Ultimate on desktop reports print server software (device home page) not kosher; Vista Ultimate laptop says it can see, but it cannot print.

    Guh! Good luck yo any who set forth upon these undefined shores!

    ...more info
  • Worked very well out of the box
    I purchased this unit with some trepidation as many of the wireless print-server reviews, including for the D-Link DPR-1260, indicated many strange problems and printer compatibility issues. Still, this unit had the best reviews, and before I bought it, I verified that my old HP Deskjet 5740 color printer was supported. D-Link's web site has full lists of supported equipment, something many vendors didn't provide.

    When I received the box, everything was inside: the server, the antenna, the wall wart, quick-install guide, miscellaneous mounting attachments, and CD. The quick-install guide supported Windows 2000 and Windows XP. I used the XP instructions with my Vista laptop without issue. I connected the print server to the laptop via the provided Ethernet cable, configured it to connect to my wireless-g network (WPA protected), and rebooted the print server. It connected to the network without issue. I did not use the CD at all (the instructions didn't prompt me to, either).

    Then I disconnected my DPR-1260 from my computer and let it function solely on the wireless. I then connected my printer. The printer was detected immediately. I followed the instructions to install the printer on my Vista laptop through the DPR-1260's web interface. The "installation" downloads an EXE file that sets up the raw socket port and creates the printer (no add-printer wizard to go through). Once set up, I printed a test page and it worked. I did not have a single problem with my printer.

    I gave the product 4 stars (I'd really like to give 4.5) because I also have a Mac and Linux machine and neither the instructions nor the website give any information for either of those platforms. The D-Link provides both raw-socket print capabilities and LPR/LPD queues. I was able to quickly Google and find the LPD setup procedure for a Mac online and use those instructions for both the Mac and Linux machines. D-Link should provide some basic instructions for the Mac or some generic LPR/LPD instructions. It would take maybe half a page of their quick-install guide. It's not entirely obvious how to do it.

    Not only did the unit work out of the box, but it's also very simple and clean looking. It can lie flat as pictured. It comes with a snap-on stand so it can stand vertically (how I have it setup). It also comes with screws and small drywall anchors for mounting the unit on a wall or under a desk. The unit is about the size of your hand, so it's unobtrusive, and it's black and silver finish doesn't stand out in a modern office.

    All in all, this was a great purchase....more info
  • Excelent Print Server
    I tested it with a multifunctional printer and it's working fine. The model is HP OfficeJet 5610....more info
  • Amazon shipped a USED DEFECTIVE item to me, hope the replacement works
    To be honest with everyone, the first part of my review is a more about AMAZON than the product. I purchased this as New from Amazon. It was pretty clear when I opened the box that it had been handled and used by someone else - lots of grimy fingerprints on top, removeable antenna thrown in loose, plastic bags looked dirty. Since many people return electronics items that have complex setups but aren't actually defective, I figured it may just be that. It was clear during setup that someone had tried to install it, and set a password that I had to delete with an equipment re-boot. After spending way too many hours trying to get it working and following the instructions meticulously, I called D-Link tech support. They were very helpful, even identifying a firmware upgrade and helping me install it, but eventually came to the conclusion that the unit was defective, please return to seller! THANKS AMAZON! At least Amazon's return process is easy and relatively painless.

    The Product: Setup could be (probably will be) daunting for a non-technical user. Some of MS XP's default settings must be changed, but the instructions tell you this. Instructions didn't match precisely the steps that I had to go through using XP Media Center Edition vs. XP. I had to both enable the UPNP support AND install the UPNP interface. I would also advise using MS Internet Explorer vs. Firefox for the setup, even though Firefox is supposed to work. I was able to get farther through the process with Internet Explorer than with FF even though the defective product status didn't allow me to finish.

    On the upside, I found D-Link's tech support poeple very helpful. I hope the replacement actually works!...more info