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Brother MFC-8460N Network All-in-One Laser Printer
List Price: $399.99

Our Price: $249.99

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Product Description

The MFC-8460N 5-in-1 Network-Ready Monochrome Laser Multi-Function Center offers high performance print and copy speeds, color flatbed scanning, a high-speed fax modem and built-in (Ethernet) network interface. Walk-up copying and faxing are convenient and easy for every person in the office. It offers tremendous value with its abundant features and great performance - all of which any small/medium business or workgroup can't do without!

Printer Features: Duplex printing 32MB standard memory - expandable up to 544MB Secure Print FunctionFax Features - B/W faxing 33.6K Transmission speed - Approx. 2 sec. per page 340 auto dial locations 390 broadcasting locations Distinctive ring Auto Fax Reduction Fax Forwarding Auto Redial Dual Access Fax/Telephone switch PC Fax capability 600 page fax memory Copier Features - B&W copying Flatbed design 50-page ADF Max. Copy Speed - 30 cpm Sorting function Reduction/Enlargement - 25%-400% 2-in-1/4-in-1 functions Poster Scanning Features - B/W and color scanning 48-bit color scan depth Interpolated scan resolution - 19,200 x 19,200 dpi Optical scan resolution - 600 x 2400 dpi Formats - TIFF, BMP, MAX, JPG, PDF Scan to email, image, OCR, file & FTP Other Features - Paper Handling Sizes - Letter, Legal A4, B5 (ISO), A5, A6, B6, Executive, Folio Output Paper Capacity - 150 sheets Backlit LCD - 22 characters/5 lines Ethernet port Supported network protocols - ARP, RARP, BOOTP, DHCP, APIPA (Auto IP), ICMP, WINS/NetBIOS, DNS, mDNS, LPR/LPD, Port9100, IPP, FTP, SNMP, HTTP, TELNET, SMTP, TFTP Document Memory Backup Minimum input for ADF (W/H) - 5.8/5.8 Security Functions - Function Lock, Setting Lock, Secure Print Energy Star compliant Machine Noise(Standby/Operating) - 30dBA/55dBA Windows & Macintosh Unit Dimensions(WxDxH) - 20.9 x 17.7 x 18.7 Unit W

The MFC-8460N has a convenient flatbed design that accommodates either single sheets or bound documents for copying, faxing, or scanning. With the ability to function as a digital copier, the unit supports reduction and enlargement of documents from 25 to 400 percent in one percent increments, makes up to 99 copies, and includes sorting functionality. Copies up to legal size can be made from both the glass and the automatic document feeder. Print and copy speeds up to 21 pages per minute keep up with busy offices, while outstanding resolution of up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi gives each document exceptional legibility.

Print, fax, scan, and copy -- all from one powerful unit. View larger.

Send scans, copies, and faxes directly from the MFC-8460N to colleagues that are listed in your network address book.

Choose the document feeder or the flatbed.
As a full-function stand-alone fax machine, the MFC-8460N supports up to 340 total speed dial locations, and also incorporates dual access and broadcast faxing features. It stores up to 600 pages for Quick Scan faxing or out-of-paper fax reception. Stand-alone fax and copy operation is standard, so no computer is required.

When operating as a scanner, the unit is capable of color scanning up to 9,600 dpi interpolated resolution (up to 600 x 2,400 dpi optical). For Windows and OS X 10.2.4 or greater based users, there is an easy-to-use "scan to" button for scanning directly to an FTP site, image application, OCR, E-mail application or file. Save time and reduce errors with instant direct access through your network connected MFC-8460N to a virtually infinite number of e-mail and fax addresses stored in your LDAP network address books. Simply use the large, clear 5-line LCD display on the MFC-8460N's control panel to view the contacts stored in your network address books and scroll to select the address you need. Then you can quickly send faxes and Internet faxes to your selection, and perform scan-to-e-mail-address functions.

The MFC-8460N provides the ability for an administrator to set various levels of password protected access to certain features, for each of up to 25 different users per machine. Through this feature, you can restrict specific employees such as part-time workers or interns from access to scan-to-e-mail functions or other avenues for sending data outside your walls.

The color scanner function comes bundled with document management and OCR software. ScanSoft PaperPort SE with OCR software is available for Windows and Presto! Page Manager is available for Mac users. The MFC-8860DN is also supplied with built-in wired Ethernet networking. The unit is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems (Windows 98/NT4.0/2000/Me/2000/XP and Mac OS 9.1-9.2, OS X 10.2.4 or greater). Standard emulations of PCL6 and BR-Script3 (PostScript3) are included as well. Brother provides a one-year warranty, covering parts and service.

What's in the Box
Multifunction unit, paper tray, multipurpose tray, TN540 Standard Yield Toner Cartridge (3,500 Pages), DR510 Drum Unit (20,000 Pages) CD-ROM with drivers and utilities, printed user's guide, warranty information

  • Print and copy at up to 30ppm
  • Ethernet, High-Speed USB 2.0 and Parallel interfaces
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi Laser Printing
  • 50-sheet multipurpose tray
  • 33.6K bps high-speed Super G3 fax modem

Customer Reviews:

  • Big but loaded with features
    Out of the box, this printer is big. Be prepared to give it some space. Physical setup is a breeze. Phone, power, printer, and network cables all plug into the back of the unit. Power button is on the right side. Paper tray reloads from the front of the unit.

    Having a laser printer that connects to a network is a joy. I can roam around my home with my wireless laptop and send stuff to the printer all day long. No more USB cables connecting to the printer. No more parallel cables. The printer can be configured and managed using a built-in web-interface too. If you can use a web-browser, you can use this printer.

    Printing itself is fast and clean. Specs say up to 21ppm. I've achieved around 18ppm when printing straight text. Printer comes with a 250sheet tray. An additional 250sheet tray can be added.

    Scanning is just neat. This printer supports a "scan to FTP" feature too that lets me scan my old documents and get them sent to my computer. I've scanned old bills, tax records, and other documents that have been sitting around in file cabinets for months...even years. Having them in an electronic format is convenient for many reasons but primarily because now, they can be searched/indexed quickly. No more flipping through old bank statements or invoices.

    Copying documents is pretty fast too. Printer just scans in the original and prints out copies so process is pretty fast. Specs say 21copies per min. Not your office copier speed but still.

    The fax machine is your typical fax machine with the usual features -- lots of speed dials on this unit.

    I put this unit to work when I had to submit a bunch of expense reports. The copier made copies of all my receipts. The scanner read in my expense report and saved a copy on my computer. The fax machine was used to send in all the reports...and I received fax confirmations using the laser printer when everything was done.

    A brilliant printer. New toner carts are can be had for under $100 too. Go price comparable carts for HP and Lexmark. (My last Lexmark E232 cart was $179).

    This is my first Brother unit...but it won't be my last. Highly recommend.
    ...more info
  • Good machine, with a few specific kinks.
    Our office uses this printer/scanner for office work. As a small office, it works well for us. PROS: The printer and scanner work very fast. The machine is quiet and the print quality is clean and clear. The fax quality is as good as any, on the receiving end. Don't know how it is for faxes we send. CONS: The printer was not terribly expensive, but the replacement drum is $200, which is a hefty amount. We use this printer to print addresses and stamps on legal envelopes. It is a front feed but, instead of shooting the envelopes out the back of the printer, they coil back over and come back out the front. We have had trouble with this wrinkling the envelopes. The manual tells how to change a setting on the feed to avoid this problem, but this involves turning the printer all the way around and flipping two small levers. The machine is bulky enough that it isn't worth the trouble. We've resorted to printing our envelopes on another machine. Another issue is the scan quality, which is not very clear. Overall, it is a good, high quality machine with a few kinks. ...more info
  • Poor quality printer
    I purchased this printer on June 22, 2007. One year later -- just after the warranty expired, the printer started making loud snapping sounds, like plastic being broken. At that same time, the printer started jamming and stopped printing. (I see that other people writing reviews have had the exact same experience.)

    While the printer worked for the first year, it constantly crumpled the corners of envelopes, creating a very unprofessional appearance. This, too, appears to be a common problem with this printer.

    I had an earlier version of this printer that lasted well for a number of years. However, in this model, the manufacturer appears to have cut corners and created a product that, in my opinion, is junk. Given the quick failure, I may end up suing the manufacturer to get my money back.

    I'll be replacing the computer today with something more reliable. Don't buy this printer....more info
  • Good machine so far...
    I bought this machine specifically to print on envelopes and checks. It is the only laser all-in-one that has a multi-purpose tray at a good price. I was concerned that the snake paper path would not print well on envelopes, but there does not seem to be a unit with a nice straight-through paper path like my old HP 5Mp.

    When I ran my first envelope, I was disappointed at the creases in it, so I visited the Brother web site and followed the extensive how-to. There are a couple of levers in the back of the machine you must flip and then using the network setup (control center 2) you set the MP tray to thick. Then let the machine crank through your stack of envelopes.

    I just printed 200 heavyweight envelopes with NO creases. So it pays to read the tech support. The page goes on to state that if you are getting creased envelopes, you may need to be sent a new machine.

    One problem I did encounter was a loss of communication (I'm using my MFC over an Ethernet connection), but cycling power brought it back on-line. Will tell you more as time goes on.

    *** So here's the update. Still printing/faxing/scanning/copying just great. The network problem was that sleep mode was turned on. So I turned it off. Find sleep timer in the menu and then with the cursor on sleep time press the 'Secure' and 'Job Cancel' buttons at the same time. Then turn sleep off. And guess what? The machine goes 'idle' instead of 'sleeping'. It doesn't use any more power in 'idle' over 'sleep' according to tech support....more info
  • going on 100,000 copies no problem
    Work in a CPA office and use this printer everyday. Has 96,000 copies on it and no problems. Word of caution, at 100,000 copies, the machine needs a new fuser and laser which is almost the same cost of the machine new.....

    I would buy another one again. ...more info
  • great machine
    I have a home based company where I print & scan mostly. I purchased this machine after going thru 3....yes 3 HP multi function units and have never been happier. I dont print with evelopes so I dont know how that works but I have had this machine since March of 2006 and have had no problems until now. I had an error code to replace the paper feeder tray which I did at $[...] big deal. Then shortly after that I get a new error code that says replace fuser. Well the fuser is expensive...about $[...] bucks! So it is in my best interest to just get a new machine. I will buy another one just like this one and keep it in it's box until mine quits. I print and scan probablly at least 1000 pages per day so this unit has really stood up to my abuse. I must say I wish the toner was cheaper. I usually buy the high yeild toner which runs me about $[...] per month. Great machine for the money and I would recommend it. Oh, one more thing, I occasionally use it to scan color photos and the scanner works great for that. The pics look great. Probably not what you would use if you scanned pics for a living but for the occasional email or online post, it's great....more info
  • Bad support and waranty
    The MFC-8460N worked well for two months and I was very happy with it. Then one day it just break down, and will not power on. I called and they said they will send a replacement; so I waited ... About two week later, not receiving the replacement, I called back and they said they had to verify the address. Another two week or so went by, still not receiving the replacement, I called and again they wanted to verify address again. Then again, still not receiving the replacement, so I called and for the third time they again needed to verify the address. I demanded to talk to the manager. He promised to send the replacement overnight; and I received the printer within two days. Unfortunately the replacement did not work either -- the paper kept being jam every single time! That would be the last Brother printer I would ever buy....more info