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Breakthrough Wolf T-Shirt - Available in Various Sizes
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Product Description

The Mountain T-Shirts are premium, hand-dyed shirts screenprinted using environmentally safe, water based inks. They feature a leather feel label so comfortable there is never a need to cut it out. Special Order Item. Usually ships in 5 business days.

  • Premium, hand-dyed shirt
  • Screenprinted using environmentally safe, water based inks.
  • Features a leather feel label so comfortable there is never a need to cut it out.
  • Special Order Item.
  • Available in Various Sizes.

Customer Reviews:

  • Only 1 wolf, please!
    DO NOT BUY THIS SHIRT! It is a rip-off. For the same price you can have 3 wolves on it. Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, Available in Various Sizes 1 wolf versus 3 wolves and a moon. It's a no brainer. Hey, they even have some used. Now that's value!...more info
  • Wolf T-shirt
    Beautiful shirt. Bought three different wolf shirts and all had great detail. Arrived sooner than estimated. ...more info
  • 5 Stars, Forever!
    I saw a wolf shirt that spoke to me like a shirt with a saying on it. I loved it. It loved me. (see Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, Available in Various Sizes). That shirt was ok... but it's THIS shirt that reaches deep into my soul, punches it in the face, and wakens it. That's when my soul (half wolf) leaps out of my body, ripping through the shirt, and into your lives, forever. Like Rocky... as in Rocky 5. It's beautiful, and it has you by the throat.

    With the powers of this shirt, I sired three offspring. One Caucasian, one African-American, and one Chinese... all with the same woman and/or gestation period. And for all those domestic-vehicle-driving jerks who say you don't have to wash wolf shirts, you couldn't be more wrong and I am insulted. I wash this shirt EVERY SINGLE DAY (when I shower) and it has yet to fade! Dove powers over Dawn like a wolf parade on a lazy sunday.

    I wore this shirt to the beach, went swimming in the riptide, was bitten in the face by a shark. How awesome is that?!

    But, this shirt isn't about the powers it inherits. It's about the respect I receive while wearing. I once passed another man-soul who bore the mighty lone wolf shirt (he must have been me, and me him, during a powerful astral projection session in our evening sleep. It WAS a full moon that night). We met eye-to-eye, hugged, and cried for hours. It was moving. People were walking around us.

    To sum this review with three words: I LOVE THISSHIRT! Please make more.

    Pros: Wolf. Soul. Grows mullets. Calms Babies.
    Cons: I'm too sexy for this shirt. But that's ok....more info
  • Pffft!!!
    This T-shirt has nothing on the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt for obvious reasons. I mean really? What am I supposed to do with one wolf? Get with it....more info
  • Good Shirt But Could Have Been Better
    Sleek design and 100% cotton are a plus for this shirt. It also gets rid of Gout which may be helpful for certain people. The only reason I don't give it five stars is because I had assumed that there would be a large semi-truck on the back of the shirt.'s five stars.

    Luckily, I found another shirt that has a wolf hovering over a Big Rig. I am currently looking for a shirt that either has the wolf driving the semi or jumping out the back door towards freedom. If anyone knows where I can get one of these designs it would be greatly appreciated....more info
    When the woman who was delivering my package gave me the box and started to walk away, I asked her to hold on a second so I could test this puppy out. Literally. I ripped open the box, put the shirt on, and she was all over me. After the Wolf T-Shirt enhanced 3 hour love-making session, I decided to head down to Marshalls to try my luck. I had to watch my driving as soon as I hit a mjor road, as women were swerving to get a better view of my shirt. Long story short, greatest purchase ever, next to my Wolf with American Flag background T-Shirt. The only downside was that this chick-magnet did not come with batteries, so I had to find a few AAA's around the house....more info