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Philips High Performance Amplified Indoor Uhf/Vhf/Fm/HDTV Antenna
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $32.50

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Product Description

This 50dB amplified antenna has been optimized to receive digital TV broadcasts with a special UHF flat panel array. It also receives analog and FM signals. Includes 6 ft coaxial cable, 75/300 ohm transformer and AC power adapter.

  • Adjustable gain with LED signal level monitor
  • Unique designed UHF panel array for superior analog and DTV reception
  • Swivels and tilts for best signal alignment
  • A/B switch, heavy chrome plated 44? dipoles

Customer Reviews:

  • Didn't work for me.
    I was very dissatisfied with the performance of this antenna. I don't have cable, and thought this would inprove my reception. With the return stipulations, I just decided to write the expense off. I had to revert back to my old antenna. I wish that I would have read the return policy before I bought it. ...more info
  • Was impressed at first but older rabbit antennas will do..
    I bought this at CC together with DTT900 Zenith digital tuner for my old CRT TV. Decided to check how this set-up would work before splurging for a new HDTV set. When i hooked up both antenna and digital tuner i was impressed. I got 44 total channels (digital and standard) with maybe at least 7-8 HD channels. But then when i tried to put in my old RCA rabbit antenna (not powered) in-place of this Philips antennna just to check, i got the same results and same number of channels picked-up. I'll be returning this right away and just save my money....more info
  • TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    DON'T BUY THIS!!, its a joke, one channel with heavy snow and no color, FOGEDABOUDIT!!!, SUPER LOSER,...more info
  • I can't get it out of the box without it breaking
    I bought this product the other day & as I was extending the antenna arm for the first time, it broke off at the base. Thinking it was a fluke, I exchanged it for another. As I was removing the plastic packaging protector from the cable connection to attach the cable, the entire connector broke off with the plastic.

    You've got to wonder how well the parts you can't see are put together...maybe this is why it seems not to work for a lot of people....more info
  • Philips High Performance Amplified Indoor Uhf/Vhf/Fm/HDTV Antenna
    well guys ,, i can tell you about my experience with this antenna. i decided to get it because with the previous indoor antenna(a RCA rabbit ear that cuase 10 usd on the store) i was getting signal between 30 to 70 in the scale on the converter box ( it goes from 0 to 100).This new Philips High Performance Amplified Indoor Uhf/Vhf/Fm/HDTV Antenna was able to improve from 30 to around 50 and from 70 to around 90-this using the max amplification-(it has a settting for that) --so it works!!!. i want to put a roof antenna because i believe is the truly best option but in the apartment i rent is not easy to get access to the roof , so i have to survive with indoor antenna. i saw people saying to the material it is made is low quality , yes it is , but no that bad as they said , it does not break by touching it as some other had comment here, and i think is good enough for want it is "and antenna". so far very good , i know for sure that after june 12 on full power from the company i will get better reception , but i dont like the idea of the digital tv , why? the signal drops if i use my cellphone , if somebody send me a text message , if the people in the second floor use their cellphone , if rain a little ,if i put paper on the shredder, oh god is so!@#$%......(that you know) , the image freeze all time , a nightmare for me , hope it gets better after june 12. but going back to the Philips High Performance Amplified Indoor Uhf/Vhf/Fm/HDTV Antenna this antenna does what it said it does ," amplify" . increase around 20 point on the scale on the converter box. i dont like the fact that have to be plug to the ac power , will be good if it can get the power from the coaxial cable. the color very good, makes it looks like if it is a very high tech device( it is not )because that technology is very simple on not new neither complicated. i can not tell you if other opcion of indoor antenna will work better but for sure a out door antenna is the best . hope this review help you thanks!!
    ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I purchased the Philips High Performance Amplified Indoor UHF/VHF/FM/HDTV
    Antenna because my attic antenna was not bringing a UHF Station (49) I wanted. The new antenna worked perfectly to bring in that station while still connecting well to other HD and regular stations. I did not have to
    use the amplifier feature. I am a happy viewer....more info
  • Not worth it
    Does not work any better than the common rabbit ears. I ran several tests on various TVs in different locations in our home. In each case the common rabbit ear antennas were as good. I have returned it....more info
  • Pretty Good in a Bad Area
    This is the best amplified antenna I have ever used. I got all the stations with just some minor adjusting. East-Central IL is terrible for tv broadcast reception because all the stations are far away. This antenna is one of the best I've tried. Great signal gain....more info
  • GOOD for an indoor antenna, but try an outdoor antenna first.
    I owned this antenna for over a year and I was pleased with the results, but I got tired of moving the antenna for perfect reception for each channel. After learning some more about antennas, I tried an outdoor model from RCA (ANT806) for about the same money and I GREATLY improved my reception. The RCA is easily mounted and deson't look like an antenna at all so that it blends in well with my home. Be sure to get the new RCA (ANT806) version with the 18db in line signal booster and not the older and more expensive ($90+) model that has only a 10db signal booster...more info
  • Not Worth it....!!!!
    I bought mine at Wal-Mart, it only worked for the first 2 weeks, after that all I get is one channel, when before I was getting all of them (over 19 "Digital" channels!) This Antenna Sucksss!!...more info
  • Not Working
    seems to me this unit do not working
    I don't know what to do ???...more info
  • Ok
    I owned another indoor antenna before this one and that was even worse. This is better compare to the other one but still have problems. If I know it is still going to give me problems, I would just buy an outdoor one instead. I live on the second/top floor in a private house so the reception should be better but I guess not. Maybe it's the area I live in (Brooklyn, NY). ...more info
  • Cheap!! (manufacturing)
    I bought 1 of these and it seems to work well. One antenna was loose in its socket and wobbles, but I figured, well... this thing never moves. So I bought #2. The coax connection on the back fell off when I was spinning on the cable. I tried to pull it back into place which twisted it off the thin (thinner than a paper clip) wire that connects to it inside. With some soldering and glue I got it fixed to a point of kinda working. I don't understand the gain, both of them automatically go up to full gain when left alone. They get channels on low gain levels, but I come back later and all 5 lights are on. I'll have to check the manual, or buy a different antenna. I'd suggest the latter....more info
  • Not that Good
    After reviewing this product on your website and reading other reviews. I thought i was purchasing a great product. But to my's not that great at all. And on top of that, I brought (2) and one of the antennas had a broken connector..(beat that). So to anyone interested in purchasing this item..please reconsider....more info
  • price and performance very good
    after returning a lesser priced antennae to a local electronics store, I tried the Phillips HP indoor antennae.
    The signal was much stronger and we were able to pick up most of the local HD channels on air. There is NO cable or satellite to this TV, and we are in a very rural area.
    We are pleased with the purchase....more info
  • Worse than old rabbit ears
    Recently purchased this product to see if it would provide my dad with better reception on his older analog TV. He had some old rabbit ears taped to the TV and couldn't get some stations. He is in an urban situation with TV stations no more than 25 miles at best, most closer. The Phillips product was actually worse than the rabbit ears at both UHF and VHF channels. Amplification did not help at all. Definetly useless and returned....more info
  • A Disappointment for the Digital Conversion
    In preparation for the digital conversion that is about to happen, I thought that I would try this antenna to see if I could tune into digital stations. The results were disappointing.

    This antenna did no better than and possibly worse than the simple set of rabbit ears with UHF loop that I had been using.

    The construction was flimsy and would have certainly not lasted as long as a set of rabbit ears. In order to use the amplification feature (which didn't produce any better results), it had to be plugged in to an electrical socket using a wall wart device that crowded the electrical outlet and made it difficult to plug in the tv and the digital to analog adapter.

    We live within a short distance to most transmitting towers in a suburban community outside of Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD and could not receive the transmitted signals of the local stations.

    In my opinion, do not waste your money on this antenna. Either use a simple set of rabbit ears with a UHF loop or bowtie, or connect to FIOS, cable or satellite....more info
  • 3 antennas in one.
    I'm saying 3 antennas in one because the left antenna is good for ch 3 & 5, right antenna is good for Ch 8 & 10 and center square is good for Ch 13, 21 & 33 all HD OTA channels I use and wanted.
    I tried 2 other indoor antennas before, the DA-001 and another antenna similar in design and they didn't work because they would pick up only half the channels if oriented one way and after adujsting, they would lose the first half, but with this MANT510 antenna I can adjust it so that I get ALL the channels with good signal strength.
    Signal strength used to be 65-75 with the other 2 antennas, but with this one I get all the channels with 75-85 strength (after minor tuning of course), big improvement, all my HD channels are clear and they don't break up, I live 10-15 miles from the Las Vegas strip, first floor apt....more info
  • Good Enough
    The device is not as good as they claim, but still pretty good for an antenna. It was a good buy, but not as perfect as the ad says....more info
  • Ineffective Indoor Antenna
    I bought this antenna after reading one glowing review in these pages which described significant improvement in reception. I found this antenna to be significantly worse than ordinary cheap rabbit ears. Using the product got me only 3 channels. Using my rabbit ears I get 11 channels. Both antennas and TV remained in the same place in the house.
    I thought this antenna was a "smart antenna". It is not. It is a rather stupid antenna of marginal value. As many techies know, you cannot make a TV signal if you do not have a signal to start with. Gain and amplification are not important if there is no signal. Catch 22. You can't fool nature. If you are not getting good reception with indoor rabbit ears you need to move stuff or move period. An outdoor antenna might help. This thing looks like a Buck Rogers nightmare and probably will cause more depression than you deserve. ...more info
  • Tough to say...
    It's hard for me to tell how good this antenna is. I set it up in mu appartment and tried various positions. The only station I could get to come in well was a Spanish Children's Chanel. Unfortunately I don't speak Spanish or have children. Doing further research, I found that from my location I would need a medium sized roof mount antenna. I imagine this would be good if you are in an appartment and have line-of-sight to a nearby transmitter. Otherwise go for a larger rooftop antenna....more info
  • worthly less antenna
    I purchased this 50 dB antenna after without luck with popular Terk antenna. This product only can get one VHF (NBC) and another UHF(ABC) for me. Terk was able to get two UHF (ABC and CBS) station. My TV lives in the valley and second floor of three story townhouse. I was very dispointed. I purchased RCA Indoor/outdoor Antenna (18dB) from local W-Mart store. RCA was able to get all the UHF and VHF channels. I am very happy. I don't have to pay cable company a dime to watch TV. I guess three times is chaim....more info
  • Returned
    I returned this item after two weeks. I was hoping that the antenna would work well making the local channels have a great picture... the picture looked amazing... when the antenna worked. If you like to flip through channels this is not the right antenna for you. The ABC channel rarely worked, the CW was was hit and miss and a few other channels were hit and miss. The only channel that worked well was Fox. I read a review that said that it depends on the location of your residence so the antenna doesn't work where I live. My $5 radio shack antenna works better than this. The picture is not perfect but at least I can flip through channels with ease. ...more info
  • Product ok, but not sure it is truly better than old rabit ear
    I ended up with returning this product, though product itself might be ok.

    Compare with old rabbit ear, it does not do any better, in receiving analog signals. I didn't check this one for digital signals. The adjustable gain does not help much. One thing I noticed is that those antennas claiming 50db really does NOT do any better than 20db antenna.

    I live about 20 miles from most stations, with both NTSC(analog) and ATSC (digital) tuners. Old rabbit ear can receive decent analog picture (without snowflake) in PBS, local NBC and CBS, if pointing to right respective directions, but showed "no signal" with digital signal....more info
  • Rabbit ears with no boost have same effect
    I thought this product was so poor, I didn't want to rate it, but you have to place at least 1 star in the rating. I have a set of rabbit ears that get the same signal as the Philips Antenna. I would recommend not buying this product. The rabbit ears on this antenna fell off the platform when you extend them, they are not anchored in. As far as I'm concerned, Philips just pocketed an easy $40 with a poorly designed and poorly constructed pile of junk....more info
  • Amplify what?
    Take a look at that antenna. It measures approximately 7x5 inches. That's not much of a signal gatherer. Once gathered, amplifying it does no good. Multiply (amplify) 0 by ten and you get 0! Also, this antenna boasts a 50 db gain from amplification. This is not true. It only gives about 30.

    Save yourself time, money, and frustration by buying the Eagle Aspen DTV2Buhf antenna. The DTV2Buhf antenna works great, and is actually smaller than the Phillips because you don't need to extend di-poles. The reception is much better with the DTV2Buhf, and believe it or don't, the 19" x 13" DTV2Buhf is quite attractive right out in the open. It looks good, and works great. This Phillips antenna disappoints in both respects....more info
  • Switch out the AV cable.
    The first thing I thought when I unpacked the antenna was how thin the copper wire was in the AV cable. I figured it wouldn't matter, but after struggling to lock in some good signals, I swapped it out with a thicker, higher quality cable I had. Sure enough, the signals came in a little more clear and more consistent.

    I recognize that it is a hassle to buy a separate AV cable if you don't already have one, but if you are struggling to get a strong signal, and you have an extra cable laying around, try it out.

    By the way, I tried to go the cheap route first by getting the RCA basic indoor HDTV antenna for $10. It picked up the same amount of signals in my situation, but they were not very consistent, often cutting out halfway through the episode. In my situation, I wish I would have purchased the Phillips antenna from the start....more info