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ColorVision Spyder2 Express Win/Mac
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Product Description

ColorVision Spyder2 Express offers photographers, designers, and gamers the best color experience on screen. With just a few steps, you'll get accurate, reliable and consistent color. The quick, easy, and accurate monitor calibration delivers true-to-life flesh tones, well-defined shadows and realistic highlights. It's a must-have for photographers, designers, gamers, and anyone who wants accurate color on screen.

  • Sleek, dual-phase hardware design offers effortless calibration
  • CRT, LCD, and laptop displays to industry standards
  • State-of-the-art optical science; before and after viewing
  • Exceptionally smooth gradient steps and neutral grays
  • Outstanding reliability backed by a 2-year hardware warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Spyder Express
    I have used this product just one time and I am not sure it was worth the effort. I screwed up my Adobe reader, my screen profiles and God only knows what else I have done.

    The instructions are LOUSY and I don't suggest you buy it unless you know how to mess with closing and modifying programs....more info
  • Did the job I needed.
    I can't vouch for this thing the way a professional photographer/graphic designer might, but it did what I needed. I have a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW 22" LCD Monitor (did not get it at Amazon, BTW), and 3 different manufacturers make the panels that are sold under that name (thanks a lot, Samsung). Mine was way too blue, and I couldn't fix it very well with the monitor settings. But after I used the Spider2 Express it was like a blue plastic filter was just detached from the screen. Its colors' now match monitors I know are fairly accurate, so I am pretty happy....more info
  • ColorVision Spyder2 Express Win/Mac
    Easy to use and performed as expected. I wished it could adjust the color in my LCD flat panel TV....more info
  • Good hardware, basic software
    This is a good colorimeter, and it improved photographic display on my Mac greatly. The Spyder2 hardware is very good and used in the entire range of products. The express software bundle is very basic, does the job, but offers absolutely no flexibility and doesn't support dual-display systems. This colorimeter really shines with the pro version software, but the express will do the job....more info
  • Makes the monitor a little warmer looking
    Kind of weird. I ordered through Amazon and just received today. Came back and Amazon is not listed as a seller of this product. Anyway...

    I have a ViewSonic LCD that gives me a pretty good picture. I just got done using Spyder2express and there IS a difference in before and after. Basically the picture is a little warmer and clearer. The software gives a before and after picture to see the difference. Wasn't much, but now that I'm optimized I'll enjoy my flickr account more than ever! Maybe other monitor brands need more calibration than ViewSonic. Is the product worth it? I guess. I'm not going to complain. I gave ***** because it did calibrate my monitor better. Wasn't much to calibrate, but that's not Spyder2express fault.

    I clicked around some and see the 2.2 gamma setting makes a difference. Mine was probably around 2 and Kelvin is factory set at 6500. The picture on the box shows one side washed out and the other not. Mine wasn't as dramatic but that's what happens. What I don't like is it keeps the brightness at 100 which is manufacture spec. Too bright for me so I adjusted to my preference. If your not into tweaking your monitor settings this is easy to use and will help out.
    ...more info
  • Not for everyone - especially if you are color technical
    Lacks Flexability- It adjusts screen to Kelvin 6500 (yellow). For most, especially if you are into photo editing, that is far too warm. I personally like about 5500. The result is that it makes the screen look warmer than what the photos are, or when printed. I have contacted ColorVision, and there is no flexability on this unit. You have to move up to a more expensive package to have the flexability....more info
  • Works great
    easy to use. just install the software and follow the instructions. Keeps my monitor calibrated and reminds me when it is time to recalibrate....more info
  • Colors were much worst after calibration
    I just received Spyder2express and did the calibration on a MacBookPro 17in. I was very disappointed. The result were images that were horrible. I switch back to the defaults. Not much more to say. I was very disappointed. I had a similar problem with Huey Pro... maybe something is wrong with my Mac. ...more info
  • It works well
    Not knowing what the high dollar units do, I find this acceptable for everyday use. You plug it in and it does the job. ...more info
  • Does the Job, but the Software Needs Attention
    It worked fine for me. The software is a dumbed down version of Spyder2 Pro, but I didn't need anything fancy. However, users should take care to download the latest software. And they might want to cripple the annoying nag screen.

    I have seen complaints about color casts. The site has a new software version, Spyder2Express 2.3.6, that claims to fix a color cast problem with LCD monitors. In any event, the box contains the quite old 2.2 version of the software. So purchasers should download the latest version and install that.

    Another irritation is the nag screen that comes up after 14 days on every reboot, saying to recalibrate the monitor. Yes, for perfect color, the monitor should be recalibrated every few weeks or so. But people who want perfect color don't buy the cheapest calibrator with dumbed-down software, do they? Since the Pro version of the software allows turning off the nag screen, one must conclude that it's there not to help but to goad the user into buying an upgrade. Shabby.

    I've seen references to options to turn off the nag screen, but the Express version of Spyder2 doesn't seem to have them, at least not my version. But there is a workaround in Windows. Run the regedit program (Start menu, Run, regedit). Find My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ColorVision . The LastCalibration key has a hex value, something like 49c02c35. Increase the first digit by 1 (change the 4 to 5 here) and exit the program. You won't see the nag screen for another 8 years.

    If you just want a longer interval, you could try increasing RecalibrationReminder, but that didn't work for me. What I know works is to increase LastCalibration by 86400 decimal for each day of delay you want over 14....more info
  • Effective and priced right
    This made a huge difference on my laptop and a slight difference on my desktop (which has a far better graphics card)....more info
  • Simply amazing
    I don't usually get too excited about tech products, but this one really worked for me. I have a 3 year old Dell running Windows XP with a 19" LCD and the results are absolutely incredible. I almost can't believe how much better everything looks. I bought this product because I've been very frustrated for some time about the variations I was getting from my monitor to printed photos. The printed images really didn't look the same as they did on the monitor. Once the Spyder was finished calibrating the difference is huge. Photos and the LCD display are almost a dead match. Highly recommended....more info
  • Money well spent!
    I was a little weary of spending such a low amount on a calibrator. Glad I took a chance! The software is fairly straight forward, and the results are extremely accurate!...more info
  • For Mac Users
    The 2.2 gamma setting seems to be unchangeable! so if you would like to set your gamma on your mac default number, you may not be able to do so. Otherwise the devise works well but for better calibration control you will probably need more professional device....more info
  • Friendly Spyder!
    Don't be fooled by the inexpensive price - this Spyder will calibrate your display. Since my LCD monitor was fairly new I had been able to get colors out of my printer that were similar to my display. But now that I've calibrated the monitor, my HP 7360 printer duplicates my display on my Windows XP/SP2 system. This product will not calibrate your printer (which I knew before I bought it) but it works much better than software only products. In addition, the accompaning software was not difficult to install and the combination hardware spyder and software is simple to use. ...more info
  • ColorVision Spyder2 Express Win/Mac
    Thanks for making post production photo editing much easier. Colors on my monitor are now so different than before ColorVision Spyder2 Express Win/Mac....more info
  • Great customer service
    I'd like to write a few words about my experience with this product and the company. I bought spyder2 express but I wasn't satisfied cause I couldn't calibrate and my additional display. But these guys rock!!! They have really amazing customer service. They helped me with everything, took time to answer all my questions and made me happy with the product I bought. If I am going to buy calibration device in the future - I am going to get ColorVision product for their excellent customer service. I recommend them highly ...more info
  • Colorvison
    Used the ColorVison Data Color on three of my Macs and now iPhoto on all three look the same. Before the color changed between the computers and I never knew which was the correct color. ...more info
  • easy and great.
    just as advertised, it was plug and play, made the adjustments to the screen. Only modification I made was to adjust the default reminder for when to recalibrate from one week (too often) to 6 months....more info
  • Most Spyder2 sensors simply are not accurate!
    As the author of likely the most extensive "Greyscale & Colour Calibration for Dummies" guide available, I thought I should chime in on my thoughts on the Spyder2 sensor vs. the other less expensive sensors out there (such as the Eye-One/i1):

    In my tests and speaking with various calibration experts we've concluded that: Approximately 1/3 of Spyder2 units are very accurate. The next 1/3 are off making their use questionable. The last third are considerably more inaccurate making them useless. Unfortunately there's no way to know how your Spyder2 unit rates unless you have a known accurate colorimeter to compare it against.

    The Eye-One on the other hand is consistently accurate and readings do not vary between units. Those of you that would never consider spending more than $70 on greyscale calibration may consider using the Spyder2. You may luck out. Those that want to do this right should order the Eye-One at approximately twice the price as it's the cheapest probe recommended by the pro's.

    I am not affiliated in any way with Spyder or Eye-One. I'm simply a home theater enthusiast who looks for accuracy and value in equipment. The Spyder2 is certainly inexpensive but given that most units are not very accurate, it does not represent good value to me or anyone else serious about correct greyscale.
    ...more info
  • Takes some fiddling, but wow!
    I had several issues with the Spyder2 at first: for one, the 64-bit driver is unsigned and will not install on Windows 7 unless you hit F8 at startup and disable driver signature verification (every time you plug the Spyder in). Since Windows 7 is still in beta, this is forgivable. I wonder if the driver signature works in 64-bit Vista, which also has this requirement? Maybe it just needs to be updated for Windows 7. Anyway...

    Beyond the driver issues, the software setup went relatively smoothly. With the software installed, I attempted to calibrate the display, using the preset 6500K setting on the display. The process took about 5 minutes and was essentially automatic. However, the results of this calibration were not at all satisfactory - the grays went from having a slight blue cast to having a severe red cast, and I almost decided to return the Spyder right then and there. However, I decided to calibrate again using the RGB sliders, and wow! I had no idea just how off the display's default colors were!

    I saved the profile and all seemed well, so I exited the software.

    As soon as I exited, the color reverted back to that ugly red cast that was seen on the first calibration. Despite dissociating the profile from the device in color settings prior to running the second calibration, the file was still locked after the software exited the first time and apparently was not overwritten by the second calibration. It would have been nice if the software had warned about this and prompted for another profile filename instead of silently continuing.

    So I calibrated a third time using the RGB sliders, saved the profile under a different name, and now my display's color is nothing short of excellent.

    If you can get it to behave, it really is an effective device....more info
  • Does all I need it to!
    Doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the pro version but certainly does all I need it to. Great deal for the price!...more info
  • Made a world of difference with my CRT.
    The difference was like night and day on my CRT. The correction on my Laptop LCD and 24" LCD monitors was not as notable.
    The reason I bought this was that my colors were appearing drastically different on my photo prints than compared to screen. Before the Spyder I was adjusting the hues to my uncalibraited monitor and introducing a color shift when printing. This was corrected with the use of the Spyder.
    ...more info
  • Lacks user controls and doesn't validate it's settings
    So, it does what it's supposed to do -- calibrate your monitor.

    HOWEVER, if you prefer a slight variation to its calibration (say a bit warmer or cooler), you're out of luck! Once it calibrates, you have to use it's automatic settings -- no fine tuning.

    So, why is this a problem? It's automated settings may not always be the best choice. Basically, it samples each color and intensity (dark red through light red, etc.). Then it creates a profile based on what it measured. It does NOT recheck the screen after it calibrates it though. And sometimes, it doesn't create the profile correctly. I tried calibrating my laptop (Dell D600) and ended up with a yellowish casting. It worked better on my desktop (which is what I actually use for photo editing), but still wasn't perfect.

    They should have done two things -- 1) Add custom fine-tuning options (allow you to warm/cool the calibrated profile a bit), and 2) re-check the monitor AFTER it applies its profile to confirm that it applied correctly.

    By the way, as for the yellowish cast on my Dell D600, the support site suggested updating the video driver. I have the latest driver available and still no luck.

    Perhaps the professional version works better, but I'm a bit disappointed in this one....more info
  • It's good for me
    I'm not a professional, but it help me to calibrate my monitor and see real pictures colors. It's great!...more info
  • Amazing Product
    I was skeptical of buying Express edition due to the big difference between Express edition and other Spyder editions. I was pleasantly surprised to see the outcome out of this $70 product.

    I highly recommend this product. A must buy for every digital photographer with out breaking the bank.
    ...more info
  • Great Product Great Price
    I had needed a color calibrator for a while, and after reading the reviews, this one fits the bill, it works like ti says it would, and my prints come out so much better than they did before from the lab. Regardless of what some people say, it did work on my two monitor setup, it wont calibrate your second monitor, only your main, but an error message will pop up when you restart your computer informing you the profile was loaded onto your main monitor, and not the second. This did not bother me as all as I only use my second monitor for music and videos.

    Great product, and I recommend it to any artist who needs to calibrate their monitor and is on a budget...more info
  • Good but..
    This is a great product but you are better spending more money on the pro version because you cannot change any of the settings with this one it is all preset....more info
  • Not too bad
    I don't think this could be much easier. The on screen step-by-step directions are pretty easy to follow. The one issue I did encounter was with setting the contrast/brightness of my (old) monitor. The first time I ran the calibration I set the monitor to the factory defaults and the result left all my whites looking yellow. I tried a few more times but the results weren't much better. This wasn't the fault of anything other than using an ancient monitor.

    Shortly after I tried to calibrate the old monitor I went and bought a new 22" widescreen LCD and fired up the Spyder2 - this time with pleasing results. Quick and easy to use, but still not 100% perfect - of course still way better than what I've ever had....more info
  • Horrible Product - tried both express and pro
    I am horribly disappointed in the Spyder products. I started with the pro version, which ruined my dual screen calibration. Then I tried this version thinking it might have been a dud. This is worse. Doesn't do dual monitors and made the image yellow and dry. Terrible product. Returning it today. I will never buy a colorvision product again. I gave them a chance on two different products across many 5 different displays. ALL...yes, all....failed with worse color than they started with. Beware of this crappy product. I wish there was something better....but Eye One is pricey and I heard mixed reviews on the Huey. What else is there?...more info
  • Great results, but needs update for Windows 64-bit operating system
    I recently bought a new laptop that had a horrible blue color cast on the monitor. I purchased this product because it was recommended by an instructor from a Photoshop class I took. Originally I had problems running the program because the driver for the Spyder would not install. My laptop runs on Windows Vista 64-bit operating system, and I have found most software programs need to be updated for the 64-bit program. This one is no exception. I took a while for me to find the update (Spyder2express 2.3.6 [...]) I needed to install in order to fix this particular problem. Once I found it and installed the update, everything ran smoothly, and my monitor looks MUCH better....more info
  • Great price, easy to use, excellent results.
    Spyder2 Express makes color calibration quick and easy. Can't be much more simple than this.

    ...more info