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Carol's Daughter Hair Milk 8 oz
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  • Works great on my son's hair
    I decided to try this out and I really like it. It keeps my hair well-moisturized without feeling greasy. It also has a very light and pleasant scent. I use it every day on my hair. But what really impressed me about it is what it does to my three-year old's hair. He has a mess of curls, and when I dampen his hair and then put this hair milk in it, it dries and seems to define every single curl. It's gorgeous. Good stuff. Good ingredients too....more info
    I LOVE this product.
    I love natural scents especially citrus. But this product is not for sensitive noses, the smell of lemon is over powering. My kinky curls are well moisturized, defined and shiny.
    FYI I have complete strangers asking can they inhale my hair....more info
  • Just OK!
    I bought this to use on my 6 month old daughters hair which is very tightly curled/kinky. The product smells very high/strong and I expected it to have a good moisturizer in it. It does help with detangling, but it not the greatest moisturizer. The lack of moisture when combing through causes her little curls to break off. I bought this product because I did not want to use a product that had tons of parabens and words I could not pronounce. Once you apply this to the hair it takes a day or two for the odor to die down, but it really should be applied everyday because the hair dries out too fast (if you can tolerate the high smell). I would love to see this product with decrease smell (which reminds me of Pine Sol) or a subtle smell and a better moisturer like add more Shea butter to it to keep the hair softer long....more info
  • I give it 7 stars :)
    My daughter is 16 months today. I have been using this since maybe she was nine months. My baby has very curly hair, and it has to be styled immediately after coming out of the tub. The baby normally wears bush-balls or pony tails with twists. Heck, you can even do hand-roll twists with the hair milk. I really thank God for this product because I do not support putting a bunch of garbage in her hair, and I appreciate the fact that it is safe for young babies. I normally order it once per month, but I believe I need to start doubling my order because I start to panic if we run out. Lisa, thank you for this wonderful product. Oh, the ingredients are the best, and it conditions too.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    I've tried just about all the commercial products on the market for textured hair and Hair Milk is the only product I have found which offers everything I need for my hair without leaving my hair heavy and greasy.

    The scent may be too strong for those who are sensitive, however it lessens within hours.

    It's a really good product...

    ...more info
  • Luv it........
    I think this is one of her better products. I simply love this stuff.....the smell and the way it makes my hair feel. And it can be used daily without a buildup............more info
  • not happy with the results
    i have processed hair, relaxer and colored and i have to find products that are gentle on my hair, i got this product after reading all the reviews and decided to try it, i am disappointed , it leaves my hair sticky i dont think i will buy again, the only good thing about this product is that it smells good
    there are other cheaper products that are better than this...more info
  • Lemony/Sulfuric smell a little overpowering
    I purchased this along with some other products (healthy hair butter, tui oil and leave in conditioner, loc butter, hair balm) and this was my least favourite. It has a distinct and overpowering odor. It left my hair smelling like household cleaner with a slightly sulfuric smell. I tried it for several months and eventually gave up. It seemed to moisturize ok, but I would not recommend it as I needed to keep reapplying and the smell was causing me to have headaches. I'd love it if they came out with a line of scent free leave in moisturizers for hair....more info
  • ok product
    I bought the hair milk because i wear my hair curly all the time and sometimes it get real dry so i bought the hair milk and it's alright the smell is just so strong. It helped my hair but the smell it's just terrible i didn't like the smell but the overall product is ok.........more info
  • Over 40 White Lady here!!
    I've always had very thick, bushy hair (I mean LOTS of hair) but as I've aged and colored, its gotten very coarse and dry. One of my dance students, suggested I try it and all I can say is THANK YOU!! The first time I used too much and it left a little bit of a film...but I've found that if I put a small amount on my damp hair and comb it through with a wide tooth comb and then let it dry the rest of the way naturally, it turns my bushy frizzy hair into the best smelling lush curls/waves I have ever seen!! I highly recommend this product to everyone!! :-)...more info
  • Good when used a certain way...
    I have naturally wavy/curly that straightens easily with no relaxer. For the hair milk, I tried this two different ways. When I put it on my hair wet, it made it hard, dry, and sticky. When I washed my hair, let it air dry, brushed it (so that it was big and poofy), applied the hair milk, wet my hands, scrunched my curls for a minute or two, my curls looked great. ...more info
  • Consistently
    Smells good and it is a great light hairdressing lotion for all natural hair types....more info
  • not too thrilled with this product
    i had to try this item out after reading all the reviews.

    so far after several tries - i am not too impressed.

    the positives: a little goes far, it does hold the style and is great for styling and wrapping up hair before bed.

    the negatives: the smell (although it does fade), doesnt add moisture, the price, its a bit heavy (i dont like product build-up).

    i may change my mind as my natural hair grows in more and i change my hairstyles - but this isnt the 'miracle' product i thought it was....more info
  • Too Odorous!
    I bought 2 bottles in anticipation of liking the hair milk. I used it last night and, as warned by reviews, the lemon smell was STRONG. Fine. But here it is the next day and the scent is still so cloying I had to roll down a window on my commute in. I can't even smell my cologne! As for its other benefits, it's an okay moisturizer. I'll be giving the bottles to friends :-(...more info
  • Makes 4a-4b my hair crispy!
    The only problem with this hair milk is the simple fact that it dries out my kinky 4a hair. It does help bring out the curl pattern, but after a few hours my hair feels extra crispy! it really feels crispy! people say it works well during the summer, so I can't wait to try it out for the summer, but it's not a prodct that I use on a regular basis. Thank god I purchased the small bottle. ...more info
  • Staple
    I have mixed mousse with oil every morning for years. With the hair milk, I get both products from one bottle. It makes my life easier and it smells great. You don't have to use that much and your hair stays in place all day. ...more info
  • It really works great
    I have short/medium wavy hair, and when I want it curly, usually used some mousse or john frieda's frizz-ease, but mousse leaves my hair stiff, even when I use a small amount... so when I started using this hair milk on my wet hair, when it dried, I immediately noticed that it was curlier, softer and shiny, it provides good holding (not super strong) and keeps the natural feel of your hair. The smell is overwhelming at the beginning, but I got used to it by the second day....more info