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The Backyardigans - Surf's Up!
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 05/30/2006

Customer Reviews:

  • With Cowboys and Surfin.......This 1 is the best!!!!
    The absolute best DVD. Our favorite "Ridin The Range" is on here!!! And the surfin episode is "RAD DUDE"!! My daughter (who is 2) loves this show and I have to admit so do I!!!!! My wife thinks I like it more than our little one!It's the best kid show out there. Most of these shows nowadays are pretty annoying but I could watch these over and over. Dora is my daughters favorite, but she loves the backyardigans 2. You have to get these movies because they are the best out there for kids and adults too. Hopefully the Backyardigans keep on going for a long time because nothing beats em!! ...more info
  • We love the Backyardigans!
    My kids (5 & 3) love the Backyardigans. When we watch any of the Backyardigan DVDs we get up and dance and sign along. These are great fun. ...more info
  • Four great episodes
    This is one of the few Backyardigans DVDs where all four episodes are outstanding. My daughter loves the different styles of music, and she can't stop smiling and moving whenever we play this DVD. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • Babies love this!
    Although I had to return this item because she already has this one, my granddaughter loves the Backyardigans. Brightly colored with computer-animated scenes and characters, the Backyardigans even attract adults. The children who do the voices for these films are really talented singers. Funny plot lines and cute characters make all these films wonderful gifts....more info
  • great music and plenty more stories than what is listed on the DVD
    The music in this is very easy to listen to and the kids absolutely love the backyardigans. Am planning to buy some music cd's from this selection too. Found the prices quite reasonable....more info
  • good DVD
    Two and a half year old loves this movie. It keeps him occupied and out of trouble and he requests to watch it. Great tool to keep a kid out of trouble and out of your hair, that is until he demands to watch it at bedtime and throws a tantrum. It would have been nice if this was educational. ...more info
  • Surf's Up
    Great selection. My daughter loves Backyardigan's, they can keep her enraptured for hours if I allow it! All the episodes are worth watching....more info
  • Great fun to watch
    Added to growing collection of these characters for my 16 month old grandchild. She loves them....more info
  • Great!
    All of these episodes are awesome! The songs are great. Definitely glad to have this in our collection!...more info
  • Love Backyardigans
    My 17 month-old boy absolutely loves the Backyardigans. This is his 5th Backyardigans' DVD. He enjoys Suff up, but the Tower of power scares him a lot. He's just too young to understand this episode. So, I just skip it @ this moment. I particularly like this DVD for the music selection (Salsa, merengue, Bachata, etc.. Latin Music). I just smile when I see "Uniqua & Pablo" dancing Salsa with a lot of swing. I also enjoy to listen Autin singing his version of "Juan Talamera" as the Mystery Life Guard. I just glad my son has the opportunity to grow up with such of good musical & cultural material, like the Backyardigans' dvds. ...more info
  • all dvds
    To the guy with the dvd problems get a new dvd player. The quality of the dvds is no different then any other dvd. Thats the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Also, skipping to the main menu I can do it on my dvd player. I paid 99 for my dvd player, step up sir and spend the extra dollars or do you like getting frustrated.Although you may be the guy with the velcro shoes and black socks. Sounds like something Tasha would say!...more info
  • My kids (and I) LOVE this DVD!
    The Backyardigans are a huge hit in my home. Both my daughters LOVE them and this DVD happens to be one of their favorites. Especially the last episode. They could watch it over and over and over. A great buy....more info
  • We love the Backyardigans!
    Another great dvd!! Surfs up is my families fave!! A must have
    for any backyardigan lover!!...more info
  • Great for thw whole family
    You will find yourself singing along with your kids, the songs are so catchy. There's not a bad episode here and I really like the Key to the nile and surf's up!...more info
  • Dude this is SWEET
    Another sweet Backyardigans DVD. What are you waiting for?? Buy it already! My husband and I have the songs stuck in our heads at random times. We almost like the shows on this DVD more than our daughter. It's kind of pathetic. This is my favorite DVD out of the different ones that are available. ...more info
  • Great show, but the DVD has some serious technical flaws
    This is a preview. I have not yet seen this DVD, but there are some important issues with the Backyardigans DVDs that I felt I should share.

    Firstly, Backyardigans is a great show. With completely nonviolent themes, a message of sharing, community and helping others, and great music, this show is perfect for children from 2 to 4 years old. Adults will also enjoy it for the quality of its music, which is the best I've ever seen it a children's show. This upcoming release contains my daughter's favourite episode: Race to the Tower of Power.

    So why the 3 star rating? Well, there are a couple of major problems:

    Firstly, there are a number of adverts for other shows at the beginning of each Backyardigans DVD, and there's no way to jump straight to the main menu. You have to either fast forward through them or jump to the next track (the next advert). This is annoying to say the least.

    More importantly, these DVDs are some of the worst quality DVDs on the market. If you don't have a DVD player in perfect condition, or if you have a cheap one like mine, the DVDs will skip, pause and go mute for long periods. Also, some of them come with excess cleaner fluid (presumably from the final buffing process) on them which doesn't help matters. All of my Backyardigans DVDs required a thorough cleaning before they would work properly, and some even required a repair process to be performed on them (even though there were no obvious scratches), which helped matters a little. However, they still exhibit flaws.

    I'm still going to buy this DVD when it comes out because my daughter loves the show, but I'm bracing myself for the same problems and annoyances that are caused by the cheap quality of all the DVDs in this series. One thing I notice is that my daughter gets very upset when the show pauses - such problems have caused her to lose interest in similar shows before. I'd hate that to happen with Backyardigans because the show really deserves her attention, and the show's creators deserve to be better served by the DVD manufacturer.

    Note - in response to the later comments. It's not just one DVD player I have problems with. I own two DVD players and these DVDs skip in BOTH of them. Both players were bought within the last year, and neither are bottom of the line products. I have little or no problems with any other DVDs. These are the only ones that skip. At first I blamed my DVD players, but after having them cleaned I realised that the players weren't the problem....more info
  • Latest Backyardigans dvd
    We (my daughter, husband and I) thoroughly enjoyed this selection. It was just as amusing as the other Backyardigans dvds, but my husband found the lyrics to "Surf's Up" very amusing. I'd have to say a more hip-hop version of their work....more info
  • I own all of them
    My son loves the Backyardigan's. I was DVRing them, but he wanted to watch them on trips and in his bedroom. So I bought the whole set (10 DVDs). The characters speak clearly, using proper english. I think that sets a good example. The singing and dancing are high quality. The songs themselves can be a little inane, but it is a childrens show after all. ...more info
  • Kids Love Them....Okay me too
    My girls love these videos and I have to admit I watch them with them all time. We are a backyardigans family for sure. ...more info
  • the best kids show ever
    I've played all five of the dvd's every day for months and I haven't had one single problem with skipping or freezing like the reviewer below claims. My twins are completely in love with this show... they love the music, the bright colors, the happy characters... and I love the imagination and cooperation that the characters show individually and with one another. This is an absolutely brilliant show and I feel quite justified in playing it for my kids--I monitor what they watch very closely and this show gets an A in my book. ...more info
  • Best Backyardigans DVD!
    My [...] daughter loves The Backyardigans since she was 17 months old, and so I am.
    Like some of other reviewers, we have all 5 Backyardigans DVDs at home, and I (and my daughter) think THIS IS THE BEST ONE.
    I personally do not like the first one, "Surf's up!", but the other 3 episodes are GREAT!! Especially, flying rock episode has wonderful story, dance and music ('70s disco music!).
    If you do not know about Backyardigans well but looking for their DVD, I recommend to buy this one and "The Snow Fort" DVD.
    ...more info
  • The first episode we ever saw
    Surfs Up is the episode that introduced us to the Backyardigans and where my children fell in love with Pablo. I enjoy the music being rhythmic enough to be able to listen to on very long road trips without making you want to stop and change it every time it is done playing.

    This is the movie that my littlest child loves to dance too. She is very shy but doesn't care who is around when this video is playing, just ignoring us and dancing!...more info
  • The Backyardigans-very cute!
    I got this DVD for my two year old son. He occassionally watches the cartoon on TV but Spongebob is his thing. I was hoping he would get interested in something different. He's watched it through a few times and seems happy with it and it's a welcome relief for me to watch/listen to anything else. I recommend The Backyardigans to anyone with very young children. The color catches their attention. There is also singing and the concepts of the stories are simple to understand. I just wish the DVD was longer. It has only four different episodes on it and runs for only an hour. It's still great for the kids though!...more info
  • Best series out there!
    My son loves this series, it's the only one he can watch all the time and never get tired of. I have bought all of them and am really glad that I did. My son has been in love with this series since he was 6 months old and it's still his favorite above all others. A def. must for your children's collection...more info
  • Thoroughly enjoyable
    This was the first Backyardigans DVD I ever purchased. Before buying and watching this, I had heard of the Backyardigans, and they had been recommended, but as we usually have the very basic of cable, we never ran across an episode on TV.

    Upon the very first viewing of "Surf's Up!" we fell in love. Heck, even the opening credits and theme song are wonderful! The characters are all adorable, and I like most the fact that unlike many shows for "children," this actually IS appropriate and pleasant.

    I have watched it several times by myself, and felt no guilt in doing so. And my toddler loves every episode. The DVD itself is high-quality, and if it will work in my super-sensitive DVD player, it will work ANYWHERE!

    The episodes and themes:
    "Surf's Up!" - Afro-beat
    "Riding the Range" - Hip-hop (and the last song is a reworked rendition of "Buffalo Gals")
    "Race to the Tower of Power" - Latin Salsa (the second song is to the tune of "Three Blind Mice")
    "The Quest for the Flying Rock" - Disco (The very first song is to the tune of "Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here") Also, you cannot watch the dancing in this episode and NOT love it!

    Highly recommended, and perhaps the best DVD than we have seen so far....more info
  • Please Ms. Burgess, may we have some more?
    Sadly we have now come to the end of this wonderful musical series created by Janice Burgess. We own all five DVDs, and the first one "It's Great to be a Ghost" is still a regular on our play list, as are the others.

    This one has four episodes as usual, two of which were also included in the Nick Jr Favorites DVDs. The list for this one is:

    Surf's Up: Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua brush up their "rad" surfing moves in order to ride the perfect wave at Tiki Beach, but who is that mysterious lifeguard?

    Riding the Range: Tyrone is on his way to Texas, and meets up with Pablo, Uniqua and Tasha who're tracking down a jump-rope bandit.

    Race to the Tower of Power: Two supervillains battle it out with two superheroes for possession of the Key to the World and with it, world domination. Whahahahhahaha!!

    The Quest for Flying Rock: Four explorers quibble over the directions on a mysterious map, and end up having an obstacle race.

    This series is highly recommended for children of all ages, and is one of the most imaginative and entertaining at the moment. If some of the other shows make you want to put on earplugs and run out of the room, you'll find this one a refreshing change.

    Please Ms. Burgess, may we have some more?

    Amanda Richards, June 14, 2006

    Edited to note: The series has been renewed and there are more DVDs available since I wrote this review....more info
  • Easily the best of the lot.
    I'd say that out of the Backyardigans DVDs that are out now, this one trumps them all.

    If you're clueless, the Backyardigans is a show about 5 preschool kids (Tyrone, a moose; Tasha, a hippo; Pablo, a penguin; Austin, a kangaroo; and Uniqua, pink.....person) using their imaginations in their backyard to go to other places (the places represented are the Wild West, a beach, a jungle/desert setting, and a large tower). What makes this show rise above most other kids' shows are its addictive music and its comical moments, as well as its choreographed dance numbers, which compliment the music nicely. It's definately safe viewing for the kiddies.

    So the four episodes represented here are:
    Surf's Up - Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua search for a beach with awesome waves. But will Lifeguard Austin lead them to it? Music - Afro-Cuban/Surfing style
    Riding the Range - Cowboy Tyrone is heading to a Wild West party, while Cowpokes Uniqua, Pablo, and Tasha are looking for a theiving bandit. Will their trails cross? Music - Hip-Hop
    Race to the Tower of Power - The key to the world is hidden in the Tower of Power, and superheroes Captain Hammer (Austin) and Weather Woman (Uniqua) must prevent supervillians Yucky Man (Pablo) and Dr. Shrinky (Tyrone....complete with long rubber gloves!) from obtaining the key and ruling the world. Music - Latin
    Quest for the Flying Rock - It's another race, as the legend of Stone Step Hill states that a flying rock awaits those who undertake a perilous quest. Pablo and Tyrone take the desert path in an attempt to beat Tasha and Uniqua, who are going through the jungle. Music - Disco

    All in all, the episodes are great viewing for the kids, and there's enough comical undertones to keep the adults entertained (if you grew up during the disco years, I dare you to watch "Quest for the Flying Rock" and not laugh at the dance moves they use).

    There's also bonus content of Tasha and Tyrone dancing (to the tunes of "Shake Your Body" and "Dance By the Light of the Moon", respectively) and previews for some of Nick Jr.'s other shows (like Dora and Diego).

    Two complaints that I have (and they don't have to do with the shows themselves) - one, the DVDs don't come with any subtitles on them. I can get around them by using the closed-captioning function on my TV, but still. It's a very minor complaint. And two, sometimes the DVDs are made very poorly, not allowing you to view other features. It's not present on this DVD, but it is on my "Cave Party" DVD, and viewing complaints from other customers, it's imperative that Paramount get on the ball and fix this.

    Regardless, if you have little ones, you will not be disappointed, and you'll get quite a bit of wear out of this DVD. My son and I have....more info
  • Our favorite!
    This is our favorite Backyardigans DVD! We love the songs in Surfs Up episode & Riding the Range episode! Riding the Range was the first Backyardigans episode we had seen on TV & we had been looking for it on DVD. My son (3) & my neices (2 & 4) all love to watch this! My son took the DVD to his daycare & it was a big hit! You won't regret this purchase!!...more info
  • Fun and Very Cute!
    We love the Backyardigans, and this DVD is so cute and fun! Love it!...more info
  • Great fun!!
    The Backyardigans did it again. Themes of working together, using your imagination and singing throughout the adventure. I swear my daughter is singing twice as much now....more info
  • Great!
    I Love to sing with my daughter and we have a great time watching it every time.This is so fun for kids and parents....more info
  • As always-they are great!!
    The Backyardigans are fantastic! The use of imagination is something people forget to do and we need to be reminded that life is fun and to just relax a little! The songs are fun, the characters are loveable, and these are videos you can actually watch multiple times without getting sick of them!!

    I have been watching them all with my children and my oldest is 4. Even after 4 years I still have all the videos and will always buy more!...more info
  • Surfing For Some Fun In The Backyard
    The Backyardigans have taken it to the waves, for an excellent surfer adventure. In the midsts of finding the ideal surfing spot, a mysterious fellow is seen throughout, leading to an area where only the best surfers may go!
    The amazing computer affects, add to the realness of a tropical oceanfront. The wet suits, Pablo's Tiki necklace, and cool red car come across as authentic, as you can get. This is not always the case, with kids programing.
    The synchronization of singing numbers, couldn't be better. I recently learned, the creators have professional dancers, and choreographers come in to get it, just, right! ...more info