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Oregon Scientific RGR682 Wireless Rain Gauge with 10-Day Rainfall Memory and Digital Clock
List Price: $70.00

Our Price: $42.31

You Save: $27.69 (40%)


Product Description

Wireless Rain Gauge

  • Self-emptying rain collector measures collected rainfall
  • Indoor gauge module displays daily and cumulative rainfall data up to 9 days
  • Monitor total rainfall up to 1000 inches over any time period
  • Requires 2 AA and 2 AAA batteries (sold separately); instruction manual included
  • Gauge measures 5.5 inches in diameter; warranty card included

Customer Reviews:

  • accurate rain gauge
    We are enjoying the accurate data from the rain gauge.The memory feature and the bonus of the clock make it a valuable asset on the kitchen windowsill....more info
  • Great for weather geeks! (like me...)
    This is a "tipping bucket" type rain gage that is good to the nearest .04 of an inch (liquid). Not bad for a "home" system. Wireless feature is WONDERFUL.

    We have had ours for several years now. Of course, placement is key for accurate readings. (Don't put it under trees, try to protect it from the wind, etc.) My husband and I are both "weather geeks" and have worked with official rain gages in the past. We have never had a problem with the wireless connectivity as long as we just replace the batteries as indicated. I really like that I can go back a few days and see how much precipitation we had.

    Don't expect it to work well with snow, though. You have to wait for the snow to melt before it can measure the amount, and by then, usually there is less than .04 inches to measure, so it won't click off anything.

    The temperature sensor for indoor readings appears to be more accurate than that of our digital thermostat.

    We have owned this for over 4 years, and are very happy with it....more info
  • Piece of garbage!
    It worked for a few weeks. Now, it no longer computes rainfall and I can't get the Total and Current display to stop blinking. I looked all through the booklet but nothing mentions my problem. I've E-Mailed the company and they had me pull the batteries, let it sit for a day and reinsert the batteries. I let it sit for two days, put in new batteries and still can't get it to work. I'm now waiting on a reply (takes about a week to get replies). I figured I'd spend additional money to get a good one - BIG MISTAKE!

    UPDATE: They had me "reset" the unit. It worked. Unfortunately, we went through a dry spell. It just rained and guess what? It no longer works. To reset the unit AGAIN means pulling the cover, removing a bunch of screws, battery and hitting the reset button. But why do that - it will just stop working again. I sent a message back to the company. Let's see if they do the right thing. I will keep everyone informed.

    UPDATE [September 6, 2008] - They replied with another question and haven't replied since August 28, 2008.

    UPDATE [September 19, 2008] - Just got their reply (from August 28). They want me to go through the reset process again! I informed them that they win - I give up. Not once did they offer to provide a replacement or discount - super company!...more info
  • screwed up
    as noted by others, the screws are a real issue on this item. I liked everything else I read about it, so I bought it, but no matter what I did, I could NOT get the screws to unscrew and provide me with access to the battery compartment. they had evidently been stripped when the unit was assembled. while it may otherwise be a fine product, I'll not waste my time gambling on receiving a unit that is properly assembled....more info
  • Great Value
    Purchased this wireless rain gauge for my father for a Christmas Gift. He is very pleased that he has something that he does not have to empty water out of after a rain. He has compared it a few times to a standard rain gauge to check it's accuracy and he said it was right on the money. Range is excellent and got a great deal with free shipping. Very pleased overall with my purchase....more info
  • Wireless Rain Guage
    Both recipients of this gift from me loved them for Christmas. I wanted to order a 3rd one but when I went back in to order, the price had DOUBLED! too bad for me I guess...not paying for 1 what I paid for 2 before the holiday!...more info
  • Rain Gauge
    This gauge is great. Bought it for my father in law and he loves it...
    He just keeps it by his window and knows temp & rain amount at a glance.....more info
  • Didn't work
    This item had a lot of nice features. Unfortunately, it worked for about two minutes !
    We had to send it back....more info
  • Works great
    I ordered this unit to replace an older Oregon Scientific wireless rain gauge that had a bad sending unit (coffee can). The older model worked flawlessly for about 4 years in the Florida tropics. This new model works great and as a bonus, I was able to also use the old display since the new sending unit is compatible with both new and old digital displays. I had a problems at first until I realized I needed to remove the batteries from my old defective sending unit (it was sending a signal that blocked the newer sending unit). I only wish we could get more rain here in central Florida....more info
  • Great Product
    Very easy to set up. Also very accurate readings. Matches my manual dump guage perfectly. Yes there are a lot of screws to remove to install the battery. Wasn't a big deal to me though. I'd recommend this product to anyone!...more info
  • Stopped Working
    After a year and a half, the unit has quit working. The total and current rain displays continue to blink. Customer Service for Oregon Scientific have not responded....more info
  • Very good product with only one or two little quirks.
    I purchased this item for my father, for christmas. He's a weather nut and he absolutely loves this thing ! It comes with everything you'll need except two AA batteries,two AAA batteries,a small phillips screwdriver, and a larger phillips screwdriver. The screwdrivers being used to secure the remote sensor to a sturdy surface, and the other small phillips being used to remove the casing to the remote sensor. Which brings me to my only complaint with this setup. The entire shell casing and a internal casing, must be removed to replace the batteries. Requring the removal of (Going on memory) around 15 screws. I'm sure a better system could have been used but they chose not to. Otherwise it works perfect. I suggest using Lithium batteries in the remote sensor so as to avoid wearing the screw's out prematurely. Amazon was prompt as always !...more info