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Seiko Men's "Orange Monster" Automatic Dive Watch #SKX781
List Price: $475.00

Our Price: $199.00

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Product Description

This 21-jewel, automatic watch winds itself with the motion of your wrist, so you'll never need to change the battery. It has a stainless steel case and features an orange dial with three-hand function, easy-to-read bar markers, and an English/Spanish day/date window at the three o'clock position. Additional features include a screw-down case and crown, a scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal, and a one-way rotating bezel that keeps track of elapsed time. With its Lumibrite hands, markers, and bezel, this watch is easy to read in both light and dark conditions. The watch secures to a durable, stainless-steel bracelet band. Designed for diving, this watch is water-tested to 200 meters. It meets ISO standards and is suitable for scuba diving.

About Seiko
In 1877, at the age of 18, Kintaro Hattori set up business repairing the Western-style clocks that were becoming increasingly popular in Japan. By 1892, Hattori was manufacturing his own clocks in a factory he called Seikosha, from the words "seiko" meaning "exquisite," "success," or "miniature," and "sha" meaning "house." The company grew and prospered, producing its first wristwatch in 1913 and launching the Seiko brand in 1924. Technological innovation has always been a driving force in the company's history. Key milestones include Seiko's introduction of the world's first quartz watch in 1969, and its successful launch, in 1988, of the Kinetic, the world's first battery-free watch with quartz accuracy. Today, the Seiko brand continues to stand for state-of-the-art technology, as well as superior quality and refined design.

This Seiko watch is covered by a limited 3-year manufacturer's warranty (includes 1st year worldwide coverage with 2nd and 3rd years valid only in the United States). This warranty does not cover the strap, crystal, watch bracelet, battery, or any watch accessory. This includes, but is not limited to, any pouch or belt attached to the watch. If the watch is repaired or serviced by anyone other than Seiko, the warranty becomes void.

  • Quality Japanese 21-Jewels Automatic movement
  • Functions without a battery; Powers automatically with the movement of your arms
  • One way rotating elapsed timing bezel; Screwdown crown and caseback; Strong Hardlex crystal
  • Stainless-steel case; Orange dial; Day-and-date functions
  • Water-resistant to 660 feet (200 M)

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice watch - no link tool
    The watch itself is very nice, but it comes with no tools to shorten the band. I had to pay $15 at the Jeweler to get this done. ...more info
  • Looks great, feels great.
    I have had my eye on this watch for about a year now, as I absolutely love the orange face and solid look of the watch. Mine arrived from KG this past week, and I absolutely love it. It was easy to set, and I have had no issues with the watch losing accuracy. I'll monitor over the next month.

    It is a relatively large, heavy watch, so keep this in mind when making your decision. My old watch was not nearly as heavy, and adjusting to the weight has taken a little getting used to.

    The face is easy to read, and the illuminated areas seem to hold their charge for quite some time, for easy reading in the dark.

    For the price, this is a solid, beautiful timepiece. ...more info
  • Nice watch, works great, looks impressive
    I bought this watch a month ago and am very impressed with it. It looks very stylish and works great. I saw a very similar seiko watch at the seiko store which didn't look half as impressive on hand and was twice the price. The dial is big and the chain is very good quality. The watch doesn;t lose time if left sitting for a day (or two) within a week....more info
  • Just what I hoped it would be
    I love Dive watches and studied many reviews of the OM. This purchase satisfied all of my expectations. It keeps very accurate (+4 sec/day) time, has rugged looks and solid construction. Pound for pound this is the best dive watch for the money (under $160). Purchased from Watchzone, I am very satisfied....more info
  • Great watch
    I bought this watch for the holidays for my husband (he had been looking at it on another site.) It is great quality for an inexpensive watch, certainly a nice fresh look, and it glows in the dark! How much fun!Amazon had the best prices by far, less than half of a local retailer....more info
  • Seiko and Watch Pavillion
    A very nice watch. Arrived in perfect condition as far as I can tell. I have yet to wear it as I also ordered the Black Monster through Amazon and have been wearing this one initially. No doubt it will have the same Seiko quality we all have come to love.
    I was very pleased with the delivery time of Watch Pavillion. I also like the 1 year gaurantee as these are "grey market" watches and do not have the three year Seiko warranty. I also e-mailed them about another watch I am looking for.(Blue Monster) In the e-mail I noticed they offered a free band tool on their website which was not included through the Amazon/Watch Pavillion offer. They never responded about the Blue Monster(I will try again) but low and behold they sent the tool as well with the orange monster!
    I wore a similar Seiko diver, smaller version, for over 10 years without a problem. Swimming. Showering. Working. Never a problem. I have owned a couple of Omegas, including that big digital one circa 1973-4, that have been nothing but problems. The only complaint I have about Seiko, and this is not much of a complaint, are the rubber watchbands. Then again all rubber will eventually wear and break. But these things have always been hard to replace. Especially the SS/Rubber band on my kinetic. Forget it. I would have to order from Seiko direct so I had a leather strap put on it. The metal band is very nicely done for the money. I suggest you give this a try and go with Watch Pavillion....more info
  • Best Bracelet & night dive watch around
    I own both the black and orange monsters. The bracelets cannot be beat for quality and feel. I have some very expensive swiss watches and the bracelets on the monsters are every bit as good. If I am going out at night, and want a dive watch on my wrist, the monster is the first choice because of the brightly lit and long lasting luminous hands and markers. The orange monster always gets compliments and it looks every bit as classy as the black monster. Yes they are heavy, but the quality of the bracelet and the mix of polished SS on the cases is very attractive. If you do not want a heavy watch look elsewhere however !...more info
  • Great Watch for the $$$
    I own several Swiss Watches and have always been biased towards them, until I purchased this Seiko. This watch "rocks" for diving and other sports activities. It's very reliable, attractive, cheap, and well made. I was really impressed by "Solid" SS bracelet. This watch does it all for sub $200, it performs as good as your Doxa, Submariner, Planet Ocean, etc... so save your hard earned $$$ and buy this watch for your water activities and outdoors. You hit it, scratch it, drop it, however, for the little price you paid you'll come to appreciate it more.

    Kudos for Seiko, this watch's worth every PENNY! buy one for all your activities (working around the house, Hicking, Diving, Waterskiing, whatever else you do and save your "Rollie" clean and ready for your Soiree)
    ...more info
  • Great quality
    Great watch, the quality is amazing for the amazingly low price. Don't think about whether you should buy this watch or not - you should....more info
  • Durability and comfortable!
    I've recently become a Seiko convert and the Orange monster is a great addition. The watch is rugged, tough and still looks stylish. Its a good size watch but rides very comfortably on the wrist. So far it keeps great time and, as an automatic, you never have to worry about battery replacement. The orange face not only increases the visibility of the watch, but the magnified crystal helps for those with less than perfect eyesite. I like having both the date and day on the watch as well. Great luminous paint so you can see it even hours after turning off the lights. The position of the crown, at 4 o'clock, adds to the overall comfort when actively wearing your crown digging into the back of your hand.

    Finally, the Seiko dive straps are some of the most comfortable on the market. Plus, you can easily switch bands if you need to "dress" the watch up.

    This watch is well built, looks great, functions flawlessly and is a great value. I also own the Black Monster so I've given my approval with my wallet for the Seiko Monster series!...more info
  • Seiko Orange Monster Automatic Dive Watch
    Bought the watch from Amazon Sunday evening and it arrived on Thursday evening with the 5-day delivery service. I've had it for a few days and I am extremely happy with it. I also own a Rolex Submariner, Breitling Chronomat, Omega Seamaster Chrono, Citizen Nighthawk, and some assorted Casios and Timexes. This Seiko automatic watch ranks just a hair below the $2000+ Swiss watches, but for under $200, it's an unbelievable value. The quality and workmanship are excellent for a price in this range. For example, the second and minute hands line up exactly with the hash marks; when the second hand hits 12, the minute hand is algined precisely with the minute hash mark. Wow, I've seen $1000 Swiss quartz watches that don't do that. The assembly of all the components look top notch. The rotating bezel has a precision feel and the click-stops align exactly with the hash marks on the dial. The alphanumeric markings, Lumbrite markers, and hands appear of high quality. Seiko's cost savings is in the omission of hacking of the second hand, but slight backwards pressure does stop it for setting the time. Also, the black-on-white day and date although easy to read appears to be imprinted on cheapy white plastic. The bracelet has solid stainless steel links, but the weight and chrome finish are slightly on the budget side. The watch appears to run fast by about 1 second each day, which is pretty good for a mechanical watch since I had a Timex quartz with an analog face that ran fast by about the same increment. I love the orange face and chrome bezel with recessed, black painted numerals and hash marks. The watch supplied by Amazon came with a Seiko box, instructions and warranty and does not appear to be a gray market watch. I saw the watch for cheaper on eBay but they were coming from overseas, so I paid a few bucks more from Amazon located in the US. All in all, I am very satisfied with this Seiko watch and Amazon service....more info
  • Great watch
    This a great watch that can take a beating - I am hard on watches and this Seiko divers watch can hold its own! This watch is good looking and looks and feels like a "mans" watch. Watch keeps great time with auto winding - as long as you wear it every day. This watch is a heavy watch - you know you have it on - reminds me of a Rolex I wore several years back but a "new" stainless watch band for the Rolex is more then the entire Seiko watch! I will keep the Seiko!...more info
  • Seiko Orange Monster
    Did a lot of research on this watch, looked good and got a good price. Finally pulled the trigger. Item came within a week. When I opened the package I began to have doubts. The Seiko box was broken, the watch itself was loose and rattling around in the box. There wasn't any documentation or papers. The watch itself was ok, still had the tags on and looked good. I activated it, sized the wristband and wore it. Watch is great, keeps excellent time although it sometimes stops over night when not being worn. Overall, happy with the purchase....more info
  • Seiko Auto Diver's Watch
    This is an excellent diver's watch that was purchased from Amazon one year ago. It was as a replacement for a damaged crystal on a Citizen Solar. I love the design, nice heavy weight, and it's easy to read even in a nightclub or concert hall. Unique color bezel attracts curious onlookers, and other quality watch owners. Good pricing from on-line shopping, packaged well, and delivered on time, with a warranty. I use is as everyday watch, and I'm pleased with Seiko quality. As a diver's watch it can handle water and bumping well. I'm especially hard on watches (having gone through about 6,) and this is a good looking survivor for the long haul....more info
  • Orange Monster, a great watch value
    I've had it for a couple of weeks now and it is great. Got it from Amazon in just a few days, it was a lot quicker than the estimated time of delivery. This watch is great, the orange face is great and makes it easy to tell the time. I like having the date, and the watch does look sturdy. Suprisingly, it isn't very heavy to have on. It is also great at night, the hands and number marks show up very well and are large. I am swithing off between this and the G shock, love them both. But for $159 this is a steal. Also like the self wind feature and the movement of the second hand. I would advise this to anyone. Almost forgot, I won't have to take this off when I go into the pool now....more info
  • Now I Understand the Myth and Mystique
    I have had my Seiko "Orange Monster" for a few months now, and I have come to understand why it has such a following. First, why orange? There are allegedly technical reasons to make diving watches with orange faces - I'll leave those for serious divers and, perhaps, physicists. An orange watch face is amazingly bright. If the treatment of the hour markers and hands is done correctly, there will still be good contrast and consequently, ease of reading the time instantaneously at a glance; this watch face is done right. The luminescent markers are large and the 6:00,9:00 and 12:00 o'clock markers are distinguished by size and/or shape so that even in total darkness at 3:30A.M., you will be able to pick up and orient the watch correctly to read the time. Like all externally-charged luminous watch faces, these markers fade during the night, but in complete darkness, I have literally awakened at 4:30 A.M. and still been able to read the time without effort. This is in part due to the excellent luminous substance used, and in part because the hour- and minute hands are large and of radically differing shape. I have tritium-luminous watches on which the hour and minute hands' illumination is of identical width and almost-identical length. In the fog of disturbed sleep, it takes the brain a few seconds to interpret subtle differences. The "Monster's" luminosity, though not as bright as tritium after a few hours, is still much easier to read!

    Next, what about accuracy? There are about 86,400 seconds in a day. As noted by one source, if a watch is 99.9% accurate, it can be a minute and a half "off" after 24 hours. Think about this and you will appreciate the phenomenal accuracy of quartz watches. These Seiko mechanical movements are mass-produced by machine, and they are nowhere near as accurate as even a "middle-grade" quartz movement. What can you expect? I have two older-style Seiko divers which use the same mechanical movement, although supposedly an earlier "A" version. The worst of these consistently averages a 7 - 9 second gain per day. The other loses an average of 4 - 6 seconds per day. Newer watches are supposed to have a "B" version of the same basic movement ( I have NO idea what the difference might be ). My Orange Monster has, after "break-in", averaged daily gains of 1.5 - 3.5 seconds. NOTE: I say "averaged". This is the key. If you continuously monitor your watch for gain/loss, you will go crazy. Mechanical movements vary their speed in response to motion and position. You will read reviews here and elsewhere which tell of "tricks" used to speed-up or slow-down a watch. Usually these consist of leaving the watch overnight in some specific position ( flat on it's back; face-down; on it's side, either crown-up or crown-down, etc ). The averages I give for my watches are obtained by wearing the watch normally and setting it down at night flat on it's back with the face up. This is just, for me, the natural way to handle a watch - no strategies to fool the physics of all those little wheels, gears, escapements, and levers inside the case.

    Finally, THESE WATCHES LIKE TO BE USED. Everyone mentions ( or gripes about ) the fact that Seiko's moderately-priced mechanical movements can't be hand-wound. The watch must be wound-up by the "automatic" mechanism. Normally this just naturally happens when you wear the watch - if you wear it enough hours during the day ( come on, gentlemen, at least eight! ). Before you can begin to even think about measuring accuracy the watch must be FULLY-WOUND. Then, it will exhibit a 36 - 40 hour power reserve, and show some consistent pattern of timekeeping. Don't buy this watch and put it in a drawer. If you own only one automatic watch, and wear it every day, you will be happy with it and it will never stop unexpectedly. If you own more than one, get a winding machine.

    I am completely satisfied with my Orange Monster thus far. It's bright face gives it a "presence" on the wrist that other watches just don't have. Since it seems to run a little fast, I set it one minute slow and by the end of the month, it is one minute fast. Better than expected. More than this, the automatic movement is somehow alive in a way that quartz watches can never duplicate. The second hand sweeps rather than jerks. Also, ( if this appeals to you ) you have the satisfaction of knowing that the watch on your wrist, though mass-produced, is just a little different from every other.......more info
  • Seiko Orange Monster Review
    I bought the watch from Amazon direct and paid extra for overnight shipping. Although the watch did not arrive overnight, I am quite pleased with the price, and quality of the watch. This is a must have timepiece for an Seiko or Dive watch collector, or someone who wants good quality heavyweight watch for less than $200.00. I also bought the Black Monster at the same time, and that is equally as nice. I have purchased from Amazon a few times and the experience has been good, I will continue to use Amazon unless something goes amiss. My only issue is the amount of processing time until shipment happens. And I don't mind paying for overnight if I want something the next day, but I want it to arrive the next day. That's it....more info
  • STOP LOOKING ! You've found "THE" watch.
    I saw this watch in a Seiko jewelry store and could not stop thinking about it for a couple of weeks. After hearing about it, and hearing about it, my wife decided to buy it for me as a Christmas present.
    When it came in the mail, it was secured in its own factory Seiko box and covered in bubble wrap. When I got it out of the box, I set the date and time, put that "Orange Monster" on my wrist and I have been extremely pleased with it ever since.
    I've had it for 3 years now and it still looks brand new. I get compliments on it all of the time, every where I go.
    It is a "ROCK SOLID", reliable watch that I have never had a problem with.
    I have other watches (high-end digital and dress) that I feel guilty about not wearing very much. But, I love the way this watch just feels on my wrist. It is rugged enough for deep diving as well as teaching in a high school classroom every day.
    With a thick bracelet and a big face, it is stylish enough for everyday wear and fancy enough for black tie events. This is a "MAN'S WATCH" if there has ever been one.
    ...more info
  • Orange you glad it's a MONSTER!!!
    I have the Black Monster and I just had to get the Orange Monster! The Seiko Monsters are truly the best value you can get in a dive watch. If you like big, heavy, macho, solid watches this is the one! Be careful will increase your testosterone levels!!!...more info
  • Most impressive
    This is a most impressive watch. Looking at photos online, the Black Monster seems more visually impressive, but on your wrist, the Orange Monster dominates! Buy this watch with the stainless steel bracelet band, because this band is everything that other reviewers have said: heavy duty quality with solid links. I wear my Monsters (I have both orange and black) with rubber diving straps because I find buckle-type bands much more comfortable. My Orange Monster wears a high-quality aftermarket band. I ordered the Black Monster with the OEM rubber strap, and it is satisfactory but not not ideal, being narrow and of thinner construction than a watch this size deserves. Even if you do switch bands, having the gorgeous steel bracelet allows you to switch for a dressier look when you must wear it with a tuxedo and black tie. Changing bands is easy on this watch because the "lugs" to which the bands attach, are drilled-through, so it is possible to change the wristband with a paperclip if you have no other tools on hand. I have not had either of my Monsters long enough to vouch for their accuracy. This is an automatic movement - all mechanical - and requires physical movement to store energy. This also means that new ones require a break-in period before they run consistently. Another Seiko automatic watch of recent maufacture that I own, which uses the same movement as these "Monsters" took about six weeks of daily 10-16 hour wear to break in fully. That watch, also a diver, runs slow: it loses an average of three seconds per day. From what I have read, this is awfully good for a mechanical movement of any price or reputation. If you pay thousands (or TENS of thousands!) more for a mechanical watch, what you get is envy and admiration from the shallow, movements that stop the second-hand when you pull out the crown (and stress the movement with every 'stop'), the capability to manually wind the watch, and finely-crafted movements which will run to their accuracy specifications with less hourly variation regardless of the position in which the watch is held. If you need this, buy an Omega (the only mechanical watch to survive NASA testing for use in spaceflight). If you just need to know the time within a minute or so, and don't mind re-setting every month, buy one of these Seiko Monsters and have a watch that will run without repair or maintenance for years. ...more info
  • beautiful hunk of metal!!!
    For my first automatic watch, this is one beautiful watch. It's actually not too big, i expected it to be bigger. It fits very comfortably on the wrist, and you don't really feel the weight, probably because the link is well designed.

    Resizing the band isn't trivial, the band uses some kind of clasp pins, which you need to be careful when pushing out. I pushed them out with a medium sized sewing needle.

    The orange monster is truly a gorgeous watch!...more info
  • Scuba Diver's
    Finally, I received my "Orange Monster". It's a beauty. I couldn't wait to put it on, so I adjusted the bracelet (this is tricky because's a new design). What a bracelet, extension and all. Only the bracelet is worth $200! And there I was going to the dark room. The luminous on this watch is something else, surpassing my expectations. I believe Seiko uses "Lumibrite" on this watch, which is a newly luminous paint developed by Seiko harmless to humans that absorbs the energy of sunlight or artificial light in a short time and stores it to emit a light in the dark. By the way, Seiko manufactures all its components. The dials says Diver's 200m and the caseback, SCUBA DIVER'S. This watch means business eventhough I don't plan on going snorkeling in a while. This is a 42mm (46.5mm including the crown)in diameter, 12mm in thickness, and 160g hefty watch. My Seiko "Knight" and "Superior" weight 170g each, the "Land Shark" 185g, and the "Samurai" 190g. So you know. The engine on the Orange Monster is the reliable, 21 jewel, 21600 vibes/h 7S26 workhorse: consistent, precise, quiet, and durable. After 24 hrs. the time is withing 1 sec. Usually Seiko's 7S26 needs settleting. I paid $195 from Watch Pavilion and it came with a nice non Seiko box, and no papers. I guess this watch is not for sale from authorized distributors in the USA. Anyways, Watch Pavilion gives you a 30 day money back guarantee, and you know SEIKO gives you 1-year worldwide + 2-years in USA. An instruction booklet, and a watch tool (to safely remove the links) was included. Summary: For the price of a brand new Rolex Submariner Date ($4,400), I could buy 22+ Seiko Diver's, watches that can last a life time. ...more info