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Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player (Black)
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Product Description

The Digital Media Player reinvented. With the new Microsoft Zune you can wirelessly share selected full-length sample tracks, playlists, pictures or your home-grown tracks directly from Zune to Zune. Listen to those received full-length songs up to three times in three days, with the option to flag the ones you like to easily purchase them the next time you sync up. Browse the Zune Marketplace for access to millions of songs, old and new. Use the bright 3" LCD screen to watch your favorite videos or browse pictures of your family and friends. 30GB of storage means plenty of space for your music, photos, and videos. Never grow tired of your music with a built-in FM tuner for access to local FM radio broadcasts. Reinvent your digital media experience with the Microsoft Zune! Import unprotected music, photos and videos in WMA, MP3, AAC, JPEG, WMV, MPEG-4, H.264 from iTunes and Windows Media Player Purchase music from the continually updated Zune Marketplace using 79 Microsoft Points to purchase individual songs, or use a Zune Pass subscription for unlimited access to millions of songs for just $14.99 a month (Microsoft Points cards sold separately for purchasing music without a credit card) Optional Zune Car Pack allows you to play your tunes in your car with an FM transmitter with AutoSeek and Car Charger (Sold separately) Easily update your Zune via your PC when updates become available to add more features! Up to 12 hour battery life playing music with WiFi off Dimensions - 4.4 x 2.4 x 0.58 Weight - 5.6 ounces 1 Year limited manufacturer's warranty Requires Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and High Speed Internet Connectivity

Entertainment and sharing to go. That's the Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player. The Zune plays music and videos, displays images, and unlike the iPod, it even receives FM radio so you can stay on top of local news or sports. Designed around the principles of sharing, discovery, and community, Zune connects people and empowers them with the tools needed to share entertainment experiences. The Zune experience is centered around connection--connection to your library, friends, community, and other Zunes. It's powered by software that allows users to manage files on the player, rip audio CDs, and buy from a wide selection of music and videos at the Zune Marketplace.

The Zune lets you share music and pictures with other Zune users in the area.

The controls are designed to be familiar and easy to use so you can jump right in and start having fun. View larger.

Zune software can find compatible music files on your PC and copy them to your Zune device.

Wireless Zune-to-Zune sharing lets you share your favorite tracks and photos.

Browse more than 100,000 artist bios and hundreds of playlists in the Zune Marketplace.
The Zune is a 30 GB digital media player, but there's a twist. You can wirelessly share selected full-length sample tracks, playlists, pictures, or your own home-grown tunes directly from Zune to Zune (within 30 feet). You can listen to the full-length songs that you receive up to three times in three days, flag the ones you love, and easily buy them the next time you sync up--its like test-driving songs before you purchase an album.

The Zune's navigation is simple and intuitive with a scroll wheel and basic buttons, and the big, bright screen makes it easy to browse music and show off your favorite pictures and videos. This attractive, smart device stores up to 7,500 songs, 25,000 pictures, or 100 hours of video. Get creative. Make playlists on the go and watch slide shows while you're listening. And if you're watching video on the Zune, you'll be pleased with the landscape mode that allows you to get the most out of the vivid display.

Zune-to-Zune Sharing
Don't forget the primary principle of the Zune: sharing. With this device in hand you're holding an opportunity to share music and photos wirelessly from one Zune to another. Send your favorite tracks or images to your friends, or just about anyone with a Zune that's within your reach.

Whether you're walking down the street, in a room with a bunch of friends, at a concert, at the airport, or on the bus, you can whip out your Zune and see all the other Zune devices that surround you. In the blink of an eye you're connected to your best friend and you can send over your band's newest song. Another friend might get the hilarious podcast your little brother made at school, plus that hot new song you just downloaded from the Zune Marketplace. And, of course, there's all the good stuff that your friends want to send back your way. The connections are made and the Zune community grows.

Best of all, the song you sent (or received) isn't a short 30-second preview--it's the whole song. Your friend can sample the song up to three times in three days, flag it on their device and then buy it from the Zune Marketplace. You can send pictures, too. If you loved the photo of your dog at the park and you just have to share it with your buddies, shoot it off to whoever is around. And any pictures that are sent or received can be kept and viewed indefinitely.

Sometimes you don't want to be noticed, and the Zune allows you to fly under the radar. All you need to do is turn the wireless function off, or adjust the privacy settings to control whether people can see you are online. And if you want to keep your Zune private while studying in the library or reading the newspaper on the bus, you can also block Zune devices in wireless range from sending you a song.

Zune Marketplace
Zune makes it easy to find music you love--whether it's songs in your existing library or new music from the Zune Marketplace. You can easily import your existing music, pictures, and videos in many popular formats from your PC and browse millions of songs at the Zune Marketplace where you can purchase individual tracks or buy a Zune Pass subscription to download as many songs as you want for a flat fee. Plus, you can apply Microsoft Points towards the purchase of music so you can buy online without a credit card for added security. At the Zune Marketplace you can read over 100,000 artist biographies and features from leading magazines including XLR8R, NME, and FADED, and you'll have easy access to Billboard Charts, including Billboard 200, Hot 100 Songs, and more. You'll even be able to browse what people in the Zune community are listening to by checking out the Zune Charts.

Pre-Loaded Content
Zune is a vehicle to explore new sounds and share entertainment experiences. With that in mind, the Zune comes pre-loaded with a variety of songs and videos from hot, new artists, as well as some fun films and images. With something for everyone, the pre-loaded Zune content may help you discover your new favorite band, but at the very least you'll have some entertainment at your fingertips so you can start connecting and sharing. Zune pre-loaded content includes loads of audio tracks, music videos, and film shorts, plus 12 classic rock posters from "Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion."

Zune Accessories
You can choose from a full line of accessories to outfit your Zune. These three Zune Accessory Packs provide complete solutions for Zune in your car, in your home or while you travel. Individual accessories are also available.

  • The Zune Car Pack includes everything needed to hit the road with a Zune device, such as the built-in FM tuner with AutoSeek and the Zune Car Charger.
  • The Zune Home A/V Pack enhances your experience in the home through five products that integrate Zune with the TV and music speakers: Zune AV Output Cable, Zune Dock, Zune Sync Cable, Zune AC Adapter and the Zune Wireless Remote for Zune Dock.
  • The Zune Travel Pack is a set of five products designed to keep friends and family entertained on the road: Zune Premium Earphones, Zune Dual Connect Remote, Zune Gear Bag, Zune Sync Cable and the Zune AC Adapter.
What's in the Box
Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player, earphones, USB cable, and sleeve.
  • 30GB digital media player stores up to 7,500 songs, 25,000 pictures or 100 hours of video
  • Features wireless networking so you can share tracks and other media
  • 3-inch color screen features a landscape mode for video viewing
  • Compatible with Zune Marketplace for media downloads and subscriptions
  • Automatically imports your existing music, pictures and videos from iTunes and Windows Media Player in a variety of formats

Customer Reviews:

  • long as it works
    Works long as it works. Bought 2 exactly same. Both broke in just over 1 year. Better buy a warranty. Personally I will buy I-Pod next time....more info
  • Outstanding
    What a great product. I bought this for my 12 year old and he has loved it. It has so many capibities that I am constantly amazed. If you have a teenage I would highly recommend this product instead of just a regular MP3 or IPOD....more info
  • Kinda bummy.....
    This was my first mp3 and I really liked it at first until it started freezing on me. One time I charged it all morning and unplugged it several hours later. I tried to turn it on but it wouldn't work. It has done this a lot! The battery life isn't too bad but sometimes right after you charge it, it goes dead. Kinda wierd...But besides that, it's very simple to use. It's really bulky and heavy. I got it instead of the ipod because of the price. I wish I had just spent the extra money and gotten one. If you're not sure on what to buy, I would suggest an ipod. They're more reliable plus there are more accessories for an ipod....more info
  • nice product
    This is a great product for anybody who doesnt want to follow the mainstream and get an ipod yet still wants a nice mp3 player made by a trustworthy brand. It takes a little getting used to but donesnt take long. Another great feature is that microsoft has free universal updates so that all of the zunes are the same unlike ipods....more info
  • What is with the price tag? Is this a joke?
    Dear Amazon - is this a joke? You have the 120GB for $235 and the 30GB 1st Gen Zune for $399!!!

    Sorry created a review for this so that other customers can see this.

    Hope Amazon corrects this mistake!...more info
  • Two first gen 30 gigs, one second gen 8 gig...3.0 firmware....looking for a 120gb
    Have two first gen 30 gig Zunes (one is mine that I have had since the Zune was first introduced, the other is my daughter's that I got for her two years ago). Excellent players, and with current upgrades....are even that much better. Have never had a problem w/ either of the devices, and they get a complete workout. I use mine to exercise, at work, on the road, plus mounted to my helmet when I offroad/trail ride. Same w/ my daughter's except hers is probably used harder (and she rides offroad/trails too....). Have always kept the software updated on both, and they are getting better with age thanks to the excellent evolution of the firmware!

    My wife has a second gen 8gb, and is used just as hard, with the same excellent results.

    Having just started to using the video capability of the device, it makes trips a lot more tolerable, as we can download cartoons and educational programs/dvds for our son which he would rather watch and use than watching the dvd player in our suv.

    Anyone not sure about the Zune....I was in the same boat when Microsoft first released the 30gb Zune several years ago, and I haven't regretted it since. So much so that I have bought two more, and am currently looking to purchase the new 120 gig version for myself.

    Thanks Microsoft for the excellent product!...more info
  • Love it!
    I am so pleased wioth my purchase. I love this zune and I like all of teh features it has. ...more info
  • 30 GB ZUNE
    Ithe Zune in late 2007 as a replacement for a 1 gb and aside from the thickness and weight, I'v been very happy with it. The software is easy to use, unlike some readers, I'm very happy with the headphones, and I especially like the built in FM tuner. Its harder to find accessories for the Zune products , but the Belkin clear acrylic case is really protective, the Altec Lansing IM 414 is a nice radio unit, but if you can find a M604 Altec Lansing speaker system, buy it. It has 65 watts per channel and comes with a remote. Overall, I am really glad I purchased the Zune over the Ipod....more info
  • Continual updates make this thing awesome!
    A ridiculous amount of props to Microsoft for continually updating these first generation Zunes. New firmware and software updates make this device better and better as time goes on. New features are being added constantly. New Zune 3.0 software is infinitely better than iTunes. I couldn't be happier with my decision to get a Zune over an iPod....more info
  • Best MP3 Player (IMO)
    I've had my Zune for almost 2 years with almost no problems (excluding the whole Dec. 31st thing lol). The only problem I have with Zune really has nothing to do with the device it self but rather with the software... ...more info
  • ZUNE 30GB
    Very great mp3. Has lots of memory and allows a great user friendly menu. This is a mp3 of high quality for a great price....more info
  • Still Love it
    Hold 30GB which is enough space for me. I have nearly 1,500 songs and 10 hours of movies and haven't even broken 10GB yet. Although it's bulky, that's not a problem for me since it remains docked on my desk on in my car.

    CONS: Wasn't free and doesn't brew coffee for me....more info
  • Zune gift
    Great product, price and service. Product was delivered in time it was promised. Product was a gift and was delivered without disclosing contents. Thank you ...more info
  • Awesome - but if you have problems with software, you're screwed
    So I have had my zune for a while now, and I really like it, even though I was never able to put videos on it, because they have to be a certain type. I have the software on my computer - and well I had to remove it when my computer was restored because of a virus. Afterwards, I had an updated Zune, but the software was old. Now I can't put any new music on it because Microsoft's "support" page won't help me at all. I tried downloading updates for it but it always fails. It says I don't have a license, when obviously I do, since I bought the product, have a username on, and the product is registered. Overall, just make sure you never update your Zune, or you never have to delete the software....more info
  • What problems?? This works great!!
    I bought my zune 30gb used for $75 and I had no idea how to use it. It is my first multimedia player and I've never owned anything before this. I had problems at first getting the zune device to be reconized by the software, so I looked for some help on the internet and a website said that the front USB ports on a computer are generally weaker than the ports that are located in the back on the motherboard itself. So i connected the zune to one of the USB ports on the back of the computer. Since then, no problems. It's easy to sync songs, and it's easy to edit mp3 tags so you can organize the music the way you want to. The video and audio tracks sound great! My mp3's are all encoded at 192kbits-256kbits, so everything is high quality. I throw on my Bose Tri-port headphones and I'm set! Everything on it works great: 2,125 MP3's (no wma, or acc), 8 videos, 10 pictures, 2 games. and I've only used 13.11GB, leaving me with another 14.68GB to fill it up with!...more info
  • 30Gb Zune Fix FOR MORONS.
    Hi. I'm a very happy, 30Gb Zune owner. A week or so ago, my Zune ceased functioning, much like every elses. Fortunately, I have basic intelligence, unlike the 4 previous reviewers. I went to where I found out how to "unbrick" my Zune. Thanks Microsoft! Now I'll go buy all these "broken" Zunes and turn them around for a profit!...more info
  • Former ipod user, now converted!
    After owning 3 different ipods, I decided to see what the Zune was all about. And now I am in love! The sound quality is fantastic (like ipod), but I really can't get over the subscription service. Only $15 a month to listen to however many songs I like, and keep 10 songs permanently! Every album I've ever been remotely interested in is now at my fingertips...and in my car, and at work, and in bed. I haven't taken my headphones off since I got this thing. Super Duper!...more info
  • My Opinion on the Zune
    So I've had the Zune for about a year now and I've liked it alot. It can stand up to my craziness on a bike(including my crashes witch have broken two ipods) and can withstand a drop and not have to be restarted unlike some other players. It also plays movies well and I enjoy watching them on it(though after I got my PSP it went second to that for movies). It plays all my music and I've never had a problem even with some of the DRMed music I had. The only problems I really have is the crappy software and the non-external hard-drive link-up, for it forces the software(though I will say the software has gotten alot better over the year). So atm the Zune would still be my top choice for player(though I dont think I would pay 200 for what I payed 100 for but i wouldnt pay 200 for a mp3 player anyway).

    So quick summary of Pros and Cons
    Pros = Can play most DRMed Music, Good size screen for movies, Picture Aulbum, and Durability
    Cons = Can't be hosted Externally, and the software still needs work(but it is getting better)
    Other notes = I've never had a problem with connection to my computer even when I ran Vista and the program worked just fine then. Now that its popular it costs twice as much new as when I bought it, I'm glad I got mine when I did since I would hate spending 200$ on this....more info
  • nice product
    This is a great product for anybody who doesnt want to follow the mainstream and get an ipod yet still wants a nice mp3 player made by a trustworthy brand. It takes a little getting used to but donesnt take long. Another great feature is that microsoft has free universal updates so that all of the zunes are the same unlike ipods....more info
  • Awesome
    I've yet to take advantage of all that my Zune has to offer but after downloading 2450 songs I still have over half of my memory left to fill. The program is great to for looking up songs and the album images that appear...more info
  • Good Job
    Sent very quick and in good condition. Download movies to your Zune or Ipod at Miamifilms (dot)net...more info
    My husband was very pleased with the Zune loves it better than any of the ipods and thanks Amazon for the Fantastic deal on it....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought the Zune for a discounted price because I think the regular retail is way too high. I've had the Zune for a year and except for the New Years Eve glitch, the player has worked great for me. I bought a Altec Lansing docking system for the Zune as well as the Zune Car Pack so I have all the accessories I need to listen to it without the headphones. I also purchased the AC charger which seems to charge the unit faster than using the USB cord and laptop. ...more info
  • Zune 30 GB Media Player
    Christmas 2007 I purchased a Zune 30 GB Media Player, one for my wife and one for myself. We have enjoyed our Zune 30 GB Media Players over the year. We have loaded our CD library and enjoy our oldies on the commute to work. The radio is very handy and I have even shared songs via the social. We have even loaded video and watched it on the ZUNE. The only drawback I see is there aren't many, if any, clock docking stations to wake up to MP# music as there are with the iPod. Great product and Amazon again has the best price....more info
  • The best portable player ever.
    At first i was a little bit dissapointed, but after get into the software, finding a video converter software, and downloading the latest upgrade (version 3 i guess), the Zune rocks. MP3, Video Files, FM tuner, Pictures. An with the latest version you're able to connect to a wireless network and browse music previews. GAMES,Clock. Theres nothing more i can wish.

    ...more info
  • Zune Review for Non-Techies
    I bought the Zune player mainly for one thing - to store and play music for our church. It does that well. It automatically transfers music from WMA to the Zune program so all of our files are instantly updated. I don't do a lot of downloading music so I can't say much about that. I am not a "techie", I just want to have something of quality that will keep our music and play it back for us - and the Zune does that. Having the FM Radio is a plus (iPod doesn't have that). For those of us who are "non-techies", the Zune player is just as good (probably better) than anything else in the market today....more info
  • Love it
    We LOVE the Zune. This was a great purchase. The only downside is there are not that many accessories for it yet. In time I am sure there will be though. ...more info
    ANYONE WANT TO BUY MY ZUNE.........CHEAP!!!...more info
  • works great!
    works great, i've had no problems with it so far. technology is a little strange in the beginning, but you get used to it. the case is solid as a rock, i've droped it several times and as far as i can tell, there is no damage....more info
  • red zune
    i love my zune !
    it works fine, i wish i had gotten the 120 gig so i could have more room for more music and more movies ...more info
  • Stupid of me to believe microsoft had a knack at portable music players
    Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player (White)

    PROS : Big screen, Zune Pass/Software is easy to use, Double-shot looks spiffy

    CONS : Wi-Fi is weak, screen is sensitive, buttons sound loud and cheap, HUGE!

    This was actually one of the coolest music players I've owned. It had a huge screen and I liked the chunky-ness of it. That was true, for about a week. After a week, I realized it wouldn't even fit in my jean pocket. It scratched my cell phone like mad whenever I attempted to fit them both in. The wi-fi didn't even connect to my un-protected home network, and the screen was scratched within a week so it looked old.
    With the chunky design, you would think it lasts forever. It didn't, it lasted about 3 weeks. It was in my pocket, and the screen was cracked in the bottom right. I looked up on the zune website, and the warranty was expired and it would cost $150 to get it repaired! I decided to forget about it, and after about 3 weeks, my zune was totally unusable.
    Luckily, I bought it from a seller so it was discounted, even though it was new. But, I would not recommmend this to anybody unless they want an music player for their car/home sound system or something. It isn't portable at all. And the screen was extremely delicate. If your going to spent $312 dollars to buy something new on amazon, buy a 80GB iPod classic, which are extremely hardy I hear. Anything but this piece of crap. Now I know why people still didn't buy them when they were $100....more info
  • One of the best mp3 players
    I bought this zune from amazon last black friday for $80 with shipping included, and now I am still using my zune and it is still in perfect condition. This 30 Gb zune is very durable and can take a beating. If your are in the market for a strong, reliable, durable mp3 player don't hesitate to buy this 30 Gb zune. ...more info