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Case Logic 13" Black Student Shuttle
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Product Description

Turn your favorite bag or backpack into a laptop case with this stylish padded neoprene sleeve. Protect your laptop from daily wear and store accessories and power adaptor in the convenient external PowerPocket. It holds up to 13" laptops.

  • A convenient place to carry AC Power Adapter, personal items and accessories
  • Protective cover allows you to safely transport your laptop in any briefcase, messenger bag or backpack
  • Unit Dimensions - 13 x 10.5 x 0.75 inch
  • Fits laptops - 12.36 x 9.5 x 0.75 inch
  • Weight - 9 ounces

Customer Reviews:

  • the best case i've ever had
    high quality,fits my Macbook. But the width size is a little tight for 13" widescreen macbook,i think it's will be perfect for standard size screen....more info
  • Case Logic Laptop Shuttle (sleeve) 13"
    Great! Fits my brand new Macbook like a glove. (Case Logic recommends the 13" shuttle for smaller laptops, but I definitely am glad I bought the 13" case logic sleeve rather than the 15" sleeve for my Macbook laptop. Even though Macbook measures 13.3", it fits perfect inside the case logic " 13inch " sleeve, no loose baggage. And I can even store my power cable and mouse in the front pocket. MacBook Pros are bigger than MacBooks, not sure if the 15" case logic would be good or not.)...more info
  • Good for student use
    My brother uses this for his 13" HP and it fits comfortably into his backpack. There's also room to accommodate the power cords, unlike most laptop sleeves....more info
  • Not as tight as I'd hoped
    Some people said this "fits like a glove" on the Macbook. I have to disagree. I was disappointed when I found loose space and that it slides around a little.

    There isn't too much padding, so don't expect that, but I purchased this so that my computer wouldn't get scratched, and this case serves nicely for that purpose....more info
  • very nice product
    it fits the laptop perfectly. soft inside so no scratches and like the separate pocket for the charger....more info
  • Does Exactly What It should
    I have no complaints. I especially like the elasticity of the material. It stretches perfectly to fit my 13.3" macbook....more info
  • Does a good job..not a tight fit, though
    Excellent quality, but it is a bit too big for my Macbook. Was expecting a snug fit, but over all I'm pleased....more info
  • Case Logic 13" laptop shuttle is a champ!
    Great durability - protects my laptop well. Only interesting part is the smell (like a wet suit, especially when you put your laptop away while it's still warm from being on). Other than minor adjustment to smell, no problems with the product. I highly recommend it, aroma and all!...more info
  • Perfect case for laptop!
    I just got my 13'' MacBook and this case is perfect! I didn't want to buy a backpack or bag JUST for my laptop, but I needed something to protect my laptop. I'm a student and I'm constantly switching from backpack to bag to purse and so on. This case makes it easy to protect and travel with my laptop. Quality is great and its not bulky or akward....more info
  • Just made for Macbook 13"
    This product is really convenient for someone that wants to protect the laptop while carrying in a backpack with lot of other things. It doesn't add weight. Its pocket is really convenient because it allows to put the charger and other accessories and keep everything together. The only draw back is that you can't use it on its own because it doesn't have a handle. But I am content because I wanted it to carry my computer in my backpack....more info
  • Great Product
    I am such a clutz and drop things constantly. I've dropped my laptop 3 times already but absolutely nothing has happened to it due to the protection that this nifty little case provides....more info
  • Great for Dell XPS 12.1 with Extended Battery
    I bought this for a Dell XPS 12.1" with the 9 cell battery. It fits perfect. Good little case. It has a strong odor of synthetic chemicals (rubber) when I first removed it from the packaging though. Other than that, I am pleased....more info
  • nice case
    The case fits nicely around my 13 inch macbook. The pocket is a nice size. I can fit my charger, ethernet cord, and ipod in it. The only thing that could be better if it was a tad bit tighter. Good case, great price!...more info
  • awesome bag
    I have bought 3 of these now.. every time I have a friend that sees it and also has a macbook i end up having to give it to them and getting myself another. During my 3rd purchase I looked around for new items maybe that came out since.. NOPE.. this is still the best for macbook 13.3.

    It carries my macbook, extra batter, my apple remote, and my headphones. THe openning at the top makes it easy to pull the macbook out for airport security and also to pull the laptop out without pulling the whole sleeve out of my larger carry bag.

    love it. buy it....more info
  • Does what it's for
    The Case Logic Neoprene 13-inch Laptop Shuttle is not bad. I was misled by some of the Amazon reviews saying that it fits the MacBook 13-inch laptop like a glove. It does not. It is quite loose. The back pocket is nice for carrying small things like the little microfiber cloth that comes with the Macbook. I put this inside a regular messenger-style bags and keep all the cables and power adaptor in pockets of my messenger bag instead. If you really want to truly protect your computer, it's probably better to get a specialized bag, especially if you have a lot of airport travel. But, if you go carry this to and from work, it works fine. Would be nice if it had handles, but I just place it inside another bag, which resolves that issue....more info
  • Fits well and protects
    Just enough protection to avoid little dings and shocks. Otherwise allows the computer and sleeve to fit in large pocket of a travel vest eliminating the need to have a separate bag....more info
  • Practical, portable
    I also own a XPS 12.1", and it fits perfectly, including all wires and cables. It's a solution to those who already own a confortable regular backpack but do not want to buy a laptop-customized backpack. I am very satisfied....more info