SIGMA BC1606L 16-Function Topline Wired Bicycle Speedometer
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Product Description

The BC 1606L provides a better overview of the essential information during a ride by hiding the total accumulated functions and cadence if not installed. The backlight gives optimal readability of this information even in the dark. An integrated storage chip prevents the loss of set values during battery change as features such trip section counter, timer, and second wheel size are programmable. Dot Matrix display - clearer display through full text indication between values. Active mode without total values - total values faded while riding to enable better focusing on the necessary functions. Backlight - optimal readability even after nightfall.

Sigma's BC 1606L is the top model for the most demanding of riders, even at night. The BC 1606L succeeds in this not only by providing a better overview of the essential information during a ride by hiding the total accumulated functions and cadence if not installed, but also through its backlit readout that delivers optimal readability of information even in the dark. In addition, an integrated storage chip prevents the loss of set values during battery change.

General Functions:

  • 7 language settings, Dot matrix LCD readout, watertight design
  • LCD backlight
  • Low battery indicator
  • Backup function/through saving chip
  • Two wheel sizes adjustable
  • Clock and model name in standby

Bike Functions:

  • Actual speed
  • Average speed
  • Comparison of actual and average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Trip distance
  • Programmable trip section counter
  • Total distance bike 1
  • Total distance bike 2
  • Total distance bikes 1+2
  • Actual cadence
  • Average cadence

Time Functions:

  • Clock
  • Stopwatch
  • Riding time
  • Total riding time bike 1
  • Total riding time bike 2
  • Total riding time bikes 1+2
  • Programmable time meter (countdown timer)

What's in the Box?
BC 1606L bicycle computer, two-piece spoke magnet set, bike sensor/receiver/mount with wire, 3-volt CR2032 lithium battery, 42mm O-ring, 32mm O-ring.

Manufacturer's Warranty
Five-year warranty on defective parts or products.

About Sigma Sport
Sigma Sport represents German technology at its highest level, combining innovative design with precision engineering. Sigma tests all their products in their in-house laboratories to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring quality continually throughout production. All Sigma Sport standard lights conform to the stringent German traffic standard, and all Sigma Sport products are CE-approved.

  • 16 Functions
  • 2 Bike Programmable
  • Low Battery Indicator w/ Memory Chip
  • Easy to program/Tool Free installation
  • Waterproof

Customer Reviews:

  • Great computer for the money
    I couldn't be happier with this computer. The install was very simple. The hardest part of the install was snapping the rubber bands into place. The back light was the main reason I got this computer and I can't complain.

    Amazon is the best place for this because of the free shipping. No where on the description does it mention the cadence kit, but it is INCLUDED with the computer....more info
  • Good Value
    The only thing I have to compare this to is a cheapy $8 one I had from Kmart many years ago. This Sigma 1606L has many more features including cadence which I use often. The data it collects per trip ( average speed, average cadence, max speed, trip time, trip distance) is saved so I can transfer it to a spreadsheet to track how I'm doing. It's easy to remove from it's base using a bayonet style attachment, which I have placed on the handlebar stem. I was not impressed when I saw how the parts mount to the bike, thin rubber O-rings loop around sensor and fork, or baseplate and stem to stay in place, but after 1000 miles on streets and bike paths everything has held together. It always shows current speed plus any other selected single feature, like cadence or time.
    Why only 3 stars?
    1) Lacks a scan feature, so I must push a button repeatedly to get to view the function I want. An auto scan feature would allow me to keep my hands on the grips where they belong.
    2) The wiring is somewhat flimsy. Small gauge wire is subject to breaking if put under any stress.
    3) Speed readout shows only the closest half mile interval, doesn't show tenths. For example, it reads either 12.0 MPH or 12.5 MPH missing 12.1, 12.2,etc.

    I am actually very happy with this nicely designed and low cost unit. Mine came with a second mounting for a second bike, data for which it tracks separately. After 8 months of use over many miles, it has served me well....more info
  • Includes Cadence
    In case you were wondering, I ordered this on 4/9/08 and it did come with the cadence sensor. Lots of features for $30, but I've yet to install it yet to see how it works in action....more info
  • Nice computer with a lot of functions
    The computer can be mounted on the handle bars, stem, or on aerobars. The mounting can be rotated to account for the different paths of bars, either perpendicular or parallel to the bicycle major axis. The backlight is not too bright. It's about as bright as the Indiglo feature on TimeX watches. The computer offers "Reset All" function, but doesn't reset all the functions. You need to go into some modes and reset them manually, which is a nuisance. However, I don't use all those functions anyway. A stopwatch is also provided, which is nice. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with my purchase at a great price. The computer does come with all the wiring/sensors needed for the speed and the cadence functions....more info
  • easy installation
    Very easy to install, great functionality, and a low price. this is definitely recommended for the casual rider!...more info
  • Like better than Cateye Micro wireless for eBike
    I was using a Cateye Microwireless on my 36 V eBike and the unit would stop displaying speed/miles whenever I turned the eBike light on. The BC1606L, as it is a wired unit, solved the problem and now I can display speed/miles with the eBike light on. FYI, install was straightforward but I would suggest getting additional nylon cable ties to secure the sensor to display wire as you can route it along existing cables and just use the ties to hold it in place. If your bike frame is colored [mine is red] you can get colored cable ties [] which will make the installation look better. The unit comes with a cadence sensor but I did not install mine and cannot comment on this function.
    With use I have found additional advantages over the Cateye. The display digits are larger than the Cateye and are easier to read. Resetting the trip odometer and resetting other functions is easier than the Cateye. The night light is bright and makes the display readily visible at night.
    Bottom line. The large digits in the display are nice and eliminating the interference on an eBike for night riding worked fine....more info
  • Super value!
    I am not an avid MB rider but I do like to keep track of my weekly riding distances and times. This device was perfect. I like the ability to simply twist it off the base when I leave the bike in public. Its very accurate, I checked it against my car odometer. I considered buying a high end model with the HR monitor, but I was unsure about the quality of the manufacturer. Im convinced that I shouldve bought the highest end model based on how nice this one is. Dont hesitate get one!...more info
  • Great Unit!!!!!!!
    I not only use this on my bicycle but adapted it to my motorcycle! Yep- it works great for that too! Easy to use, reliable, easy to read, easy to install. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Good Value, Easy to Use
    Like the product...easy to read screen. Easy to go through the different functions. Easy to install.

    Light works well but I wish it stayed on longer...(only for 3 seconds I believe). The buttons aren't labeled at all so you have to get use to what button works for what....more info
  • Sigma BC1606L Bike Computer
    This is the only bike computer I have ever purchased and I find it does all I want it to do and it does it well. The "light" feature is really helpful when riding at night as it makes it easy to check your speed or distance without stopping to find a light in order to view.

    The item installs quite easily however the instructions leave a lot to be desired, like explaining how the thing really works. Also the wheel size setting part of the installation needs to be much clearer and also more precise. I found that the wheel size of my bike when using their chart was not accurate and had to perform the actual measurement of the wheel circumference. Having set it up that way, the distance and speed matched my GPS measurement perfectly. I love the feature that keeps a running total of miles ridden along with the total time the bike is ridden as well as the re-settable trip time and trip distance. A must have gadget for any bike enthusiast. My only complaint is that the model I ordered was to be "Black" and the one received was Silver. Wasn't worth the trouble to send it back. The selling dealer was not Amazon but came from Niagra Cycle Works. ...more info