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Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 12-Inch Everyday Pan with Medium Dome Cover
List Price: $80.00

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Product Description

Don't let your food stick it to you. This 12" everyday pan with a brilliant mirror-polished exterior features a Quantanium? nonstick surface, reinforced with titanium to ensure lasting food release and easy, hassle-free cleanup. An aluminum encapsulated base heats quickly and evenly, cooking food to perfection. Limited lifetime warranty.

Enhance your existing Chef's Classic set with this versatile, 12-inch everyday pan, or give it as a gift to someone whose kitchen space is limited. You can cook practically anything in this superb specialty piece. Simmer soup, fry chicken, stir-fry vegetables, cook pancakes, and even bake casseroles. The two loop-style, riveted stainless-steel handles make the shape more compact for fitting in an oven, and the domed glass lid conveniently lets you monitor what's cooking. Chef's Classic cookware handsomely serves at the table, too.

Cuisinart constructs this pan of hard-anodized aluminum, which is even stronger than stainless steel, with an encapsulated pure aluminum core for quick, even heating. The interior features Cuisinart's Quantanium nonstick finish, a high-quality, long-lasting finish internally reinforced with titanium. Little oil or butter is needed when cooking on this ultra-smooth surface, and low to medium heat is recommended, along with non-metal utensils. The piece is oven-safe to 500 degrees F and should be washed only by hand. Cuisinart covers this pan with a lifetime limited warranty against defects. --Ann Bieri

  • 12-inch everyday pan with lid and 2 loop-style handles
  • Hard-anodized aluminum construction with an aluminum core
  • Quantanium nonstick finish internally reinforced with titanium
  • Riveted stainless-steel handle; break-resistant domed glass lid
  • Oven-safe to 500 degrees F; wash by hand; limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Chef's Skillet
    I bought it as a gift because I have one myself that I LOVE. It arrived very quickly after ordering it and I am very happy with the transaction.

    great item. Thanks!! ...more info
  • Just OK
    The pan size and handle style work well, but the gauge of aluminum is light so that after the first few uses the bottom warped and is not flat enough for a smooth top cook surface. That was the main reason for the purchase. This also causes the center 4" or so too become too hot on the flat rang top. I was replacing cast iron, which is a much better choice....more info
  • truly an everyday pan
    Ever since I received this pan, approximately 3 months ago, it has been used almost daily. It has great browning and nonstick properties. That it can withstand up to 500 degrees in the oven is wonderful for top browning when I place it on the top oven shelf. I love its ease of cleaning, fits flat on the sink bottom. My only complaint is that it could be an inch deeper which would prevent some spillage when stirring anything with a sauce. I would also love to get an identical 10" pan. There are times that the 12" pan is larger than I require. ...more info
  • every cook should have one!
    This is such a great pan, I want to get one like it a bit smaller! It's perfect for all-in-one meals and it fits well in the sink (because there's no long handle on one side that keeps it from sitting flat) making it's so easy to clean! I do use hot-pads on the "cool-touch" handles as they seem a bit too warm for me. A pan this size needs two handles when it's filled with food so this design just works great. Though it's not as pretty as the SS models, it can still be used as a serving dish for casual meals. I prefer the non-stick surface for the type of cooking I do in this pan. All this for a really fantastic price!!...more info

    I bought this pan for myself and liked it so much that I bought another for a wedding gift. The heat is distributed so evenly and it works wonderfully well on my new glass top range. I find that it does have a flat cleans like a dream...and it is so versatile that you can use it for so many different things. One caution would be that the handle on the lid does retain heat so you have to be careful and use a potholder. Other than that it's PERFECT!!...more info
  • as pictured... not as described
    This 12" everyday pan with a "brilliant mirror-polished exterior" does NOT have the "brilliant mirror-polished exterior." The exterior is just as pictured. I ordered two of these pans TWICE from Macy's (where this ships from) and they were NOT shiny on the outside. They are the black "can't be put into the dishwasher" color....more info
  • Very nice pan
    I like this pan a lot. I dont have to use bunch of oil or even none. Easy to clean. Just have to wipe it off. Save time, save water and save energy. :) ...more info
  • The Best
    This is the best non-stick pan I have ever owned, and at a great price too. I have the regular steel/aluminum Cuisinart pans which I also think are great, but I was having too much trouble cooking those frozen hash-brown patties which I love. Too much oil and too much sticking no matter what I tried. With this new pan you don't even need oil, though I put a litle in just for richness. The hash-browns do not stick at all, and you can push them around at any time and they never stick in the least. The glass lid is nice too because you can see your food while it cooks (at least until it is completely steamed up). All in all, you will be pleased if you buy it....more info
  • cuisinart 12" non-stick covered pan
    I am very happy with product....good size..easy to cook with and clean. I have ordered one for my daughter. ...more info
  • This is my favorite pan
    I just love this pan. I can brown things on top of the stove and then put it in the oven to cook and it is good up to 500 degrees in the oven. The non-stick quality is great and it is so easy to clean. I've seen other similar pans for a lot more money, but this was a reasonable cost and I do use it everyday. I am thinking of ordering some for our kids and sharing some recipes that I do in it for them for Christmas.....great product!...more info
  • Good pan for the price
    I have had the pan for a few weeks now and I am satisfied with its performance so far. The non-stick is excellent. When I ordered the pan I was not thrilled with the idea of hand washing, but clean up is easy & quick. I have cooked eggs in the dry pan and no problem. As for warping mentioned in other reviews, I think it is just a matter of following the instructions. I have had no problems....more info
  • great pan!!!!
    received this item quickly and started using immediately. I especially love the idea of no no long handle sticking out over the rest of the stove top...and the two side handle bars really don't get too hot to move the pan around, unless of course you use the pan in the oven. Do use a pot holder when removing the lid though, as it does get hot. This pan is large and the no-stick coating is great and cleans easily (i do wash by hand as don't want dishwasher detergents to ruin the coating. The quailty is excellent!...will order more in the future for gifts!...more info
  • Treat with care
    This is a wonderful skillet, however, it is prone to warping. Let it cool down gradually....more info
  • Great pan for the price!
    I bought this pan about 10 months ago and use it several times per week. So far I absolutely love it. It heats quickly and evenly, and the nonstick surface appears to be quality. I don't use metal utensils and wash t by hand to make sure it stays in pristine condition. If it ever wears out I will definitely buy another one if it is still available! ...more info
  • Best Pan Ever!
    I have never owned a pan I liked more than this one, honestly. It is easy to clean, easy to use. The two handles allow me to take it off the stove and put it right on the table. I love it! When it gets old, I will buy another just like it. I just ordered a pot and can't wait to get it....more info
  • Absolutely Love This Pan
    This is the first time trying hard anodized by cuisinart. I am very pleased with my purchase. This pan is great! You will not believe how non-stick this pan is. I have a flat cooktop stove and don't have any issue with the pan being wobbly as previous reviews stated. The lid is very nicely domed to give you plenty of clearance. Clean up is very easy. You do have to make sure you clean around the rivets that hold the handle, but I'd rather have the nice and secure handles than ones that have to continuously be tightened. Great quality. I love this pan. I ended up ordering the Cuisinart 12pc cookware set because I was so impressed with the hard anodized quality of this pan. I figured my kitchen deserved it!!...more info
  • JUNK!
    Arrived with the handle separated from the lid. After using it about four times on medium to medium high heat, the whole pan turned into a bowl! Could they possibly use thinner metal for the bottom of this pan? Too bad, cause I really liked all the other pots and pans I have bought from Cuisinart--those all have a heavy thick bottom on them, unlike this thing..+
    -...more info