X-Men Evolution - The Complete Third Season
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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 05/23/2006

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  • only if there were more full season box sets
    its a great show but why only make/sell only the 3rd season even if im so sure what happens in the beginning but im mostly mad at the fact there is no 4 season so i dunno if you wanna see a xmen movie that dont end and just want to boost marvel sales then get it......you jerks...more info
  • I love it
    I am an xmen fan and I enjoy this series I just wish they would come on and issue season 4. I have written to WB and have gotten no reply as to the date when or if it will be released. It is rumored that it may come out when they release the Wolverine movie. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I'm getting tired of waiting. :-(...more info
  • Efficiently and Effectively done
    I must say that the best effort in this show, by the directors, I really admire the shows'animation and maturity it was trying to involve in it. I mean this show is so real, not at all too fiction, its' a true made imagination fantasticly done,the drama was excellent, Music videos cool, Season 3 the best, even the directos and producers favourite season is 3. Though I agree, some people did not like the idea of the show not loyal too the comics, but some said that the storylines should be new.Anyways I would recommend this DVD for every X-Men fan and people not in favour of this show sould avoid posting here....more info
  • X-Men: Evolution Season 3
    Season 3 aired 2002-2003. Season 3 pick up on the action of the Season 2 finale, and it doesn't stop, it increases. The Brotherhood gets a girl in the club house when Pietro's sister Wanda, the Scarlet Witch joins the team, and she has serious Daddy Issues. Spyke's personal Evolution leads him away from the X-Men, and into a new group.Wolverine finds out that Weapon X didn't just mess with his head, and his bones, they cloned him. The clone is a girl named X-23, she was born to kill, and she blames Wolverine for everything.Apokolips has arrived. Here are the episode titles and descriptions.Episode 31: Day of RecoveryThe X-Men and Brotherhood go into Area 51 to save their captured team mates, but one of them won't be making it back out again! Episode 32: The Stuff Of HeroesJuggernaut goes on a rampage and the X-Men still don't know where to find Xavier. How will they be able to handle the unstoppable without their leader? Episode 33: MainstreamThe X-Kids get a chance to prove themselves and go back to Bayville High, on one condition - no powers at school. What will they do when the Brotherhood show up looking for trouble? Episode 34: The Stuff Of VillainsWith Mystique gone, Magneto looks to regain control of the Brotherhood whether they like it or not. But first they have to prove themselves by helping their old member Quicksilver. Will they toe the line or is it payback time for Pietro? Episode 35: Blind AlleyMystique escapes Area 51 with one thing on her mind: vengeance against the person who locked her in there. Episode 36: X-Treme MeasuresEvan's mutation is becoming more and more difficult to control, and so is his temper. He finally finds solace and acceptance in a most unlikely place -- but at what cost? Episode 37: The Toad, The Witch and The WardrobeAs Wanda continues the search for her father, Toad goes to extremes to try and win her heart. Episode 38: Self PossessedThe numerous personalities Rogue has absorbed over the years start waging war for dominance. Will Rogue be able to regain control, or will another personality take over forever? Episode 39: Under Lock & KeyThe original X-Men as introduced in the comics - Cyclops, Jean Gray, Beast, Iceman, and Angel are brought together for a very important mission. Episode 40: Cruise ControlThe X-Kids go on vacation. But what would a cruise be without sun, sea, fun, friends, and maybe even love. Oh, and massive icebergs and out of control volcanoes? Episode 41: X-23Wolverine has been cloned; only this time the new Weapon X is a 14-year-old girl! But X-23 is volatile and dangerous and blames Wolverine for her traumatic childhood, so when she goes renegade will Wolverine meet his match?" Episode 42: Dark Horizon IMesmero returns, but this time Rogue is his target. Now the X-Men have to team up with their rivals to try and save their teammate and stop the release of Apocalypse! Episode 43: Dark Horizon IIThe history of Apocalypse is revealed, but even with this knowledge will the teams be able to stop Mesmero? When the tomb is opened, someone will be lost! ...more info
  • super awesome-fantastic!
    first off all, Thank u WB and Marvel for finally releasing this DVD, season 3 was the point where X-M:E got a new life!
    X-M:E always top rated at different networks was cancelled because of poor sales, u know -merachendise, Toys etc.
    But lets just forget it and secondally if u're not an X-Men fan , please avoid giving your comments here as it hurts the fans' feelings.

    I cant wait to see the new xtras, hope they r not disappointing this time, and so the menu,interactive and layout. Many Xpectations besides Episodes!Cant wait for the premier of the DVD and to watch it!...more info
  • X-men Evolution season 3
    Much grittier, more serialized writing than Season 1 & 2.
    See the origin of Apocalypse, as well as more involvement from Magneto.
    Needed better instrumental music though, apart from the great bgn and end theme....more info
  • Finally
    Finally Warner Brothers is releasing the third season of this under appreciated show. This is doubly nice because the entire season is being released in one set (instead of in multiple volumes like the first two seasons).

    This is a different take on the x-men franchise. I found the re-imagining refreshing and well executed. As far as superhero genera cartoons go this is one of the best you will find. I highly recommend (BTW I would disregard any review by JQP, all he/she does is trash on things)....more info
  • The way seasons out to be released.
    They finally got it right! There is no excuse to release a 'season' in 4-5 episode volumes, as was done with the previous two seasons. The cartoon is fun enough, but I would probably wait for a 'final bundle' rather than mess about with the clumsy collection as-is....more info
  • 5/5 super coooll!!
    Yes after a lot of waiting, alomost an year, WHV has finally announced the relesed date for X-M:Evolution-complete 3rd season.
    Xtras in the early 2nd season dvds were really disappointing but this time we will be getting 8-12 special features including episode introductions or a whole season 3 Xposed, as reported by TV SHOWS ON DVD. So the DVD looks great with the price of only$13

    Featuring new animation styles, concerts, cruise, dams, conference,industry.skate boarding arena, Mexico, pyramids and much much more!

    New characters/re-appearences: X23,Juggernaut,Mystique,Hydra,Angel and many more!

    Fun/Thrill/Xciting/Action/Suspense/Romance/Emotional episdoes including Self posessed:Rogue out of control
    Blind Alley:Scott and Jean love!
    Dark Horizon:Everything!

    I mean I am so gonna buy this item, full ratings from me!...more info
  • Top of the world!
    Honestly, 5 is not the rating for X-M:E season 3, its more than that!Season 3 is recommended by most fans, even Boyd Kirkland's fav season is 3.X-M:E season 3 managed to handle season 3 in the best way it could with a mixture of both drama and action not all drama like season 2.So all the best!...more info
    Ok, I was shocked when I heard the news and I would recommend that any non evo fan is not to post trash around here.Ok? Well things definitely take a new turn in this season and I'm glad my fav season is finally coming on DVD with a nice set of Xtras....more info
  • YES!
    Finally Evo is back!Every series has its own style but X-M:E had a unique one which made me fell in love with,Season 1 was too boring, Season 2 was too dramatic, season 3 had everything!Thats why my heart is devoted to season 3 of X-Men:Evolution.There is an advantage to us that if X3 turns out to be disappointing atleast we'll have X-Men:Evolution-complete season 3 on DVD to enjoy!I hope the extra features of the DVD turn out to be really exciting and I must say Marvel had done a pretty good job by releasing such an animated series in the history of live action-series.X-Men...way above!...more info
    Just waiting for the premier of the DVD!And Amazon should get this DVD oN top now!Its stuck between 2000$3000
    Season 4 on DVD! Just cant wait too, Hoping to see larger inside DVD scans!

    5 out of 5!...more info
  • X-M:E lover
    Never been the tas FAN BUT WHEN I saw evo, I was like is so coooool, superb is not the word for its animation, drama, action, its FANTASTIC!...more info
  • Season 4
    This is one of the best X-Men series I've ever seen and they've all been good! I cannot wait for season 4. Action, action, action in season 4.

    Please...Has anyone heard when Season 4 will be released? It's been quite a long time now....more info
  • My Little Xmen Fan loves it........
    Thanks Amazon for a great price on this item. It was more then $10 cheaper than our local retailer and with free shipping it was here in time for xmas. My Xmen Fan loved it and with the whole season in one package you dont need to search for each episode :)

    ...more info
  • Interesting
    Well, I've always been a fan for this show, deeply touched me, one thing I noticed about it was 'Drama' I mean it was so fun watching the show with drama, thanks God , it was not only action and I guess season 3 does has a lot of drama, so I can wait for the premier of the DVD!...more info
  • Finally!
    I'm so glad they're coming out with the entire season at once! I am still missing 2 DVDs from the first 2 seasons because it was so hard to find when and where they were being sold. Also, Season 3 is probably my favourite--the characters are well-developed, and we start getting further into what makes them who they are. Season 4, in my opinion, jumps around too much, but Season 3 focuses on things that are important later on, as well as showing sides of the characters that we haven't seen before. But the final reason I'm looking forward to this is just two words: Self Possessed. ;)...more info
  • Cliff Hanger
    Any word on Season 4?

    This series became better with time, but it is very disappointing that Season 4 has yet to be released, especially given the cliffhanger of an ending that came with Season 3.

    Just something to keep in mind if you have never seen the series . . . without Season 4 on DVD you'll be . . . we'll be . . . waiting to see how it turns out....more info
  • coolll!!
    Wll personally I only fell in love with this series cuz I thought of thiss show to be mature than other toons, it had less fiction and much drama so I was into that thing, May fav ep-Blind Alley, X-Men roxxx and I would have love to see its 5th season!...more info
  • Looking great
    Hey guys, its oone year since we had the last release right?Now I expect a better interactive menu page like JL Season 1 DVD , its layout is cool with a new sound, now that dumb sound again and again. Hey u can go to en.wikipedia.org to view a hughe article on X-M:E, X-MEN RULE!...more info
  • Xposed!
    Back cover art released! Special features: Cerebro files. X-Men/Acolytes and Xposed season 3!+Mystique's Trivia challenge! www.toonzone.net for more! Ok it loooks cool but like only 4 xtras?may be they'll add more or if we couldn't have gotten this release as a BOX SET atleast we would have has more xtras 2 enjoy or maybe there was an xtreme demand for this DVD so they just quickly relased the DVD?Neaaa...ok whatever I Just wonna see my fav episoded which I am getting!Official dvd site will be launching soon at www.classiccartoondvd.com !
    HOO YEAH!...more info
  • Coming into its own
    Being a fan of the 1990's Animated Series (and finally locating the entire series collection after years of searching) I have to say that Evolution is not only different; it is in many ways better. Critics complain of the teenage persona of many long-standing heroes but (and this comes directly after digging out my old comics and 1990's Animated Series collection) the show's writers clearly understand the characters in question.

    The third season actually starts to look and feel closer to the "typical" stage of the X-Men universe in that the scope of their struggles is suddenly much larger than the high school principal or the Brotherhood. Battles with Sentinels result in the world's attention toward the mutant epidemic and most of it isn't favorable. Wolverine has been steadily evolving into the brute we all know and love while Scott (Cyclops) also shows more of his qualities as team leader. Iceman starts to get some screen time while some of the lesser known mutants (like Jubilee) end up getting removed here in the third season.

    Overall, this is a very well packaged set complete with some interesting extras from the show's creators. In case you aren't already aware, the show went on to a 4th and final season. Hopefully we can expect the same type of treatment for that as well.
    ...more info
    HI-I'm Josh and I am a big X-Fan!
    Season 3 was the main point where the thing really turned out to be bald and not just for the " kids" So iN Day of Recovery-Things r really messed up and x-men have to rescue their team mates and there is a small glimpse of the morlocks!
    Later the Apocalypse sage continues , all three keys have been found!So Xciting,thrill and full of suspense. In Self Posessed Rogue looses her self control-THIS EP. IS MIND BOGGLING!All an all a good show but the Xtras Xcept for Xposed season 3 r a little disappointing...more info
  • Just gets better and better!
    This show shouldn't have ended, in my opinion. Marvel had a good thing going here. They were telling slightly "tweaked" or even brand-new stories with these characters that so many people loved and respected, and they were blazing a new trail for Saturday morning cartoons that was darker and more "real" than anything I've seen in a long time. This season opened with the entire town of Bayville knowing that the mutants existed (Magneto having "helped" them to that realization in the Season 2 finale) and the X-Men consequently being hunted for their lives. They have to fight for the right to go to school, even to survive, simply because they were born different from most of the world. There are moments in some of these episodes that surprised me in how dark they were, such as the episode "X-23", which introduces a young girl who was forced to be a living weapon her entire life. Then there are some moments that bring a smile to your face - like Jean and Scott finally admitting their feelings for each other in "Blind Alley" (or as close as they could get, on a kids' show). Altogether this is one of the best animated shows I've ever come across, hands down....more info
  • Great series, waiting for fourth season
    This is a great series that my kids and I got into after loaning a copy from the library. Highly recommended. Only problem is that it ends with a cliffhanger and the 4th season has yet to be released - and it may never be....more info