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400 years in the future after a virus decimates the world population only one city on Earth remains. Ruled by the Goodchild dynasty it is a perfect society of peace and prosperity - except that its citizens keep mysteriously disappearing. Charlize Theron stars as Aeon Flux a secret agent/assassin/warrior whose mission is to bring down the regime. But as she goes deeper into her mission Aeon uncovers some shocking secrets that put the mission -- and her life -- in danger.System Requirements:Runtime: 92 min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: SCI-FI/FANTASY Rating: PG-13 UPC: 097363337348 Manufacturer No: 333734

Like the animated series it's based on, Aeon Flux is the kind of sci-fi that's best appreciated by the MTV generation. It's a serious attempt at stylized, futuristic action/adventure (the title character, played by Charlize Theron, is essentially a female James Bond for the cyberpunk era) and taken for what it is, it's not all that bad. The action takes place in the year 2415, four centuries after a virus nearly decimated the human race, leaving only five million survivors in a utopian city called Bregna. Aeon belongs to the Monicans, a secret rebel resistance force that is struggling to destroy the Goodchild regime led by its namesake, Trevor Goodchild (Martin Csokas), the ruler of Bregna and a descendant of the man who found a cure for the deadly virus. As instructed by the Handler (Frances McDormand, gamely playing along in ridiculous sci-fi regalia), Aeon is assigned to assassinate Goodchild, but there are deeper secrets to be discovered, and conspiracies to be foiled. This leads director Karyn Kusama (who fared much better with her debut feature Girlfight) to indulge in all sorts of routine action and fast-paced gunplay, but the elusive pleasures of Aeon Flux are mostly found in the sleek athleticism of Theron and costar Sophie Okonedo (as a fellow Monican), who commit themselves 100% to roles that are dramatically flat yet physically dynamic. Other highlights include Aeon's high-tech gadgetry (including an eyeball that doubles as a microsocope) and the amusing sight of Pete Postlethwaite in a costume resembling a construction-site disposal tube, but Flux fans may wonder what happened to the surreal, chromium sheen future that gave the MTV series its visionary appeal. As a live-action feature, Aeon Flux is a miscalculated exercise in cheesy style and dour tone, but it's entertaining enough to earn a small cadre of admirers. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Okay film, but terrible adaptation
    Taken on its own, this is a so-so B science fiction movie with very nice effects and visuals. But as an adaptation of the animated series, it is pretty terrible.

    Granted that the TV series's storylines were always byzantine, often bordering on the incomprehensible, but there was always a lot of thought and wit behind them, and the dialogue was consistently brilliant. It was a show that expected a lot of its audience, and it's unfortunate that a lot of people (the makers of this movie in particular) can't see past the show's eye candy. By comparison, this film's script just drips mediocrity. The effects are wonderful and must have cost a fair penny, and they really do capture the distinctive look of the show, so I can't help but wish they'd taken the time to write a decent story that was somewhat faithful to its source material.

    They could have at least tried to get the basics of the premise right. In the original show, Aeon is a super-competent freelance agent, working to undermine the rule of Trevor Goodchild, an eccentric megalomanic scientist who has seized political control of the city-state of Bregna (pronounced BREN-yeh) to use as a giant petri dish for his scientific and social engineering experiments. Trevor is weirdly charismatic and seems to genuinely believe he is creating a utopia, despite the obvious dystopian aspects of the world he has made. Across the heavily guarded border lies the rival nation of Monica. We never see much of Monica, but it appears to be a much freer place than Bregna, and Aeon frequently helps people try to sneak across the border, as well as sabotaging all of Trevor's crackbrained pet projects as they occur to him. Although she clearly sympathizes with Monica, she "takes no side" and is essentially an anarchist, rebelling against any controlling authority, and therefore despising Trevor's despotism. Further complicating matters is the fact that Aeon and Trevor share a past, the details of which are never given, and are still deeply infatuated with one another, even though they are now enemies.

    So there you go! The makings of a terrific movie script, right?

    I guess not. In this movie, Aeon is not her own boss, but instead is a minion taking orders from a rebel organization called the Monicans. Monica itself does not exist. Trevor never staged a coup, but is instead the hereditary monarch of Bregna (pronounced BREG-na). Most of humanity was wiped out by a disease generations ago, and Brega is all that's left. People have been getting secretly killed by Trevor's government, so the Monicans want to kill Trevor. Aeon begins experiencing flashbacks to a past with Trevor that she doesn't clearly remember. Without spoiling the big revelation about why Trevor's government is assassinating people, I can say that Trevor's personality and motivations end up bearing no resemblence to the original, and that the original was a lot more interesting. For her part, Aeon is far less confident than her animated counterpart, and spends most of the movie being led around by various different people and being unsure what to do. When she finally does something proactive toward the end of the film... frankly, it seems like kind of a stupid action under the circumstances, but it works out. The dialogue is a huge let-down, with none of the wonderful, multi-leveled verbal sparring betwen Aeon and Trevor that defined their relationship in the original show. Aeon does get in a couple of very good lines right as she's about to make the above-mentioned big decision, however.

    The funky music is cool, and the film is fun to look at. Charlize Theron does an admirable job with the material she's given; I'm impressed by how well she nailed the animated character's voice. On it's own merits, it's not such a bad film, just nothing remarkable. But it is a lousy adaption of its source material. ...more info
  • re-gift for your pre teen, now
    Although the previews & star suggested the film might be worthy of a mature & intelligent audience, it was an old, boring story with some flashy special effects and nothing very new. Aeon Flux no doubt does come or will come from the gaming world & thus, the attraction for youth, but any adult who thought they had discovered quality Sci Fi because someone fast talked Charlize Theron into the star role will be no less disappointed. Game World brought to life with Charlize Theron, end of not-so-hot-old struggle for power, clone story...big deal-not....more info
  • Alot of bang for your Flux bucks! 3 1/2 Stars!
    Aeon Flux is the 2005 film based on the early 90s animated shorts and late 90s half hour eps;and quite ride it is.I highly recommend the Aeon Flux animated collection also available,but do not try to compare the two.The movie(like any anime'to film property)is a palatable(dressed down)version of the animated series,with the action in the animated series much richer and heavier in content than its' movie counterpart.But that doesn't mean there's not alot to recommend here.
    The story is set in the year 2011 and the walled-in city Bregna,is host to earths' last surviving population.A plague 400 years ago left the survivors sterile and the Goodchild Research Foundation now runs the city with an iron hand.It is in turn run by its' name sake brothers Trevor(Marton Csokas,Borias from Xena) and Oren(John Miller).
    But something strange is happening to many of the citys' citizens.Besides a myriad of daily disappearances,many of its' citizens who meet perfect strangers have inexplicable remnant memories of them;some good,some bad.
    Our heroine Aeon Flux(Charlize Theron)is part of a rebel group called The Monacans who are fighting to end the Goodchild regime,by any means.Monacans are genetically and drug enhanced humans with superior strength and speed.They also can contact one another and/or their leader "The Handler"(Frances McDormand) psychically.Aeon is first given the job of sabotaging the security system which she accomplishes with little problem.On her way to meet her sister she sees her being carried out dead on a stretcher.Aeon wants and gets her revenge as her next assignment is to kill Trevor Goodchild.Making her way through many extremely difficult defences she manages to penetrate the Citadel where she finds Trevor rehearsing a speech.As she approaches him he turns,recognizes her and says the name of "Catherine".She also vaguely recognizes something in him but it is too late and her hesitation causes her to be caught.Not for long as she escapes and returns to meet with Trevor.They make love and after a brief sleep Aeon wakes up and chokes Trevor to near death.She leaves and realizes that her answer may lay in an object that circles the city in the sky called the"Relico".It is a flying ship supposedly built to remind the inhabitants of their sacrifices but she thinks there is more to it.She gets aboard and finds out the whereabouts of her sister and leaves.Trevor who has followed behind now knows what she was after and finds out even more information he didn't know of.He meets Aeon at the location of her sister to find that the sister is now a baby.Trevor reveals that she has been cloned;in fact everyone has been cloned over the past 400 years.He also says the real reason her sister was killed was that she was pregnant,naturally.Nature has found a cure on its own for the sterile plagued society and Trevors'brother Oren wants to keep the information from getting out,thus all the kidnappings,disappearances and deaths.Oren has also condemned Trevor to death as a traitor for sleeping with Aeon and both are now wanted fugitives.Aeon herself has also been handed a death sentence seperately by her own Monacan organization for not carrying out her mission.After a bloodied battle with Oren's forces who fight not only Trevor and Aeon but other Monacan snipers,the two barely escape with their lives.Aeon again climbs aboard the "Relico" and blows the ship up,sending it crashing into a section of city wall and exposing the outside forested world to the startled inhabitants.The citizens now free of the Goodchild oppression can now start to live their lives anew.
    The film is filled with spectacular stunts and CGI effects throughout and some sequences are amazing to watch.One especially delightful sequence is with a friend,the hand-footed Zathandra,as they attempt to cross the rolling grassy landscape towards the Citadel.With incredible jumps by the pair punctuated by deadly gourds with shooting syringes of poison and the grass,which becomes seemingly alive when a human presence is detected-going from blades of grass to razor sharp blades of steel.
    It is certainly both an aural and visual feast to be sure.But the plot keeps you intrigued and interested,I found,throughout the picture with very few let ups.And more importantly this film is one you can watch over and over and still find something just a little different each time.
    The picture here is top notch,crisp and clear all the way and with that wonderful sound available in D/Surround 5.1 or 2.0.
    The special features abound:Commentary by Theron and producer Gale Hurd or by co-writers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi,"Creating a World:Aeon Flux"(20 m),"Location of AF"(15m),"Stunts of AF"(9m),"Costume Design Workshop of AF"(13m),"Craft of the set Photographer"(3m) and trailers.
    All in all this DVD is a worthy addition to anyone's movie library.It's a very engaging Sci-Fi concept brought to the big screen via its' animated roots and one you can watch again and again....more info
  • fabulous effects, mediocre story, not watchable more than once
    As a fan of hard sci-fi, I am at a loss as to why so many current productions have great computer effects but the same banal plots (revolutionary against dystopia with special abilites to inflict violence, etc.). I read reviews, buy them, and then feel so disappointed that I never want to view them again. For the most part, while occasionally intrigued, I feel, "that's it? They did this whole thing and THAT was all they had to offer?" Unfortunately, this is one of those films: the images are striking, the mystery fun, and then you get to the end and wonder how any producer could have imagined it would sell enough to recoup the investment.

    Not recommended. I won't play the spoiler, but really, you are better off reading the comic book. ...more info
  • Stunning : A Science Fiction Masterpiece
    "Aeon Flux" is one of those rare films that gets universally negative reviews from critics who are normally used to 'epics' such as "Out of Africa" or "Terms of Endearment". It takes a different sort of mind to appreciate science fiction, because the genre is rare at giving us true classics. That said, if you liked David Lynchs' dark and disturbing film version of "Dune", then you will certainly find much to like in "Aeon Flux".

    The film runs like the fractured tale of a universe in peril, and one woman seems to hold the key and the balance between two insane realities. Charlize Theron really brings it as the lead character, and they really prop her well with the choicest special effects and the most liberal use of CGI, though in an appropriate manner. Theron has always been a good actress, but her stiff, warrior-like role here will win over the most jaded of science fiction fans, simply because there is no comparison (Milla Jovovich in "Ultraviolet" comes close, but that was more pop-art than dystopian art).

    The storyline is bleak, yet hopeful, and the multiple realities really make the film work even in areas where the script might sometimes let it down. There are issues with it, yes, but I think that it only works in making the film truly a work of art, because unlike other films in the genre, it doesn't cheapen science fiction, but rather glorifies it as a true vision of the future, much like the classic SF novels of the 1960s (remember Roger Zelazny?)

    "Aeon Flux" deserves five stars, and a really good projection system, because the visuals in this movie are just so clear, stunning and memorable, and this is one movie you can watch again and again - which in my book is the hallmark of a true classic....more info
  • An Aeon Across 90 Minutes
    Charlize Theron stars in the live action adaption of the Aeon Flux animated series, which originally was on MTV. Here on Australia, the animated series was on really late on a station called SBS, so I've only caught a couple of episodes. It looked interesting, and I thought the adaption might be worth a look. Wasn't as good as I'd expected though.

    Set a few centuries forward into the future, most of mankind has been wiped out by viruses, and wild jungle has reclaimed the planet. The remainder of humanity resides in a city, heavily controlled and plagued, not by viruses, but by mysterious disappearances and memories that haunt the minds of its citizens in dreams. Aeon Flux (Charlize Theron) is part of a resistance group, determined to have more freedom than they have. Aeon's own resistance becomes all the stronger when her sister is killed by the government. She sets out into the heart of the city, and stumbles on much more than she bargained for, including a lover she never knew she had.

    I must say I liked the look of the film, and the sets and such were probably what I liked best about the whole thing, a good combination of slick civilization and the lush green of the surrounding jungles and gardens. But looks aren't everything. Even though the film was a modest hour and a half, due to the straight faced dialogue and heavy seriousness over everything, it felt like much, much longer. Seemed to drag, despite the action there didn't seem to be a lot that actually happened. I can understand why the dialogue was the way it was, it adds to the unnatural atmosphere of the city, and it's similar to the way the dialogue is done in the animation, but a bit of humour and warm emotion would have been nice.

    Special features include two audio commentaries and five behind the scenes featurettes which include footage from the original MTV series. It was good to see the comparison between the film and the cartoon. In making the film, you can see that they have tried to recreate the feel of the film. On the other hand, it doesn't quite capture the more bizarre elements of the animation, which is what made the original series so unique, I reckon.

    As much as I like science-fiction, and as much as I liked the look of the film, I can't say I liked or recommend this film. Have a look at something else, the original Aeon Flux animated series, even....more info
  • Simplistic and disappointing
    I'll start by saying I'm a huge fan of Charlize Theron's work. However, I can't imagine why she took this role. Charlize's light is hidden under the bushel of a director who evidently thinks a story can be told without requiring any emotion from the characters. Aeon (Theron) and all the other main characters are flat and awfully boring. The simplistic story about the evils of cloning seems much longer than its 92 minutes. The fight sequences are heavily edited, just so much smoke and shadow -- no real martial arts expertise. Skip Aeon Flux and give Ultraviolet a try. That is a much more creative film.
    ...more info
  • BLOWS !
    This movie is a complete letdown & waste of time & money ! It's only redeming factor is checking out Charlize Theron.

    If you're a Fan of Aeon Flux ...the MTV cartoon was supremely better !...more info
  • Splendid!
    If you only see one movie for the rest of your life, it should definitely be Aeon Flux. It is clearly one of the best films ever made, and when people talk about classic film directors like Hawks, Ford, Capra, and Hitchcock, in the same breath they should be saying Karyn Kusama.

    When you see Charlize Theron acting and running all over the place, you're gonna be like, "dang, look at that girl run and act! She means business!" And indeed she does mean business.

    If you think this movie is going to be like "Barb Wire" or "Tank Girl," you are wrong, because this movie is called "Aeon Flux".

    If Aeon Flux had to battle Aileen Wuornos, I would bet on Aeon Flux, because she totally kicks A, and can make blades of grass bend in a very cool way. Meanwhile Aileen Wuornos' powers are simply a confused sexual identity and an ever-present rage against men. Neither of which can do anything to affect blades of grass, so....go Aeon.

    Anyway, if you don't see this movie your life will be just a series of shenanigans that began with your silly birth and ends with you dying....more info
  • cool
    this movie has gotten other bad reviews, I saw it anyway and was very glad I did. This movie is super scifi and it rocks. loved it!...more info
  • "I had a family once, I had a life. Now all I have is a mission."
    I have vague recollections about back in the day (the early to mid 1990s I believe) when Aeon Flux, created by Peter Chung, appeared on MTV as a segment within the series `Liquid Television'...while my memory's a bit fuzzy, two aspects about the Aeon Flux segments have stayed with me over the years, the first being how stylish they appeared and the second being how confusing they seemed...(perhaps had I seen all the episodes in their respective order it'd be different). Fast forward some ten odd years later to the 2005 release of a live action adaptation written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, both of whom worked on The Tuxedo (2002), directed by Karyn Kusama (Girlfight), and starring Academy Award winner Charlize Theron (The Astronaut's Wife, Reindeer Games, Monster). Also appearing is Marton Csokas (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, xXx), Jonny Lee Miller (Mindhunters), Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda), Pete Postlethwaite (The Usual Suspects), and Academy Award winner Frances McDormand (Darkman, Fargo)...I'm curious how much MTV, who produced the film, had to shell out for two Academy Award winning actresses to appear in this feature...

    As the film, set sometime in the 25th century, begins, we learn how a virus wiped out most of the world's population some four hundred years earlier before a scientist named Goodchild finally found a cure. Now it seems the descendants of those who survived live in a walled city under the thumb of the Goodchild Dynasty, which has ruled since the catastrophic event. As with any society there is a group of malcontents, known here as the Monicans, whose main goal appears to be in toppling the Goodchild regime...why? As near as I can figure they're upset with the fact that it's not unusual for people to just up and disappear, never to be heard from again, something the Monicans think the gooberment is directly responsible for (and they'd be right)...anyway, in furthering their cause, the Monicans utilize secretive, highly deadly operatives, the most skilled being Aeon Flux (Theron). After successfully completing her current assignment, she's given the one she's been waiting been waiting for, the elimination of Trevor Goodchild (Csokas), the current leader of the Goodchild regime. While infiltrating the gooberment facility where Goodchild resides, things turn sour and Aeon begins to question those things she originally believed, which ends up leading to an unlikely alliance. Turns out there is something seriously wrong with the population, the answers lying within a funky zeppelin known as the Relical, which continually circles above the city. As a power struggle within the gooberment ensues, Aeon finds herself stuck in the middle as both the Establishment, who see her as a threat, and the Monicans, who see her as a traitor, want her dead, resulting in a struggle for survival that may ultimately decide the fate of mankind...

    Overall I thought this film entertaining, but it does have some flaws. I thought the production values excellent especially in terms of the futuristic settings and such (the `stylish' element I spoke of earlier in terms of the original series seems to have made it into the film). I also really liked all the nifty little high tech gadgets and implants utilized mainly by Theron's character, although I thought it interesting how, by the end, everyone fell back to using what appeared to be fairly standard projectile based weaponry (I guess some things never change). As far as Theron herself, she displayed quite a bit of athleticism, some of which I'm sure was probably helped along by the special effects department, while looking fairly sweet in her numerous, skintight outfits (actually, with her Der Fuhrer-esque hairstyle and black clothing, she sort of came off as the ultimate Emo chick, but whatever). I think the biggest issue I had with the film was the performances seemed somewhat flat, but I'm unsure if it was a result of the actors, the director, or the material (some of the cast is just plain wasted, like Frances McDormand...what was the deal with her character and that ridiculous red hair?). Also, Theron didn't really come off as the ultimate assassin, at least when comparing her to the character presented in the original animated series, despite a good effort. I learned quite a few things from this film including the following...

    1. Charlize Theron can catch flies with her eyelashes, which is kinda cool but also kinda gross.
    2. In the future the predominant hairstyle for men is the greasy bed head look.
    3. In the future secret messages are passed amongst people by French kissing.
    4. Charlize Theron can kill with her thighs (which wouldn't be too bad of a way to go, if you ask me).
    5. People in the future are stuck with really weird names like Oren, Una, Sithandra, and Aeon.
    6. In the future you can actually get your feet replaced with hands, which looks as creepy as it sounds.
    7. The Future is so Goth.
    8. In the future authorities are armed with highly advanced weaponry and have no problems using said weaponry to mow down innocent bystanders to get to two criminals.
    9. In the future when you get a phone call, your ears flash (no foolin').
    10. In the future when they say `keep off the grass' they ain't kidding.
    11. Despite a dumb hairdo Charlize Theron can still look hot, which isn't so much the case with Frances McDormand.
    12. Fluidic ball bearings can not only be trained to come on command but also to assemble in patterns and explode.
    13. Recycling is taken to a whole new level in the 25th century.
    14. Politicians in the future are just as skeevy and conniving as they are now.

    One aspect of the story that kind of bothered me was how the Monicans seemed to have a technological edge over the established gooberment. They were able to infiltrate various facilities with relative ease (razor grass sounds like an effective security measure, that is until you get someone who comes along with platform shoes), keep things hidden on their person while in custody, and just generally outfox the authorities at nearly every turn. The film does have lots of action, slick production values, a decent catfight, and I had little difficulty in following the story (what of it there was), but I couldn't say how closely this finished product resembled the original material.

    The picture on this DVD, presented in widescreen (2.35:1) anamorphic, looks very sharp and the audio, available in both Dolby Digital 5.1 surround and Dolby Surround 2.0 comes across well. Extras include two feature length commentary tracks, one with star Charlize Theron and producer Gale Anne Hurd, the second with co-writers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, five featurettes involving production of the movie, a theatrical trailer, a couple of previews, and English and Spanish subtitles.


    By the way, it appears the animated series is available on DVD, so if you're interested in seeing from where the film originated, you might want to check it out.
    ...more info
  • Less than it should have been . . .
    and a lot less than you should get for the price (about $20 when I wrote this). People who liked the series have probably already seen the movie and been disappointed, but it still has the potential to disappoint a general audience, too.

    The movie suffers from problems that would doom any movie. There is a lack of character development, in particular, a lack of explanation for characters' motives. For example, and trying not to be a spoiler, one character explains that he wants to die simply by saying "I'm tired." Why he's tired, when he hasn't suffered any more than anyone else, really, and less than most, is unclear. Other characters are killed before we even get to know them, which makes the survivors' over-the-top dedication to them seem a little ridiculous.

    The second problem are the plot holes. I know a certain suspension of disbelief is required for this sort of movie. But, as the many unanswered questions from my date made clear to me, often the characters seem to just be making random choices. Why blow this or that up? Why disobey orders NOW? Why isn't any of the bad guys' technology worth a damn?

    That brings us to the third problem: it isn't a very interesting vision of the future. The series had the advantage of actual conflict creating actual drama. The movie gives Aeon such a massive advantage that you never question the outcome of any particular situation. She solves all of them in exactly the same way. even Schwartzenegger flicks have him do something creative once in awhile. Aeon just shoots or kicks people to death. Often using the same few moves. Worse, the bad guys' tech choices are just odd. Why use razor sharp grass when it is plainly ineffective (there are paths nearby and nobody gets seriously injured even after getting cut)? Why aren't there any alarms? Why does the bad guy's stuff just automatically work for Aeon, even when its supposed to be a security device? When the future's tech is less effective than our own, you know there is a lack of vision somewhere.

    I grant that the special effects are pretty cool. They still can't save this movie. It doesn't even work as a good piece of eye candy because the cool special effects sequences are frequently separated by boring, rather conventional scenes. I think what happened is the writers grabbed some cool scenes from the series and then just strung them together, using random chunks of story to make them fit together.

    What you get here is just some Hollywood hacks trying to capitalize on an old series that they didn't really get. The result for non-fans of the original is just a crummy movie, and for fans, a travesty. This flick is a straight up rip. I gave 2 stars because there were still some cool scenes....more info
  • Stylish and Exciting
    This stylish film is both beautiful and has a well-told story. The set design and costumes match perfectly to immediately place you into the future of 23rd Century Earth. Charlize Theron and Marton Csokas find real on-screen heat that sizzles. Theron also does some beautiful stunts that are fun to watch. This movie doesn't have the gratuitous ultra-violence which other movies in this genre have. It is well written and well made. Enjoy!...more info
  • Great cinematography, great effects
    I really liked the "future" filmed in Aeon Flux. I loved the costumes, effects, stunts etc.

    A must for any sci-fi and/or action fan....more info
  • An entertaining film, but there's not much substance here
    With special effects and action superseding characterization, Aeon Flux makes for a fast-paced futuristic trip to the 25th century. There's a definite "cool" factor to the whole thing, what with all sorts of ingenious futuristic gizmos and Charlize Theron's nifty little outfit, and the story, which is not exactly straightforward, does tie everything together in the end, but this just didn't feel like a complete movie experience to me. This comes partly from the fact that the movie basically drops you into the middle of an unusual story without really providing you with a guide map at the start, but it has even more to do with the fact that the characters in this film are rather robotic. The main character, Aeon Flux (Theron), is basically a terrorist, so it's a little hard to sympathize with her early on - especially since you have no way of judging the government or its leader, Trevor Goodchild (Martin Csokas). When personal feelings do finally work their way into the story, they really aren't that dramatic at all. Rather than explore anyone to any great depth, the director just keeps diverting our attention with special effects.

    Here's the backdrop for this story: in 2011, some disease wiped out 99% of the human population before a scientist was able to find a cure for it. This scientist basically built a large walled city to house all of those he was able to save - and no one has been outside the walls in the last four centuries. The Monicans, an underground group of terrorists and assassins, want their true freedom (and seem to be the only folks concerned by the fact that random people just keep disappearing out of the blue) and have decided that the Goodchild regime has to go. Since Aeon Flux is their top assassin, she is given the task of assassinating Trevor Goodchild. If you're thinking that 25th century security must surely be better than its modern-day equivalent, think again - Aeon basically just has to avoid some spiky grass and dart-shooting coconuts (and, if you're wondering, the "bad guys" of the future still can't hit the broad side of a barn). Once Aeon comes face to face with Goodchild, everything changes for reasons she herself really doesn't understand. As if things weren't complicated enough already, you also have a coup d'etat thrown in the mix.

    It takes a while for the viewer to find out what is really going on here, as the film is more concerned with showing off fancy special effects and superhuman abilities than it is in giving us a tightly-wound plot. I for one would have liked to get at least a cursory look at this futuristic society and better insight into the main characters. The film's entertaining, and I did enjoy it, but it was more of a snack than the full meal I would have preferred....more info
  • Aeon Rules! Great Sci-fi Flick!
    In the early twenty-first century, a deadly virus had wiped out 99% of the earth's population. Now, four hundred years later, all of humanity lives in a walled-in city named Bregna and are led and monitored by a group of scientists. But not all are happy with this arrangement and a rebel group called Monicans have risen to oppose those in charge.

    And Aeon is one of them.

    At first glance, the main story of this movie is like many others that have come before: a small band of rebels going up against an oppressive government. But this movie isn't that simple and the aforementioned plot is just what gets us from Point A to B. There are other factors that play into the story, complicated ones, taking what could have just been a B-sci-fi movie all the way to A-level.

    Charlize Theron stars as Aeon, the Monicans' cold, stick-to-business top assassin. The intensity she brings to the role drags you in and makes you want to discover what makes her tick. Yet she also has a warm side, but one hidden and numbed by years of training and running top secret errands for her team. Theron put on a wonderful show in the lead.

    The supporting cast, though they all did a good job and their characters were believable, were just that: a supporting cast. No one's performance really stood out except maybe Sophie Okonedo as Sithandra (the girl with the hands for feet). She was just plain cold (in that good way).

    The special effects are astonishing. There is not a single element in this film that is "everyday." Everything was built for it, whether physically or via CGI. The action is astounding, part Matrix and part Underworld.

    Action and sci-fi fans should really get into this movie....more info
  • Nothing like the original
    MTV's Aeon Flux (Aeon Flux - The Complete Animated Collection) was interesting and appealing when it first aired. The portrayal and drawing of the characters were not only appealing but intriguing as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the animated Aeon FLux and I was very excited when I heard this movie was coming out. What a dissapointed. Although the stylistic approach may be there and the storyline is interesting someting just falls flat. The action sequences are good and Theron did a good job. But, none of the elements came together as they should have. Something was defiantely missing, such as a better and a little more ruthless Goodchild and a little colder Flux. There was also something missing from this dystopian future world. It was not that good of a movie. On the other hand, the animated Aeon Flux DVDs (Aeon Flux - The Complete Animated Collection) are excellent....more info
  • MST3K Fans Rejoice -- Rifftrax is Here!
    'Seeing it...made me feel helpless, humiliated and sad.' A celebrity apologizing for their latest paparazzi shots? No, those are the words of Aeon Flux creator Peter Chung regarding the big screen adaptation of the TV show he created. Peter, Peter, Peter...Why the long face? You have it so good!

    You want helpless? Watch yet another director hamfistedly attempt to cope with a studio's order to 'Be more like The Matrix.' You want humiliated? Try Best Actress Oscar winners Charlize Theron and Frances McDormand, who must have done some hard drinking together the night before they signed up to play members of a spy sect called the 'Monicans' for some reason. Want sad? Look at the latest devoted sect of fanboys whose beloved cult cartoon is now known by the general population as being 'That movie with that guy from xXx.'

    Peter my friend, when a bomb as fast and as loud and as incomprehensible as Aeon Flux comes along, it's your job to just quietly cash the checks, and then turn the reigns over to Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy, and let the two of them do their thing. The hilarity, much like the Relical, (whatever that is), is omnipresent in this RiffTrax, and it is guaranteed to make you feel the opposite of helpless, humiliated and sad, (whatever that may be as well.)
    ...more info
  • Watch it first.
    A very good movie in the area of Si-Fi., I liked it and have watched it multiple times. The special effects are excellent and so is the acting. It is not something I would normally add to my video library, but I bought it before seeing it and still I have no regrets. I do recommend seeing it before adding it to your video collection....more info
  • 2nd star for FX only
    I suppose my expectations were too high after having seen the cartoon long ago and holding it in fond memory.

    Dialogue is insufferably hackneyed in this film.

    The characters betray their initial and original anti-hero nature long before the major plot cop-outs that render morally questionable characters into cardboard heroes.

    Get the cartoon anthology instead; this movie is not worth buying and only worth renting as part of a double-bill or multi-title sitting.

    Even great special effects left me yawning at insipid characters played by actors too important in the Hollywood food chain to be allowed unsympathetic roles or dialogue with words & memes they're too dim to express with conviction of understanding.

    And, as all too usual in Hollywood, when the pace falters, it's time to show off automatic weapons. I never knew machine guns could be so boring....more info
  • Aeon Flux
    When I saw the preview to this movie, I said it would be worth a look. I first watched this movie and put it away after half an hour. It was boring and really didnt have the action I was hoping. I recently watched the hole movie and pretty impressed with it. There are a few fight scenes that are good, but the story seems deva ju to me. Still its worth watching once. ...more info
  • Buy it because Charlize Theron is hot, not because you are and AEON FLUX fan.
    This film fell short in many categories. It was a simplified, stupified, redheaded step child of the original series. It lacked finesse and the sexuality you would expect from a film emulating the AEON FLUX series. Charlize Theron is hot though............more info
  • Too much Too soon
    I just purchased and watched this DVD. And although Charlize Theron is near genetic perfection and she is definitly a sensual being, big pluses, you can not make a provacetive scifi action picture in 90 minutes. The picture lacks to much story to be truly appealing. In order for the movie to work as it had hoped we need to care about the lead character and care about what she cares about... always an important point in good movie making. But we are brought into the story and her life much to late to do either. The filmed which hoped to be heavy, ends up feeling light. We needed to see what drove her to where she is now and why it is important, we get neither. Jonny Lee Miller is a menacing villian, very important, but has too little screen time and too little to do to really scare us. But the story just lacks, we need to know why it is so important for Aeon to do what she is doing, why has she become the no. 1 Monicle assasin, and we need to be startled that she has strong emotional feelings for the person she is determinded to kill, we get neither. I might think budget constrictions had a lot to do with why this picture did not succeed. All the elements are here for a really good film, but there is not enough film to make it one. The picture comes of as sort of a modern age "Logon's run"... ( also not to be crase, but a real love scene with real sexual situations might have help convice us more that there was something deep here). Stylish and defintly futuristic in a believable way...I am just left wanting a lot more....more info
  • Aeon Flux (Special Collector's Edition)
    This film is great for the futuristically Sifi inclined watcher however if you have seen the hype of the film you may be let down by this movie. I would say Give this film a day in court and see what you think of this film, Its one of those that each individual will really like or will really not like. One thing I can promise is that the speciall effects are Phenominal....more info
  • Enormous potential; average outcome
    First let me say that I liked the movie. It's fun and my attention did not waver. I like watching Charlize Theron, a chameleon of a woman (remember her as the homely, overweight serial-killer from "Monster?") and possibly among the best actresses alive today. In addition, the action was paced rather well. And, yes, I recommend watching... as a rental.

    My reservations stem from the insult to my intelligence delivered by a ludicrous plot. The writer lacked imagination to sew his plot together, and therefore relied on the most outrageous twists and turns that can only strike the audience as false. I am not even going to begin exploring all the inconsistencies, logical fallacies, and outright irrational behavior of characters in the film. It's a film made of swiss cheese, rife with holes, and you just have to put your thinking mind on a shelf, and regress to childhood and ENJOY. Because the action is fun.

    So this is a three or four-beer movie, if you like your suds; or perhaps you can regress without chemical assistance. Based upon the lamentable dearth of good sci-fi movies, I must recommend Aeon Flux because it's not bad and rather a dashing fun little flick. Just don't expect logic or consistency....more info
  • Great movie for any sci-fi fan
    This is a really fun sci-fi movie to watch. This is a different story than movie in this genre and is a solid one at that. I did like the action of the "heroin" and does break all of the "sterotypes" of the "weak" woman figure. Bravo to the writer and director of this film for building a solid story with a strong woman as the heroin. The special effects were excellent in this movie as well as the acting of the actors. I do recommend this movie to anyone that loves sci-fi flicks with a little twist to the story....more info
  • OMG...
    Here's a thought; if you're going to base a movie on a previously successful television series, why not make it actually resemble that series? Another thought: if you're going to cast Charlize Theron as the sexy heroine, why not make her look, oh, I don't know, sexy? She's running around in what looks like black long-underwear throughout the movie, and you really don't care. It doesn't look good on her, and she's acting like she's The Terminator. Problem is, she's a hundred and nothing and kicking the #### out of people twice her size. It's just not believable. At all. The characters are embarrassingly without character, and the story is horrifically without thought. And what a waste of Pete Postlethwaite's talents. I feel bad for him having gone from In The Name Of The Father to this......more info
  • Sci-Fan Should Give Aeon a Chance
    Ever since I saw Peter Chung's creation mow down piles of enemies with her two Uzis, a leather S&M get up, and little else, I fell in love. Aeon Flux was bizarre, action-packed, and short on words (actually, almost none at all when she first debuted on Liquid T.V.). I watched it over and over, I drew Aeon multiple times until I got her right, and the breakneck pace that was established in the film still affects my writing to this day.

    So it was with no small trepidation that I approached the Aeon Flux movie. How could they possibly do justice to a bizarre series that was as much a style as it was a cartoon, alternately ugly and sleekly beautiful all at the same time?

    Taking place in 2415, Aeon (Charlize Theron sporting a brunette `do) is an agent of the Monicans. The Monicans wage a secret war against Trevor Goodchild (Martin Csokas), a well-meaning despot who struggles to keep the fragile city of Bregna together. The Earth has long since been devastated by a plague, and there are only five million survivors left in the city. And yet there's something rotten in the city of Bregna, for Trevor's brother Oren (Jonny Lee Miller) is about to stage a coup.

    After her sister Una (Amelia Warner) is murdered, Aeon's out for revenge against the supposed despot. Assisting Aeon in her mission of revenge is Sithandra (Sophie Okonedo) who happens to have hands for feet. And yet when she finally faces her target, Aeon discovers there's something very familiar about Trevor that gives her pause.

    Aeon Flux was directed by a woman (Karyn Kusama) and her sensibilities bring a refreshing touch to a genre that is all too muscular, boxy, and grim. Like The Fifth Element, Aeon Flux is an entry in a science fiction genre that avoids the standard futuristic tropes and injects new and bizarre technology into it. Body modification, as evidenced by Sithandra, is an accepted part of sciety. Technology is organic, ranging from killer grass to dart guns shaped like beehives, computers made of water to holograms formed of harp-like strings. All the Monican agents are linked by a telepathic connection that lets them visualize each other in a sort of World Wide Web of the mind. Fashion styles are reminiscent of French couture. A zeppelin computer that looms overhead has all the appearance of a monstrous jellyfish. Even the city looks like a giant carnation from above.

    Aeon herself is played with deadly seriousness by Theron, who draws on her ballerina training to adopt a dancer's pose. Her martial arts is as much an art form as it is combat style, and the graceful leaps and jumps that the cartoon version effortlessly executed are much in evidence here; an amazing achievement, given that the original character's proportions barely conformed to reality.

    So what's the problem? Critics lambasted the film, characterizing it as too complicated. It's difficult for me to agree with them, because fans of the show will know precisely what's going on...and yet the movie wasn't spoiled for me either. In fact, the biggest flaw of the film is the motive for Oren to "recycle" people in the city of Bregna. His "my way or else" proposition isn't really justified in the movie's narrative, such that we just have to trust that there's simply no room for compromise between the two ideologies battling it out on screen. But once you're past that hurdle, the film is as much eye-candy as it is an interesting post-apocalyptic entry into alternative sci-fi.

    The backlash on this film is suspicious. Perhaps it was Theron's Oscar win. Perhaps it's simply that many critics don't like science fiction. Or perhaps it's that a truly feminist take on a science fiction world makes male reviewers uncomfortable. Whatever the case, sci-fi fans should definitely give Aeon Flux a chance....more info
  • Actually a good movie to watch.
    Compared to Ultraviolet, Aeon Flux was definitly a better movie. I liked both though, especially the sound tracks. This movie also is visually stunning and that's why I'm giving it 4 instead of 3 stars. Very well made unlike a surprisingly many poor DVD's you see. ...more info
  • Satisfying bu forgettable sci-fi
    It's puzzling why this film was so derided on its original release. Clearly, it is not a classic, but it is enjoyable enough - one can only think that the media were out to get Charlize Theron after her recent Oscar win.
    It is the future - a short time from now a disease wipes out 99% of the population, until Trevor Goodchild finds a cure. Now as the movie starts it is 400 years later and mankind is reduced to living in one walled city. However, there is unrest in this Eutopia and resistance has sprung up, of which Aeon is one. However, events unfold which lead her to question not just her orders but the truth of her very existence. It's a neat set up, and the story is not as trite as you might expect - it has some genuine unexpected directions and a satisfying conclusion.
    If the movie has a flaw, it's that it fails to find much heart - the Eutopia is by its nature pristine and cool, but the acting seems to fall into the same trap so that we don't find much humanity to relate to. This future is not just cool but sexy too - almost like an updated version of the future seen in 'Logans Run'. If you have seen the movie you might be tempted to see this as a special effects movie, but in fact the effects serve the story well.
    All in all a satisfying tale, which is crisply photographed and has a cast and art direction which are very easy on the eye. I recommend it for an undemanding evenings entertainment where action is desired, but not at the expense of story....more info