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Ectaco C-Pen 20 Handheld Scanner
List Price: $200.00

Our Price: $119.00

You Save: $81.00 (40%)


Product Description

The C-Pen 20 is an affordable and reliable handheld data entry alternative to fixed desktop scanners. Letting you capture the exact segment of the text you need, it instantly inserts scanned data into the desired field within your applications. Seamlessly integrating with translation, word processor, database or spreadsheet applications, you can now scan and insert text from curved, laminated and patterned surfaces - something standard scanners just can't do. Significantly faster and more flexible than a desktop scanner it connects easily with your laptop or Win XP based handheld device and is lightweight and extremely portable. You can use the C-Pen 20 in the library, at the office or even on a plane. Able to read printed text in over 238 languages it lets you send a phrase or a whole paragraph from foreign books or documents to your PC for phonetic pronunciation or to speed up translation and learning. Now you need never again copy-type long sentences or number combinations from contact sheets, business cards or any other printed surface, eliminating the costly and time-consuming mistakes which often occur during manual data entry. In the warehouse, C-Pen 20 enables the creation of custom inventorying and tracking solutions that target the specific needs of your business. Now scan data from any surface directly into standard applications on your computer and continue to process it within the application of your choice. It couldnt be easier.

  • Selective data entry
  • Better data control
  • Increased scanning speeds
  • Scanning from irregular surfaces
  • Recognizes 238 languages

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't buy thing, it's piece of junk
    This product doesn't scan accurately, and is a waste of time and money. I think that says it all....more info
  • It is truly AMAZING!! I'm impressed!
    The pen works really well. The accuracy is right on. I mostly needed it to scan my textbook so it could essentially type my notes for me. it was highly accurate and easily used. I can insert a return when i need to by one simple push of the function button. if you need it to scan text and throw it on your computer with ease this is the pen for you. its worth a try and def worth the money. my one drawback for me is it is NOT compatible with a mac. i have a macbook aluminum running os x and i spent a good amount of time trying to get it up and running and it was a no go. so the good thing was i have parallels and it worked out fine, but since on my parallels i don't have word i have to put it in wordpad then trasnfer it to word.

    the pen stays connected to the computer.
    it's extremely easy to use. just point and scan. the button on the tip of one of the legs turns on the light letting you know its scanning.
    it is really accurate and does what it is supposed to....more info
  • Ectaco C-Pen 20 Handheld Scanner
    I use it for data entry on tax returns. It works great on white backgrounds, but not so good for colors other than white. I will buy 2 more next year for my staff....more info
  • Works on Mac! Great item!
    I have been using this for my grad school papers for about 3 weeks. It works great. With a steady hand the learning curve is about 20 minutes. The only time it has problems is when then the book is not flat or the binding is too close to the margin. I downloaded the Mac driver from the Ectaco website and the pen scans directly on my Mac. I am running Leopard, on a 2.2 Ghz Macbook, and MS Word 2004; it also worked with Pages 08. ...more info
  • Under right conditions, performs flawlessly
    As a law student, the C-Pen 20 was just what I needed to covert numerous documents into text on a word processor. Once you get the hang of holding the pen at a certain angle, the pen actually recognizes text quicker than the product description and instructions say - as long as you are scanning under the proper conditions. The pen experienced no problems recognizing black text on a white background, and recognized most symbols as well. If the text is a different color, or the background is not white, the pen's performance will be substantially hindered and the most common result will be a long string of gibberish, regardless of how slow you scan the text. I tried out the bar code scanning mode, and experienced no problems, but that was not the primary reason for my purchase.

    So in summery, for scanning black text on a white background, this pen will be superb for your needs. For any other conditions, you will experience significant problems and should look for another solution - though you will likely have to purchase a much more expensive scanner to avoid this problem....more info
  • Great Product
    I feel completely compelled to write this review for the C-Pen 20. It far exceeds my expectation. I am a graduate student, working on a doctorate at Harvard University. It is a tool, or better yet, a weapon that has reduced my time tremendously. I wish I had it while going through my master's program.

    I would say that it is about 90% accurate right out of the box without any training. I have had it about 3 weeks now, and with improved technique, I have increased its accuracy to about 95% - 97%. I have found it helpful to always perform the stroke left - right. It is easier for 2 reason, 1) that is the way humans read and 2) you don't have to readjust the position of your hand.

    I would recommend it to anyone who has to do research, or persons who are in a profession where previous documentation is necessary.
    ...more info