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Kingston 2 GB SD Flash Memory Card SD/2GB
List Price: $25.99

Our Price: $2.25

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Product Description

Kingston's standard Secure Digital (SD) memory cards combine massive storage capacity, blazing data transfer rates and ironclad security in a memory card no bigger than a postage stamp. Kingston's SD cards are ideal expansion option for the smallest of devices including MP3 players, digital cameras, PDAs, smartphones and more. For added reliability and durability, the solid-state SD memory cards are built of non-volatile memory components and have no moving parts. Quickly and easily download and transfer digital files between various digital devices, a computer and the Internet. An optional SD memory card reader makes it easy to upload files from an SD memory card to a computer.

The Kingston Secure Digital (SD) memory card combines massive storage capacity, blazing data transfer rates, and ironclad security in a memory card no bigger than a postage stamp. With an excellent price-to-performance value, this card is an ideal expansion option for the smallest of devices, including MP3 players, digital cameras, PDAs, smartphones, and more.

An SD memory card reader makes it easy to upload files from an SD memory card to a computer. With a 2 GB capacity, this memory card quickly and easily downloads and transfers digital files between a computer and the Internet, as well as other digital devices.

For added reliability and durability, the solid-state SD memory card is built of nonvolatile memory components and has no moving parts to wear out or break. The Kingston SD card is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Up to 5 MB/sec read speed and 1.5 MB/sec write speed
  • 2 GB capacity offers plenty of storage for your digital images
  • Built-in write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss
  • Low power consumption is easy on device's batteries
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Kingston 2GB SD Flash Memory card
    This product works as well as I thought it would. Not much I can say about it. I have no idea how many pictures/videos it holds, but I still haven't used all the memory. So it's pretty good....more info
  • Kingston memory card
    I was not sure if just any memory card would work; so I got the one offered for my Kindle. And I have not had any problem with it....more info
  • Gave my camera longer battery life...
    I bought a couple of these memory cards for a 2-week trip to Italy, for use in a Pentax Optio SV camera. I also bought an extra battery. Well, I forgot to bring my battery charger so all I had was two charged batteries and two of these flash memory cards for the whole two weeks.

    Amazingly, my first battery lasted 11 days, over 200 pictures. That's MUCH longer than it used to last with the 256MB card I had in it (can't remember the brand). And this was on my old battery, so I know that the only change was this memory card. Never would have guessed this to be the case. And this was with plenty of flash photography and the LCD preview screen turned on the whole time. I took a total of 284 pictures and could have taken at least 150 more with the amount of batter power left on the second battery.

    Just thought this was surprising, so I'm giving this 5 stars....more info
  • Works perfectly
    This 2GB SD card worked perfectly, just as I hoped and expected it to. A great value....more info
  • Awesome
    What can you say? It works like it should. I think i paid a few bucks and it holds like 1500 pics or so on my camera. Buy one. ...more info
  • wrong item
    it was the wrong item. i needed the micro flash card. i sent it back. i guess you have not received it because my account has not been credited. but its ok. i shall continue using because i have never been unhappy with any of its products. thank you...more info
  • Very satisfied customer
    I received the Kingston 2 GB SD Flash memory card promptly. Could not beat the price locally, even with shipping charges added. Great buy, great service. ...more info
  • Very good value
    This product arrived early and in great shape. I use it in my camera and it is very good. Best value. I see them at many stores for much more money....more info
  • Pretty good product, shipping was quick
    Product has pretty good quality, but ofcourse there are faster ones in the market right now for a much higher price....more info
  • Great and inexpensive!
    This 2 gig Micro SD card is great for the digital photo frame I received for Christmas. Holds lots of pictures....more info
  • Flash Memory
    I just received this item on Saturday(it's Monday morning now)and haven't had a chance to use it. Besides Flash Memories either work or don't, what's to review?...more info
  • No problems
    I ended up giving this to my Dad for his birthday, no problems from either of us since August. Good buy....more info
  • Perfect.
    Had to get a SD card for a Kodak digital frame that my sister in law got us for Christmas. Click and dragged photos from iPhoto to the card, popped card in...Hey it woiks!...more info
  • Kingston SD card Problem
    After using the Kingston 2 GB SD Flash Memory Card SD/2GB the the thin plastic divider strips between the metal electrical contact strips broke and bent preventing reading the card until the broken strips were removed with fine forceps. The card was used in my Canon SX10IS Digital Camera, SanDisk ImageMate 12 in 1 Reader, and a Targus multi-card reader from Walmart. I bought 3 cards so I will observe to see if the problem presents on the other 2....more info
  • Great Product worth the Money Cant go Wrong
    Item shipped fast, received within a couple of days works great so far. No problems....more info
  • Good and Cheap
    I bought two 2GB SD cards for my GOPRO helmet cam and they worked perfectly fine. The camera can only accept up to 2 GB of regular SD memory so for under [...] bucks a card, and my free trial membership of amazon prime, this was a steal. I used the camera for snowboarding at whistler BC and temps varied between slightly above freezing and maybe 20 F. This didn't seem to affect the memory. I basically picked the least expensive memory and at the time, this was it. That said, I would have gone with another manufacturer if I would have got a better deal, so it's not like I'm partial to Kingston. ...more info
  • Works well for it's intended use
    I bought the 2GB Kingston SD card for my wii, so that I could store downloadable content for Rock Band. It works fine in my wii and it stores a lot of songs for the price. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to store DLC for their wii. It's compatible, and until Nintendo supports SDHC capability, it's the most space you can get in one card....more info