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Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia, Rise Of The Zilart, Treasures of Aht Urhgan
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Product Description

In Final Fantasy XI Online, the world of Vana'Diel stands at the brink of war. Three powerful nations, united in their plight against the beastmen forces, look to their last hope -- brave adventurers like you! Step into this world and journey forth on grand adventures with players from all across the globe. Final Fantasy XI is the first online game in the award-winning Final Fantasy series. Set out on your own to discover the countless secrets of Vana'diel, or form a party with your friends to purge the beastman forces and bring home sensational spoils. How you play is up to you -- the possibilities for adventure are limitless. Complex yet well-balanced battle system that works for beginners and experts alike - perform strategic attacks using magic, job abilities, and weapon skills Participate in special quests or missions to unlock exciting new jobs such as Dark Knight, Summoner and Ninja Playonline viewer software contains communication tools, access to support, customization tools, and games like Tetra Master Card game from Final Fantasy IX Includes Rise Of The Zilart expansion pack, with new areas and features to explore - Incredible landscapes including mountains, forests, ice plains and more

  • The first cross-platform massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which allows gamers to connect to the same gaming world-whether they are playing on Playstation 2, PC or XBOX 360
  • Live in a persistent world with time and climate changes that range from full day/night cycles to desert sandstorms, thunderstorms, fog, and snow
  • Form parties by utilizing various integrated communication tools, including easy-to-use Playonline Chat and Playonline Mail
  • Explore over 100 areas, from forests and ice plains to castles and dungeons
  • Customize characters with a host of physical traits and jobs -- gain the ability to equip and switch support jobs at any time

Customer Reviews:

  • You wil need time and money
    My advices:
    1) Each box of the game have a password therefore you cannot resell or len it (if used).
    2) It's online ONLY. You need an broadband internet connection.
    3) You have to pay a monthly fee ($12 ~ $20).
    4) A 20 GB hard drive will fall short in the meantime.
    5) You need an USA credit card with local address.
    6) Install it overnight (while you sleep) because it takes a long time to download the updates and patches.
    7) Not for casual gamers. It will take several hours a day. It's like a job. If you have a life of your own you won't enjoy this game....more info
  • bad service from
    Do not order this item from
    They take forever to fill an order. Example: I placed my order on May 5th, and on May 9th they email me that it has been shipped by UPS ground with a rescheduled delivery date of May 15th. ...more info
  • Completely Dispointed in this game
    First off It takes 4 hours too set everything up.. Takes all your Information for Payment before you even Played anything . Having too buy a keyboard or something for this game . Plus the 5 Gigs this game uses up .. Allmost have too Buy a 100.00 Harddrive after Buying this game ... ...more info
  • ripped off
    I got the game used and your not suppost to sell it used. Im telling everyone who wants to buy it. Dont get it used. It says in the license agreement the game is not suppost to be sold used only new and unopened...more info
  • great game
    The game is just as we expected. Too bad it took so long to get to us as it got lost in the mail for a couple weeks. ...more info
  • Final Fantasy 11
    First of all 4 hours of downloads isnt that much wait for a game that you will be playing for years.If you dont bulk up your hard drive with music, five gigs isnt that much either. Stop complaining about something you dont understand.
    This game is so indepth, its amazing. There are so many things to keep you busy throughout the years of play. Sure the monthly fee is a little pricey but you get one free month to see if you like it, after that you can cancel your membership and miss out on a really good thing. Its your call. Its a little slow at first but youll pick up speed once you get the hang of it.
    If you dont mind a little over 12 dollars a month try this game out. Its worth it....more info
  • A hard game to get into
    First of all, I'll just say that I have not played the 360 version of FFXI, but I have played this game on PC and PS2 since its NA release. The game has alot of problems, that's for sure. Prices on some servers for gear and other items are out of control, and some people who play are very rude and ignorant. However when you are dealing with humans, that is to be expected. Part of the enjoyment to be had from FFXI is getting to know people and gathering to do events that you can't do alone. That is also a major drawback of this game. It takes alot of time to do things, such as misisons. Getting together 18 people for a monster fight can take hours. However if you like challenges then this game is challenging. If you prefer a game that you can do 90-95% of the game alone then you could try WoW. And to the complaints about DLing for 4 hours to start, what do you expect? When you buy a game that has been out for 2+ years with updates every month or so, you have alot to Download. Alot of patches and things that can't be put onto the game disc have to be Downloaded, so be prepared. But the game itself is worth it if you want a challenge. It is a not a game you can play for an hour or so and get a fair shake at it. You have to get to a point where you start interacting with other people, that is when the fun starts. And like a reviewer before said, if you get into the game and play it, you will be playing for a long time. I haven't bought a single RPG since I purchased this on PC, so I have spent far less on video games than I would have if I was buying normal console RPGs, since one of those are 30-50 bucks a pop, thats 2-4 months of this game. And someone had said that it is extra for another chara, which is true. It is 1 dollar per extra chara on a single "Content ID"(which is what you set up when you install the game) and people usually use those chara's to store gear or other items, but you do not have to buy another chara. In the 2 years+ I have played I have only needed one chara. Another thing that ruins this game is the fact that there is not alot to do once you gain level 75(the higest lvl). There are very few things, and the things you can do get boring fast, leaving you to level another job. And leveling can be a pain, because you need to make a party after about level 10. But it is all worth it if you enjoy meeting new people and are willing to put forth an effort to learn the game. As far as the game itself, you have 5 races to choose from, each with stronger attributes than others depending on their most suited jobs(ex. Mithra have higher Agility and Dexterity because they are naturally better ninjas and theifs). For 3 of the races you can choose a gender, but that doesn't affect your attributes in anyway, but it can affect what equipment you can wear(some pieces may be female only, and some gear is also race specific). With the newest expansion the number of jobs increased to 18, but only 6 are usable when you begin. When you hit level 30 you can quest for 9 more, and the last 3 from the new expansion can be obtained anytime, but are dangerous missions, so maybe not until the 50's or higher. So the bottom line is that this game takes alot of time, but if you like that kind of game, and like meeting new people, this is a good game. If you don't like to take hours to complete a single fight or can't stand people, then look at another game. ...more info
  • To the nay-sayers
    I am posting in response to the negative posts. First off, yes the game is incredibly complex, it takes awhile to setup, awhile to learn, and is impossible to master. You complain because it costs [...]$ a month and say over a year trhats [...]$ well how about this for a little math, how many games will your son, daughter, etc play for a year?! few to none, usually games can be beaten in 3 weeks then are never played again. I dont mind paying [...]$ a month because I have been playing for 7 months and its still something I look forward to daily. As for your complaint about charging for extra characters, yes its [...]$ a month if you want an extra character I see no problem with this, it eliminates people having 200 characters they do nothing with and clogging up the servers.

    I will agree with you the game is hard to get into, but someone on my linkshell (sort of clubs/groups of friends you join in the game for help) and his 5 year old daughter plays on a regular basis. There are mentors and linkshells setup to assist people, and if you just ask in your starter city people will help you. If you end up on Odin and need a LS send a tell to cdgreg Id be glad to make you a pearl. Also there are great online sites where you can read about the game. Anyways, yeah its complicated to start, but once you get rolling you will enjoy it, I promise you that....more info
  • This game is amazing!
    I have been playing this game on the computer since Oct 2004 and I have to say, this is one of the better games I have played. I recently bought the xbox360 version to play on my HDTV and it looks just as good it not bettter than my 22 inch monitor. Im not one to write a review but all the negative reviews have me inclined to do so as i find it unfair to give negative reviws without truly giving it a chance. This game is a MMORPG. There is no way one can figure out what to do in 3 hours and then decide its not for me. This game is so large that is it overwhelming when you 1st start this game. (One really does need the guide to help to get started.) In reguards to the $200 per year, once you get into this game, you wont really want to play anything else. This game is that good. So for me, playing this game saved me hundreds of dolllars as i havent bought as many games as I normally would because the replay on this game is pretty much endless. It took me 2 hours to install, but i already have an account. The install is a short time to wait considering 5 gigs plus are being installed into the hardrive to avoid long loading times and in the end better gameplay. You pretty much leave it alone as it installs on its own. If you are considering buying this game, please give it a chance. And by that, give it the full 30 days. I belive once you understand it you will truly enjoy it. ...more info
  • Ok game but....
    The game is a fun game and usualy a final fantasy fans must have but the thing i think everyone must know about the game and most all online games that i have plaied anyway have no underling storie line. Now I havent plaied all the oline games out there so that may not be true for all games but for this one it is. For a storie line on ffxi you can make your own for your character. When you first start out you will have your choice of Hume, Elvaan, Tarutaru, Mithra,and Galka ok and now i know that your probly saing "ha?"trust me when i first saw the dofrent races there were to chose from.a Hume is easy its just a human an elvaan is an elf like legolas from lord of the rings(there realy tall in this game) A tarutaru is actualy a doll race there very small and make good mages, Mithras are a cat race they are realy cool however they only come in females and a galka is hard to explain there a big stron race for what they look like just go to the final fantasy xi web site and you can see what all the races look like. There are main jobs as they call it to chose from warrior, thief, monk, white mage, black mage, and red mage when you first start the game you chose a character customize it and name it you will chose from one of these jobs then you start leveling your characters job. eventual you will be able to get a sub job so you will have two jobs at the same time after a certen level though you will need to party to get the next level up faster. after about level 30 you will be able to get new jobs such as Dragoon, Ninja, Dark Knight, BeastMaster, Paladin, Ranger, Samurai, and Summoner all but three are pretty easy to figure out what they are but a dragoon is a job where a dragon follows you around and helps you fight it realy realy helps you fight, a Beastmaster gets to control the monstersyou usualy fight,and a paladin is well a very very good mage of all the difrent mages so if you chose to go for that job you would have the best job for whght mage black mage blue mage, and red mage. To get these new jobs you would have to go through a quest to get them.

    Then of corse you have difrent ways to make money you could do fishing cooking black smithing loging and much more to keep the lag down there are difrent servers you will be put into. All and all the game is good if you like games where you make your own storie line but if you dont like games with no underling storie line then i sugest you not get this game it will be a big waste of oney to you. If you decide you like what you see and need help when you start im on alot so you can feel free to ask me my screen name is enchant to talk to me just type /tell enchant then type in your message if im on ill get what you wrote if im not there are many people running around that would help you.
    ...more info
  • Enjoy!
    Most will overlook the obligatory "This thing will take up all your free time" warning as "Just another MMO!" or "I'll play it so much because it's fun."


    It will subsitute your life /expressly/ for the reason that it basically forces you to spend 8 hours a day on the "grind". Yep, 8 hours will get you your first five levels in a day, but after that...well, hope you have a cushion to sit on, otherwise your bum will be raw. Also be prepared to wait on /other/ peoples' daily schedules (to be specific, 5 others' time) since you have to gather and organize a party to do anything.

    I say this because it's true. It's like working a full-time job.

    Oh, but the graphics are good, cutscenes are cool, and the people are nice......more info
  • FFXI good game/long process
    This game is much like work...I am selling my account and the game for xbox 360 on ebay now cuz it was like paying to work......more info
  • PC better than Xbox
    I've been playing this game over 4 years and have logged over 365 days play time.. Yes, average of 6hrs a day. I have 3 systems, PC, PS2 and Xbox360. I bought the Xbox to run this game only. I was hoping for a higher quality image compared to the PS2, but it isn't. This could be due to the flat screen TV I have, but that is not my main problem.
    I've been running my Xbox for about 5 months now, 24/7. The problem with this system is the disc is required to be in the tray and it constantly spins, unlike the PS2 version and PC that play from the hard drives. My Xbox now has a hard time reading the disc and I have to smack it a few times to get it to read. (maybe due to dust build up?) It has also locked up a few times during battle and required a restart (over heating maybe?). I disconnected the Xbox system this weekend and plan to shutdown my 3rd account.
    Some quick notes for new players/people interested:
    1. PC is much better quality than other systems.
    2. This game is HUGE. Even with the amount of time I've played, I've only experienced less than 50% of the thing to do/places to go. This is mainly because I'm stationed overseas in a Japan timezone. (Hard to join large groups of english speaking people to do large scale events).
    3. You will need a PC/Internet access in order to look up information on quests/missions/monsters/gear/guides, ect.. Otherwise you will have a hard, boring time trying to figure stuff out and/or trying to locate items or places.
    4. If you don't have the time to play a couple days a week, don't bother. This game is on-line only, you can't pause it or hit the "save" button.
    5. Be prepared to kill hundreds/thousands of low level monsters to make money off the items they drop so you can buy gear/spells/food/ect.. You can do this while "looking for party" to level up.
    6. There are a total of 20 jobs you can chose from, but you only start out with 6 available (I think 6). You can start unlocking other jobs when you meet the level requirement of 30 (lev 75 is max) and perform the required quest. Some other RPG games lock you in as 1 main job from what I understand.

    This is the only game I play (for the most part) and I have no intentions of playing any other RPGs on-line.
    See ya around, maybe!
    Name: Svt
    Server: Sylph...more info
  • Major Let Down
    I am a parent who got suckered. Actually, I have never written a review for anything before. However, I find myself obligated in saving people from buying a product so poorly developed that it should have never been released in the market. I find it disgusting that a company took advantage of a "product name recognition" to exploit its fans. This game first off takes so long to get started that it takes the complete joy out of buying a new game. I spent over 4 hours trying to get myself set up. On top of my time being wasted, the game requires monthly fee's to play plus there is a charge for each character you build. Are you kidding me? This is corporation greed at its worst. I purchased the game because my son is a huge final fantasy fan. However, after my son played for three hours he became frustrated with the complexity and lack of direction in the game that he turned it off. I never seen my son so disappointed. To all those people who wrote "great" reviews, you should be ashamed! No one in his or her right mind can find this game worth all the money is required to play. At 12.99 a month playing fee for a year plus the cost of the game plus the cost of a character, one can be looking at paying over $200 for "ONE" Game....more info
  • Incomplete
    I have always been a fan of Final Fantasy games, I also had a WoW account for over a year. However the latest adoption of bringing this title to the Xbox 360 was poorly done. To start it takes three hours to install, including an hour of downloading updates, and it uses 5 gig (yes 5 gig) of your hard drive. Next up, controls they are bulky, and not utilized properly. To really play the game you will need a USB keyboard. The game does not have achievements as the rest of the 360 games do.

    I will be exchanging it tonight. ...more info
  • Final Fantasy XI is a great game!
    I plan on picking this up because I am interested in it. I'm tired of everyone complaining about FFXI. It has a monthly fee of $12.95. If you can afford a $60 game every month or an Xbox 360, the fee shouldn't be that big. Give it some time also, not just 3 hours. It is a big game and a lot to do. People will help you out. The graphics may not be what the 360 can do, but it looks pretty sharp in HD. Also the game is 4 years old; don't expect awesome visuals for a MMORPG thats also multi console (PC, PS2, 360).

    You do need a USB keyboard and instalation is long if you do/don't have it. Once past that, it should be a blast.
    Like all MMOs FFXI is time consuming, but fun. It is always evolving because of the monthly fee; if not the game wouldn't be that fun. Just give it a try for the 30 days and see what you think. If you think about it, 30 days is how much the average person plays a FPS, sports game, RPG, or fighting game. The game is only $50 not $60 and it will be worth it.
    ...more info
  • Awesome game
    This game is awesome but unfortunatly this game version is only NTSC and it doesnt work with an asian console. I was able to use the cd key on the pc version of the game....more info
    I bought this game as there are not too many 360 games out yet and wanted something to tide me over. I have played past Final Fantasy games and while they were a bit out there they were good times.
    Reasons why I beg you not to waste your money:
    - First off this game took FIVE HOURS to install. I am not making this up. I started at 10am and it didn't complete until after 3pm.
    - Do you have a USB keyboard for your XBOX? Neither do I. While they claim this is a 360 game it is actually a PC game that is playable on the 360. You have to type A LOT. If you don't have a keyboard there is an on screen keyboard that will infuriate you with its poor interface.
    - This is actually a long term rental. That's right! In order to play this you must "subscribe" to another on line service (in addition to XBOX live) for $12.99 a month.
    - This isn't Final Fantasy it is World of Warcraft and while I enjoy watching Leeroy Jenkins I have no desire to become him. The amount of time spent developing skills is almost real time.
    - You can't trade this in. As it is password protected you can't trade this game in at any used game stores. Yup, they won't take it as it is unusable.

    While there are some people who prefer an on-line existence to their real life I am not one of them. This could be the greatest game of its type ever and if it is and I have offended fans of those games I apologize, but if you are just a gamer looking for something new to beat and remember the olf FF games pass this one by it is not for you.
    ...more info
    I just wanted to post this to let customers know NOT TO BUY used copies of the game, or betas. I noticed one person selling the beta, it will not work, that is a rip off. The beta stopped working April. Also, some people have said they installed it and decided against playing, or that they just played a little bit. Loading this game onto your xbox latches that game onto that particular console, once you use the enclosed codes no other system can use it.

    Therefore, if you buy a copy that has had its codes used, you will spend 5 hours loading the game and then come to find that you bought the instruction book. The game's codes will not work and you will be unable to play tha game. The people selling used copies should know this, it says it all over the box and book and it is dishonest to sell such an item used....more info
  • Grand Theft Final Fantasy
    Let?s get real, it?s not worth paying so much to play a game. It?s better to spend your money on wiser choices, do your numbers. Just compare the [...] anual fee of Xbox live to the equivalent [...] annual fee for playing this game([...] a month for Xbox live and [...] of "PlayOnline fee"). That means that if you want to play this game it will cost you a 255% more money (in terms of annual fee)that any other online game. Do you find it reasonable the fact that you have to "double pay" for the online services? when in the market all X-360 games only require Xbox Live membership? Is this a joke? What happens if you want to play this game for more than a year or if you own it and want to re-play it after a while, then the price value of playing it sky-rockets. Total rip-off. Don?t get me wrong, I?m a hardcore Final Fantasy fan but I am sure that I can spend that money wisely and wait for another big title to come up. I regret buying this game....more info
  • Final Fantasy Hate to Pay three times X-box 360
    Hate to Pay three times, Once for the game, Once for the privilge of using a server(xboxs) and once for registering to play on the games server.
    I never played or registered this So the game might be Great but I'll never know.....more info
  • A great MMO that has it's chops
    First off, I want to say that this is an ONLINE MASSIVELY ONLINE ROLE PLAYING GAME, which means it incurs a monthly fee. This is the main complaint I hear from people. Yet, the ironic thing is the price is the same as WoW.

    Beyond that, this game is great for those who like hardcore MMO's. There are monsters that will kill you in one hit. Even then, when you are strong enough to kill that monster, you get a HUGE sense of accomplishment, which is why I must recommend it....more info
  • Finnal Fantasy XXI
    Well starting out could be a little hard since the game is so far started. The best think you could do is try to get in a Link Shell (ls) is the abbreviation that they would use. If you buy this game just stick with it till you get a good friend or friends then the game really gets going. All around its a great game good mechanics virtually no glitches in the game and if you find one they have people in the game that will come help you out. Thats all I have to say its a good game and you should definitely buy it....more info
  • Hmm
    I played ffxi from when I was 13 to 17.. then I found WoW, please, everyone do yourself a favor, and buy WoW, not this, Amazon will still make money, they dont care. WoW's gtaphics aren't as good, but its better in every other aspect. and this is comming from someone who played ffxi FOREVER, yes 4 years is FOREVER. Like.. seriously.. Plus In WoW, you can kill other players. /grin, and you dont get perma banned for it. =P FFXI gets a 3/5 from me, but WoW gets a 10/10 hands down.

    Imorame - Kel'Thuzad....more info
  • Didnt even get to play
    Product was in excellent condition and arrived very fast but it wasnt stated clearly that it was an ntsc version as i was in nz i cannot play so maybe i should check auction next time...more info