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Griffin iTalk Pro - Microphone
List Price: $54.03

Our Price: $9.99

You Save: $44.04 (82%)


Product Description

Record and Play voice memos using built-in microphone and speaker / Connectors also allow use of optional mic or headphones

With iTalk you can record seminars, meetings, classes, notes in your car, songs, whatever you want. iTalk has a built-in microphone designed to record crystal-clear audio, and its Automatic Gain Control assures you have the best possible signal level for recording. You can even connect an external microphone directly to iTalk for more recording options.

Listen to your iTalk recordings through your headphones. It includes a pass-through mini jack so you can monitor your voice recording or listen to your music without removing iTalk. You can even download your recordings to play back on your computer.

iPod Compatibility
iPod 5G/5.5G Video

  • Internal microphone and laptop quality speaker
  • Connect external microphone or headphones
  • Automatic Level Control for perfect recordings
  • 1/8 Pass-through jack for Lapel Mic or speaker
  • Compatibile with 5G iPod video, iKaraoke, and more

Customer Reviews:

  • nice!
    i have no complaints about this item. i have seen reviews by people who are recording music. but that's not what it's for. it's for voice notes. undoubtedly one could use it to record music, however, but i would keep it to solos, duos or trios. the more complicated the score, the more playback will distort.

    i use it for lectures in a 144 square foot room and leave my iPod up in front of the class. the lecturer is clear, however, i can hear my own questions being asked from the back row.

    there are high and low settings for quality and low is sufficient for my purposes. it uses the least amount of battery power. i have recorded up to 4 hours. the battery life was "in the red" at the end of the 4 hours, but after removing the iTalk, the battery bounced back to "in the green" (about half left).

    some reviews also mention that the whirring sound of the disk inside the iPod is audible. it is, but it's so quiet, not interfering, and only intermittent.

    if you really want to make the item worth your dollar, do not buy it from apple, buy it here from a z-shop....more info
  • What I expected
    I recieved my i-talk just in time for my rehersals in a new show. I need it to record m vocal parts. It worked just I expected and there really were no problems except for the slight delay when you first start recoeding. But I just ended up pressing pause for something if it went back and forth. I did appriciate that it just set things up as seperated recordings unlike having to rewind or fast forward a regular old tape. I would definately recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Lacking speaker capability.
    A nice microphone to use for recording class lectures but lacks speaker capability. Unlike it's predecessor that allows you to use it as a speaker for listening to your recordings, this one doesn't have it. I was dissapointed when I realized that this one doesn't have that feature....more info
  • Easy Podcasts
    I plugged the iTalk into my iPod and pressed the iTalk button. I clicked record and spoke directly into the iTalk. When I connected the iPod to the computer it automatically uploaded my recording without me having to do anything. It was all so easy. 2 thumbs up. ...more info
  • Good stuff
    It is a good device. It has good quality and on the contrary to what I have read on different websites, the battery lasts over 3 hours of recording in my 60GB ipod. easy to use.
    The only bad thing is the ridiculous size per recording in comparison to many digital voice recorders. Other than that it's working OK.

    Now getting the stuff delivered took me almost a week and I paid for "Prime" service with Amazon... what if I didn't have it? (sigh!)...more info
  • Does NOT work with IPod Touch !
    The ITalk Pro is not compatible with IPod Touch!

    When you connect it to the Ipod touch it automatically disconnect the external speakers. On top of that the microphone doesn't work (it does work with my ipod Nano).

    I purchased the Italk for VOIP (Skype) but it does not work with any of the apps.
    ...more info
  • Griffin iTalk Pro: Works Great
    When I opened the package, I connected it to my iPod nano, and it automatically worked! No instructions or software needed. ...more info
  • italk alot
    Great product and easy to use. The only thing that may need to be improved upon is maybe having a release button to be able to eject from ipod....more info
  • awesome!
    Considering the quality and price, this is awesome. I use it with my ipod nano and it is just great. I use it mainly record my classes. I am sitting in the front row but to the far left side. I just love it! ...more info
  • useful device
    I purchased the i-talk to use in my classroom so that my students could record their own podcasts for some of the units we're currently studying. It's simple and easy to use. ...more info
  • better than I ever thought it would be.....
    This product was recommended to me and I bought it still feeling skeptical. Upon receiving it ad trying it out, the recording quality is awesome on both of the settings. Yes it does use your battery a lot but I think it's obvious that this shouldnt be used to record hours and hours of audio. It's a great buy and a strongly recommend it....more info
  • This is a bargain.
    This is a great alternative to a stand alone voice recorder. I use mine for recording classes. If you own an iPod you probably have it on you at all times already. This just turns it into a recorder. It's great for recording speech, but I wouldn't use it to record music or anything. While recording your iPod uses like three times more power then listening to music....more info
  • Belkin iTalk Pro Works with 3G iPod Nano
    The iTalk Pro voice recorder works just fine with the new 3G iPod Nanos. You just plug it in and a "Voice Memos" tab will appear in the main menu. You select it and then hit record and that's it. Your voice memo will then be imported to your iTunes library the next time you connect up your iPod to your computer....more info
  • works good but not for nanos.
    this is very good ipod microphone. it matches the 5G black ipod, very easy to use and their is nit a lot of buttons. the only bad thing is that it gets damaged rely fast. it is a good buy. ...more info
  • Watch Compatibility
    The push button record feature does not work on the Classic. Even though it only claims to work with the 5th generation video, I thought I'd give it a shot. It still works great as a microphone, just with manual start/stop....more info
  • Great little piece
    I bought this with the intention of recording lectures & my own voice for test review. This is a great recorder & for the price you can not beat it. I have the Ipod Nano & despite what others may have said it does indeed fit & is very easy to use! The only thing I would complain if any is it is very sensitive to surrounding noise, if you are not in a quite setting it will record what is around you. Playback is super clear!...more info
  • Pros: Great Quality ... Cons: ...
    - item cannot connect to iPod (mine is Classic) with a case; must remove casing first
    - item cannot replay recording; must use earphone to hear replay...more info
  • awsome
    This has got to be one of my favorite add ons to my Ipod! It is great for when you fall asleep in class and wonder what you missed. ...more info
  • The WORST product
    I bought this to record lectures. I go to a medium sized university. I always sit in the front row and some of my professors even use microphones, but when I play back what I've recorded, I get a lot of ambient noise and the lecturer is barely audible even after I fix up the files as best as I can using Audacity. Even using an external microphone, all I get is noise. This product is worthless. Hopefully I'll be able to return it....more info
  • iTalk Pro is just what it should be.
    I did a lot of research while considering a microphone for my 80GB ipod classic. The iTalk Pro seemed to have the best reviews (for a reasonably priced mic). I was not disappointed. I tested it in different environments and got good, clear, understandable speech recordings.

    With the iPod Classic and 3rd gen Nano, you can not use the button on the iTalk to start recording... instead, a new menu appears on the ipod and you start the recording from there. In my opinion, this did not affect the use at all. I don't know how it shows up on other ipod models, but on mine it allows you to choose low or high quality and the ipod determines the gain settings which seemed fine. I did not notice much of a difference between low and high quality versions of similar recordings. With low quality you can expect to fit about 6 hours per GB; with high quality, less than 2 hours/GB. For any audiophiles out there, the recordings will transfer to iTunes in WAV format with a bit rate of 352 kbps.

    I would recommend dimming your ipod screen to save power. I only got about 1 1/2 hours before the battery died (with 50% screen brightness). The screen stays on during recording showing the elapsed time. I wish there was an option to turn it off. I will try another long recording with the screen brightness set to 0% to see how much longer it lasts. In my experience the screens on electronic devices are the biggest drain on battery life.

    I like the compact size and the fact that it is all one piece. There is also a small plastic cover to protect the dock connector when not in use. Some of the other mics I looked at seemed ungainly to me with their multiple pieces and larger sizes.

    Some of the negative reviews I have read regarding this device, complain about the lack of quality recording... not enough bass, sounds tinny, music doesn't record well etc. What do you expect for 30 bucks!!?? It IS called the i"TALK" after all! It is designed for recording voice and does that exceptionally well....more info
  • This is a good product for the price
    As a simple voice recorder, it does a great job. I gave it four stars because you can hear when the hard disk spins during the recording but it's not bad. Plus I don't know if you could avoid that anyway. If you need a better quality recording, you can hook up whatever mic system you like to the 1/8th inch jack on the bottom. For the price, this does everything that I need. I use it for voice memos, recording a practice session with my guitar or capturing random audio wherever I may be. I recommend it....more info
  • excellent product
    I found this recording device to be excellent. It suits my needs of recording live music lessons and performances. It is so small and lightweight, but sometimes I lose it in the backpack!-...more info