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Tamrac Adventure 7 Photo Backpack (Red/Black)
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Product Description

This modern backpack was designed for the SLR photographer with a large digital or film SLR (such as Canon's EOS 1D series or Nikon's D2 series) with a grip and lens attached, several lenses, a flash and accessories.The new Adventure 7 features a youthful, modern and sleek design that, for security, does not look like a camera bag. In this uniquely designed backpack, the lower section is a completely foam-padded camera bag compartment, while the upper section functions like a traditional backpack to hold a light jacket, lunch or other personal items needed on your next photo adventure. The front pocket features Tamrac's patented Memory & Battery Management System that uses red flags to identify which memory cards and batteries are available. The foam-padded camera compartment has a weather flap and quick-release buckle for security and weather protection. Two mesh pockets on the sides provide quick access to accessories and water bottles. Two lash tabs on the bottom of the backpack can accommodate a compact tripod (requires accessory straps). Also features Tamrac's Strap Accessory System attachment points for customizing with optional S.A.S. products.

  • Modern backpack designed for the SLR photographer with a large digital or film SLR with a grip and lens attached, several lenses, a flash and accessories.
  • Lower section is a completely foam-padded camera bag compartment, while the upper section functions like a traditional backpack to hold a light jacket, lunch or other personal items.
  • Features Tamrac's patented Memory & Battery Management System? that uses red flags to identify which memory cards and batteries are available.
  • Foam-padded camera compartment has a weather flap and quick-release buckle for security and weather protection.
  • Two mesh pockets on the sides provide quick access to accessories and water bottles.

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice For Hiking with your camera!
    I was so happy to recieve this backpack right in time for a hiking trip so I could take my nikon and all of it's lenses with me! I even had enough space to carry my lunch and a whole lot of water bottles too! This is a very handy, lightweight, easily adjustable backpack, perfect for even a little girl like me (5ft tall, 120lbs)to carry! Thanks for the speedy shipping!...more info
  • PERFECT for my "busy working mom of three" lifestyle!
    I was constantly asking my husband,"Where's my digital camera?", "Where's my film SLR?", "Where's the digital camcorder?", and of course, "Where are all the cords?".

    I bought this with the intention of keeping ALL of my cameras in this bag. This includes my brand new Pentax K100 digital SLR, a Canon ZR200 digital camcorder AND a film SLR in the bottom area of this backpack. I am SO happy that with a little creativity, they can all fit snugly but safely in the compartment. I have room in the upper part of the backpack for the cords, extra film, and extra batteries.

    This is important to me as I said above, I can't keep track of my cameras in separate cases and places. This is perfect for a busy mom as I am always herding 3 kids into the car for hockey, soccer or school. I know I will be able to quickly grab the backpack and know I have a camera for every need.

    Now, I do not have a lot of extra lenses or attachments so this bag is fine for me. Like others have said, if you absolutely want to bring ALL of your camera gear, this bag will not be big enough.

    I also love that it is a backpack. I don't like setting my camera bag down for fear of forgetting it or having a kid step on it with their hockey skates! I can bend over to tie skates without even setting down the bag!...more info
  • Well crafted (and now well used)
    I have been searching for an easy solution to carry my gear (digital SLR, 2 lenses, several memory cards, extra battery, and filters) while providing some flexibility. This bag's two compartments make it perfect for travel. The lower storage area easily accommodated the gear above and provided enough storage in the upper area for items to be carried on a plane or day-trip. I am very happy with the purchase. The only draw back is that the bag can cause a lot of sweating if worn in very hot weather. ...more info
  • Good Backpack
    I use my Tamrac for my Canon rebel and 3 additional lens, including one 100-400 zoom.
    I have found the adventure 7 very convenient since it holds all my photo gear and still is small enough to be confortable....more info
  • Day bag part has plenty of room for me
    After reading the reviews for this item I thought the day bag part of this bag was going to be tiny. I ordered the bag anyway, and I'm glad I did. The camera part of the bag fits my Nikon SLR and all its accessories, except for a compact tripod which i stick into one of the side pockets. The day bag portion is surprisingly sufficient. I travel through Europe alot and there is plenty of room for my travel guide, map, sunglass case, ipod, and wallet. A bottle of water fits in the other side pocket too.
    If you are looking to carry more than that you should look into a hiking backpack. I'm happy with my purchase....more info
  • Nice camera bag
    This camera bag (Tamrac Adventure 7) is not for beginners of photography. If one is looking for a camera bag for beginners, one should use Tamrac Adventure 8 or similar. Adventure 7 has a large compartment above the lens compartment, which can hold a lunch box, a wind breaker, binocular and extra camera lens of size similar to that of a Nikon 105mm micro lens. It is built for long distance travel, and is more rigid than Adventure 8. It has a thick pad which is very comfortable to your back, and a thick bottom plate to assit the bag to stand upright when placed on the floor. For those who are somewhat between a professional and a beginner photographer, Tamrac Adventure 7 would be an ideal choice. To hold larger lens such as Canon EF 70-200mm IS USM lens, one should use Tamrac Adventure 9 (a camera bag for professional photographers) which is an upgrade to Adventure 7....more info
  • Great for the Basics
    I did some research and read a lot of reviews before choosing the Adventure 7 backpack. I wanted a pack that would fit my Nikon D100, an extra lens or two, flash, filters, etc, for an upcoming day hike. The pack performed admirably. It is comfortable to wear, and held the gear I needed it to hold. Like others who have written reviews, I did not purchase the extra tripod straps; I slipped my tripod into one of the side pockets and tied it to the top loop.

    Pros: Comfortable, flexible positioning of dividers makes it easy to load, great to carry through airports (as other reviewers have said, it doesn't scream "CAMERA BAG! STEAL ME!" like some other bags do) The top compartment is a little cozy, but has enough room for a lunch, and the basics for a day hike.

    Cons: None for my purposes. If you are a real die-hard and have tons of equipment, this bag will be too small. The top compartment is a little small, but was adequate for my needs.
    ...more info
  • Great Photo Bag
    I have had the bag for over one year. It has gone with me on several trips out of town as well as day trips. There is a lot of room for camera equipment, and a small amount of room for other things in the top. There are also side pockets for small items or a bottle of water. There is not room for a lot of extra items, but if you are taking a day trip, and want all of your camera equipment, and a few other items, this works good.

    Overall, I like the bag....more info
  • awesome bag for your dSLR and a few items
    I really like this bag. I was hesitant to purchase it online even after reading reviews because I have a 30D and I wasn't sure if it was large enough to handle the camera and a few accessories. There was no reason to worry; it held my camera with a Canon 17mm-85 IS USM lens attached with enough room left over for my Speedlight flash and a Canon 70-200 lens. Of course items were packed a bit tight, but not uncomfortably so.

    I purchased this bag to take with me to India for vacation and it was ideal. I was a bit concerned that the bag would expose my camera to theft, but I found that keeping it on one shoulder with my arm around the top of the bag kept it safely out of the reach of theives.

    The bag was very comfortable to wear (I'm 5'10" and 170lbs) even for long periods of time. The upper compartment was fine for extra stuff but don't expect it to replace your backpack.

    The only caveat I experienced was that I had to take off the bag to put the camera away and to take it out. This was frustrating and not always possible. So while this bag is amazing and I recommend it, I'm giving it 4 stars for this reason...more info
  • Great storage for your dSLRs!
    I have used this product for about 8 months. It stores and protects my camera very well and when I travel. I usually carry along with my Nikon D50 a 35-70mm 2.8D, 50mm 1.8D, 18-70mm 3.5-4.5 lenses. I have all the hoods in there as well.

    I will be adding a SB800 unit very soon and It still has a lot of room in the bottom compartment.

    On the top compartment, I carry all my personal belongings. Sometimes wallets and cell phones. I carry my charger and USB cables if needed.

    The only problem is that since I am a college student I do have to wear a bookbag, and I can't wear two bookbags. I had to modify this bag a little bit to accommodate maybe a one thin book, but cutting a hole between the top and the bottom compartment. ...more info
  • Tight FIt
    Here's a visual aid on what this bag can hold. From a Canon user point of view, the bottom compartment will TIGHTLY hold a 20D fitted with a 17-40mm, a 70-200mm (smaller 4L version), a 17-85mm, a 580EX flash and some small accessories like threaded filters. The outer zip pocket will TIGHTLY hold stuffs like a Game Boy DS, a small MP3 player, batteries and CFs; the pockets inside a pocket are nice.

    I have both threaded and 4x6" filters and the 4x6" filters unfortunately do not fit in the bottom compartment, even when some of the above items, such as thread filters and the 17-85mm lens, are removed. A mesh pocket inside the upper compartment will hold these filters and their adapter. The side mesh pockets are pretty small and won't hold much but a small water bottle. Tripod attachment, which requires additional accessories, is poorly placed at the bottom of the bag. I partially place (two legs) my tripod in one of the side mesh pockets and secure the top with a small dog collar.

    The upper compartment can hold your lunch and another small water bottle but does not offer much room for additional stuffs.

    Overall, I can live with this bag but wish that it has the following... 1) Better tripod attachment location 2) A couple of inches bigger overall and 3) Another zip pocket outside the upper compartment....more info
  • on the go backpack
    I am pleased with my purchase. It has enough room in the bottom compartment for my Cannon digital camera and enough room for about four standard lenses. The top compartment is roomy enough to store extra things, for example video recorder, or a light jacket, or just extra stuff. It also has two pockets on the side for your water bottle. If you're looking for a "camera" backpack, this would be a good choice....more info
  • Put all DSLR into one location
    I used this bag to hold all my DSLR stuff. However, it is not big enough for more than 2 lenses. It is small enough to carry it around....more info
  • Great Day Pack
    We bought this item for a family trip to Disney World. It fits my Canon Rebel XTi with the lens attached and has plenty of room for another lens and peripherals. The top portion held wallets, keys, an extra shirt, baby wipes, maps, suntan lotion, and other theme park necessities. We felt that the bag had enough room for us to enjoy the park with this being our only bag used (no purse or diaper bag).
    It is very comfortable to wear. The shoulder straps are well padded and the bag overall distributes the weight well. Also, this bag does not look like the typical camera bag, which is good for security reasons. We looked at many other bags, including the Adventure 6, but I'm glad we stuck with the Adventure 7....more info
  • Perfect for light going
    Tamrac makes great photo accessories, and this bag is made consistent with their usual quality. Roomy enough for a dSLR with a prime lens or medium telephoto, there is plenty of other compartments to store extra lenses, filters, etc. The upper compartment, while small, could hold your lunch or a compressible rain jacket. The main compartment has padded, Velcro-attached dividers that can be removed or changed around. There is, IMO, one design flaw: the buckle strap that, when released, lets you tilt the upper compartment back to access the main equipment compartment gets in the way when you want to access the front pocket (see product picture). I solved this by simply adding a small square of black Velcro to the strap and front of the top compartment (you can use the stick-on kind for car dashboards, or sew on the non-adhesive kind); now, when I release the strap, I can stick it up out of the way. What I like most about this backpack is that it is compact (but not too much so), affordable, very well made, and comfortable even when fully packed. True, you have to take it off to access your gear, but that's no biggie in my book. ...more info
  • Fabulous daypack
    I'm very pleased with the Adventure 7. The crucial question I had was 'how much can I fit in there.' I was expecting to fit the camera with a lens attached, a second lens, and a flash. I managed to fit: a Nikon D40 w/ 18-200 attached, an SB-800 flash, a Sigma 10-20mm 4-5.6, a Sigma 30mm 1.4, and a Sigma 50-150mm 2.8. I could even squeeze an Acratech Ultimate Ballhead above the Sigma 30mm. There is yet a little more space in the middle section below the D40 body and to the side of the 18-200, but that would be a really awkward spot. Granted, this takes some packing finesse, but it shows exactly how much you can fit in if you are really determined. The upper section is modest, but fine for a light jacket, lunch, and snacks for a day hike. (My jacket is pretty light, I could see a heavier jacket making it harder to fit as much else)

    I bought the Tamrac cinch straps to lash a tripod to the underside of the backpack. Shame on Tamrac for not just including them. I use a Gitzo 1558T, which is 14" folded up, so it pretty much matches the width of the backpack, not sticking out to catch on something. If you want to carry a longer tripod, that might not work so well - I wouldn't want a tripod sticking out six inches on each side, for example.

    I like the fact that the backpack does not scream "Expensive Photo Equipment!" like a photo backpack with "Canon" or "Nikon" on it would. With the latched and zippered access to the photo section, I'm not worried about somebody covertly unzipping the backpack.

    My one annoyance is the abundance of straps. While a good idea conceptually, with both waist and sternum straps, you have a lot of loose strap ends hanging about. Not to forget the loose strap ends for adjusting the shoulder straps. I might trim them at some point. In all, when the worst complaint I have is about long straps, that means I'm pretty darn pleased....more info
  • Meets all my goals 100% !
    I already have a classic photo back pack. It is big, bulky,thickly padded, screams "photo back pack" and essentially does nothing else but that. It's always in my closet. Even if I were ever to go on a true "trek" with it, there's no room for any of the basic non-photographic essentials one should always have with them on a trek in the back country.
    I presently have a walking disability. A year ago I flew on a photo trip. I wrestled with a rolling carry on, a jacket, a cane and a shoulder bag full of equipment. I also had flight connections to make. I thought I was going to die lugging all this stuff through the airports and I felt very vulnerable with my hands and attention so fully occupied trying to be a pack horse. I swore that if I survived the ordeal, things would change !

    This bag is the absolute answer to all my needs! I carry two bodies, long zoom, short zoom, a macro, tele-converter,a p&s and perhaps even a light meter. The flash goes in a separate rolling carry-on with any long glass that I may bring. Outside pockets are great for a rolled up mag to read and water bottle to sip. Top compartment carries my rain hat, slicker, binoculars, photo gloves, bug spray, snacks, meds,kleenex,handi-wipes, map(s), etc. all with room to spare ! The zip pockets carry cards,batts, dust bulb any filter needs, pad & pens a swiss knife (except on planes !) etc.
    All is very nicely balanced on my back, easy on - easy off (and I am a big guy too. No dumb heavy clunky waist pad straps sticking out. My hands are now free for my cane and rolling carry on and I feel far less encumbered and more in control of my environment.
    Just for us guys, any standing pit stops do not require your putting down your shoulder bag any longer on those highly questionable wet floors in the restrooms. I have flown to WY, Ireland, Florida and traveled everywhere else in between. This bag is never in my closet because it is always on the road with me ! It also served as a somewhat tolerable pillow one very long night at the Atlanta airport !
    The upper compartment is a breeze to access and the top loading camera compartment below means that you always set the bag down on its bottom to access photo gear. This is good because whatever snow, sand or moisture that adheres drops harmlessly away when you wear the bag again. Front loading bags like my "closet" pack means you lay the whole bag down on its back, straps and all, to get at the equip. Then all that stuff is pressed against your clothes when you put the pack back on.

    This is definitely NOT a bring everything you own bag. It is a travel smart bag!
    This bag gets 5 stars from me ! If your needs are similar to mine then I strongly suggest you give it a hard look !

    I hope this helps !!

    ...more info