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Wild Planet Spy Video Car
List Price: $159.99

Our Price: $58.01

You Save: $101.98 (64%)


Product Description

This stealthy speedster zips from room to room while remaining virtually unnoticed. The Spy Video Car is a remote-controlled vehicle that comes with a headset video feed so you can spy on your friends in other parts of the house. The LCD screen lets you navigate from Point A to Point B as you view your surroundings through the headset. Remain undercover with special night vision - you see them, but they don't see you. Requires 12 "AA" batteries (not included). Measures 7.5"L x 6"W x 8.5"H.

  • The Spy Video Car includes a headset, screen and hand-held controller
  • The sleek R/C features a built-in video camera that sends a live feed to a flip-up screen on your headset up to 75 feet away
  • 2006 Top 5 New Toys: NBC News, Family Fun Magazine, "What I want" - TV Show
  • View all the action through your own personal headset

Customer Reviews:

  • 8 year old LOVES IT
    My son recieved this from santa. He was not very good at it first and was running it into the wall trying to get adjusted looking through the eye piece. NOW, he is a pro! Spying on his sisters as well as his dad and I. We see that car come in the living room while watching movies. It is really fun. Everyone in the family including us parents love to play with it. I would highly recommend this product....more info
    I have to wonder if anyone associated with the packaging of this toy actually has children. This was the MOST frustrating packaging I have ever encountered (and I have two daughters who love Barbie, so that really is saying something). We actually had to purchase a new screwdriver to unscrew the plastic backing from several of the screws they used to bolt the product to the box. None of our Philips screwdrivers worked. I would recommend that this company review the memories they wish to create for the holidays. We spent two hours of our Christmas Day trying to get this noisy supposed "spy car" out of the box. Finally, we had to give up until the next day when the hardware store reopened. Do not buy this product unless you have a really expansive tool set and a great deal of patience....more info
  • Awesome toy
    My ten year old received this toy and has had a great time playing with it. It is used indoors only and is a very durable toy. The dog does not like it though. I would recommend this toy to any spy gear enthusiast...more info
  • Excellent
    This product was worth the money. My children enjoyed hours of fun with this toy. The only concern that I have is when you purchase two of the same item, they run on the same radio frequency and that makes it difficult to control the toy....more info
  • Great toy- highly recommended!
    My son received this from Santa this Christmas. He has not stopped playing with it and spying on us. :) It does eat up batteries, but what remote control doesn't?? In any event, it is one of the best toys he has ever received, seriously. I would HIGHLY recommend this for anyone liking remote control cars. It seems pretty durable as well....the dog and his little sister have picked it up, practically stepped on it and it is still going and going and going....more info
  • Disappointed
    I purchased this toy for my grandson. He likes it, but one of the features was to have been a see-in-the dark-mode with an ifrared sensor. This feature was not installed on the vehicle....more info
  • Lots of fun
    We got this car a 2 weeks ago for Xmas and have had a lot of fun with it. We have some trouble with the video flickering in certain parts of the house (I think there is some radio interference) but the kids don't seem to mind. I'm looking forward to taking it outside this spring. It's easy to drive (even mom can do it). And both of my kids (7 yr old boy and 10 yr old girl) really enjoy playing with it. Just make sure you have a lot of batteries on hand - it takes 12 AA's...more info