I Spy Eagle Eye
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Product Description

Find a picture with your eagle eye. Ring the bell and play I Spy! Use your eagle eye to spy the object on the game board that matches the object on your card. Each card and board has only one matching item. Be first to ring the bell and you win! For 2 to 4 players.

  • Use your eagle eye to spy the object on the game board that matches the object on your card
  • Each card and board has only one matching item
  • For 1 to 4 players
  • For ages 5 and above
  • Fast, furious and fun

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun Game!
    In this game you pick a card and must find one of the pictures on your own game board that is on the card. We came together as a family and played this game. I have to admit that I thought it would be simple to find a picture, but it wasn't. The race was on as each of us scanned our boards. Definitely the younger ones with sharper eyes did a lot better than the 'older' ones playing..yes, I was one of the older ones!
    The game was a lot of fun. All ages can play and it helps children learn to focus and narrow in on one object. Great entertainment for young and old. A really fun game that the entire family can enjoy....more info
  • Great for all ages
    Terrific game for all ages.

    My toddler will sit and look for animals and other items she recognizes while I play with my older child.

    You can play for as long as you want. Some other children's games seem to drag on and everyone loses interest.

    It's a great restaurant game too (minus the bell of course).

    ...more info
  • Love This!
    My 6 yr old son received this for Christmas. What a terrific game! There are two different ways to play, which is great for different size get togethers. We were able to play at Christmas with adults and children alike. My grand-father who is over 80! played with us and had fun too! We had to leave it for my Mom (who's 60) so she could play it with her friends! My son picked up on patterns on the cards, and had his 'Eagle Eye' set within just a few games! What a great way to watch your children learn and have fun! Highly recommended....more info
  • Teriffic Game
    I gave this as a gift to an 8 year-old and he says that it is his favorite game. It's fun to play with his siblings and his parents....more info
  • Hours of Fun!
    I bought this game for my 5-year-old daughter for her birthday. It was very easy to learn how to play, really no setup and she asked for days straight, hour after hour if she could play it again. It is easy enough that our 3-year-old son could play, but it was also fun for adults too. I like that essentially you can make the game as long or as short as you want, so that it doesn't have to drag on like some other games (ie- monopoly).

    The cards could get lost easily or ruined if not taken care of- thus the lower durablility rating. But, it can help to increase visual abilities, but you really don't "learn" anything new from the game.

    If you play it long enough, you can memorize the cards to know where the objects are, but there are ways that you can keep the fun going for many times of play. Try playing off of one card, or rotating the cards after each round. That will make it more of a challenge if just adults or older kids want to play over and over again. This is a great game for all ages (3 and up)!!...more info
  • Great Family Fun Game
    I bought this game for my 5 year old son as he loves anything I spy. We started to play and the next thing I knew - my 14 & 12 year old were both playing. This is a great game for the whole family!...more info
  • fun game
    We had a lot of fun playing this over the Christmas weekend. It's a ton of fun if your kid loves I spy. However, I don't know if it will be a game that can be played over and over because eventually you will remember where items are. But I think it's worth the price. ...more info
  • Toy for all ages
    This is a fun game for children of all ages including adults. We played it with the kids at Thanksgiving & everyone had lots of fun. It takes concentration to try and find each figure on your card. Expect laughs and frustration on each turn of the cards. The kids loved when they could hit that bell first and beat the adults!! ...more info
  • A fun and educational game for all!
    Our 4 year old received Eye Spy Eagle Eye game for Xmas and absolutely loved it. It's easy to learn, fun to play and a great buy for young children! He plays this game all the time w/ his grandparents and brothers and the entire family has a blast with it. Thumbs up for this game!...more info
  • Christmas present toy is a big hit!
    I bought this game for my 10-year-old grandson for Christmas. I got a phone call from his mother who informed me that she and her son had played the game several times and absolutely loved it! I ordered the game because he's a board game afficianado and has been an "I Spy" kind of kid in books and while traveling, and this game to be one step beyond....more info
  • Hours of Entertainment
    My girls, 13 and 7 have several I SPY books and computer games and they really enjoy them so I decided to get them this game. They have many board games but this one has quickly become their favorite. It's easy to understand the rules and how to play it. There are several boards with lots of little pictures on both sides. Each player chooses their board and then picks a card. The first person to correctly find a picture from their card, in the picture on their board rings the little bell and announces that they have found a match. You can play many rounds and whoever has the most matches wins. There is so much detail in the pictures on the boards that it does take a little while to find a match. It's just like the books only more fun because you're competing to be the first to find the match. You're all looking for something different on different boards so the possibilities are almost endless. Adults will enjoy playing with their kids too. If your child likes I SPY then they will definitely enjoy this game....more info
  • Fantastic Family Fun
    This game is hard to beat for a busy family. It can be played on multiple levels. My 4-year old and 7-year old can play together with the game modified slightly. The game cards are sturdy enough that they can take a couple in the car and play "I Spy" the classic way passing the card back and forth.

    As a busy Mom, it is hard to carve out 45 minutes on a given day for say a game of Monopoly. This game can be enjoyed for any length of time. It is great to pull out if you have 15 minutes. So, no excuses! This will be my go-to kid gift next year....more info
  • great for my preschoolers
    my 3yo twin boys love this game. they're a little too young to ring the bell when they find the object, but they do understand the basic concept of drawing a card and then looking to see if they can find the object. the playing cards are very durable (meaning they don't get frayed at the edges) and the finder board is made of thick, sturdy cardboard. this is a great first game that requires little instruction to play, and it keeps my little guys occupied for at least 15 minutes - very impressive in my book!...more info
  • Family Fun for all ages
    I bought this game for my four year old who loves the early reader I spy books. I wasn't sure if it was something that my nine year old might be interested in playing since he is often bored playing games that my four old plays.

    We decided to play with this game for our sunday family game night and it was a huge hit. I was very suprised to see how much fun my husband was having with the game (he is hard to please). I have to admit that I had a great time playing as well.

    game play: everyone gets an eye spy board and takes turns flipping over the deck of cards. On each card there is a picture for each game board. Everyone must find which picture they have on their individual board and must ring the bell (included) when they do. The fun part is that everyone continues to find their objects and yell second, third. For each position there are points for ex. 1st person to find the object yells first and gets 4 points, second gets 3 points etc., The family decides on the number that they will reach to determine the end of the game. For us 30 was perfect.

    We laughed alot during the game, especially because my daughter who I was afraid might not find many objects was quicker than my husband and I.

    It is challenging and fun, a good addition to the family game collection.

    ...more info