Canon PowerShot A430 4MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom
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Product Description

The PowerShot A430 is a cost-effective camera that features advanced Charge Coupled Device (CCD) and zoom setting.This camera is equipped with an approximately 4.0-million camera effective pixel Charge Coupled Device (CCD), and with DIGIC II; higher resolution and high-speed processing were achieved. This camera is equipped with the 4x optical zoom lens, which covers a 35mm film equivalent focal length ranging from 39 mm (Wide Angle) to 156 mm (Telephoto) and f/2.8 (Wide Angle) - f/5.8 (Telephoto) aperture.Super Macro in the "Manual" mode allows you to shoot a subject when the distance from the front of the lens to the subject is in the range of 1 to 5 cm (0.39 to 2.0 in.) when shooting. By revising the operability of the previous My Colors mode, Color Accent mode and Color Swap mode that transform colors when shooting have been added to the shooting mode. The "My Colors" and "Photo Effect" modes have been combined into the new "My Colors" in the FUNC. menu and are used to change the look and feel of the pictures when shooting.The recording pixels now include a "Widescreen" feature that has the same aspect ratio as 16:9 widescreen TVs for shooting wide images. Also, this camera can take QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) movies at 30 frames per second.This camera is equipped with an upgraded 1.8-inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), ISO 400 setting, Intelligent Orientation Sensor, 9-point AiAF system, microphone, speaker, A/V OUT (Audio/Video output) Terminal and My Camera Settings.This camera is equipped with a "Print/Share" button. This button lets you easily print your images by connecting the camera directly to a direct print compatible printer. When the camera is connected to a computer (Windows / Mac OS X), pressing the Print/Share button lets you easily download images directly from the camera to the computer.

  • 4.0-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 11 x 15-inch prints
  • 4x optical zoom; 1.8-inch LCD display
  • 0.4 inch Super Macro mode; VGA (640 x 480) Movie Mode with sound
  • ISO range of 64 to 400; 16:9 Widescreen for full-screen viewing on widescreen TVs and computer monitors
  • Powered by 2 AA-size batteries (2 alkaline batteries included); stores images on SD or MMC memory cards (16 MB MMC card included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Value
    I bought this camera to replace my old Canon A40 2 megapixel model, which served me very well. I think the Canons are a cut above the rest of the competition in terms of both quality and value.

    This camera is quite a bit smaller and lighter than my A40 and uses two batteries instead of four. But it is not too small. The smaller S series can be a bit too small for large hands, as another reviewer has already pointed out

    The Digic II processor is very capable and much faster than my older model. Image quality is really superb, especially for a camera this inexpensive. I have made excellent 8x10 prints from this camera. 4 megapixels is fine when you have a good lens and processor. The image quality beats my friend's 6 megapixel Sony hands down. The only negatives I can see are that the resolution of the LCD is merely O.K. when compared to more expensive models and that the flash takes a good 5-6 seconds to recharge between shots.

    In sum, this camera is an outstanding value for an entry level shooter who wants to take great digital photos without too much cost or fuss. ...more info
  • Good camera for the price
    Good camera for the price I got it for.

    -High resolution and quality for its price
    -Good picture quality even at lower resolutions and extensive other features (flash-type, picture fineness, decent zoom, short video clip feature)
    -Works with Windows, Linux and Mac (then again most USB cameras these days do, but I've known others which have been nightmares)

    -You have to buy rechargeable batteries or you're not going to go too far with this camera
    -The included memory card doesn't save too many pictures at higher resolutions
    -Slow shutter speed

    I got this about a year ago and it's still in excellent condition. I'm not sure how much the price has gone down but if you want to get a good yet cheap camera, Canon's a good bet.
    ...more info
  • A lot of camera for the money
    I recently purchased the A430 (from a non-Amazon source, for the same price as Amazon currently sells this camera as of 6-10-2006) for a friend in Eastern Europe. He is computer literate and mostly uses the camera to save images to his computer and to share in e-mail.

    The factors that led me to chose this camera:

    1. Canon reputation for good quality. I had previously purchased two of the Canon Powershot S series cameras and have been delighted with them.

    2. Combination of good optical zoom (4x) and reasonable megapixels (4 friend doesn't print any photos, so 4 MP is more than enough for someone who shares pictures by e-mail and views them on a monitor).

    3. Use of AA batteries in this camera: the purchase of disposable AA batteries would be a financial hardship for the friend who received this camera. I was able to buy a $20 Li-MH battery set and charger (which accepts 240V European electric current) at Costco so that he can have a virtually unlimited (and cost-free) source of batteries and take all the photos he wants.

    4. Subcompact size was not an issue, as he has very large hands and would have trouble using the small buttons on most subcompact cameras. While a larger video screen would have been nice, most cameras that offer large screens also crowd the buttons so close together that they can be difficult to use for those with large hands or arthritis. He does not travel much and mostly uses the camera at home, so the ability to fit neatly in a small pocket was not an issue for him, and the larger size (vs. a subcompact such as the Canon S series) was actually a plus for him.

    I also bought a 512 MB SD card (PQI brand, about $15) to upgrade the camera, as well as an USB card reader (also PQI, $8) in case there was a conflict between the English language drivers and his Eastern European version of Windows (there was a conflict but the card reader solved this); no drivers were available in his language.

    Photo quality has been excellent, as least as good as my "S" series camera. Manual mode allows control of some functions such as flash and ISO speed. So far he hasn't made use of the pre-set "scene" modes, but you can take excellent photos without using the pre-sets.

    For $128, the best value I have ever seen in a digital camera. The only reason I would not buy one for myself, should my current camera break down, is because I travel frequently and it is important for me to have a camera that is truly pocket-sized (if not ultracompact). ...more info
  • Buyer beware: you get what you pay for
    I got this camera in September 2006, and it died around June 2007 (a useful life of approx. 9 months). Out of the blue one day it said "low battery", and would shut off when I tried to take pictures. It was no help to change the batteries. I sent it in for warranty repair, but the factory found a dent in the lense ring (which to my knowledge has no relation to the batteries) and because I had "damaged" the camera, they were going to charge me $94.29 to repair the whole thing. After I told them lense repair was not wanted or necessary, they told me any damage anywhere voids the entire warranty. I have heard of similar battery issues from at least one other person. You are better off buying a more expense and better quality camera, rather than buying one of these every nine months....more info
  • Great Camera-God Awful softaware!
    This camera itself is awesome. For the money, it's worth every penny. The video quality is great, the contorls-once you get the hang of them-are very intuitive and navigable, and pretty good video too.
    However the bundled software with this camera is complete crap. My main issue with it? The software doesn't allow you to print multiple pictures (or multiple copies of pictures) on the same piece of paper. That means that if you want a bunch of wallet sized photos to give to people, you CANNOT print them on the same page, but would have to print each individual picture on its own individual piece of paper. And since photo paper is already pricey as it is, this is not an economical feature. I have checked every manual, every online source and found nothing to suggest otherwise. Do yourself a favor, if you buy this camera (which I still recommend), make sure you get decent editing and printing software with it. ...more info
  • Better than expected!
    The moment i received this camera i started taking pictures, which might i add are very crisp and clean in quality. They are by far some of the best images that i have seen yet to be produced by a digital camera and i am extremely impressed. At christmas last year, i received a Polaroid digital camera, and was very dissapointed at the picture quality. The pictures were grainy, and discolored, and i was not pleased at all. So, the Canon Powershot A430 is a very large step up!

    When i opened the camera package, i actually expected to find a much larger camera, but to my suprise, found a very nice sized one. It fits snugly into the palm of your hand, and has no rough edges. The design has a nicely finished look to it, and is very presentable.

    The on button is very easy to find, and when pushed, instantly turns the camera on. Compared to the Polariod camera i had before [ which, for the on and off button, you had to push down for 5 seconds ] this was very pleasing.

    I didn't find the Canon Powershot to be a terribly hard camera to use. After i took it out of the package, i started to use it right away. There are images on the camera that may need a little research [ looking into the users guide ] but they are not hard to get used to.

    I especially like the different modes on this camera. They are a very nice feature. One that i really like is the one that makes a certain object stay its certain color, while everything else around gets set to black and white.

    There are loads of feeatures on this camera, and i would HIGHLY reccommend it to anyone. It was definitely worth the price.

    One thing i would suggest is buying a higher Megabite memory card if you are planning on taking a lot of pictures. This camera only comes with a 16 Megabite, but it can still hold enogh images to satisfy.

    Overall, this camera is great....more info
  • Excellent Camera, easy to use
    This camera is really good, easy to use, and has Macro mode, I like to take pictures of collectibles watches, and is really awesome the images you can get. I also have a Canon Digital XT, with 100 mm Macro Lens, and a light box; well some pictures I took with this A430 Camera, are almost the same quality as the ones I got with the more expensive equipment....more info
  • Good While it Lasted
    Bought this little gem last August for my son's birthday. 13 months later the LED screen is frozen with god knows what on it's screen. Will cost $50 just to open it up. Won't buy Canon again....more info
  • Outstanding little camera
    I bought this a year ago refurbished for $100. It's now been all over the world, taken thousands of luscious images, and is light to carry, doesn't eat batteries, and has a boatload of features if you take time to work through the manual. They've tried, but the menus onscreen are not completely intuitive so a few hours with the manual are vital. When this guy dies, I'll be buying exactly the same model.

    ...more info
  • First time Digital Camera Shopper
    I just want to start off by saying I know nothing about pixels or Mega whatevers, i just wanted a camera. I wanted something I could use to take great candid shots of my friends, and also be able to take beautiful artsy pictures. This camera is great! I used it right out of the box, and I was surprised at how big the view screen was on the is very crisp and clean picture. I am very happy with my purchase, the small size is great, and the pictures came out great. The only negatives I have are
    1. the battery life ends quickly, so I had to invest in rechargable batteries, they are the way to go
    2. the on/off button is right next to the "take a picture button" I have gotten those confused a couple of times, but the buttons are right next to one another!
    I love this camera, if I lose it, who the hell cares it was only $130, if it around for the rest of my life, Great! It's a great little camera!...more info
  • A Great Little Camera
    This is my first digital camera and I am so impressed! The pictures are very clear and sharp. It is easy to use, even for someone who is electronically challenged like myself. My son(who is a camera buff) recommended this camera to me because of the Canon reputation and it definitely delivers. I was looking for something with more megapixels, but he told me that this camera would be more than enough for someone like me who takes pictures mostly at family events and he was right. I would definitely recommend this camera to anyone like me who is looking for an easy to use and great quality camera....more info
  • Outstanding Camera at Reasonable Price
    I actually have the A410 model but the cameras are basically the same. In simple terms the A410 is simply one of the best cameras in its price range and even to 2X its price I have seen. The pictures are sharp and clear, with excellent color. The flash seems to be right on; pictures are not washed out as I have seen with some cameras.

    Battery life is excellent and I have just now changed to my second set of Alkalines.....imagine what battery life would be if I splurged for the NiMH........

    Overall controls are well laid out and work smoothly.

    In a cannot go wrong with this camera. It does all you could ask for its price range and much more.

    Enjoy yourself....more info
  • Awesome pictures- one minor problem
    I bought this camera as a "temp" before I invested in the SD550 or SD700. I actually love it! I dont even want the other one anymore! I orginally wanted them for the small size. This one is really small though. Everyone that sees photos taken with this camera comments on the crisp pictures. They are so good that friends with no understanding of photography are even amazed. It is also very easy to use.

    The only minor problem is the manual mode. All pictures are easily taken without using this mode at all however. I just wanted to use the features such as color swap. This can get very confusing. It is the same with other Canons too. This is such a minor issue though.

    Overall, awesome camera!!!...more info
  • Bought this here at Amazon, and returned it after a week
    Believe it or not the Canon A430 4MP superfine mode is worse than my old Nikon Coolpix 2500 2MP...
    Wait at least 5 seconds for the flash between shot, and you know the little ones don't sit still. Kodak moments are gone before the camera cooperated.
    Color is not quite accurate either...
    Other than that, has lots of extra features...but that is not the reason I buy a camera.
    I'm going to give Canon another try with the SD600 model...
    ...more info
  • Great Camera
    I had this one before and it was stolen so I replaced it with the same thing because it was just what I needed. Great clear shots, user friendly, downloads without problems, feels good in the hand, small and light. If I lose this one I'll buy the same one again....more info
  • Excellent Cam for it's bracket
    I did a lot of research before buying this Cam. The mix of features and quality have supported my purchase, and if I needed another Cam I would buy this one again....more info
  • Unbelievable Value for Money
    I only got this A430 a few days ago so I haven't used it extensively yet.

    Tonight I compared flash photos of my book case from about 1 metre using my Pentax ist DS 6Megapixel SLR and the A430. I took a number of pictures and the difference was pretty well zero using my 17inch monitor. I have to say I was impressed as I was expecting more of a difference in favour of my SLR.

    The autofocus on the A430 is excellent and very reliable. I tried a few shots in complete darkness and the IR beam made short work of focussing and firing the flash giving a perfect image.

    I am also very impressed with the video images with the picture being very sharp and clear with good sound.

    It does lack the manual featurs of an SLR and there is no information in the actual viewfinder.

    It is hard to criticise this camera. It doesn't even look or feel cheap even though it only cost $159AUD. It feels lovely in the hand and is a camera you can be proud to own.

    The batteries have been lasting well too even though I have been snapping away with it for several days. I am using the 512M SD card from my SLR in the camera at the moment as the 16M supplied one is pretty inadequate.

    All in all a great camera at a great price....more info
  • Great little point and shoot
    Takes good pictures, doesn't chew through batteries too fast. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done at a great price....more info
  • Great budget cam
    I am not a fan of the A series budet cameras but this one seems wortht he price. ...more info
  • Can not power up
    I bought this camera last year. Only used it for few times. Now I can not turn it on! It looks like new but it is dead. I was told to cost $89 plus $9 shipping if I want to fix it because it is over 12 months old. ...more info
  • For the price, it's great!
    I've been using this camera for a few months now, and so far I'm very happy with my purchase. The main factor for me in deciding on a camera is the quality of the pictures. The A430 delivers 4MP. To an amateur like me, this does not seem like much. Actually it seems outdated compared to other cameras out there. But once the photos were taken, I was amazed at the clarity and resolution. The resolution is more than enough for amateurs/hobbyists(?). The colors are vibrant and sharp, although there are some noise/grains with blacks. Plus, you can record movies...with sound! The quality of videos isn't spectacular but gets the job done (rather grainy in 640 mode [largest]); it's not something you'd make a movie with, but perfect for places like youtube. I believe you can get ~15 minutes with 1GB in 640x480. So for someone who takes pictures just for fun, it has nearly everything you'd want.


    great pictures: high-res, vibrant, and clear; good flash
    good body construction
    easy to use (low-med learning curve)
    awesome battery life (with rechargeables)
    good video feature for a camera


    bulky (much more than it seems) (I suggest A500 series when it's on sale [slimmer profile])
    small screen
    slowdowns when zooming in and moving

    Things to note: I suggest at least 512MB of memory. With that much, you can take as many pictures as you want without feeling constricted. Memory is really cheap now. Brands such as SanDisk are too costly - there are MUCH cheaper alternative for the same size card, same quality (buy online). ...more info
  • amazing...
    I bought my canon a430 from amazon over a year and am very impressed with the quality, crispness, speed between pics, especially in kids and pet setting (as some users seem to be unaware of) Also Great mic and video. I accidently left it in the rain and soaked it... four days later it was as great as ever...If lost I would replace it with the exact same item. Battery life is also impressive on this camera. ...more info
  • Ugh!
    I just got this today as a replacement for a kodak I had for several years. This camera is not user friendly. Instead of words for a menu, Canon has decided to put little meaningless pictures on the camera and in the menu. If you just want to take a few pictures and upload it to a few friends without the technobabble or without having to learn an alien picture language - this isn't the camera for you.
    ...more info
  • Great mix of value and quality
    I bought this camera a few months ago - my first digital camera and as a college student it has been great. The pictures come out great, the videos are high quality, and the various modes let you choose how complicated you want to make it. The software is simple to use if you can work a computer at all. The zoom is powerful and plenty for most people. I like the shape of the camera because it is easy to put into pockets than more square cameras and if you want a better size be prepared to pay up.
    Make sure you get rechargable NiMH high power batteries - I bought sony models and they have amazingly long life - I have only had to change them once! I got the canon soft case for the a430 too - it is pretty compact so it still fits in my pocket. Overall its a great value camera that I am glad I bought. As a college student, I wanted cheap but I didn't want to get the cheapest camera I could find, so this seemed like a good balance of quality and price and will last for a long time. Enjoy....more info
  • Great entry level camera. Affordable not cheap.
    The Canon Photoshot A430 is the replacement for their entry level digital camera the A410. Canon upped the megapixels to 4.0 from 3.2, enlarged the LCD to 1.8" from 1.5" and added more zoom (now is 4X optical and 14X combined.) Even though this is the lowest priced Canon digital camera you can buy it is in no way cheap. The camera feels solid when you use it and yet the plastic body keeps the overall weight down.

    Like all the A series digitals from Canon this model still uses standard AA batteries (2 to be exact.) So when you are at the amusement park with the family and your batteries go dead, stop off at the gift shop and pickup a couple of alkalines to get you through the day. I highly recommend investing in a set of good quality NiMH rechargeable AA batteries though; they last about 4 times longer than their alkaline counterparts.

    Like the A410 the A430 also has the DiG!C II processor. This fabulous processor allows the camera to power up and shoot its first picture in less than 2 seconds and keeps shooting the next pictures approximately 1 second each. There is a burst mode too but I haven't had time to play with that feature yet. The DiG!C II processor also uses less battery power than older digital cameras so your are able to shoot more photos, and view them on the LCD, before you need to swap them for a fresh pair. I took about 150 pictures, with the LCD on, on a set of alkaline AA batteries before they needed a change. That was a "WOW" for sure.

    Having owned two previous digital point and shoot cameras and one digital SLR model, I can say that I am most impressed with the A430. Some online reviewers have noted that the camera lacks independent zoom buttons. What Canon did on this camera was make one set of buttons do multiple things. The same toggle button you use to move up and down in the menus is the zoom in and out control when taking photos. I applaud Canon on this design. Why include more buttons that you need. You aren't using the menu buttons when taking photos, so why not use them for the zoom control. They aren't confusing to use and actually simplifies the design of the camera.

    This camera is great for grandparents, young kids and someone on the go. It's is simple to use and takes great photos. I'd recommend it for anyone who wants a digital camera that plain and simple just works. I may just buy two of them so I don't have to share this one with my wife.

    Warning: Personal rant follows! Before I bought this camera I read several online reviews. The most deceiving was one from a noted electronics review website. Their resident computer geek stated that there was nothing special about this camera and it was larger than most. Having owned and used this camera I suggest their reviewer stop playing online video games and get out in the sun more, because there is something wrong with his head. True, this camera isn't the smallest model around, but it is very small. And to buy a camera that is smaller you must pay two to three times the cost of this model. "Nothing special?" gamer boy? I'd really like him to qualify that statement. The A430 comes loaded with over 14 shooting modes, an impressive 0.4" Macro mode and the best photo quality in its class. If that is nothing special I'd like to know what is special. I don't expect a sub $200 camera to out perform my $1400 digital SLR. Perhaps gamer boy needs to RTFM....more info
  • best buy for the money
    This is my third digital camera in 10 years and my first canon. I shpped around and read several reviews and made this choice and I am very happy. as others have noted its a great quality camera for the price. I have gotten several comments about the size of the camera already, and the great pictures it takes.
    Amazon had the best price and I trust them but I purchased a 1 gig SD card for a price I cant really list, suffice to say.. shop around for an SD card unless you just want to buy everything at the same time, then get a 512 card at least. They are so cheap these days.

    Another bonus for me turned out that my Bonzai USB drive uses SD cards and I am now able to take my card right from the camera and plug it into any computer to access my photo's quickly.
    I'm not sure if any other brands of USB drives use a removal SD card, but its something you may want to look into.

    oh ya, even though I'm pretty "geeky" the camera was easy to pick up and use right out of the box with minimal manual reading, so it seems to be very user-friendly.
    and the size is perfect! I actually expected it to be bigger.
    rock on Canon!...more info
  • Canon PowerShot A430
    An easy to use digital camera with good features for someone wanting to venture into digital photography. Canon does not disappoint here. Ergonomically well designed....more info