Q-See QSVC456C Weatherproof CCD Camera w/120ft of Night Vision (Color)
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Product Description

QSVC456C is an outdoor video Color CCD camera. With CCD technology, it delivers the most sophisticated technology into the most reliable and accurate quality picture in the security industry. It's ideal for monitoring or videotaping. The package includes a 60-ft. cable to allow flexible installation. Connect the camera to any TV/VCR and start viewing or taping immediately.Q-See outdoor cameras are built to withstand all the elements of nature. Rain, snow or hot sun will not deter the camera from sending clear video. The design of the camera incorporates a weatherproof metal casing with an "O" ring seal to keep the high resolution lens and the internal parts safe from nature.With the 12 Big Infra Red LEDs that light up at night, the camera will give black and white night vision for up to 120 ft. in total darkness. With the 60-ft. cable that is included in the package, installing the camera is a breeze.Use the camera to monitor an outdoor area or to watch areas where children play. Bird-watching and monitoring animals without intruding on them are all possible with the Q-See outdoor cameras. With additional cable you can even put the camera at a very long distance and still get clear video feeds.

  • 420 TV Lines Resolution
  • 12mm Lens
  • 1/3" CCD Image Sensor
  • 12 Big IR LEDs for 120 ft. of Night Vision
  • 60 ft. Cable & Power Adapter Included
Customer Reviews:
  • Excelent item excelent transaction!
    This was an excelent transaction, fast and good; excelent item too!!!
    Just what I was expecting, great price, great camera and fast and great service....more info
  • Fair performance
    Not a bad unit at all. Narrow field of vision, picture quality is good, night time images are fair. The mounting bracket is disturbingly poor. I don't know what they were thinking when they paired that bracket with this camera....more info
  • Excellent long range night vision camera
    So far I've been experimenting with various Q-See products (see various reviews), in attempt to build a good home surveillance system. This is the best camera I've used so far. This is being used on a PC with (2) 4 channel q-see capture cards running on XP. The camera includes 60ft of cable (BNC) which has both power and video in one nice thin cable. No audio. The power connects via an AC adapter at the source (ie, where your PC/DVR are located). This makes mounting much easier when you don't need to worry about power.

    The first and more important feature is the night vision. Not only does it work perfectly well, but at over 100ft! In fact, because there is a street light in the distance providing a very minimal amount of lighting in the cameras view - it doesn't even go into night vision mode. It has such a low lux rating, it takes almost complete darkness for night vision to even kick in. So you may be able to remain in color depending on the lighting conditions (night vision is B&W).

    The only real negative here is that it has a 12mm Lens instead of the usual 6mm Lens. Just imagine a normal camera, then double the zoom. So if you want to use this for recording or surveillance, you really do need to have it record something further away.


    * Night vision that works as advertised
    * Great day time picture quality (420 lines of resolution)
    * Long/thin 60ft of power/video cable.
    * Good quality construction/mount.


    * Limited viewing angle (12mm)

    It's really hard to consider the viewing angle a con - since it is likely why it works so well as it's able to focus the big IR LEDs further away. So if you want a good day/night surveillance camera, and plan to do recording, this one is highly recommended. ...more info