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Emerald Nuts Old Fashioned Honey Roasted Peanuts, 4.5-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 12)
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  • Case of 12 4.5-ounce canisters (54 total ounces)
  • 100% all-natural honey roasted peanuts
  • An excellent source of protein, folic acid, and B vitamins
  • Classic honey roasted flavor and crunch
  • Made from domestic ingredients and packaged in Stockton, California

Customer Reviews:

  • Shopper Online
    These nuts are great for a quick snack. My husband really likes them. ...more info
  • Sweet and Salthy treat rolled into one.
    Love these nuts. Great size can to have. Like keeping them in the car when you are wanting something you shouldn't have. Have a handful of protein that will hold you until you can get something healthy to eat and avoid the drive thru. Very nice balance of sweet and salty....more info
  • Mmmm! The Best Honey-roasted peanuts ever!
    Be careful - these are so delicious that it's easy to overdo, and peanuts are quite high in fat and calories. That said, these Emerald brand peanuts have a wonderful crunchy coating; much better than the messy sugar-sprinkled Planters honey-roasted nuts. I've tried the 3-pack canisters (dry roasted, cocktail, honey-roasted) and they're all great, but these are my favorite. I used several of these to include with Christmas gifts last year....more info
  • disappointed
    i love honey roasted peanuts,but the honey roasted i thought i was buying is the sugar coated nuts.these are candy or toffey coated nut honey roasted.i'm not sure why they are called honey roasted.i did'nt get what thought i was getting....more info
  • Toffee Peanuts--Emerald Universally Lousy
    I can see the appeal of these honey roasted peanuts since they have 3x the salt and sugar of other brands, but for me the salty-sweetness was excessive, leaving a burning sensation in my throat. These peanuts contain almost 30% sugar by weight, and the sugar and corn syrup annihilate the honey flavor that I appreciate in other brands. I also found several small and one large chunk of peanutless coating in my container, forcing me to watch out lest I end up with a mouthful of sugar. While these might be a replacement for a candy bar, the low peanut content (only 3.2oz) makes them expensive, and the chunks of coating make them defective.

    A two-star product: I over-correct for the perfect reviews of the sugar-fiends....more info
  • Best tasting nuts I've ever had
    I love these nuts, I stock up on them whenever I can find them in the grocery store, now that Amazon is carrying them I can stock up whenever I go on a nut hunt. They are sweet and crunchy and so stasifying that I can not go back to the other brand. Actually I bought the "big" brand of nuts just recently and gave them away after trying a mouthful. These nuts have spoiled me for any other. These are GREAT!!!...more info