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Palm Horizontal Case for Treo 650 and 700
List Price: $29.95

Our Price: $7.99

You Save: $21.96 (73%)


Product Description

Leather belt-clip case for the Palm Treo 600, 650, & 700w / Soft khaki interior lining / Pocket for credit cards or cash / Magnetic Closure / Color - Black

Sleek and stylish, this side-loading case keeps your Treo smartphone right where you need it, while providing easy access. Crafted of luxurious leather, the case also features an interior pocket for business cards, credit cards, or cash. Clip it to your belt and your Treo smartphone sits horizontally at your side, staying out of the way when you're sitting at your desk or driving. The classic belt clip attaches easily to a belt or a purse strap, and the case's magnetic closure is quick and secure. Plus, a soft khaki interior lining helps protect your Treo smartphone. This case is compatible with Treo 700p, 700w and 650 smartphones only.

  • Soft lambskin leather with contrast stitching
  • Inside pocket with magnetic closure and removable belt clip
  • Secure Magnetic Closure
  • Genuine Leather
  • Storage Pockets to Hold Credit Cards

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice case
    This case has worked out well for me. It holds the phone nicely and had a little room for business cards, money or something else slim. The clip holds nice and tightly to my pants or belt and I've had no trouble with it slipping or opening....more info
    I have had the case for about 5 months. Great product and is holding up great. It even has a little pocket in it for business cards. ...more info
  • great case
    Phone fits nicely in case. Easy to access to answer calls. Fits snugly on belt or pants.

    Only drawback is I wish it had a little more space for credit cards/driver's license, etc. It will only hold 3 cards/ids....more info
  • Good quality but...
    the case had good quality and looks better than expected, hooks well onto belt and cap operates well. I would have not used a magnet rather velcro or other system to close as magnet may interphere with credit cards? The issue I have faced is the Treo 750 has turned on by accident as the buttons where pushed as I use it on the right side of the body, despite the keyboard being blocked , not sure how this happens, but I would have prefered a hard leather that truly fully protects the investmetn I made in the Treo. One of the occasions caused an international phone call i didnt wanna pay...anyways, I am a 4 star happy user, so go ahead and buy as it is with the above caveats a good deal....more info
  • leather treo case
    great sturdy case with strong magnetic closure leather is good quality
    what more is there to say?...more info
  • Returning Customer - Great product!
    I am a returning customer to this vendor. The product was shipped and arrived to me early and it was a quality product ... They are total winners here on Amazon. ...more info
  • Had it for a while now
    I have had this case for a couple of years now. I agree with the other reviews I have read regarding it's superior durability and security. The one area for improvement is the belt clip. I have worn through two belts now with this product (something you should factor into the cost). If they came up with one that remained low profile and secure yet did not damage your belt I would buy it in an instant....more info
  • Palm 650 Leather Pouch case
    It is a good value for your dollar and seems to be holding up just fine. The design is a bit different than the more expensive one's at the malls for $30.00, but if your on a budget and looking for a good deal, then this is your perfect Case for the Palm One.
    ...more info
  • Compact easy-to-use pouch for the Treo 650
    This pouch attaches firmly to ones belt and does not fall off. The Treo 650 is oriented parallel to the bend in your hip that keeps if from snagging on other objects such as chair arms or seat belts. The Treo is easy to access via the magnetic closer. I orient the antenna to the back (it can be done either way). The plug-in opening on the end of the Treo facilitates lifting the end of the Treo for extraction from the pouch. This is the best cell phone belt attachment that I have ever used....more info
  • Strong/good looking
    This product is made of genuine leather , I get a feeling of good and proper protection for my treo 750. Initially it was slightly tight fit for my treo but after a week it relaxed and now I feel comfortable in taking phone in and out of this pouch.
    Very much worth for the amount you pay. This is a very good product.
    ...more info
  • Custom Fit
    Handsome, high-quality case for my Treo 755P. One negative already reported by other reviewers: the belt clip is extremely tight. Don't be in a hurry when you put it on or take it off....more info
  • Best bang for your buck
    I have a Treo 755p and finding a decent side pouch for it was difficult. At one point I considered a Vaja case, but couldn't justify paying $60+ for a case. I tried out another side pouch and it fit perfectly except one problem. The inside lining was some sort of soft material (felt perhaps?) and since the 755p has the soft grip exterior, it made taking the Treo out a chore.

    I finally decided on the Palm case and after some price comparisons, Amazon was the cheapest. I like this case, however it has its pros and cons.

    Pros: Made by Palm, business card slot on the inside, leather lining (good for 755p)
    Cons: Not made to fit the 755p (so you're Treo will move around a bit), super tight clip on the back (good or bad depending on your preference)...more info