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ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box
List Price: $139.99

Our Price: $89.99

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Product Description

27 3/8"L x 19"W x 7"H, height increases to 16 ? with optional hood installed, nothing to fill, empty or clean for weeks at a time with one cat! Automatically rakes and grooms litter. Seals waste into covered trap built into litter tray cartridge. Locks in odor. Whisper quiet operation.

  • Automatic, no-touch, scoop-free litter box rakes solid waste out of sight
  • Disposable tray prefilled with FreshStep Crystals that absorb odor and wetness
  • No need to touch, empty, clean, or fill litter box for up to 30 days
  • Designed by MIT-educated cat lovers to keep your pet clean and safe
  • Box measures 27.5 x 19 x 7 inches; litter area measures 14 x 14 inches; 90-day money-back guarantee

Customer Reviews:

  • Not perfect, but way better than the alternative!
    After doing a lot of research on automated litter systems, I decided to give this one a try. The only drawback being that the refill cartridges were so expensive. Thankfully I solved that with the "forever litter tray". I have three cats so I have to scoop the solid waste 1-2 times per week and replace the litter about every two weeks. This is way better than the daily scooping that I used to have to do. It also does keep the odor contained considering none of my cats seem to like to cover their messes. Only drawback is that it seems to wait a little too long to scoop which lets some odor waft into the other rooms unfortunately, so sometimes I have to give the button a manual push. I think the deluxe model might let you change the delay. I'd recommend the hood to keep the little contained better in the box as well as helping the cat aim in the right place....more info
  • This Litter Box Stinks
    Literally (litterly?) really does stink. Maybe it is my cat and certain other kinds of cats, but crystal litter (the only type you can use in this this), does nothing to control the urine smell. In fact the combination of the two was worse than urine and clay litter that has been sitting there for a couple of days. We had it for about a month and while I liked the mechanics of it better than the previous LitterMaid, we just couldn't handle the smell. Thankfully the big box pet store took it back....used and all. God bless them for that because I would hate to think I had to package this up for mailing if that was even an option. ...more info
  • Ehhhh
    It took about a week for the smell to take over the room. I like the fact that you don't have to do much and it's clean for my cat, but the smell really is too much. It's basically the same thing as putting the turds into a bucket on the side of the litter box. I still have a week to go until the 30 days is up...and at 19 bucks for litter I am using that whole month :o) Other than that, it's great...more info
  • ScoopFree Litter Box (The upscale one)
    I only have had the ScoopFree for a few days. There are two models. I got the upscale one. I have one cat who is 1.5 years old. I installed the box and removed his old box. I put just a small amount of his old litter over the crystals. About two hours lafter he used the box and has used it ever since. I will use all crystals when I change the litter cartridge how ever that long that is. I immediately noticed a lack of odor. The box comes with a button where you can change the setting on the time between the cat using the box and when it comes on and rakes the litter. It comes preset to 20 minutes. That works fine for me. An indicator shows you how often he has used the box. That is neat. If he used the box there is a light that blinks between the time he used it and the 20 minutes you have it set for so you know it will soon be coming on. The noise did not bother my cat at all. When he heard it he came to investigate. If you get the upscale model like I got be sure and read the flyer that comes with the box as it has the updated instructions for the new control panel. I looked at the manual first and it was for the downscale model and some of the lights I have did not show which left me confused until I picked up the enclosed flyer. I thought it was advertising. You do not need any brains to speak of to use this. I usually put something together before I read the instructions so one thing I missed was that there are two magnets on the litter cartridge and two on the box. When you put the box over the litter cartridge the magnets should line up and you will hear a little click as you let the box down. Also be sure and place the top of the litter cartridge under the litter tray when you slide it under the box. I am only three days into this and I sure do not miss emptying the litter box twice a day. Now I can look in there and see how many times he went to the box each day. Might help you if your cat is ill and going to the box a lot. There is a tray that you can buy and just fill with litter yourself and save some $$$ but you will need to wash it down. If you only have one cat that is probably only once a month which I could live with. I don not know if it has the magnets on it. I orderd one so will know soon enough. I read you can buy them on ebay. I ordered my from Amazon. I think it was about $25 but you could pay for that real quick when you look at the price of cartridges. I had a hook that came with mine but I am not using it. My cat had never used a hood so I did not want to lay all that stress on him at once. The manual says you should keep your old litter box by the new one for about 7-10 days. Not me. I immediately took it out and with the little bit of his old type litter I put in to cover the crystals worked fine. Now you can hardly see the old litter. I am still going to keep an extra cartridge around as I am tired of washing out cat boxes. I have 5 cats that live in the garage or outside when they want to go out. It is heated and cooled so they spend more time in than out and never never stay out at night. Not in the last 4 years. Ther are all former strays and I have had them all for over ten years. They have found the good life and when out side never leave my backyard. Amazing for a cat. Of course they have three cat boxes but I am not rich enough to spring for the amazing Self Cleaning Litter Box. They do not like me to let their box get dirty which for a former stray seems sort of upity. Whatever, I clean them twice a day. If I ever win the lottery they will get 4 self cleaning boxes.

    The unit comes in a giant box. You can send it back if you or your cat do not like it. When unpacking be sure and do not miss the little electric cord and transformer . It is in a small whit box. I thought they had left mine out until I dug around and found it. It comes with one litter tray cartridge so you are ready if your cat is ready to go up scale.

    I sure recomend the unit with the timer and the window that show you the number of times your cat has used the box. That plus the hood cost about $34 more. From the pictures you cannot tell what the difference is....more info
  • Better than clay litter
    I had a Litter Mate automatic litter box for 2 years. The clay made a lot of dust and the odor would sometimes be strong. I had to use an air cleaner next to the box.
    The Fresh Step litter contains all the odor and makes no dust. I do remove the solid waste about once a week (with a gloved hand into a ziploc bag) to make it last longer.
    The only part that could be improved is the glue on strip (I took it out) which is supposed to contain the solid waste. It gets full of litter.
    I'm looking into a Forever Litter Tray to replace the paper cartridges that can get expensive (especially if you have more than one cat)....more info
  • Scoop-Free Ultra Self Cleaning littler box
    I do like this automatic litter box. However, I found some problems that could be improved. I would recommend replacing the electrical cord with a thicker one because my cat chewed on it and needed to be replaced. Thus, the new one had to be covered with tubing. After a week, the poop needs to be removed from its container because it does smell. The area of the box containing the crystals is superb. The main thing is that my cat really likes his new litter box. ...more info
  • It really does work
    I have been using this product for about a year now and am quite pleased with it. I have a 2 year old 13-pound cat and a 1 year old 7-pound cat. The older cat I switched from a "traditional" litter box with clumping litter with no problem. The younger one has never used any box other than this.

    The product doesn't quite meet up to the claims on the box, but as with any advertising, one should always take that with a grain of salt anyway.

    I have settled into a routine with my litter boxes - I have two, placed right next to each other. They seem to be used about equally. Twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, I scoop out the poop box and give the litter a nice stir. Immediately after the cats "make a deposit" there is an odor, but that does go away quickly. Every three weeks, I replace the litter cartridges. By the end of the third week, the odor is definitely building up and is noticeable but otherwise lingering odors are minimal to none. There is some scattering of the crystals, but generally not more than I saw with the traditional scooping litter.

    Overall, this is an excellent product. Maintenance of the litter box is significantly reduced - I have gone from scooping every day to twice a week. However, the trade off is the expensive litter cartridges. I definitely prefer this type of litter box....more info
  • Permanent tray saves money
    I've owned the basic unit for over a year and have been extremely happy with it for my two cats. I've tried other brands of automatic litter boxes, but none have worked as well. This litter box is fantastic, but the replacement trays are very expensive. You can get around this by purchasing a permanent Forever Litter Tray through Amazon for around $[...]. And Walmart sells a 4 pound bag of crystal litter for under five dollars and it works just as well as the name brand of litter. If you already purchased a bunch of the replacement trays, you can save some money by reusing the trays a couple of times before throwing them away. The generic brand of litter works great, but if you want the type that came with the litter box, it is sold at Target for $[...] for an 8 pound bag, which is good for two changes.

    I have been changing out the litter once a week. My cats urinate a lot, and it's simpler for me to dump it all into a trash bag once a week than to try to clean out the wet litter every couple of days. I started using the Walmart crystals about three weeks ago. My cats didn't seem to notice the change, and I haven't detected an increase in odor. I bought the Forever tray in January and have been pleasantly surprised. It has been stained from the urine, but I clean it with a Clorox wipe and haven't noticed the plastic picking up any odor. With the economy being the way it is, this combination of litter box, permanent tray, and generic litter can ease the mind regarding the expense of the Scoop-Free system. ...more info
  • Great Invention
    So I'm a dog and cat owner with the typical problems- my dogs want to eat the stuff in the litter box, and I hate scooping litter boxes. Since I can't bring myself to let my dogs clean the litter box, I decided an automatic litter box was the way to go. I researched for a long time before I settled on the ScoopFree, and I'm extremely happy with the product. For the record, the first one I bought malfunctioned within 2 days, but Amazon was great with the replacement and the second one has worked like a charm for the past 3 months. It actually works so well that we just bought another one for the 1st floor of our house (yep...cats really do like a litter box on each floor of the house...didn't believe that one at first :-) So here's what I think might be helpful:

    * You don't have to scoop litter every day
    * The crystals really do minimize the smell
    * The replaceable cartridges (while wasteful) are VERY easy
    * Out of town trips are stress free if you add an auto-feeder and auto-water dish (however the cats do get lonely, so we have friends visit them)
    * Pretty easy to get cats to use it. I let their old one get dirty so they were forced to use the ScoopFree; they were pretty stubborn and kept using both, so I moved the old one to the 1st floor. That's how I discovered they really liked having one down there. Now that they're used to the ScoopFree, one of them jumped in and used the new one I was installing downstairs the second I dumped the crystals in.

    ISSUES (not really cons)
    * One of our cats has intestinal issues and has constant can get stuck in the rake. We just scrape it off during the next cartridge replacement though and it's good as new. Unfortunately, the excess poop from that issue means that the waste bin sometimes overflows, so I just scoop about 1/2 of it out and we're good for another week.
    * You would think that with two ScoopFree litter boxes for 2 cats, each one should last a month, but that doesn't work for us. We get 1.5 to 2 weeks out of the cartridges for each least that's when I start to notice a little stinkiness and decide to change them.
    * Poop does get caught behind the rake once in a while, but it's easy enough to scoop that out if necessary.
    * We have had 1 cartridge leak, and I think it's because the liner in it was not installed right. I make sure to press all the edges down before filling the new one with the crystals and we haven't had any leaks since. As a precaution, we did put plastic under our 1st floor one since it sits on carpet.

    Overall, great product. Easy to set up, easy to use, stress free, and the cats love it. Let's see how long it lasts :-)...more info
    This thing is horrible. I have to clean it every week. I only have one cat and for the 1st month she refused to use it and peed on our carpet. Now she uses it but only if it is not saturated in urine. If it is then, it's back to the carpet. The litter is very expensive and changing it completely every week will not work for me. I purchased the forever tray and the litter is about $15 a bag every 1 1/2 weeks or so. I'm looking into buying something else....more info
  • great product
    This litter box was easy to set up and really requires no maintenance (until it's time to change the litter tray, but that's easy too!)...more info
  • STINKS!!!! don't buy it!!!
    is not fair that i have to give this product 1 star, it should get none!!
    we got this litter box because i got pregnant and my doctor told me not to clean my cats' litter box, so it sounded like a good idea... we tried it for a month and we're returning it because of the smell... the refill doesn't last a month like they say, we've been changing it every week, but before the end of the week all the nausea and throwing up from the pregnancy is being triggered by the stinky crystals, and as a bonus, the trace of the crystals is all over my carpet!!!...more info
  • Doesn't work, very costly to operate scooping is easier
    Here is my experience with this product:
    1) odor control is a serious problem. From the first poop on, you'll smell it.
    2) Aside from the poo smell, it worked for about 8 days, after which, the cats started pooping on the floor. If I change the cartridge, they poop in the box for another 8 days. hmmm, I wonder how much this is going to cost me...

    My cats are not huge, one is 6 pounds and the other one is 11 pounds, so its not like they were excessive in their excrement.

    If the cartridge only lasts 8 days, then I calculated the first year annual cost of owning this thing to be $862. Wow. That's a huge cost for something that smells that bad.

    I bought an Omega Paw roll and clean litter box for like $30 and I roll it over once a day. No stink and if you buy really expensive litter at like $30 per month, then you are talking an annual cost of $360.

    So, if you like spending money and smelling cat poo, buy THIS product, otherwise, Omega Paw has minor flaws of its own, but for $30, I'll take it....more info
  • looks nice doesnt work after about 2 months
    this product does not work after 2 months of use...i feel as i wasted my money......more info
  • Good Odor Control, But Expensive to Maintain
    I bought this litterbox for my mother-in-law who is elderly and lives in an Assisted Living Facility. She's allowed to have a cat, but her litter box MUST be self-cleaning because she cannot do it herself. The box works as advertised and the odor control is quite good. My m-i-l's apartment is very tiny (studio) so good odor control is imperative. The biggest problem with this box is that the refill cartridges are only good for ONE cat for ONE month max. And at $15 to $17 EACH, those refills are EXPENSIVE. Mother-in-law is on rigidly fixed income, so another $15 out-of-pocket is really a strain. The refills consist of a shallow cardboard box with a lining that is water RESISTANT (NOT waterPROOF -- the first one leaked badly near the end of its usefulness) and 2 attached magnets to facilitate the door covering the storage compartment when assembled. It comes with a pouch of litter. I see no reason why they should be so spendy. I have 3 cats, and could not afford to use this unit. I'd be spending over $50 a month just for CAT LITTER! WAY too expensive, ScoopFree. Are you listening?...more info
  • Litterbox is working perfectly after 1 year of continuous use
    Litter box is functioning perfectly after 1 full year of continuous use. The only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that the replacement cartridges are somewhat expensive (about $16/month at current prices). We change the cartridge once a month for one average sized cat. We will never go back to hand-cleaning a litter box. We also purchased an auto-dispensing kibble feeding system so our cat is virtually self sufficient for weeks on end -- we just change her water every few days and monitor the box. The litterbox itself is a bit on the small size so once a month or so she misses... we haven't tried a hood on the box yet.

    ...more info
  • Not as great as I had hoped
    I purchased this item over a year ago. I have since gone back to a standard litter box. My cat took a little time to get used to this product, since the noise and movement startled her quite a bit. Once she got the hang of it, it worked exactly as described. I could leave it alone for weeks at a time. However, I discovered that emptying the box every few weeks was actually more distasteful than cleaning my normal litter box daily. Fecal matter would occasionally get stuck to the metal that would rake the inside of the box. It gradually started to errode the metal and it would be very unpleasant to clean off. Also, although the box was not full, sometimes the smell would force me to change the litter early, which naturally increases how much money I would have to spend to keep up with the litter. In the beginning, I loved the time saved by having the automated litter box. Eventually the cons outweighed the pros. It's not a bad product, but it's not as good as you would expect based on many of the reviews and the product description itself. ...more info