Allen Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2-Inch Receiver)
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Product Description

Coated arm saddles, tilts away for easy access

This Deluxe Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier by Allen holds five bikes and is ideal for weekend biking trips with friends and family outings. A tie-down system securely holds and protects each bicycle while 28-inch carry arms drop out of the way when not in use. Appropriate for two-inch hitches, this carrier includes a strap which eliminates lower bike movement. Minor assembly and simple set up of the carrier is required.

About Allen Bike Racks

This hitch-mount rack will hold up to five bikes and is easy to set up.
In 1967, after a few years of working on the aerospace technology for the Apollo missions, Dick Allen was out of a job. Government cutbacks led Allen, a Harvard-trained physicist, to transform his garage hobby into a new industry. A cycling enthusiast, inventor, and family man, Allen had a personal need for a bike-carrying device. On weekends, he would take his sons and wife to Cape Cod or the White Mountains of New Hampshire. What proved difficult time and again was the transport of his family's bicycles. Rather than fight through inconvenience with twine and a dinged car, Allen sought an answer for himself as well as a market in which he foresaw major growth possibilities.

Always a pathfinder, Allen took to work in his Lincoln, Massachusetts garage in search of a more efficient way to transport bikes. Drafting designs during the day and constructing them throughout the night, he put together a model made of electrical conduit, metal strapping, and fire hose casings (for padding). At first, the Allens' tested the prototype on weekend excursions. Finding the first trunk-mounted rack to be a success, Dick started Allen Bike Racks. Dealer acceptance came quickly, and by 1971 Allen Bike Racks were sold nationally through a number of major bicycle distributors. Today, the company owns over three dozen patents and offers a versatile product line of bike racks while Dick's son Alex now owns and operates the business. What started out as a small garage run operation now operates three warehouses nationally, two factories abroad, and has products sold in more than a dozen countries around the world.

  • Deluxe hitch-mounted bike rack with room for up to 5 bikes
  • Tie-down system individually secures and protects bikes
  • 28-inch carrying arms drop out of the way when not in use
  • Designed for 2-inch hitches; includes security strap
  • Ideal for weekend trips; lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good rack that CAN hold 5 bikes!
    If I could give this rack 4.5 stars I would! I have owned this rack for about a month. First off, it was easy to assemble and has a quality feel to it. Once attached to my hitch it is easy to load and unload.You load 1 bike from the backside of the rack and 4 from the front. I put 3 - 26" mountain bikes and 2 - 20" BMX style bikes on it with no problem. The tie downs are easy to use and the optional lower strap holds things in place nicely. I was skeptical that this rack would actually hold 5 bikes, but it does!

    My only complaint about this rack would be that the hole in the end of the rack that goes into your hitch receiver is only 1/2". So if you want to use your standard 5/8" receiver lock you are out of luck. The rack comes with a "no-wiggle" bolt that holds the rack to the hitch, BUT anyone could come along with a couple of wrenches and steal your rack. SO, I bought a 5/8" drill bit and made the holes bigger so I could use my standard hitch lock. Now I can easily take my rack on and off and not worry about the rack being stolen while out riding our bikes....more info
  • solid piece of equipment
    This is a great product. Easy to use, sturdy and well built. Opening the truck with 5 bikes on board requires two people ... no surprise there ... five bikes are heavy!!! The rack is easy to assemble and attach to the vehicle. It is a little heavy but again, it's sturdy and needs to be. The no wobble feature works great. Overall a great piece of merchandise....more info
  • Great rack, Great price, No sway.
    This rack is great. Used it for a trip the day I received it. Only took 3 bikes with me but the rack never moved. It installs in no time and when loaded has no sway at all. It swings down nicely so I could lift the rear gate on the Envoy while the bikes were on the rack. Great product, no need to spend more money for the other two "name brands"....more info
  • Allen 5 place bike rack
    This bike rack is great. Hauled 5 mtn bikes on it no problem. Does not accommodate kids bikes very well since the frames are smaller. Otherwise, everything worked great. Assembled in less than 10 minutes. Folds down easily. The only think I don't like is the bolt you have to use in the hitch. Someone suggested drilling it out so you can put a normal hitch pin through, so I may try that to make it quicker to get it on/off. Very sturdy. Some bounce down the road, but not excessively. Great purchase....more info
  • An okay, but not great, solution for toting 5 bikes
    I researched Amazon to find a bike rack that could transport 5 bikes. I chose this one mainly on the strength of the generally favorable reviews and because it was priced considerably lower than other products.

    In short, the bike rack did what it said it would do, but I'd prefer a few design changes.

    Firstly, the rack, after installing it into the hitch, tends to sag to the ground rather than protruding straight out of the hitch. On our Dodge Grand Caravan minivan, this posed a problem: when fully loaded, the trailer hitch was FOUR INCHES from the ground! If we were going to travel over sizeable speed bumps or travel over roads with sizeable gradient changes, the hitch was going to scrap the ground! In fact, backing out of the driveway caused the hitch to scrape the ground, and I had to physically lift the hitch up as my wife slowly backed out of the driveway! On vehicles where the hitch is 18 inches off the ground, this isn't going to by your concern, but if you're driving a minivan or other vehicle where the hitch is only 8 inches or so off the ground, then this IS a concern.

    The "no-wobble" bolt that affixes the bike rack to the hitch actually bowed the part of the bike rack that slides into the hitch inward due to the pressure. You could argue, I suppose, that I overtightened the bolt. I would argue that my puny arms shouldn't cause the bike rack to bow at all -- there should be enough steel in the rack to keep that from happening.

    I didn't have a problem getting the 5 bikes installed, but it takes some time and effort to arrange the bikes in a way that they all fit. Be aware, though, that our taillights were very badly obscured by all the bikes. In the future, I think I would like to add some trailer lights to the last bike on the rack to make brake lights easier to see.

    While traveling down the interstate, I can tell you I had an uncomfortable feeling watching the bike rack bump up and down each time I went over a bridge. I felt like at anytime, the physical structure would break and I'd have 5 bikes flying across the interstate road.

    In short, this bike rack did do what it said it would do, but I didn't have peace that this solution was one I would want to use repeatedly in the future. I'll keep my eye out on a small trailer on which I might be able to tow our bikes....more info
  • 5 bike hitch
    Easy to put on bike rack, secure. We've only used in once, but it seemed to work well....more info
  • No Complaints
    A great 5 bike Hitch. I was a little nervous purchasing at first because of one reviewer saying the hitch sat too low on their car. Previousely we've been carrying our bicycles in a hitch mounted tray on our Honda Odyssey. Love my Odyssey but the only complaint on the car is it does sit too low, and the tray goes straight out from my hitch about 3' and it was allways bottoming out. I wanted to avoid this. The Allen rack only protrudes about 8" or so and is 8" above the ground. I had the rack since May and still have it on the car and it never bottomed out yet. Now the rack itself is very strong I have had 5 bicycles on it many times, 2 adults, two children 16"s and a childs with training wheels. It takes a little bit to get used to placing them on the rack, other than the mens bike none of them fit perfectly on the two support arms. But because it has two support arms it allows you to position them on the bicyles in different locations. For instance the smaller bicycles and the womens bike I actually put one arm behind the seats and on the fork to the rear tires. It holds all the bikes just fine. It is sturdy, little or no sway when traveling, the Hitch attaches with a bolt instead of a pin. Leave the bolt alone, don't make any modifications the bolt works just fine and hold the whole unit steady. Yeah if you wanted to remove it after each use it could be a bit of a pain. But we've left ours on since May, it flips down easily and back in place. We even ran it through carwashes with no problem. I plan on removing it in Winter and putting it back in the Spring. For the cost of the rack I'm not paranoid either that someone is going to steel it. I actually have no complaints only compliments on this rack, the cost makes it even that much better. If I paid more for another rack I don't know what would make it any better, the rack is great....more info
  • Good deal for the price
    I spent a great deal of time searching for a 5-bike rack. The greater challenge was to find one I could afford. This rack fit the bill. It was considerably less expensive than other 5-bike racks, yet it works rather well.

    Good points:
    - Easily adapts to various bike frame types. I carry one men's frame, one old women's 10-speed, a women's autobike, a 24-inch women's frame, and a 26-inch women's mountain bike with a large tube design. Each of them fit the rack without any additional parts or hardware.
    - Solid design. It doesn't rock, sway or rattle, nor do the bikes. Even at freeway speeds, everything stays put.

    Bad points:
    - Less-than-easy installation. It comes with a bolt and locking nut for mounting to the receiver instead of allowing the use of a regular pin. The hole is too small for a pin. This is supposedly to make it more solid (see good points above). However, I plan on buying a different collar-and-bolt style stabilizer, and drill out the hole so I can use my locking pin. Pulling out wrenches every time I want to put the rack on or off my truck is a PAIN.
    - Ok, I guess that is my only beef with it right now.

    Overall, you get more than you pay for with this rack. If you are on a budget, I highly recommend it....more info
  • Broke after 3 days :^(
    Works as advertised, except... One of the attachment straps broke the 3rd day. No particular stress applied or anything. I'm going to Allen to see if I can get a replacement.

    That was my only complaint. Otherwise, it's fine. Then again, breaking on the 3rd use is a big complaint....more info
  • Allen Bike Hitch Mount
    This bike mount is solid and well made. The instructions were clear and easy to follow for assembly. There is absolutely no play or wobble when traveling with bikes mounted.

    The only weak spot is lack of padding on the vertical frame to prevent scratches on the bike frames. We added some padding and taped it on and it works fine, however....more info
  • Great for the family bikes
    This rack was relatively easy to install on the hitch on our Chrysler Town and Country van, and we used the locking hitch pin for added security just as a deterrent. It does stick out from the back of an already long van, which made it tricky to parallel park. I was able to load 2 adult bikes in the rear, then 2 small kids' bikes with a "Tag-Along" bike extension in between them. I did not need the cross bar adapter for the smaller bikes, but I wiggled them on so the down tube was on the inside of the rack with rear part of the bike frame (going down toward the rear wheel hub) sitting on top. Rotating the supports helped each part of the frame fit snugly to strap in place. I made some notes of how they all fit on before I took them off, which was helpful to review before I had to load them all on again.

    When we needed access to the back of the van, one adult and 2 kids (under 7) could pretty easily lower the rack away from the rear of the van to open the rear door, then lift the whole loaded rack back up to snap back into place.

    Overall we were very pleased with this rack. It does shake a bit riding down the highway, but that is to be expected with the load it is carrying. The extra strap seemed a bit short to go through all the wheels sufficiently, but it does seem optional as the top latches really secure the bikes nicely....more info
  • Allen 5 Bicycle Rack
    Very well made product; easy assembly and mounting. The no wobble feature is excellent. Highly recommend this product....more info
  • Allen Deluxe 5-Bike hitch is a winner
    The hitch is easy to assemble and easy to use. We found it holds our bikes securely with out scratching the frames. The straps are easy to fasten and we like the fact the straps are attached to the hitch so they do not get lost. I also like the fact the bikes are easy to see in my rearview mirror, but they don't obstruct my view or my taillights.

    It is a well designed product, but we modified the holes on the hitch to match our receiver so that we could utilize a LOCKING hitch pin. This is too nice a rack to leave unsecured on a vehicle. If you're hauling bikes, you probably are going to leave the vehicle parked and ride the bikes. Unless the hitch is locked or removed from the vehicle, it is open for an easy theft.

    The hitch is lightweight, but of very strudy design. We also like that it can be tilted to gain access to the cargo area of the van. We had a hard time finding a bike rack that would hold five bikes. It is easy to fold up and store in the garage. This is great.

    Well designed! A great product!...more info