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Maclaren Easy Traveller Stroller Black and Silver
List Price: $70.00

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Product Description

Suitable from Birth. Compact Umbrella-fold large capacity shopping basket. Accomodates most brands of infant car seats. (Car seat not included). Will accept the following car seats: Graco Snug Ride-Safe Seat, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio & SIP, Evenflow Discovery, Costco Designer 22, Costco Eddie Bauer, Britax Companion, Combi Tyro, Combi Center, Combi Connection, Century.

  • High-performance aluminum frame
  • Front swivel wheels
  • Adjustable five-point safety harness for maximum security
  • Compact umbrella fold
  • Carry strap or handle for easy portability

Customer Reviews:

  • This store is drastically overcharging for the Easy Traveller.
    It should cost $70, and is available elsewhere online for the list price. Price gouging is uncool....more info
  • Extremely convenient
    I purchased the Chicco Keyfit 30 travel system, however after having a c-section I HATED the huge stroller. I found this & i cannot imagine having to use the Chicco stroller now. This is extremely light, easy to use and the basket holds my big diaper bag as well as shopping bags. We take it on long walks, to church, shopping, wherever. Its easy enough for my 8 year old to open & close it. I dont like that after my baby is out of the car seat I'll have no further use for it....more info
  • Love it!!
    Maclaren Easy Traveller Stroller Black and Silver
    This stroller is exactly what I was looking for. It is lightweight and easy to use. I don't kick the wheels when I walk (I almost always do with any other stroller), it works great with Britax (it locks in over the bar in the back). It is so easy to use and so manuverable that I couldn't be happier. I am dreading when my infant outgrows his car seat and I have to move on to a different stroller.
    ...more info
  • Very functional
    Excellent product. A definitely 5 star for those who are just looking at basic functionality. I would definitely recommend it to others. Really does what it's suppose to do very well. I'm a bit harsh on rating. I just think that if it looked better and offered a more usable cup holder, I would have given it a 5.

    - Light & compact.
    - Easy to fold and unfold
    - Huge Basket
    - Comfortable to push around / easy to manuever

    - Could look a little better (other brands in my opinion looks better)
    - Cup holder is too small to really hold anything

    ...more info
  • Great Stroller
    I am very happy with this stroller it works great with the Graco snugride
    infant seat. I will purchase from this company again! ...more info
  • Love it!!!
    I have had this stroller for about 1 month now and my son is almost two months old. This is the best stroller ever! I love that it an umbrella stroller, no other company has that. It's well made, light and easy to use with one hand. It was also easy to figure out right when I got it and didn't have to put anything together either. I use a Graco Snug fit carseat with and have never had a problem....more info
  • Our Best Baby purchase
    This one is by far one of our best baby purchases. I looked at the snap-n-go and universal carseat carrier before deciding on this one. Let me tell you, there is no comparison. The Mac is a bit more expensive, but it is super light weight, easy to fold and unfold and takes up such little space in the trunk of the car; not to mention the good looks. Highly recommended!

    ...more info
  • BEST purchase EVER!!
    I bought this for my third child, having already used the snap n'go for my two older children. Must say, I am extremely pleased with this MAC. It is very lightweight and so easy to open and close. It is also very compact, most of the time i was storing it on the floor of my backseat! Also, the basket is large enough for everything...i even stored my other children's winter coats when we went shopping in a mall. I highly recommend this for any new mother. ...more info
  • Fantastic Value - Way better than Travel Sets
    With my first child we purchased a car seat with a matching stroller. BIG MISTAKE the stroller was so large, heavy, and unmanagable we only used it about three to five times. We finally ended up purchasing a maclaren stroller that was feather light and extremely durable. We loved it! So when the time came around to purchase a new car seat for the current bun-in-oven we didn't even think twice. We purchased a Graco Safe Seat and this stroller. I got both today -- I LOVE this stroller. Super light weight, compact, easy to use. The adjustments that were necessary to accommodate the car seat were as simple as unscrewing two screws. This is by far the best stroller purchase we've made. I can't wait to use it with a baby it is, my son is having a great time pushing it around the house. Who knew, it not only is great for hauling around a baby, but will keep a 4 1/2 year old entertained for hours too. :)...more info
  • This is the best baby purchase out there!
    We bought the Maclaren Easy Traveller Stroller to use with our Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP car seat. This stroller frame is FANTASTIC! It turns on a dime, is lightweight, small and easy to toss into the trunk of any sedan. The basket is big and easy to access. The basket is big enough to hold a generous size diaper bag and one other shopping bag. The foam handles are a nice touch also. We love this stroller. It is much better to use than attaching the car seat to the giant Peg Perego P3 stroller that we also bought. I highly recommend this product. While it is expensive, it is much nicer quality than the less expensive Kolcraft competitor....more info
  • Easy Traveling Indeed!
    We love our Maclaren Easy Traveler. It's lightweight enough were you can pick it up and open it with one hand, while holding your baby car seat in your other hand. It can squeeze between tight spaces and the basket is large enough for your purse, a diaper bag, coats, baby blanket, and items you've picked up while shopping. The stroller fits the graco snugride well, snaps on and off fairly easily, and the best part is that when your done with the stroller, its compact enough to fit into your trunk and have room for groceries....more info
  • Great for Graco car seats
    I started off using a Peg Perego car seat but found that it didn't work well with the Maclaren (not to mention that the car seat itself was heavy and difficult to use). It was much easier putting my baby into the Graco car seat (she also fussed a lot less in it) and the Graco snapped into the Maclaren Easy Traveler very well. The cargo space in the bottom was ample and great for groceries, etc. ...more info
  • The best travel stroller!
    The maclaren travel stroller is very lightweight, easy to fold, compact to store and easy to maneuver. We had the snap and go for our first child and intended to use that again to get the most use out of our baby gear, but once we tried the easy traveler we had to splurge and get this stroller for our second child even though we'll only be able to use it for one kid. Love it...Well worth the expense!...more info
  • Wow, Awesome
    I know "love" is a strong word, but I really love our Maclaren Easy Traveller. We purchased the Graco travel system for our baby, and it really is awesome with the full size stroller and the great car seat. However, we travel quite a bit (once a month through the airport) and the Graco stroller is not travel-friendly. The Maclaren Easy Traveller is a breeze to take through security checks. It wraps up like an umbrella stroller, and opens up easily. The car seat locks in without problems.

    If your baby is not at the point of sitting up on his/her own, and you know you'll be using the carseat for quite some time, it just makes sense to have an Easy Traveller.

    Several other notes: We didn't connect the cup holder, so it's easier for us to use, plus I like the benefit of not having anything in between me and the baby. He feels "closer". Also, the basket was able to hold quite a bit of stuff on a recent shopping trip. It has easy access from the front, but a little tougher to get big things in from the back. I was concerned that the wheels didn't look sturdy enough, but Maclaren knows what they're doing. This thing has held up through gravel.

    We strongly recommend the Maclaren easy traveller....more info
  • I miss it!
    I bought this stroller to be able to fly alone with my son and it was our best purchase to date! The Graco SnugRide fit right in without any adjustments--although I think you have to make some adjustments to the stroller to accomodate other brands. The shopping basket is large enough to hold my son's biggest diaper bag, my coat and purse, and other little odds and ends. It maneuvers very well, and is so much easier to use than our bigger, heavier Rock Star Baby stroller. My son just outgrew his car seat, though, and I miss this stroller! I bought another Maclaren, the Techno XT, because I loved the Easy Traveller so much!...more info
  • Very useful, light weight & compact
    One of the baby items I use almost everyday. I tried other brands but this was the lightest & compact since it folds twice.
    MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS PUT THE SECURE BELT ON so the car seat doesn't fall. My husband dropped our daughter in a car seat while he was playing with her without the belt. She didn't get hurt. Thank god that she was wearing the belt on the car seat. It really scared me though. Great product. Use with caution!...more info