Black & Decker VEC1086BBD Smart Battery 6/4/2 Amp Battery Charger
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Product Description

The Black & Decker 6/4/2 Amp Smart Battery Charger (model VEC1086BBD) makes putting power back into your dead battery easy with an average 8 minute charge to start time and 5 hour full battery charge. It is fully automatic and electronic, with Digital Smart microprocessor control and LED indicator for selecting your charging rate. The VEC1086BBD battery charger guarantees high frequency power conversion technology. Its other features include three stage automatic rapid charging, auto float mode monitoring, spark-resistant reverse hook-up and overcharging protection, and heavy-duty cables and clamps.

When your car battery goes dead, a jump-start is only a quick fix for a problem that might reoccur. The best solution is to recharge the battery, using a product like the Black & Decker Smart Battery Charger.

Fully Automatic Charging
The Smart Battery Charger is fully automatic and electronic, with a Digital Smart microprocessor control and an LED indicator for selecting your charging rate. The three stage automatic rapid charging operates at 6 amps, 4 amps, or 2 amps to build the battery's charge back up to its correct output.

The Smart Battery Charger features 3-stage technology to recharge nearly any vehicle battery. View larger.

The Smart Battery Charger has a reverse hook-up warning alarm.
Works with Any Vehicle
The Smart Battery Charger is ideal for any 12-volt, lead-acid battery types, including those that power cars, boats, lawn mowers, RVs, ATVs, and more.

State-of-the-Art Technology
It uses a 3-stage automatic high-frequency charging technology to build the battery back up to its normal output level, making it more efficient at charging than conventional model chargers.

Built-in Safety Precautions
The Smart Battery Charger also has a spark-resistant reverse hook-up and overcharge protection circuit built into it to insure that the clamps are not accidentally affixed to the wrong terminals, which would damage the battery. The automatic float mode monitoring tells the unit when the battery is ready to avoid overcharging.

Black & Decker offers a full two year warranty on the Smart Battery Charger.

What's in the box
The Black & Decker Smart Battery Charger unit and heavy-duty cables and clamps.

  • Spark-resistant design for added safety
  • Reverse hook-up warning alarm to prevent damage to vehicle or electronics
  • Features easy connectivity for battery clips and ring terminals or vehicle DC plug
  • Two year warranty
  • Spark resistant reverse hook-up protection

Customer Reviews:

  • Not too shabby
    I stored one of my vehicles over the winter and needed a battery charger to juice the life back into it. At first I was looking at a jump starter but what I really need was a simple battery charger. This little guy did its job with no problems. If I did have one gripe about this, it was that it took about 12 hours for it to charge. The higher output/amp chargers can charge faster but I wasn't in a rush to get my car going. All I needed was to charge it overnight and its done. Theres no need to buy a replacement battery again! Unless its really old.....more info
  • Nice Little Charger
    We've owned this charger for two months. I ordered this to charge up a spare battery. We use this battery to pump up tires, jump start cars and for emergency use when there is power out. The charger charges up the battery nicely. I always use the slowest charge setting. It will stop once it is fully charged. I am very satisfied with this product....more info
  • Good charger for the price
    This charger does exactly what it is supposed to do. I use it on my lawn mower and four wheelers. Its light easy to handle and suits that purpose well. It is well worth the price....more info
  • Excellent for our needs
    I was suprised how small and lightweight the charger was. The one I had back in the 70s with 2 amp was large, bulking and inefficient. This one was very simple. Attach, plug in, push button. Charging. No problem no fuss no muss and no worry. It charged very well however I didn't realize how low the battery was. It's rate was excellent but due to the snow storm we had to delay until this snow is over. I don't need to use it right now anyhow. It has until Tues to do the job. If I hook it up after the storm it should be done in a couple hours because it did so well this a.m. I recommend it esp for those who don't want to be a battery charger nerd but who is happy being a battery charger dummy. And I did hear the fan.. barely. Well I think I heard the fan.....more info
  • Read the instructions over and over, my unit simply never worked.
    I bought one at my local Target to keep in my garage just in case. Lo and behold, when the day came I needed to use it, it was useless.

    The battery in my Jeep drained and I connected this unit for charging. After about two to ten minutes, I'd get an error message and the charging cycle would stop. This would happen each and every time. I read the instructions over and over and saw nothing wrong with what I was doing. I tried all different amp settings and but the same thing would occur (charge for 5 minutes and then stop). I was not a happy camper.

    It'd been months since I bought the unit and couldn't return it, so now it's a paperweight. I had to take a cab to my local auto parts store and decided to go for what was tried and true. I bought an old-style, heavy duty charger with a real transformer that hums when you plug it in. No electronics, no electronic displays and no "smart" technology to give me error messages.

    I got home, connected the cables, had my Jeep running in no time and all was finally well in the world again....more info
  • Get the Battery Tender instead.
    I saw the price and decided to go with the Black and Decker instead of a Battery Tender and what a mistake. One problem is that it will not charge a completely dead battery. I had to take my lawn tractor battery out and bring it over and add some juice from my car battery before the charger would charge it. When you turn it on it sounds like it is working by the fan noise but you need to make an amperage selection manually and I am not always sure which one to select without getting the manual out. I recently used it to charge my dead car battery and it keeps giving me fault warning and not sure why. The Battery Tender is truly the best charger you can get for your vehicle because it works everytime I have used it and and is truly "plug and Play"....more info
    This is a neat little charger if you want to top off a good battery, but, it's very light weight and I have found that the better chargers are heavier in weight because the internal electrical parts are more "Robust" to handle higher charge rates and be more durable. sometimes you can tell by the weight that the parts are more "Heavy Duty" , but not always. I would call this unit a "SAMPLE". - also, the terminal clamps are too small to go around a top post, they barely bite onto post....more info
  • A great battery charger
    When I tried to start my truck, the starter only rattled. I connected this charger at 6-amps and checked it out periodically as the battery charged. It preformed just as the advertised. Previously, I tried it on an old marine boat battery and it showed a fault which I suspected. Be sure and read and understand the instruction pamphlet.
    My only criticism is that the storage compartment for the cables is too small. I don't want to fold them as tightly as shipped. For those that may have had problems, Just read and follow the instructions!...more info
  • got the wrong item
    I thought I bought this item to charge my batteries in the car.
    It didn't mention that I have to physically take the batteries out to charge it.
    How am i going to do that? considering that I got this item to begin with so that this product claims, I can do it myself, when i don't know anything about cars....more info
  • Simple to use, versatile, fool proof, great value for novice or pro!
    I purchased this charger to charge the battery on my lawn tractor, that's all (although this will work for all of my vehicles too)! I didn't want a portable unit to jumpstart a vehicle or charge other accessories (this is just a vehicle batter charger like the box says). This charger is very simple to use with a one-touch button interface to get things going. I don't know anything about charging batteries or jumping vehicles but I was able to set this up and start charging in about 1 minute.

    The included instructions are easy to follow and the charger is ready to go right out of the box. Connect the terminals per the instructions for what you are charging; plug the charger into a standard wall outlet (check for fault light indicating an incorrect connection) then press the one and only button to toggle to the desired amp level (explained in the instructions).

    The amp levels are easy to see so selecting the correct one is easy to do. This charger is also fully automatic and will properly charge the battery on it's own at it's own pace for best performance and battery safety. The charger will tell you when it's done charging or if anything is wrong (if that's the case it will display the fault light or will just shut down).

    I really like the foolproof design and features (the cables store in the back of the charger) of this simple easy to use charger. I'm not a very handy guy and electricity does make me a little nervous, but using this charger has been a great experience and a joy to use. Whether pro or beginner if you need a battery charger but are a little intimidated by the experience try this one you'll love it!
    ...more info
  • could have bought this here in town for a lot less than I paid here
    I could have bought this here in town for a lot less than I paid here as it was on sale. I was mad but oh well. I will look harder elsewhere....more info
  • Works perfectly
    I bought this charger to re-charge my ride-on mower battery which was drained. I charged the battery overnight and I could instantly start my mower. This charger has a cooling fan which runs when it is plugged in. It produces a bit of noise but is no big deal.
    ...more info
    I was very pleased with this charger. I was considering a portable charger but was advised that it may not work if the battery is too low. My van would not start after some cold weather and my battery was so low that the interior lights were out. After reading info about other chargers I decided on this one. I read the directions connected it and it did the job. I called Black and Decker and they were very helpful with any questions I had. This is a small price to pay for the convenience, certainly better then having to call a tow truck. It's portable and lightweight, stores easy.I never charged a battery in my life and I was able to do it....more info
  • Handy little charger
    This unit works very well for topping off a battery that is low or maintaining the charge on a battery in storage. However, if the battery is fully discharged, the units automated protection feature will give a fault status and refuse to charge it until you use some other method to force a partial charge on the battery....more info