HP R727 6.2 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and Camera Dock
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Product Description

The small, thin and elegant Photosmart R727 Digital Camera has 6.2 Megapixels to make your 4x6 prints beautiful. You can also enlarge them to poster size or view them on your TV. Do more with your photos without needing a PC by applying artistic effects, fun borders and print just about anywhere with an optional Photosmart compact photo printer. A variety of intuitive features give you the photo you intended to take without red eyes or shadows on faces. The included HP Photosmart 6221 Camera Dock conveniently recharges your R-series digital camera battery. You can even show photos and watch video clips on your TV with the included remote. Picture Modes - Auto, Action, Beach, Document, Landscape, Night Scenery, Night Portrait, Panorama left, Panorama right, Portrait, Snow, Sunset and Theatre Up to five photos for a panorama shot to print from the camera without software or a PC Touch a button to transfer photos to your PC Print directly from the dock to your printer, no computer necessary Automatically recharge the batteries in the camera when docked View photos shows and video clips on your TV using the remote System Requirements - Pentium II 233 MHz or higher, Celeron or compatible, 64 MB RAM, 400 MB free space, SVGA monitor 800x600, 16-bit color, Windows 98, 98 SE, 2000, ME, XP Home, XP Professional, XP Professional x64, CD-ROM drive, Internet Explorer 5.01 with Service Pack 2 or higher, USB 2.0, Mac OS X v 10.2.8, 10.3,10.4 Dimensions - 5.04 x 2.25 x 2.09 (128x57.1x53.1mm) Weight - 0.3 pounds (0.14 kg) without battery / 0.4 pounds (0.16 kg) with battery

  • Box Content - HP Photosmart R727 Digital Camera, HP Photosmart Q6221A Premium Camera Dock, HP Photosmart R07 lithium ion rechargeable battery, USB cable, HP Photosmart 5V AC adapter, Quick Start Guide, Warranty/regulatory booklet, CD with HP Photosmart Premier software for Windows & Macintosh and Wrist strap
  • 6.2-Megapixel Stills, up to 2864x2160 resolution, 640 x 480 at 24 fps MPEG-1 VGA
  • Frame, view and edit on a big, 6.35cm 2.5 LCD image display (960x240) that's bright enough to see indoors and out
  • Lens System - f3.5 to f7.4 (wide), f4.2 to f8.8 (telephoto), HP Precision internal optical zoom lens (3x optical, 8x digital), 6.5 to 19.5-mm focal length, approximately 39 to 118 mm (35 mm equivalent)
  • Shutter Speed - 16 to 1/2000 seconds
Customer Reviews:
  • Great while it lasted, but not worth the money
    I owned this camera (Photosmart R727) for about 15 months. Took great pictures. Easy to use. Small size made it very convenient. Had all the features I needed and battery life was great. Unfortunately (and for no apparent reason) it experienced a hardware failure which immediately rendered the camera useless (no viewscreen). After discussing with HP, they determined it was unrepairable. So I basically have to buy a new camera. After reading several other reviews, it appears this is not uncommon for this model. I don't have much experience with other brands besides Kodak, but for a reliable long-term camera, I won't buy another HP. ...more info
  • This is an expensive disposable camera
    I bought this camera 14 months ago. I have had issues with it locking up which is annoying. Then one day I got a red screen and a 000000018-4489-957-000 error message. After researching, contacting HP and visiting discussion boards, I discovered it was a hardware problem. The long and the short of it is, once the hardware fails, the camera is done! It will cost you around $150+ to fix it and HP thinks you should pay that after spending $250+ for the camera. Of course HP believes that 14 months is a reasonable amount of time to not make them liable for the junk they are manufacturing in China. It is clearly a manufacturing defect! Search the message boards and you will read about the frustrations of others with the hardware failure problem. Don't waste your money on the Photosmart line of products. I am going to stick with the traditional photo equipment manufacturers in the future.


    ...more info
  • Worst Camera I have ever owned.
    It seems like the other two reviewers are happy with the pictures they get from this camera, but I am not. The camera takes really dark pictures no matter what setting you use. The only pictures that seem OK are outside photos in bright sunlight. I had a Kodak before that blew this camera away. I do have to say that I took the camera out of the box charged the battery and expected the auto mode to solve any problems. But I have also tried the setting modes to no avail....more info
  • Super Sexy
    Great image quality and easy on the eye's. Pretty easy to use. This is my second HP camera and they seem to be very reliable as well. ...more info
  • More Bang for your Buck
    This camera has the best bang for your buck so to speak. I didn't buy it from Amazon because Best Buy had an awesome deal ($269). I have been researching a digital camera for awhile now. I am a complete novice, not evening owning a standard 35mm film camera. I had a crash course in digitals. I decided on the HP Photosmart R727 after much deliberation and research. I went to the Best Buy store, talked to the (actually) helpful (this time) sales people who were quite knowledgeable in the camera section and walked away with the HP.

    This camera has "just about every option that you could want on it" (direct quote from the sales person at Best Buy, as they had just returned from an HP workshop because this camera was released April 2006) for a compact digital. It's small enough to fit in a pocket, purse or just the palm of your hand. The menu is fantastic, very easy to use and understand (remember, I am a novice). It even has helpful tips each time you take a picture to help you take a better picture next time!

    I saw on Amazon that Canon cameras are the top seller, as well as at Best Buy. But what turned me off was the fact that not every option is included on their cameras (not to mention the price, it's outrageous and I can get more options on the HP for around $100 less). The main option not included on the Canon's was red-eye reduction. They DO NOT include that IN camera. The HP does. With the Canon you have to do it on your computer. The HP does it automatically as you take the picture. For a novice like me, this is critical. I prefer every helpful option to be included on the camera. Not to mention the complaints I hear from family members on how annoying trying to take out red eye is on their computer.

    Another difference I noticed from the Canon series with the HP R727 was that the HP has more digital zoom. The optical zooms (the most important) are the same, but the Canon only has 2x Digital zoom where as the HP has 8x. It just makes a more precise picture when zooming in close. The HP also has just a few more megapixels, just for a kicker.

    I really love this HP. I haven't found a flaw in it yet....more info