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Panasonic SR-TMB10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker/Warmer, Silver
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Product Description

Features: 5-1/2-cup rice cooker with a nonstick-coated pan. 6 settings: steam, regular rice, brown rice, soup, cake baking, and slow cook. Steaming basket, measuring cup, and rice scoop included. Measures 9-2/3" x 9-4/5" x 9-3/5". 12-hour automatic keep-warm. Rewinding cord reel. 13-hour preset timer. Dishwasher-safe.

  • 5-1/2-cup rice cooker with a nonstick-coated pan for delicious rice and more
  • 6 settings--steam, regular rice, brown rice, soup, cake baking, and slow cook
  • 13-hour preset timer; 12-hour automatic keep-warm; rewinding cord reel
  • Dishwasher-safe steaming basket, measuring cup, and rice scoop included
  • Measures 9-2/3 by 9-4/5 by 9-3/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Horrible at keeping rice
    I bought this for my gf's apartment, as I already have a Zojirushi cooker. She likes it because of the color! This rice cooker is okay at cooking rice. It does take 2-3 times longer than a Zojirushi rice cooker. For example, cooking rice in this model will take over 30 minutes, versus 12-13 minutes in a Zojirushi cooker. It is absolutely horrible at keeping rice edible past a 12-hr period. The rice smells very badly after this period, and completely inedible after a day in the cooker. In contrast, you can get a Zojirushi cooker, even the one without the fuzzy logic, that will keep rice for 2-3 days. If you're looking for a good rice cooker, I highly recommend a Zojirushi NS-RNC10, which sells for about the same price. If I had known that this rice cooker couldn't keep rice for over a day, I would never have bought it....more info
  • I love my rice cooker!!
    I love my rice cooker. The white rice comes out very fluffly. It only takes about 30 mins to cook 1 cup of rice. (american cup,i don't use the cup that comes with the rice cooker because it is smaller ) It takes shorter amount of time than most of the fuzzy logic rice cooker which requires at least 45 mins. I used the slow cook feature to make porridge which turns out perfect. I like the pre-set time feature. I like the retratable power cord and the water collector on the side. I also like the 'beep' when the rice gets done instead of japanese song in some other brand. One thing though. It is not recommend to wash rice in the cooking pan. It says in manual that it may damange the non-stick coating. You have to wash it in another bowl then pour it in the cooking pan. It doesn't bother me though. I just wish i had this rice cooker long time ago....more info
  • An Excellent, Easy-to-Use Rice Cooker and Time-Saver!
    If you like rice and don't have the time to make it in the microwave or on the stovetop, this is a great appliance! I make brown rice in this rice cooker about once a week, and clean-up is simple. Before buying this rice cooker, I used the microwave and the rice came out okay, but I had to keep an eye on it to make sure it didn't boil over. With this rice cooker, all I have to do is put the rice and water in the cooker, close the lid, select "Brown Rice," and hit "Start". I don't even rinse the rice as suggested in the manual, and it still comes out perfect! It doesn't stick or burn. I was hesitant to spend this much for a rice cooker, but now I wish I would have bought it sooner. I did alot of research and comparisons before purchasing this one and knew I definitely wanted a rice cooker with a hinged top. I had read too many comments about spill-overs when using the rice cookers with removable lids. I would rate this appliance right up there with my round Crockpots--the food comes out good, it's easy to use and clean, it's definitely a time-saver, and it's well worth the cost. ...more info
  • So far, so good...maybe even great...
    i had been looking for a rice cooker for a while, and i decided i wanted to invest in one that was decent, would last a long time, was not too expensive, and had more than one cooking option. so, after researching online, i went with this one because it looks nice, is able to cook rice in many ways, as well as soup, cakes, etc. additionally, it sounded like a good deal for the price....although i've only cooked rice so far, it has come out perfect every time, which, at the end of the day is all you really want in a rice maker....more info
  • Picky mom says, "PERFECT"
    Rice is our staple food - no kidding, it really is. I have all different kinds of rice bins in my pantry - long grain, brown rice, par boiled rice, sona masuri rice and basmati rice. I cook rice everyday and I was never completely happy with any one rice cooker in all these years. I tried several different kinds, Sanyo, Aroma, Zojirushi etc., There was always something with each of these, uneven cooking, big splatters, bottom getting burnt, so on and so forth. I finally got this one, recommended by a friend.

    * Perfect brown rice, white rice and pulav/pilaf.
    * Absolutely no splatters. I intentionally put 1.5 cups extra water and NOTHING CAME OUT - rice overcooked, but that is a different story.
    * Even though the lid is not detachable, cleaning is easy. Part of it is due to the shape; fancy looking rectangular ones are such a pain. I'd say crappy design.
    * Cooking vessel is definitely thicker than most cookers out there. Never had a burnt bottom even when left on warm for several hours.
    * I don't have to crank up my big oven for baking a small cake. This cooker does it!

    Complaints are really minor.

    *Weak LCD display.
    *Cannot cancel timer if you change your mind. You have to go in increments all the way to max and then start counting again.
    * Does not come in bigger sizes.
    ...more info
  • Very good with minor cons
    After lots of research (yes i really did because my last rice cooker was a disaster), I decided to buy this panasonic model. Below were my reasons and I still think they stand:

    Pros that I can already testify:

    1. Small and cute -- i live in a dorm so small size is important, and it is even smaller than what i had expected!
    2. Retractable cord -- no more fuzz with cords on the floor or kitchen table, and SAFER
    3. Many functions -- I have used the 'soup' function to make porridge, and it works very well. But if you are like to me who like the porridge really soft and rice almost invisible, you have to set it to cook another 10 min or so depending on the amount.
    4. Timer -- i can pre-set it before i go to class and come home with dinner ready, very very helpful function.

    1. Steaming -- it takes a while before the cooker can boil up the water to steam your stuff, but not a major problem.
    2. Thin internal-pot -- the Sanyo and Zujirushi models have the really thick internal-pot, and those are much better than panasonic's thin ones. But those are also lot more expensive. So taking price into account this is not a big issue given that it does it job.
    3. Lots of washing -- the instruction says I have to wash the moisture cup, the distill cup etc every time i use it. i wash it regularly but definitely not every time. it works so far ( 1 month)

    Will add more as I use it more, but definitely recommend it.

    It is now June 2008 and it still works great!
    I also discover a trick to make yummy porridge: soak the rice overnight and use the soup function twice to get the best result!

    ...more info
  • Rice Cooker
    This Panasonic rice cooker works just like the way it's supposed to be. The white rice comes out fluffy every time, does not have soggy bottom. What I think it's smart about this cooker is the little container on a side of the cooker. It's to catch the dripping steam water on the lid when you open the cooker after finish cooking. It's a perfect sized cooker for small or starting families. Recommended!...more info
  • why cook rice when you can cook so much more
    You can push this baby to the limit.
    "rice cooker" omelettes, sauted vegetables, cakes, soup, even french toast but in a pinch and in dire need you can do what ever you need. Make sure you clean the steam hole often and sometimes you might want to remove it when cooking heavy starch food such as steal cut oatmeal. The directions won't tell you exactly how to cook everything but if you experiment you can be quite creative... I love the rice cooker so much and I must say until recently had not even cooked rice in it... ...more info
  • The Best Rice Cooker I've ever had!!!
    Well I just used this rice cooker for 2 days and I cooked soy bean with it, steamed eggplants with it and cooked rice with it. I am so pleased how the results came out every time I cooked. Now I am eating delicious rice with kimchi, korean soy bean side dish and eggplant side dish and I am super happy about this rice cooker. Everyone should get this rice cooker when they wanna get a new one because this rice cooker rocks and rolls!!!...more info
  • I have a question
    Can this make just 1 or 2 cups of rice well? It's a 5 1/2 cup maker. I'm thinking about buying one. Thanks...more info
  • Overall, excellent
    The ease of use and the quality of rice with this rice cooker is great. I searched for a long time trying to find the perfect balance or price and quality, and I believe I found it with this one. I repeat, the rice turns out GREAT. Here's a list of pros and cons for you:

    - Rice is GREAT
    - Cord is built into the rice cooker and withdraws into the machine, a nice feature
    - The inside cooking pot is very easy to clean

    - The steam doesn't emit from the rice cooker into the outside air like most other rice cookers, and instead goes into a side pocket that you have to empty and clean every once in a while. It says empty and clean it ever y time but you don't have to do that, I have yet to empty and clean mine and it's been two weeks.

    - Since the steam doesn't emit from the rice cooker and goes into a side pocket, it's imperfect in its evaporation and often causes water droplet to form at the top of the rice cooker. Over time, these water droplets can drop down from the cooker, onto the rice, and make it too soft and moist. This has been a very minor problem, though.

    OVERALL: A good match of quality and price. I'm satisfied....more info
  • Perfect Rice
    I love this rice cooker. I did my research and was determined to go with a Japanese Brand and one that I could afford. My previous cooker had a glass lid and it splattered all of the place so I also wanted a cover top.

    I have used this cooker 3 times and each time perfect rice! This is a good mid range priced rice cooker and does everything I need it to! Also it does re-warm rice well. I am very happy with my decision and thank you to everyone who posted a review on a rice cooker- you helped me make my decision....more info
  • Beautiful and makes tasty rice
    Summary: Brown rice cooks reasonably quickly and turns out fluffier and tastier in this machine than in an on-off machine, polenta cooks smoothly, and everything is less messy. The rice cooker is also very attractive. The only disadvantages are that its timer will only cook 13 hours in advance, it will only keep rice warm for 12 hours before shutting off, and it could be a bit easier to clean.

    I am allergic to wheat, so I eat rice every day at almost every meal and I use a rice cooker more often than any appliance in my kitchen. This rice cooker is the first computerized one that I've owned. I've owned three on-off rice cookers before: a cheap little Salton (which was actually quite nice), a 10 c Panasonic on-off with hinged lid, and an 8 c Aroma on-off from Target with hinged lid. The features that I'm noting are probably common to all computerized rice cookers versus on-off machines, but in this price range the on-off machines are probably the competition.

    1. Rice tastes better: I had expected the rice would taste about the same and the only difference would be in the extra features, but in fact the rice that I've made in the rice cooker is much tastier and fluffier than the rice from my on-off cooker. I make brown rice almost exclusively, so use the brown rice setting. I think that the rice may be fluffier because the pot simmers the rice instead of coming to a furious boil, since I've noticed that the cooking is relatively gentle and quiet. Unlike my previous rice cooker, I can't hear it cooking.

    2. The cooking is relatively quick in spite of the simmer. My mother's computerized rice cooker is a Sanyo, and it has by default a soaking cycle, and that makes it take perhaps an hour if you don't explicitly turn off that function.

    3. Besides brown rice, I've made lentils, polenta, and apple sauce. The polenta used the soup/porridge function and turned out smooth and just thick enough, and the gentle cooking meant that there were no spatters to clean, unlike the on-off rice cooker. I made pretty decent applesauce on the slow cook function, but like all slow cooker applesauce it was pretty watery. I haven't tried to make a cake yet, but am really intrigued by that feature. I wish that the instruction book gave some of the Asian recipes for computerized rice cookers like rice porridge --- it took me awhile to figure out that the soup cycle (as opposed to slow cooker) is what's called the porridge cycle on rice cookers for the Asian market.

    4. The timer function is handy, allowing you to start cooking 13 hours in advance of when you want the rice. I wish that it could be timed 18 or more hours or more in advance, so you could set it up in the evening for lunch the next day. An on-off rice cooker can be put on a timer which will activate it at a specific time; since this rice cooker is computerized, you can't do that and you're limited to the 13 hour timer.

    5. Cleaning is pretty good, but could be easier: When you use any appliance daily over the course of years, cleaning becomes important. This rice cooker is somewhat easier to clean than my previous on-off Panasonic. When you open the lid of a domed rice cooker, there's usually a deep ridge around the entire edge that rice or starchy water would get caught in, creating a brownish scum after awhile --- here, there's hardly any ridge, so it's easy to get rice out if it happens to fall in, and it's easy to clean.

    When rice cooks, extra starch or a brown/grey scum separates from the rice, especially if it's brown rice. All of the rice residue which comes up from the cooking gets directed to a round 2" diameter insert on the lid, rather than being splashed all over the top of the lid, as happened with the previous model. The previous model was not too difficult to clean because you would just remove an insert which covered the entire lid. This rice cooker is handy since all the residue just goes into this little insert, but the insert itself is difficult to clean: it comes apart into three pieces, and one of the pieces has little ridges which collect the goo. If you run it under water right after the rice cooks, most of the goo falls off of it. Otherwise you may need to resort to a toothpick. There seems to be much less of the scum than with my previous rice cooker, perhaps because it modulates the temperature and doesn't boil as furiously. For instance, lentils usually produce a lot of brown speckles, but here there was hardly any residue.

    Update: I've made several cakes in the rice cooker on the "Cake" setting and they turned out fantastic, including gluten-free brownies from the Trader Joe's mix. Last week my oven broke (it would only broil), so I poured the 9" x 5" pan of wheat-free Gingerbread batter (1975 Joy of Cooking) into the rice cooker and held my breath. The gingerbread rose up really high and I was afraid it wasn't going to be cooked in the middle, but it did, and it held together and sliced beautifully and was moist without being too moist. I've also made rice pudding and oatmeal in the soup setting, following the recipes in the rice cooker cookbook.

    Finally: when I was moving house, I decided to bring my rice cooker with me on the airplane. I carried it on as one of my carryons, holding onto the handle, and it passed through security without a problem. All four of the TSA people and two guys behind me in the security line were curious and asked me questions about it. Apparently people carry rice cookers onto planes as carry-on luggage all the time. Who knew?...more info
  • New rice cooker convert
    I got this rice cooker as a gift a few months ago and I will say it's probably the most useful gift I have ever received. I never had a rice cooker before but now I love it and use it almost daily. Any type of rice comes out perfect every time. I also really like all of the other features.

    I use it as a slower cooker a lot, which saves me from having to buy a separate applicance. As a note, most slower cooker recipes have cooking times for high and low. I have found the time indicated for high setting is usually long enough in this rice cooker, as there is no way to adjust the heat setting. I also love that I can cook risotto in it. It comes out decent and it so much easier and faster than cooking it on the stove. I haven't tried the cake feature yet, as the instructions in the owners manual do not use English weights and measures for some reason and I haven't taken the time to convert them.

    I rave about this rice cooker all of the time to friends and family, so much so that I think they think I'm a nutcase....more info
  • Great Little Rice Cooker
    I bought this rice cooker for myself since I live in an apartment. I find the handiest feature to be the timer. The timer allows me to set the unit to cook rice at a later time and keep it warm so that it will be ready to eat when I get home from work. I also use the steamer tray simultaneously to cook fresh vegetables such as brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccolini, and red and yellow peppers.

    Unfortunately after the vegetables are steamed they often look colorless and lifeless. They feel very soft and taste sweet though, so the rice cooker is doing it's job. Any colors from the vegetables will become ingrained into the plastic steamer basket so beware. My steamer basket is red now because I always put red bell peppers inside it.

    Unit is easy to clean, although I wish it were simpler. It is necessary to remove the steamer cap and take it apart and wash it inside and out. It is also necessary to wipe the inside lid of the unit and drain the moisture catch.

    I appreciate the way the unit tells you how much time is left before the rice is done. I just wish it could tell me how much time is left from the start of cooking (it only tells you when it is under 8 minutes until it's done).

    This is my 1st and only rice cooker. I eat brown rice so I can't say this unit cooks brown rice better than others. I can say that the brown rice tends to stick to the bottom and that on occasion the rice feels like it gets a little burnt. Some of the rice grains near the bottom taste hard and crunchy after the unit is done cooking and they aren't supposed to have that kind of texture.

    Easy to use, easy to program, although I haven't tried adjusting the cooking timer yet. I bought my unit from 99 Ranch for a few dollars less than the price Amazon is currently selling it for. I feel like I got a very good deal, especially when I see the ridiculous prices for other models. Cooking rice and veggies is so easy and convenient with this unit. If I have some leftover meat from the previous day, I'll place the meat inside the cooker after it is done and leave it in there for a few minutes to warm it up.

    This rice cooker has a small footprint which is great because I have only a small space to work with. It is attractive and cute looking with it's small round balanced appearance.


    I have now owned this product for nearly 1 1/2 years. My steamer basket has not collected the colors of the vegetables to my delight. For some reason the colors stuck initially but after a year of use or so they came out. The unit is still working well and steams everything I throw into it.

    The rice does not stick to the top filter (3 pieces) as the review above does. Not sure whether this is because I use brown rice or maybe it's the unit. No piece of food has gotten stuck to any of the inside parts as far as I can see. Everything is easy to clean up afterwards, just rinse it off and dry it....more info
  • Making Rice is Nice!
    I love to cook, and I cook a lot, but one of the things that always trips me up is making rice. For some reason it intimidates me. So I've had my mind set on a rice cooker for a while and just recently, saw a recipe for bi bim bap in which you cook the entire meal right in the rice cooker. I immediately went on line and began my hunt for a solid cooker -- that could also steam. The good-great reviews for this particular make and model were pretty consistent and the poor reviews weren't as tragic as the poor reviews for some other kinds. I use the Panasonic SR-TMB10 about once a week now and every time I use it I get so excited -- easy to use, easy to clean up and the rice was perfect! p.s. After my purchase, I happened to be in my city's Chinatown and noticed a similar version of this cooker being sold in one of their major supermarkets. A good sign for sure!...more info
  • Just awesome

    I'm never been very good at cooking so this wedding present was perfect for me. The rice will come out perfectly done and it's great for steaming vegetables too. I've not use the soup or cake options, but it's worth buying just for cooking rice and steam vegetables. Definitely recommended....more info
  • Versatile, Great Value
    I've used a rice cooker for years, and bought this one for a close friend for her birthday. We gave it a trial run with jasmine rice, and it turned out perfectly. Since then, she has used it at least a dozen times (in just a month!), and loves it - for making all types of rice, as well as steaming veggies. As well, this machine is far more 'sophisticated' (i.e. has a lot more features), and about half the price of what I paid for my basic rice cooker 12 years ago... Hmmm... makes me think that it might be time to replace mine. Enjoy!...more info
  • Moron-proof rice!
    Single dad writing here... and I don't work for Amazon or anything like that. I bought this rice maker back in September of 2008... makes great rice, first time, every time. Absolutely moron-proof. ...more info
  • making rice taste good, but
    I have an old model of Hitachi steam rice cooker for over ten years. Recently I started to look for a new rice cooker. This model cooked rice much better than before, such as, the rice does not stick to the container, easy to clean, the rice texture is good, and the water won't overflow during cooking process. The disadvantage is the container size small. You could not cook rice and steam food at the same time when there are more than 3 cups of the rice in it. I like its cooking soup feature, but I have not tried it yet. ...more info
  • Love this Rice Cooker
    This rice cooker is easy to use, easy to clean, and the food comes out great (rice, steamed vegetables, soups).

    I would highly recommend this to anyone else shopping for a rice cooker who would prefer not to spend a lot of money....more info
  • Asian Housewife Finds New Love
    This product has completely blown me away. I was contemplating the purchase of a much more expensive Zojirushi when my friend suggested I check out some of Panasonic's rice cookers and lo! I find one that fits my budget completely and does everything the other rice cooker does and more. I love the price tag, I love the fact that everything comes out perfect (so far I've made soups, stews, rice, Hainanese chicken rice, Chinese one pot rice and Chinese tea egg with it) and the nonstick is amazingly easy to clean.

    I also adore the fact that there's the little container at the side it reminds me of the rice cookers we use back home when I was younger, a little bit of nostalgia that wasn't present in my old dingy Sunbeam rice cooker. The niche for the rice ladle is nice too! But I use wooden ladles more often than not, so that feature is lost on me. I test ran the Keep Warm function for half a day and the rice didn't burn or dry out at all. That, my friends, is very hard to find. All the rice I cook come out evenly done and fluffy.

    It fits perfectly on my dining table, doesn't take up much room at all, and it's easy access to hot rice when we need it. The retractable cord is such a plus, especially because I keep it on the dining table! The looks match my other appliances in my favorite contemporary design and style. Wish I had it in black!

    Thank you for creating this lovely product and pricing it just perfectly for a small family like mine!...more info
  • I love this rice cooker
    I've been using different kind of rice cooker in the past and always end up hating them. So I was very careful when I was searching for my next rice cooker. After reading some of the reviews, I decided to go with this particular rice cooker and so far I've been using it for about 1 month and I enjoy it so much. ...more info
  • Plastic
    I have a similar model. Since the non-stick was wearing off, I am looking for just a replacement on a minimum budget. The inner cover seems to be plastic in silver color while the one I had is real aluminum. The non-stick paint looks medium quality. The idea of steaming plastic prompted me to return it right away. I finally picked Panasonic SR-NA18 as my replacement. This one has a stainless steel inner cover and the non-stick paint has better quality. The down side is an extra $50. I do not care about those fuzzy logic. Only hope it will last longer....more info
  • I'm impressed
    this is my first rice cooker. i didn't know what to expect but it has performed brilliantly. terrific rice, easy to clean. i haven't used all it functions yet. i am going to try the cake function shortly. i expect it will do a good job as every other thing i've tried has come out with excellent results.
    i have confidence you will be pleased with this model....more info
  • A little pricier than some rice cookers, but well worth it
    We bought this cooker for our grown son to have in his first apartment, and he loves it. It's not too big, nor too small. Makes great rice and also makes a super slow cooker for stew, etc. It also doesn't leak sticky liquid around the lid like so many of the cheaper rice cookers do. This was one gift that was definitely a big hit....more info
  • Very good
    I've used it a handful of times and it has made perfect rice each time. It's very easy to clean and the retractable cord makes it very easy to store. The only issue I have is that the timer begins counting 8 minutes before the end....a little strange. But, so far, very good.

    ...more info