Dreambaby Extra Tall Swing Close Gate with Extensions, White
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Product Description

Extra-Tall Swing Close Security Gate consists of 1 x L191B (Black) Extra Tall Hallway Gate, 1 x L192B (3.5") extension and 1 x L193B (7.0") extension.


  • Extra-Tall 39.4" height
  • Fits opening from 38" ? 42.5" without extensions
  • Includes 2 free extensions (one 3.5" and one 7.0") allowing the gate to fit an opening from 38" - 53" openings
  • Great for hallways and large openings
  • Pressure mounted ? Very easy to set up and take down
  • Gate opens in both directions and swings closed automatically
  • Easy one-handed operation for adults
  • Great for LARGE pets too
  • Fit an opening of 28"- 42.5" using the included extensions
  • Easy to install
  • Closes automatically
  • Larger extensions are available
  • One 3.5" extension and one 7.0" extension

Customer Reviews:

  • waste of money
    I have an extremely intelligent, high strung 2 year old who could just jump right over the standard height gates, so I looked a long time before I decided to get these gates. I read all the reviews and they were all good so, I ordered them. They are good quality but my two year old can just open the gate right up. He runs right through them. If we tighten up the pressure to keep them shut, He just goes right over and loosens the pressure so he can get the gate open. He's recently taught our one year old daughter how to open it. So, needless to say, I am very disappointed with this Dream Baby swing through gate....more info
  • Very good overall
    This is a great gate - too tall for a dog to jump over or for a toddler to climb over. It's easy to install. One small downside is the 2-inch-high vertical bar that goes across the bottom. Perhaps I'm just a slow learner, but I tripped over it MANY times going in and out of my kitchen before I developed the habit of stepping over it. I would definitely recommend the gate, though....more info
  • Definitely does the job!
    My 19 month old son would tear through every gate I had bought. With the exception of this one. He's tried everything including ramming his step two push car into it over and over. Not once did this gate budge! I ordered 4 more to put in other doorways. I just hope they get here soon, so he can stay out of his sisters' rooms. (he can open doors now) I highly recommend this gate to everyone! Oh, It's simple to set up - really durable - all around fantastic!...more info
  • greatest gate i have ever had
    I ordered this gate not knowen what it was like. But when i got it i was so happy because it went up so easy, never had to have any tools, and it works just fine, i don't know if i will ever buy one of those other gates ever again.I use this for my dog but it works fine with the grand childern to....more info
  • Pet Gate
    Perfect. Heigth, look, function, installation, value... all around great product. Very easy to install. We use it to keep our greyhound in a certain area of the house during the day. ...more info
  • nice product, terrible shipping
    nice gate to prevent pets from entering an area. However, shipping was a nightmare. I ordered two gates from Target. Both left the warehouse in Cincinnati Ohio at the same time for the 250 mile trip to my house in West Virginia. One was there in two days. The other one went somewhere in the midwest for a few days then spent a few more days in San Francisco before finally arriving here 17 days later. Perhaps whoever was in charge of shipping falied geography. Numerous e-mails to the company resulted in no action. So, the gates are very nice, but if you order one, be prepared to wait.....your gate may be a world traveler....more info
  • perfect
    for use as a doggie gate it's perfect. tight fit in doorway, can't get knocked down, no drilling holes in your walls, and tall enough to contain even a large dog. highly recommended....more info
  • Awesome Gate
    This gate is wonderful. The height is so helpful when you have a baby in your arms - no reaching down...great for my 6-foot husband. It's very sturdy and relatively easy to open once you learn the mechanism. Works great for our house....more info
  • Great product
    This is a great product. It is not hands free (it does not claim to be), but it is tall enough to even keep the cats out. If using in a doorway, make sure you have enough room (height) to close the door without the doorknob hitting the top bar. ...more info
  • Great Gate
    This gate is awesome! I am pregnant and due in May, we bought this gate to keep our two German Shepherds out of the babys room. I looked at many gates but, this one was the only one I found that was tall and sturdy enough to keep the dogs out. The gate swings in or out and operates with one hand which will be great when I am carrying my little one. The gate looks great too, doesnt make the babys room look like a jail =) ...more info
  • generally like it, but....
    I bought the security gate to prevent our Italian Greyhound from entering parts of the house in which we don't want him, and for that it's just fine. My only comlaint is that there is no way to leave the gate open without it swinging shut. Even a small bungee type device would be a good addition (and I'll probably figure out something on my own)....more info
  • perfect fit
    We bought the gate to keep our dog within a restricted space
    after his surgery and are very happy with the gate's appearance
    and function. The gate is made of metal but it's not too heavy.
    It came with screws for a more permanent installation
    but we just set it in a doorway using the clamps provided
    and it's very stable. The door swings in both directions which is great....more info
  • Love this gate!!
    Not only does this work great it looks great as well. It's nice looking and tall so my son (1 years old) won't be able to reach the lock on the gate or climb over. A lot of other gates are very low and would really defeat the purpose of keeping my son out of the Kitchen. Because in a few months he would be able to climb over the low gates.
    Overall A+ in my book....more info