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Cables To Go - 43098 - 25ft HD15 M/M UXGA Monitor Cable with 3.5mm Audio (Black)
List Price: $54.99

Our Price: $17.94

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Product Description

The Pro Series UXGA Monitor Cable with 3.5mm Audio is the ideal high performance solution for quickly connecting your PC to a video display system with speakers. Use this cable with projectors, flat-screen monitors, KVM switches with audio, speakers or a microphone. Designed to support resolutions up to 1600x1200, this cable can support distances up to 100 feet without conditioning the signal. Plus this cable is shielded to extend your video and audio signals without distortion or loss.This cable comes with HD15 F/F Mini Gender Changer for more audio and video applications.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Using a computer through your TV
    Great product. If you have a VGA port on your TV (15 pin), and your computer isn't DVI. This is for you. A plus for a monitor replacement. I am enjoying my PC in full thearatical sound. ...more info
  • Tardog
    Still waiting. I am sure the product will work fine, but GOOD GOD, what is the United States postal service doing with my package. They must have borrowed it for awhile. I could have gotten it faster with a camel. Thank god for FedEx and UPS !! I do not know why Amazon uses USPS to send items?...more info
  • The audio cable is definitely long enough.
    The delivery arrived a day earlier. Everything is in good condition.
    Before that, I have been suffering watching the 46" LCD TV just 4ft away. Now, I can get myself in a comfy position while watching TV with my laptop.
    There were quite some number of complaints on the length of the audio cable. However it is more than enough for my case (a 15" Lenovo).
    Even on a 17" laptop, I bet the length of the audio cable is long enough even the VGA and audio port is on left-right or front-rear position.

    If you have a good sound system hooked up to your PC/laptop. I would recommend you not to get a VGA cable with audio cable. Save you some green. ...more info
  • Perfect for my application
    The audio cable is plenty long enough if your video and audio outlets are on the same side of your laptop or computer.

    My need was to get my desktop connected to my projector in my classroom to show videos from United Streaming, as well as flash drive downloads, powerpoint, word docs and so forth. This does the job nicely and delivers a high quality picture.

    'Course, there are always complications. To view my desktop monitor while projecting, I needed an inexpensive "Y" adaptor that I could only find through Amazon: a Tripp Lite VGA/XVGA Monitor Y Splitter. THEN I discovered that my monitor screen would blur when I chose to project from my DVD or VCR. So, now I unplug the "Y" from the computer and plug in my monitor. It's no big deal, but it's a little clunky to change plugins at the projector AND the desktop whenever I change to my desktop video source. There are automatic switchers on the market, but I have no idea how many more adaptors I'd need to make a switcher work. I think I'll stay happy with what I have now.

    ...more info
  • Awesome
    Great product that works exactly the way it's supposed to! Can't get any easier.. or cheaper :P...more info
  • great cable
    This is the perfect cable for hooking a computer up to an LCD TV. I wanted to have my computer in the corner out of the way and needed a long cable to run. it includes an audio jack so you don't have to buy and run separate cables for audio and video....more info
  • Great Picture Quality
    The cord was way cheaper than buying the video and audio cords seperate. I did have to buy an extention for the audio end that connects to the computer though because it is only a foot long and I need about 14" to reach the other side of my laptop. Other than that, Great Buy!!!...more info
  • Very good cable for lcd tv and your computer.
    Well, this cable works great as it is intended to be. I am very satisfy with it.

    I will shop again with is seller....more info
  • They Work
    I got these cables to be able to connect my laptop to my plasma TV. They work great. With the video and sound cables together, I can watch web content on my plasma TV. It's a little awkward, but it is amazing to have a monitor for your PC that's that big. I'd recommend it to anyone that wants to use their TV as a monitor with sound. ...more info
  • Perfect quality, Amazing price!!! Going to buy again!
    25' Long Monitor and Audio cable. Price is 4x less than BestBuy, CircuitCity... Image quality on my LG 42" LCD is excellent....more info
  • Audio Interferes With Picture Quality
    Pros: Video Works Great With Audio Not Hooked Up
    Cons: Can't Use audio with the cable or it induces interference lines in picture.

    This cable works great except that at first I was getting interference lines in my brand new TV! I thought that it was maybe the computer that I hooked it up to. I later found out that it wasn't the computer or TV but it was this cord but only when I had sound running through it. Maybe I just got a crappy cable and others are good, I am not sure. Now I have to purchase another audio cable now, which really defeats the purpose of buying this cable. But without audio hooked up it works perfect!...more info
  • Perfect!
    I bought this cord so I could hook my laptop up to my tv to watch shows on the internet, and it works great! I notice little (depending on the feed) to no loss of quality (50" plasma), and the sound works perfect as well! I found this to be the perfect solution for me, the average "joe" who wants to watch internet shows on my tv. I'm sure video and audiophiles could find signal loss, but I have been impressed even with netflix on demand.

    ...more info
  • Great practical use
    This is a good quality VGA cable with a great feature -- the included mini cable. We threaded it through the wall from our source to our HDTV, and the two-in-one setup made installation easy. It also makes the connection on each side simpler and neater. We just plug the mini connection into the headphone jack on the computer and into the mini connection on the TV, and it worked like a charm. Great setup. ...more info
  • Excellent choice
    I purchased this product to connect my laptop to my new Sony LCD so I can watch Netflix movies from the computer to my new 52". The cable worked great, and the price was excellent. No problems....more info
  • Great product
    Product arrived quickly and was everything it was supposed to be. Several reviews said the audio cables were too short. This was fixed before I got mine because the audio cables were long enough for any size laptop....more info
  • Macbook Pro to LCD HDTV
    Here's the short review....It works & it works FANTASTIC! And very easy to set up. If you want further details, read on.

    Used with 15" Macbook Pro, (purchase 6/08)DVI output [with DVI to VGA adapter supplied with Mac] & this HDTV Samsung LNT4665F 46" 1080p LCD HDTV I purchased this cable from Amazon. Literally, this is all I did after putting waaaaay too much research in this. Hooked the DVI to VGA adapter cable to this cable. Plugged the DVI adapter into the Mac. Both TV & PC were turned off. I then plugged this cable into the PC IN port (vga) on the TV. I powered up the TV, switched it to the PC mode [just like video 1 or 2] powered up the Mac & BAM. The wallpaper on the Mac appeared on the TV. No set up screens appeared it just did it all itself. This is what's considered an "extension" of the desktop. I went to The Lost ABC website...selected "watch previous episodes" Selected Season 1 & the first show and then selected HDTV version over the standard. The Mac is connected to my network wirelessly but I decided to go for broke. I dragged the window to the right and it appeared on my TV Screen. Maximized it and even turned on the surround sound guess I was feeling lucky. Not one problem. By the way, the sound plug [mini plug on this cable] plugs into the headphone jack on the Mac & the sound jack on the TV right next to the PC In port. Hey...that's like a charm & no complaints. The pic is as clear on the TV as on the 15" Mac...Perfect! There are some less expensive ones out there but if ya want a clear pic, you can't go cheap on cables. Sometimes ya get lucky, but most of the time ya get fuzzy. If you've read this far, you're obsessive compulsive like me...get a life! Sorry...couldn't help myself. I research waaaa toooo much! Hope it helps!...more info
  • 43098 uxga cable
    I was looking for a cable by which i can plug my laptop with 42" LG tv. My laptop didn't have HDMI port so I decided to go with VGA cable. But while researching on, i found that this UXGA cable will give almost double resolution compare to VGA cable. Altough its costly compare to VGA cable but trust me you won't regret it latter. The quality it gives is amazing. Its 25 feet long and you can connect laptop with your tv and take your laptop almost any part of your home within 25 feet :).
    the audio cable has more than enough length so it will fit in your laptop audio out comfortably. So i don't think we need to buy audio extension cable. I was little worried before ordering this cable whether this cable will work with my laptop and tv or not, as LG tv and laptop manual says it is fit for vga cable. But it didn't give me any problem.
    I am happy with this product and i feel its worth of every penny. ...more info