Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 - Metallic Black (63A-00001)
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Product Description

As a computer navigation tool, the mouse has no peer in its simplicity and ease-of-use, but no matter how good something is, there's always room for improvement. Lasers, rather than a physical ball or optics, achieves pinpoint accuracy, giving you the finesse you need in fast-paced gaming, detailed photo manipulation and more. The scroll wheel has a tilt feature to make side-to-side scrolling just as easy as standard vertical scrolling. To read the fine print and see the intricacies of a digital photo, the Magnifier button is incredibly useful, acting like a magnifying glass held up to your monitor. 5 Customizable Buttons PC & Mac Compatible PC Operating System Requirements - Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 SP4 or higher Mac Operating System Requirements - Mac OS X v10.2-10.4.x (excluding Mac OS X v10.0-10.1) Requires a USB port for wireless transmitter

  • High Definition Laser mouse delivers tight precision, great responsiveness and smooth tracking
  • Point and click to enlarge and edit detail using the Magnifier
  • Scroll horizontally and vertically through documents and Web pages using the responsive Tilt Wheel
  • New optical technology helps extend battery life
  • Comfortable to use with either hand

Customer Reviews:

  • This Mouse is a POS !
    I purchased this mouse (brand new) and it did not work ! I returned it for another one and had the same problem !! Each mouse was defective. The batteries were new and fully charged, the software installed just fine, usb connected fine, the mouse will not do anything. I tried the connect button and tried all of the troubleshooting solutions. Nothing!! This mouse refused to move an inch on my screen !! Stay away from this mouse !!! ...more info
  • My Hatred for It Really Ranks at One Star, Not Two, but...
    Firstly, I want to voice a complaint against users who stupidly - yes, I said stupidly - rank a product after one day of use. Your opinions aren't trustworthy as they can't be well-formed yet. It's irresponsible to do this because people DO make decisions based on user reviews. So take your Ritalin and give your opinion-formation some time to evolve.

    I absolutely hate this mouse's problems, especially in the context of it having the illustrious Microsoft name (and price tag to go with!) MS should be ASHAMED. The company should issue refunds to any users of this mouse who have complaints, such as the 'signal is low' pop-up that is very, very annoying.

    But my biggest beef with this expensive mouse is its poor performance at THE MOST BASIC OF MOUSE FUNCTIONS - that of responding to a basic click. This stupid thing will appear visually at a link to have sent a signal, when it fact it has not. There is no way I can count the amount of time I have wasted making a second or third click (after waiting, waiting for a response) just to get a link to open up.

    Scrolling is not reliable, either. Sometimes when I'm scrolling along on a page, I have to click on a blank area of the page (again) to re-focus the mouse's attention so I can continue to scroll the page. I think this happens when additional items have downloaded onto an overcrowded web page after I have already started reading it, but MS should come up with a way around this.

    One more thing - if you bump the mouse accidentally, it often will trigger one of the side buttons - which, in my case, usually means the back-page of my browser, meaning I've often lost the data I had just typed, such as one of these reviews! Arrgggghh@!

    The only reason this mouse gets 2 stars from me is that I couldn't (and still can't seem to, after having this damned thing for over a year) find any other ambidextrous mouse with extra, select-function buttons that is also cordless. So MS gets a point for intention of functionability but none for the functionability itself. Pretty weak.
    ...more info
  • low power
    I don't like it because it is always saying "low power" and I do every thing it said to trouble shoot the problem with out and luck fixing the problem!...more info
  • OK Mouse
    I got this mouse today and have been using it for awhile. I didn't much care at first for the way the receiver is attached to a cord, but I think this feature will come in handy in the long run. I can attach it to a back port and then put it anywhere I need to. This frees up the side port. I agree with pretty much everyone else, the side buttons are useless. I just disabled them. So far I haven't had any problems with erroneous messages (keeping fingers crossed). Someone else mentioned theirs came with Intellipoint 5.5 software, but mine has 6.1. Hopefully they have upgraded and eliminated some of the bugs. All in all I like it, but for the money it could be better....more info
  • Not Microsoft finest
    It's an ok mouse, but for the performance/ built quality definitely overpriced. My experience with Microsoft products has always been positive so this mouse was a bit of a disappointment. The right silver button is a somewhat awkward and feels stickier than the left one. The scroll button is too loose on the right/ left clicks and way to hard to press down which makes it difficult to use it in the pan mode. And I could really use more buttons. Another source of frustration is the polished finished on the top surface - after a while the standard right and left buttons feel oily from my fingerprints.

    Conclusion: while an ok-ish mouse, not the best one around.

    *** UPDATE ***

    ok, i've used it for a couple of months now. i fixed the slippery top by (carefully) roughing it with sand paper. i was reluctant to do it, but for me performance/ feel is more important than shiny looks. it feels much better now. i got used to the right side button now, but the design is definitely awkward.

    All be told: this mouse is still a huge improvement over your regular wired mouse. the side buttons i use for copy/ paste and are extremely helpful - for those guys working a lot with spreadsheets this mouse (or similar with programmable buttons) is a must.

    Yes, a great mouse, but with a lot of room for improvement....more info
  • Average wireless mouse, could do better...
    I use this at work. While it is comfortable to use all day, the feedback of the middle button is a bit spongy and when pressed, is not always registered by the computer. For someone who heavily uses the middle button, this gets annoying (As I have to go back and click on links I thought were already open). If I was in the market for a cheap wireless mouse now, I think I would go with a Logitech mouse....more info
  • Excellent, so far
    I was having serious mouse problems at home and office, so I went on an Internet Quest to find the best one currently available. Narrowed it down to MS 5000, Logitech LX7, and Logitech MX700, for me. Didn't really care if there was a cord or not; I just wanted one that works right. Wound up with the MS 5000, which was $20 at Office Depot this week.

    1. The "feel" is absolutely teriffic, on a pad. Tried it first on the desk, and the pointer "skipped" when when I moved it left and right. That's the way the grain of this desk lies, so it was obvious to put it back on the pad.

    2. I've been a Logitech person for years (MouseMan Wheel ruled), so I was unsure when I read that the scroll wheel doesn't have the "ratcheting" action I've always been used to. This is BETTER. Some other reviewers talk about it "freewheeling", like it's out of control, but it isn't. It moves just the right amount, without the clicking.

    3. The fit on my hand is almost perfect. (I'm an average size guy.) It would only be better if it were made specifically for a "right hander" (back to the MouseMan Wheel). I can accept that, tho; I could have been a left hander myself. On the other hand, without the cord, I can use it with my left hand.

    4. I got that same message someone else mentioned: "The signal is weak," or something. Receiver was 6 inches from the mouse. After the second time, I just shut off that message. So much for that.

    5. Can't speak to the battery usage question, since I got it yesterday, but I don't care. If it needs batteries every month, I'll do it. It's worth it.

    6. My only criticism, and the reason I didn't rate 5 stars. Why-oh-why have these manufacturers decided that the left and right side clicking be little buttons mounted high on the mouse????? Why not just have the left and right side panels click in??? ...more info
  • Flaw: No way to custom program the tilt-scroll wheel.
    The Microsoft Wireless Mouse has all the good features going for it except one: MS does not allow custom programming of the tilt-scroll wheel for different applications. This was the one important feature my husband required for his new mouse. We ended up returning the one we got.

    For a 5-button tilt/scroll wheel optical mouse (not wireless though they are available) that allows custom programming of ALL its buttons, including the tilt/scroll, consider this: Logitech MX 400 Performance Laser Mouse...more info
  • Good mouse...but not for gaming
    This is an excellent general use mouse. The laser technology is incredibly precise and really makes navigating Windows noticeably better than traditional optical mice. The scroll wheel is very smooth and mapping the side buttons to the browser back and forward buttons is very handy. The default setup uses the magnifier, which is not nearly as useful.

    As for gaming, especially first person shooters (such as Call of Duty) the laser technology makes for great precision, however most games seem to have trouble recognizing all the buttons. More over, the mouse wheel is very flaky and does not respond well in games for some reason. In case you are wondering, I am running Windows Vista Home Premium.

    So, in a nutshell, this is an excellent mouse for everyday computing, and the price is definitely right! If you are looking for a great gaming mouse look elsewhere....more info
  • For big hands
    I am an adult female and this mouse is too big for my hand. After a very short time, my hand starts to ache and I have to go back to my previous, smaller mouse. I have both of them active. I switch to this one when I need to magnify something - as that part works fairly well. I just wish the magnifying window was larger. I have to keep moving it around on the page to read anything - often just to finish a sentence. ...more info
  • Perfect!
    Just bought this mouse from CompUSA and have installed the software in about 2 minutes. Mouse works perfectly. Very precise, easy, comfortable. I had an excellent Micro Innovations optical mouse for 5 years before buying this, and the feel and performance of this new Microsoft Laser 5000 is excellent. Highly recommend it. Also, note: I just reviewed about 50 different mice at CompUSA, and came away with this one for $49.99. Not regretting it. Quality mouse! Cheers....more info
  • Large Reciever
    I bought this wireless mouse to use with my laptop for college, I didnt know when I purchased it, but it has a HUGE reciever that is attached to the USB that is about the size of the actual mouse making it very difficult to transport with my laptop, wish the site would have mentioned this......more info
  • Exactly what I wanted, almost
    I wanted to get the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000, but ended up buying the 5000 when I was able to find it at less than 1/3rd of the price of the 8000. As a lefty I appreciate the button layout which is similar to the Intellimouse Optical that this is replacing. All of the buttons feel fine and I haven't noticed any difference in pressure required to click any of the buttons as others have reported. The 5000 uses the hokey-puck style receiver. For the most part this mouse works very well and reports strong signal strength. However, every now and then it will suddenly stop responding and I will get a low signal strength popup message only to have it work just fine after a few seconds. Being in a very large building I'm assuming this is caused by interference. I don't know if the 8000's bluetooth signal would be any better as I've had bad interference problems trying to use a bluetooth headset from the same location....more info
  • This mouse is no good.
    I have owned this mouse for over a month now. I had previously owned a Logitech wireless mouse for 3 years. It was worn out and I needed to replace it. The Microsoft mouse does not track correctly on the screen. I have updated the software to the latest version, twiddled with the settings, placed the transciever right next to the mouse ( defeats the purpose of having a wirelss mouse doesn't it) and still am having problems. This is a waste of my money. I have problems with :

    1. The accuracy of the device. I repeatly can not click on icons or menu items. The mouse seems to get close to the item on the screen, and the either stops or jumps over it.

    2. Drag and drop is painfull. I pick up items to drag and drop, and guess what, the mouse seems to think that I want to drop it else where. I have had issues with putting items in the wrong folders, on the desktop, everywhere but where I want to place them.

    3. Productivity stinks. I have to repeatly do the same motion till I get it right. Come on, I have been using mice, on different systems now for 20+ years. I am not a idiot at this.

    I am being generous at giving this item 1 star. It should be taken off the shelves and not sold. ...more info
    I bought this Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 to replace my old Kensington wireless laser mouse, which was only 2 weeks old but I was so frustrated with it since day one due to its serious lack of response.

    The Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 is very easy to install, including the software. I am extremely impressed by how fast and accurate it responds to clicks and scrolling. The scroll wheel is comfortable and very QUIET as it turns. I looked at other reviews about Logitech mice where a lot users complained about how noisy some Logitech mice would make as you turned the scroll wheels. Not a problem with this Microsoft mouse.

    I also like the two side buttons because they are customizable. I have customized the left side button to launch the Web browser and it works very nicely! I have not customized the left side button yet but I'm sure I will find good use of it.

    The only one issue I have experienced is the mouse overall feels quite slippery when it is new. I figure over time once I have accumulated enough hand oil and dirt on the mouse, I will get better grip. I wish Microsoft would "rubberize" the two sides of the mouse like Kensington has done. Having rubber feel makes a big difference in terms of gripping the mouse and moving it around your table top as you mouse like crazy.

    Overall I highly recommend this mouse....more info
  • Microsoft mouse
    I would highly recommend this product. It is very comfotable, and it has a very long battery life....more info
  • Best Mouse I've Owned So Far
    A wireless mouse is as subjective to the user as any other piece of computer equipment. So it doesn't surprise me to read that some don't like this mouse, or are having difficultly using it interfaced with their particular computer gear.

    I had been using Logitech mice for many years before this but I found that their quality just kept getting worse as their prices continued to go up. So when the mouse I had finally quit working, I did some reading and this mouse got some fairly high ratings.

    It also just so happened to be on sale at a national chain office supply store so I went down and picked it up. Set up was easy, and I have loved it ever since. In fact, my sister saw it and had me get one for her too.

    There are some draw backs, as there always are. The range from the mouse to receiver is not great. The receiver has to be within a few feet or you will experience drop outs. I understand that there is now a download that fixes this.

    The programmable buttons can get pushed and when you get the magnifier up on screen, it can be a challenge to get it off again.

    For me, the mouse feels good in the hand, is just the right shape and size, and I haven't had a problem with it at all.

    For the price, I would not pay full retail for it. There are others out there for less that will do the same thing for you. But this mouse is always being discounted and the price as of this writing here on Amazon is very good.

    So my advice is to try one out locally and if you like it, and the price is better here, go for it!...more info
  • Very Bad Mouse
    I bought this mouse one month ago from local Staples. But I should say this mouse is one of the worst mouse I've ever used.
    It can only work awkwardly in the table with a mouse pad. It can not be used in my bed at all (whereas my Logiteck V450 works perfect).

    As for the mouse itself, it has a strong plastic feeling that will let you feel like holding a toy.

    I will not recommend this mouse to anybody. I am going to see if I still can return this mouse to MS....more info
  • Test the mouse first!
    This mouse sounded just good, so I bought one. BIG MISTAKE! It was extremely uncomfortable and clumsy to use. I finally sold it and purchased a Targus rechargeable laser mouse -- it's super!!!...more info
  • Excellent & Could not ask for more
    Great mouse. I purchased it to replace a 3 1/2 year old worn out Logitech wireless optical mouse that had issues with the click button. For $35 bought locally and priced right it solved my problems and made me happy. The set-up was simple with Windows XP. It just worked and felt correct with all of the default settings and trying to change or adjust them only made me go back to the default settings. Now I see its better than my old Logitech and I thought that was a good mouse. The receiver is a little larger than most I have seen but that's not a reason for me to take anything off my 5 star rating. ...more info
  • Uncomfortable and awkward.
    I bought this mouse to replace a Logitech cordless mouse that I wore out. I liked the Logitech mouse and should have replaced it wih the same model.
    This Microsoft Mouse sits higher and wider than my previous mouse and becomes uncomfortable to use after 30 minutes or so of use.
    the two side buttons are in awkward positions. The right one requires a complete change in hand position to access, while the left one is too easy to accidently hit and make you go to the previous page. My biggest complaint about this item is since it is a wirelees mouse, I don't understand why the USB reciever hangs off of a 3 foot long cord. My other cordless mice all used a small USB Dongle that was only ablut 1.5 to 2 inches long. this one uses a reciever the size of the actual mouse attached to a 3 foot cord.
    I bought this with the intent of eliminating the wires, not adding to them. A corded mouse actually takes up less space than this cordles one....more info
  • Left button doesn't work -- 2nd mouse
    I bought a keyboard/mouse set and the keyboard works fine. The left mouse button only works about half the time. I replaced the mouse and have the same problem with the replacement. About half the time, I have to press really hard on the left mouse button to get it to work. No one else in the family will use this computer because of the 'bad mouse'. They use the Logitech mouse on my wife's computer....more info
  • mouse
    The mouse seems to lose connection very easily. I bought the Micrsoft wireless laser mouse because I thought that it would work better with microsoft xp. I tried a different USB port and have change the batteries. It keeps losing connection....more info
  • The jitteriest wireless mouse ever!
    I recently bought this mouse as a package with the wireless Comfort Keyboard 4000. I should have listened to my inner voice which cautioned against Microsoft. This mouse jitters the cursor all over the place. Sometimes it moves quickly then stops then jumps again. It is especially frustrating when the cursor is close to where you want it and you move the mouse just a little and the cursor jumps past the desired position. New batters don't help. Changing the channel as per troubleshooting manual doesn't help. Changing the USB input as per the troubleshooting manual doesn't help. My son and his friends hate the keyboard for game playing and I hate it for frequently announcing poor signal strength although the receiver is only a foot away and new batteries and changing the USB input doesn't help. The Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse costing about half as much that I had before (disabled by a spilled soft drink) were far superior....more info
  • Possibly good mouse.... poorly designed receiver.
    Bought this to replace my ailing Logitech wireless laser mouse. Got the MS 5000 back to work, opened the box, IMMEDIATELY closed the box and took it back to the store I bought it from.

    The receiver is not one of the small usb designs that looks like a flash drive. It is a large receiver that is about as big as the mouse. It then has a long cord that goes to the usb connector.

    This may be good for desktop computer use but if you're going to use with a laptop, buy something else....more info
  • Not For AutoCAD
    While this might be fine for everyday computing needs I would not recommend at all if you use CAD or any other graphic related software. Or any Microsoft mouse for that matter.

    The software creates a horrible flicker that I could not tolerate for even 5 minutes of use. This is a known issue with newer Intellipoint versions and Microsoft does not seem to care.

    I uninstalled the software and the flicker went away. However... there is still a slight, but definite, delay when you push the middle button (scroll wheel)to pan. When you do this about every 10 seconds a half second delay is not acceptable. Again a known issue (Google it) and Microsoft doesn't seem to care.

    Long story short... CAD people don't buy! If you do you'll be glad it's wireless. It will go a lot further when you throw it ;)
    ...more info
  • Not really "wireless"
    I've used the Microsoft Wireless Optical mouse in the past, and decided to go in for a similar Wireless Laser Mouse. Although the pictures show the mouse without wires, they miss out on the fact that the USB transmitter required for the mouse is WIRED! There goes my dream of de-cluttering my laptop bag. Having used the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse in the past, I expected a similar setup where the USB transmitter fits into the bottom of the mouse and saves space. No such luck. I now wish I had researched for a truly wireless mouse, 'coz this one just doesn't help. Also, I find myself accidentally clicking the magnifier buttons on the side when moving the mouse, which is annoying. Overall - as a product from Microsoft that is a supposedly wireless - a disappointment....more info
  • Good basic mouse
    Good desktop mouse. I prefer a larger mouse where the mouse fits the palm and supports the hand. I use it with a wrist rest which is a must.
    Smaller mice have caused wrist pain for me.

    Movement is very good. Don't use the magnification or smaller left side buttons because they are awkward to reach. Finger Force to click the buttons are prefect - not too light or hard to press.

    Scroll plus tilt wheel is very responsive and smooth - none of the ratcheting feeling. The tilt for side scrolling is a plus. People who have used it have commented they like the scroll wheel which I would agree.

    The wireless receiver is corded dongle with the receiver almost the same size as the mouse; This is not a mouse for laptop users who wish to carry around fewer "things". Range on the receiver is not very good - it has to be very close to the mouse.

    I have used this mouse for 2 years and it is still working well. Batteries last a long time - 2 AAs.

    I just bought the highly rated Logitech MX Revolution thinking it would improve my input with a mouse. It is a nice mouse with many features but doesn't support my palm as well and is not as comfortable; I will probably use it at home instead of at work....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I had to replace my old mouse and could not find a Logitech that I liked. I have to say I am very impressed with Microsoft's Laser 5000. It is comfortable and has a quiet scroller. I didn't care for the magnifier so I just disabled the feature. It is nice that you can choose what each button does. It works well and is simple to install....more info
  • Too small without much support
    First of all, the mouse is small without any support for my palm. What I mean is that the older model has a big fat bottom for my palm to rest on top of it. When moving the old mouse, I use my palm to push it around. With this newer model, the fat bottom is gone. There is no support for my palm. To move the mouse, I need to use my thumb and my forth finger or my pinky to "clamp" onto the mouse to move it.

    The left three buttons are pretty easy to push (or lift-to-click) but the last button on the far right is very difficult to reach. The middle click button is extreme difficult to push down. It is hard. It gives my middle finger a very good workout. haha.

    Talking about the buttons, I don't know if they are made with cheap material or they design the buttons like this. All 5 buttons have different feel and they all sound differently by some unknown reason.

    This is how they sound:

    Far Left Button - *click*
    Left Button - *dap*
    Middle Click Button - *Dup*
    Right Button - *click*
    Far Right Button - *click*

    Where *click* is the normal mouse click sound. Shouldn't they all have the normal *click* sound? So, I go to the store and try out the one they have on display. Same thing. All five buttons have different feel. So, it is not just the one I am using.

    Other than the buttons, the mouse looks well make with a nice weight.

    The software is pretty good. I especially like the Zoom function. It is very useful when surfing the web especially when the web site use alot of flash for the contents. You cannot resize the fonts if they use flash. And man, those pages are hard to read with those tiny letters.

    ...more info