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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete First Season (Slim Set)
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Product Description

INTO EACH GENERATION A SLAYER IS BORN. Now you can own the entire first season of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. All 12 classic episodes are available for the first time in this exclusive 3-disc collector's edition. From "Welcome to the Hellmouth," "The Harvest" and "Angel" to "Nightmares," "Out of Mind, Out of Sight" and "Prophecy Girl," these Season One episodes are a must for every true Buffy fan.

Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) looks like your typical perky high-schooler, and like most, she has her secret fears and anxieties. However, while most teens are worrying about their next date, their next zit, or their next term paper, Buffy's angsting over the next vampire she has to slay. See, Buffy, a young woman with superhuman strength, is the "chosen one," and she must help rid the world of evil, namely by staking demons. The exceptional first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer introduces us to the treacherous world of Sunnydale High School (where Buffy moved after torching her previous high school's gym). The characters there include "watcher" Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) and the original "Scooby Gang" members--friendly geek Xander (Nicholas Brendon), computer whiz Willow (Alyson Hannigan), and snobbish popular girl Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter)--who aid Buffy in her quest. Those used to the darker tone that Buffy took in its later seasons will be surprised by the lighter feeling these first 12 episodes have--it's kind of like Buffy 90210 as the cast grapples with regular teen problems in addition to saving the world from demonic darkness. Fans of the show will enjoy the crisp writing, the phenomenal chemistry of the cast (already well-established within the first few episodes), and the introduction to characters that would stay for many seasons, including moody vampire Angel (David Boreanaz). Through it all, Gellar carries the series with amazing confidence, whether conveying the despair of high school or dispatching various demons--she's one of TV's most distinctive and strongest heroines. --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Show, Substandard Packaging
    I love the television show Buffy, and this is the obvious, great-place-to-start season. I have no real complaints for the content.

    The missing star in my review can be attributed to the "Slim Set" packaging. I like the idea of a slimmer package design that allows you to fit more on your shelf, however, every case (within this particlar set and other seasons of Buffy featuring the "Slim Set" design) has tiny bits of plastic floating around that had mysteriously broken off, even before I opened the package, and the little plastic nub in the center (possible source of tiny bits of plastic) that holds the disc in place isn't exactly successful at doing so.

    So, if you're nit-picky about packaging, and want something long-lasting and durable, this is not it. If you like Buffy and are totally stoked that this less-pricey option is available purchase away!...more info
  • Classic Buffy!
    I loved to watch Buffy in high school and I recently purchased this and found it just as enjoyable! Season one is a great introduction into this high energy series. Buffy comes complete with her quirky friends, quick wit, and her awesome jump kicks. All in all this is a great season. The only thing is that there are only 12 episodes! So beware, but it's a great purchase! I'm halfway through season two and it only gets better!...more info
  • Buffy Rocks My Socks
    I have nothing bad to say about Buffy every season brings me back wanting more of the blonde haired demon slayer....more info
  • The Best Is Yet To Come
    I didn't starting watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer until I started watching its spin-off, Angel, so I missed the first three years of the show. Now, thanks to DVD, I can catch up on all the shows I missed. I have to say I was unimpressed with these first few episodes. The writing was weak and the acting was really medicore. Fortunately, all of that improved as the show continued. What this first season does well is set up the mythology of the slayer and the watchers. It introduces the Master Vampire, Darla (who really came into her own on Angel), and of course Angelus himself. What did not really work in this first season are the sidekicks. I was never a big fan of Xander throughout the life of the show, but Willow was always a favorite. However, the Willow of this first season is a far cry from the mega-witch Willow of later seasons. Sometimes it was hard to watch. I'm kind of glad I didn't watch this series when it first aired. Based on this set of episodes I probably wouldn't have stayed, let alone returned for a second season. Fortunately, I came into Buffy later in its run and I can now watch these first episodes with the knowledge that it will be so much better....more info
  • If you like bad shows this is the worst
    buffy was canceled twice. is there really anything left to be said? when 2 networks cancel a show that proves it was down right awful. dont waste your time or money ...more info
  • Do NOT install PCFriendly
    My copy of BtVS Season 1, requested installing an application, PCFriendly. After attempting to view the DVD through this software, the video would freeze a few minutes into playing the first episode! I was able to watch the DVD with my existing computer DVD software. (Run your DVD software first, then open your DVD through its interface.)

    With a few web searches, I found out the PCFriendly is *spyware*, shipped on various DVDs between 1996 and 2000. The software otherwise allows you to access web-like "interactive" content on the disk.

    Pretty obviously, I don't recommend installing this software. As for Buffy web sites... I think you can find a good number of them, spyware-free, on the net....more info
  • Fave Season
    This is definately my fave season of Buffy, its very upbeat and the episodes are so addicting! I look forward to buying season 2!...more info
  • A must for any Buffy fan!!
    I can sum this up in one word. FUN. Being able to watch back to back Buffy episodes commercial free in movie format makes this a must have for any fan of the series....more info
  • The slim set is cheaper
    Anyone thinking of ordering this should consider Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete First Season (Slim Set) instead. The discs are exactly the same and the only difference is that the DVD packaging is a Slim Set. Slim Sets are thin cases (about half the width of a regular DVD) that don't contain the booklets you usually get with DVDs. Those bargain DVDs you see for $5 at the store are usually sold in slim sets.
    If you're trying to get the entire series of Buffy, go with Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Collector's Set (40 discs)...more info
    Bad is about the only good word can use to describe this show. canceled twice by 2 networks. no redeeming qualaties at all here. Avoid this bargain bin no quality show. youll thank yourself later...more info
  • worst season ever
    I am a HUGE Buffy fan, but I hated this season. I am a Spuffy fan, and there was no Spike. Even if I wasn't a Spike or Spuffy fan, though, I still would have hated this season. There was hardly any continuing plot, except for the short scenes with Angel, leading up to their two kisses. It was very boring, with another random theme each episode, and I would have to say the only episode I liked was "Prophecy Girl". If you want to watch this season, order it from the library or buy it used, but don't waste good money on it. ...more info
  • great season from a great series
    I loved the first season of buffy, one of the best but the second is my fav...more info
  • What is it about "Buffy?"
    I will never forget the very first time I watched the television version of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." I watched it from day 1 and have never looked back. What is it about "Buffy" that speaks to so many people from so many disparate backgrounds? It isn't just a show about fighting vampires; it isn't only about being a teenager; it isn't just about fighting the forces of Darkness - yet it is all of these things and more. "Buffy" encompasses humor, horror, angst, drama, romance - in other words, life. Joss Whedon created an intricate world and kept it rolling - kept it alive.

    Season One was a mid-season replacement, so it came in at a bit of a disadvantage - other shows were already emplaced, already had an audience and fans. However, "Buffy" had a presence that brought people in. Right away it was obvious that this was not going to be your mother's vampire show - the teaser opening was a cute little blond girl and a big guy coming into the high school at night - spooky spooky! The girl is scared and unsure - the guy is macho and somewhat bullying. Watch out, little girl, right? WRONG! The little girl is Darla, a powerful vampire - somewhere in the vicinity of 400 years old - who proceeds to kill the guy. The next day, Buffy enters into her new high school. We are quickly introduced to the main players - Cordelia, the rich and popular queen of the school quickly works to befriend the new girl from LA. Xander and Jesse, the geeky guys, try to get her to notice them - Xander does this by actually running into her in the hall. Willow is the brains; after Buffy sees Willow being put down by Cordelia, Buffy approaches Willow for help with her school work. We see the beginning of the Scooby Gang form. Then Buffy goes to the library, where she is accosted by Giles, who was put there to be her Watcher. Of course, Buffy doesn't want to be a Slayer anymore - why would she? It ruined her life in LA, got her kicked out of school and she had to move here to Sunnydale, butt-end of nowhere. Of course, vampires don't care for the desires of school girls and there is a nasty vampire underneath the town - the Master, he is called - waiting for a chance to break free and take over the world.

    Thus Season One begins. Buffy takes on more than vampires in Season One, of course - she takes on witches, Incan mummy girls, giant praying mantis ladies, living nightmares, invisible girls, etc. In some ways it is a bit uneven, as our heroes find their way into their roles. In other ways, it is the best season of them all, because it is all so new and wonderful. We watch Cordelia develop from a one-dimensional Queen B to a multi-faceted member of the group (albeit somewhat reluctant member of the group).

    The box set doesn't have quite as many bells and whistles as some of the newer ones, but there are some nice commentaries on some of the episodes. Unfortunately, once you turn on a commentary for one episode, it is on for the entire disk unless you turn off the DVD player, remove the DVD, put something else in for awhile and then put it back in, which is a bit annoying - it would be nice if you would turn the commentaries back off as well. Something I would love to see more of - in ALL the seasons - is more outtakes. Everyone loves outtakes but only one of the seasons has any outtake reels on it (I believe it is on the Season 4 disks but I might be mistaken).

    There is more to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" than meets the eye - don't miss it.
    ...more info
  • i dont get it?
    is the repackaged seasons going to be like the repackaged X-FILES dvds in the pull out cases, each with two discs in them??...more info
  • Buffy The Beggining
    Okay Season 1 of Buffy was probably one of the best even though i love season two i thought they dragged to out way to long, anyway I love this season From the first episode to the last Especialy the episodes with Angel


    1. Wellcome to the Hellmouth
    Buffy Anne Summers, a high school sophomore transfers to sunnydale high, There she meets her new "Watcher" and learns she cannot escape her true destiny

    2. The Harvest
    A stranger named Angel tells buffy that if she does not stop the harvest the hellmouth will open and the master will roam free

    In an effort to inject some normalcy into her life Buffy tries out for the cheerleading squad- only to discover the copetition wants her dead

    4.Teachers Pet
    Xander falls for a beautiful substitute teacher who is actually a she-mantis intent on mating with then decapitating virgial boys

    5.Never Kill a Boy on a First Date
    While awaiting the arrival of the warrior vampire called the anointed one Buffys big date at the bronze ends with an assault on a funeral home

    6.The Pack
    A field trip to the zoo turns deadly after xander and a clique of mean-spirited kids become possesed by the spirit of a demonic breed of hyena

    A moment of passion turns to terror as Buffy discovers Angel's true identity and learns about the gypsy curse that has haunted him for almost 1oo years

    8.I Robot... You Jane
    Willow unwittingly unleashes a powerful demon named moloch onto the internet where he turns sunnydales computer crowd into his helpless pawns

    9.The Puppet Show
    Buffy suspects that a ventriloquists dummy may be harvesting organs from classmates performing in a school talent show

    The nightmare world of a comatose child sends Buffy and her friends into a realm where there worst fears become reality

    11.Out of Mind, Out of Sight
    As Cordelia prepares for sunnydale highs May Queen competition an invisable force starts attacking her closest friends

    12.Prophecy Girl Season Finale
    As the Spring Fling approaches Giles discovers an ancient book fortelling the Slayers death at the hands of the Master

    Even though the season was only a half season most of the episodes kept right to the main point of the season and I think my favorite line in the season was when she was fighting the master Buffy"I may be dead but im still pretty not much i can say for You" This season was one of the shows Best...more info
  • Where it all began...
    Season 1 is not among the best seasons of the series, but it's certainly a necessary part of the Buffyverse. You need to see where the show came from to appreciate where it goes in the seasons to come. You have to keep in mind that the show was based on a failed feature film, which didn't motivate the networks to give them much money to work with.
    Any fan of the show will probably be amazed to remember how young and fresh these faces once were! We get glimpses of future character dynamics and the slayer lore along with truly unique dialogue sprinkled with pop culture quips that are the basis for attention getting future "Buffy-speak" . How many series can boast starting their own stylistic "language"?
    The TV show picks up where the movie of the same name left off, with some quick explanation thrown in for newbies. Buffy moves to Sunnydale after the incident that occurred in her last home town. There, she meets her new watcher Giles and becomes friends with two loaners Willow and Xander. Together the three fight Vampires, witches, and demons. This season is also the introduction of the vampire Angel whom warns Buffy of impending danger. This makes Buffy's first season essential for any fan of the show "Angel."
    Some of these first episodes seem a little campy/silly as far as villains go, but the interaction between the characters is why we watch the show. I think it is an awesome beginning to the complete series, which, in my opinion, is an iconic masterpiece of television.

    ...more info

    The first season of buffy started a downward trend for this show.
    Buffy the vampire slayer only slayed its ratings as it was cancelled twice. The show was so terribly pc that it was hard to watch. Sarah gellar was so wasted on this show. THis dvd package is bargain bin material. You can go anywhere and find it for buy one get one free as stores cant give this away. DO yourself a favor and save your money on something ood and not this awful show. Disc after disc of flaws and disc after disc or junk. When a show is canceled twice by two different networks that should tell you the show is pretty bad and unable to get rating to support keeping it on. This is the case with Buffy. The show was just plain bad.The acting was awful, the story lines unbelieveable and so politiclaly motivated that it made it hard to stomach. No network would take a chance on reving this lowly show. Now we have severals discs of the show. Each one guarenteed to bore you and make you shake your head. Several discs of bad acting, bad story lines and more to make you cringe. Atleast amazon will get it to you in a good amount of time . they do have excellent shipping at amazon. Other wise this is not worth it to watch. youll be sick to your stomach after a few minutes

    ...more info
  • great show
    i have been a fan of buffy since the first episode aired March of 1995. i have to admit that the first season is quite weak in the forms of dialogue and the story, but it does get better as opposed to other shows where seasons go downhill. even though the first season is not that good, i love every minute of the corny one liners and silly episodes of evil book demons having online relationships with a girl.

    the dvd quality is very good, i feel as if i just watched it for the first time. the dark lighting of the show that i loved back when it first aired is present (as opposed to the newer seasons that seemed to have this crisp lighter feeling i disliked). ...more info
  • Buffy Season 1 DVD - A Must Have!
    The beginning Season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a must have for any fan of the Series. There is a lot of "background" info that lays the foundation for the future seasons. The Season One collection I purchased through came in perfect condition with very little wait for its receipt. I would strongly recommend the entire collection of Buffy DVD's including the spin off series "Angel". I would also recommend purchasing thru ...more info
  • Love it!
    I LOVE this series! Funny, when I heard of it I tought it would be dumb but I wanted to watch it because of Marc Blucas and I was hooked after the 2nd episode. I bought the whole series within weeks after watching the first episode....more info
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season One
    October 10, 2006. The day I first saw "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," and was introduced to the Best Television Show Ever. Forgive the enthusiasm, but anyone who has seen this show can surely understand. "Buffy" is brilliant, enough said. For the uninitiated (like I was), Season One is the ideal place to start. The audience is introduced to Buffy Summers (the brilliant Sarah Michelle Gellar), Willow Rosenburg (Alyson Hannigan), Xander Harris (Nicholas Brenden), the dark, brooding Angel (David Boreanaz), Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter), and Rupert Giles (Anthony Steward Head). Creator Joss Whedon took the phrase "high school is hell," and created situations that are direct metaphors for what all teenagers go through. Season One is all set-up, however, for the brilliance to come. This season is the perfect primer. The audience gets to know the characters, the witty dialogue is on full display, and the audience is ready to jump head-first into emotional journey to come beginning in season two. Season One is written like a very long miniseries. This is because "Buffy" was a mid-season replacement, and noone knew if there would be a second season, let alone seven. The season finale, "Prophecy Girl" could be a series finale of sorts. The big bad is slain, and everything ends happily. If you have not seen this yet, SEE IT NOW!! If you like Season One (and who wouldn't?), you'll LOVE the rest of the series. Here I will rate every episode followed by a rating. A star (*) means this episode is an absolute must see.

    1. "Welcome To The Hellmouth" (5/5)*
    2. "The Harvest" (5/5)*
    3. "Witch" (4/5)
    4. "Teacher's Pet" (3.5/5)
    5. "Never Kill A Boy On The First Date" (5/5)*
    6. "The Pack" (4/5)
    7. "Angel" (6/5)*
    8. "I Robot...You Jane" (4/5)
    9. "The Puppet Show" (4/5)
    10. "Nightmares" (5/5)*
    11. "Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight" (3.5/5)
    12. "Prophecy Girl" (6/5)*

    Overall: (5/5)*...more info
  • Hardly Buffy's best, but solid exposition
    Season one isn't the best of "Buffy", but it's still pretty good in general. You get to meet the Scooby's, and see them during their earliest years. The amazing thing is to look back at season one and see how much all of them have grown as individuals and how they've changed. While Season 1 does suffer from "monster of the week" lameness, it's pretty clear that Buffy as a series has potential, and you get to see that in coming years. While Buffy's structure has yet to fully form with emotional conflicts and stronger season-long arc's, some of it's ideas come through. The Invisible Girl isn't Buffy's best episode, but it encompasses things like isolation of the high school experience. The pack is an apt metaphor, too. In terms of the most enjoyable episodes of the piece were "Welcome to the Hellmouth","Angel", and "Prophecy Girl." The villain in terms of the first season is "The Master", the oldest vampire alive. He doesn't really stack up to "The Nerds", let alone "Spike/Dru", "The Mayor/Faith", "Angelus". But, the most important thing about Buffy's first season is introducing to these characters. You see them at their youngest: post-valley girl Buffy, Willow before the Wicca, Giles super bookwormish not very poignant, Xander as the dorky everyguy, and Angel as the mysterious stranger. The time when Willow loved Xander, Xander was soft for Buffy, and Buffy was hot for a good vampire named Angel. The innocence, the campiness; it's all a part of Buffy's journey, and it's wonderful to look back on. ...more info
  • She is the strangest girl
    BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER debuted in March of 1997, much to the dismay of movie critics everywhere. Going out on a limb was creator Joss Whedon, the man who has quickly evolved to demigod status in the eyes of millions of cult fans around the world, when he revived the box-office yuppie and decided to take it in the new direction that was sorely needed. As it turns out, the limb he walked on only grew stronger until we were all forced to acknowledge he wasn't falling off anytime soon.

    As the lore goes, a Vampire Slayer fends off the ever-coming darkness - vampires, demons, and the like - and does so alone, without friends or family, so as not to endanger herself or others any more than they are normally. Her development is seen over by a Watcher, part of a tribe of stuffy British people who may actually ingest dictionaries and demon mythology whole so as to provide knowledge in the clinch. Season one opens on the small California town of Sunnydale, whose shiny name disguises a town so steeped in darkness that it may very literally be sitting on the mouth of hell. Buffy, looking for an escape from vampire slaying after her first Watcher died in L.A., sees Sunnydale as a clean slate - a place to start over. That is, until her new Watcher, the school librarian Rupert Giles, contacts her with portents of evil about to break loose. So what else is new?

    After a mutual friend is murdered and turned into a monster, high school sophomores Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris are pulled into Buffy's strange world and find an odd place in the not-so-well-oiled machine of Slayer and Watcher. Together, with snarky comments and pop culture references aplenty, they seek to undo any evil that pops up in Sunnydale while keeping Buffy's identity as Slayer secret from everyone, including Buffy's mom, who occasionally wanders into the line of fire.

    So began a TV legend. Now, Fox TV-on-DVD resurrects the show on three discs with audio commentary, subtitles, and a sprinkling of mundane featurettes. It's not really the extras I enjoyed on this DVD set - it's the twelve episodes within, which I have watched so many times I now vomit snappy one-liners. But the ability to bring this wonderful first season to life again and again is worth any amount of money paid, believe you me....more info
  • not a review by a buffy disciple
    buffy the vampire slayer is sacred territory for a lot of people, and consequently a lot of reviews on are pretty biased and myopic. i'm not a buffy disciple, nor purist, nor anything of the sort. i'd never seen a single episode of buffy the vampire the slayer until about two weeks ago. so my review doesn't suffer from 10 years of buffy-worshipping. i'm just a regular guy who started watching buffy without any preconceived notions or ideas.

    what 'buffy' does so well, and what makes it so successful in my opinion, is that establishes a buffy mythology. a lot of the most successful series in recent years (x-files, veronica mars, lost, 24, among others) do a great job at establishing a particular mythology. it's not enough to simply create interesting characters anymore. joss whedon and crew succeed in creating an entirely new world. despite it's sort of absurd premise, this is what makes buffy successful.

    the series does seem to struggle in finding its footing in the beginning. the dialogue, acting, and direction are sometimes clumsy, but that's to be expected given that it was the first season. during the first few episodes sarah michelle gellar seems to have a bit of struggle adjusting to her character, but come the last two episodes she managed to turn buffy into a fully-realized character. the last episode, 'prophecy girl,' is especially poignant and heart-felt and gellar really shines in showing both the vulnerable buffy and the courageous buffy. it's the kind of perfomance that makes buffy wholly believable. and it's a good thing given that the success of the show rested squarely on her shoulders.

    the supporting cast provides some nice moments as well. willow and xander are great sidekicks as the geeky brain and sex-crazed adolescent male, respectively. giles, buffy's english 'watcher' gives the trio much needed guidance and provides occassional levity. cordelia is at times a bit over the top most of the time, but thankfully we get to see a little bit more of her vulnerable side as the series progresses. the hunky angel, though someone underused in my opinion, provides some nice dramatic tension. and i get the feeling that joss whedon had some serious crushes on his high school teachers as most of the teachers in buffy are ridiculously hot.

    surprisingly enough, i think buffy is most enjoyable when we see little or none of the vampires. when the episodes explore teenage angst, isolation, jealousy, love, rejection, and triumph is when 'buffy the vampire slayer' really succeeds and is the most enjoyable. this is a credit to whedon's keen eye and observational skills.

    sure, sometimes you'll *really* have to suspend disbelief and sit through some silly plots, but you'd be hard pressed to find a more geniunely enjoyable television show. i'm looking to spending some more time in sunnyvale, ca with buffy and her crew. and did i mention sarah michelle gellar is extremely attractive?

    p.s. the dvd 'extras' are marginal, at best. it's too bad. i would have liked a lot more interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff. hopefully the rest of the seasons will have more extras....more info
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete First Season
    At first I didn't receive my order so I followed up with customer service and they checked and told me it had been lost in the mail and sent out a second order and it came. I was happy with it, it was in excellent condition. Thank you very much....more info
  • I think I speak for everyone when I say huh?
    When this season was on TV, of course I was much younger, and the 1st episode I ever watched was Teacher's Pet, and I was confused, because I loved the movie, and she is a vampire slayer, why was she fighting a she-mantis, so I didnt watch it after that. My mother recorded the Welcome to the Hellmouth episode for me, after watching that I was hooked, now I see that it was nice that they put more demons in it, its awesome. Even though the acting is kinda lame, this season is still good. I dont know what that one person was talking about not having special features because it even says special features before you watch every episode, look for it. It has commentary on Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest, Angel, and the Puppet Show by Joss Whedon. Sarah Michelle Gellar I think is the perfect Buffy. My favorite episodes from this season is Welcome to the Hellmouth, Angel, and Prophecy Girl, I even got a little emotional when she didnt want to die. The clown in nightmares shocked and scared me where I ran out of the room screaming because Im scared to death of clowns, so all clowns haters be careful. All in all a good season, gets you into the story of Buffy's life, but wasnt she a senior in the movie?? Ive always been confused about that. So buy this DVD its worth every penny....more info
  • The beginning of one of the best TV shows ever.
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer sounds like your mediorce teenage cheesy tv show, doesn't it? Well guess what, It's not. I started watching BtVS since its debut and I must say it's one of my favourite shows ever.

    Let's talk about the First season, It is my least favourite season of the whole seven, But that doesn't mean it's not good. It's the perfect introduction, with fun, campy episodes such as "The Pack" and "Teacher's Pet".

    So do yourself a favor and introduce yourself to one of the best tv show ever and rent/buy this set and trust me you'll be running to the video store to get the other seasons....more info
  • The beginning of beautiful relationships
    The only downside to the first season of "Buffy" is that it's only 12 episodes long. Other than the fact that it's too short, the first season is a wonderful introduction to what would become one of the most original and well-written series in the history of television. This DVD set is a must-have as it introduces us to the wonderful world of "Buffy", it's lovable characters and witty dialogue. The series begins with the main characters in their sophomore year of high school. Buffy has just transferred to Sunnydale High after being kicked out of her school in L.A. for her 'violent behavior', which no one realizes is actually Buffy taking on her Slayer duties and protecting others from the threat of vampires. Upon transferring, Buffy has decided that she's had enough of the Slayer life and is determined to put it behind her. Little does she know that Sunnydale High sits right atop a hellmouth and that her being sent there is no coincidence. She goes on to make friends with Willow, a shy, geeky 'computer nerd' and Xander, a sweet, goofy sort of guy who harbors a major crush on Buffy. The cast also includes Giles, the school librarian, who is Buffy's Watcher, responsible for training Buffy both physically and mentally in her Slayer duties (and who will become an important father figure to Buffy), and Cordelia, the stereotypical popular girl in school who has a love/hate relationship w/ the gang and always seems to find herself right in the middle of their often gory situations. The mysterious Angel, who we meet in the first episode, will play a very important role in the show, but he does not become a series regular until the second season. The first season of "Buffy" is more on the light-hearted side than the seasons that follow. The villians they face won't pose as much of a challenge as the ones they'll face in the future and their lives aren't nearly as complicated quite yet. However, the season finale sets the perfect tone for what the show will become. Stand out episodes are the pilot "Welcome to the Hellmouth", "The Harvest", "The Pack", "Angel" and the finale "Prophecy Girl". Other episodes such as "The Witch" and "The Puppet Show" are also a lot of fun and better display the fabulous humor of this so-called horror show. ...more info
  • Great Start To An Awesome Series, But Lacking
    Joss Whedon is very smart to come up with such a great and well thought out show. From the beginning, you love all his creations. Sunnydale, the hellmouth, the slayer idea, Buffy, Giles, Willow, Xander, Cordy, etc., etc. Joss actually writes a whole lot in this season, which makes this season one of the most well written seasons in the whole entire 'Verse. But, with that said, some of the acting is not so great. The leads are great, but some guests are just lacking. Also, the visuals do not look to good to your eyes. The special effects and make-up crew are not looking too good at this point, but still decent, just nothing special. There are also some mediocre episodes ("I Robot, You Jane" "Teacher's Pet") , but that was only one or two episodes. Now, let's go through the episodes.

    Episode One: "Welcome To The Hellmouth" - 4.5/5 - Amazing! Amazing introduction to the series! The characters are great, plus the plot is great! Great one!

    Episode Two: "The Harvest" - 4/5 - Good one!

    Episode Three: "Witch" - 2.5/5 - Okay, but the plot bugs me at time. Nothing bad, but not very memorable.

    Episode Four: "Teacher's Pet" - 0.5/5 - There are one or two good Xander lines, but, other than that, mediocre at best.

    Episode Five: "Never Kill A Boy On The First Date" - 3.5/5 - This is a good one!

    Episode Six: "The Pack" - 4.5/5 - I really love this one!

    Episode Seven: "Angel" - 4.5/5 - Another one I love!

    Episode Eight: "I, Robot. You, Jane" - 1/5 - Not good, but some good lines.

    Episode Nine: "The Puppet Show" - 3.5/5 - This is a good one!

    Episode Ten: "Nightmares" - 4.5/5 - Great one!

    Episode Eleven: "Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight" - 4.5/5 - Another amazing one!

    Episode Twelve: "Prophecy Girl" - Totally the best in the season! Sarah Michelle Gellar shows her acting abilities here. Her performance is absoloutley chilling!

    Overall, great start to an even better series!...more info
  • Great Seller!
    Took a while to get the DVD but was not the fault of the seller. He worked with me to send another copy out. Got it the other day and it was brand new. Would do work with this seller again! thanks!...more info
  • A wonderfully inexpensive edition of one of TV's landmark shows
    That a large television critics and television studies scholars would in 2006 consider BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER the best show in the history of television would have been seemed impossible in 1997. I remember my response on hearing that a TV show based on a failed movie was going to debut on the WB: "Why?" Why indeed. But as time went on, the show not only built a small but passionate group of fans, it became distinguished by the quality of its fans. And now in discussions of great TV, BUFFY is often used as the standard for determining the quality of other shows. It has influenced many of not most of the truly great shows of the past decade. For instance, the main creative force behind LOST, Damon Lindelhof, has cited BUFFY as the major model for what they are trying to do. Not bad for a show for which almost anyone in January 1997 would have predicted failure.

    BUFFY's influence on subsequent television has been immense and is likely to go down as one of the crucial shows in TV history because of what it has spawned both in what television can do with long narrative and in the influence it has had on the depiction of women on TV. Indeed, I believe that eventually the history of women on TV will be told in terms of pre- and post-BUFFY. There simply were no strong female heroes before BUFFY. Granted, a diminutive former cheerleader turned vampire slayer is utterly unrealistic, but what people don't often remark on is how unrealistic similar male heroes are. The idea of a physically powerful female is no sillier than Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Kane, Kato, Billy Jack, Data, the Green Hornet, or what have you. For some reason, TV tolerated impossibly empowered male characters but refused similarly empowered women. A quick checklist of female heroes before and after BUFFY brings the point home vividly. Before BUFFY there is the great Emma Peel in THE AVENGER, Wonder Woman, the Six Million Dollar Woman, and Dana Scully in THE X-FILES. There was also Xena, who came after the BUFFY movie but before the TV show, but which also seems to have exerted no influence on the shows that came after it, all of whose creators credited BUFFY as their inspiration. After BUFFY, however, we get Aeryn Sun in FARSCAPE, Max Guevara in DARK ANGEL, Sydney Bristow in ALIAS, River Phoenix in FIREFLY and the film SERENITY, Pez on WITCHBLADE, and Veronica Mars on VERONICA MARS. One could probably add a host of other characters as well, such as Kate on LOST, Jaye Tyler on WONDERFALLS, and Georgia Lass on DEAD LIKE ME. Buffy Summers created a whole new world of possibilities for women on TV.

    BUFFY also has had a vast impact on television narrative. I believe that BUFFY is the fourth of four immensely influential television shows on how TV shows handle narrative. The first was HILL STREET BLUES, the show that introduced the multiple story thread format to TV. Next was TWIN PEAKS, which introduced the idea of a dominant narrative that structures a show as a whole and sees no short-term resolution. THE X-FILES took TWIN PEAKS's idea of narrative and extended it over several years through the telling of their alien colonization arc. Finally, BUFFY continues THE X-FILES's practice of stretching narratives over several seasons, but centered the narrative on character development and introduced the idea of a master narrative for each individual season. Since a vast number of shows in the past decade have either been directly influenced by BUFFY or influenced by shows that BUFFY influenced, one could argue that contemporary multi-episode narrative has largely been made possible by BUFFY. Shows like SIX FEET UNDER, THE GILMORE GIRLS, LOST, ALIAS, FARSCAPE, and many others have directly credited BUFFY for narrative inspiration.

    Season One of BUFFY is very good, but does not give any hints about just how great it would become in Season Two. I read recently an article on the Internet about Season Two of THE SOPRANOS, arguing that it was in its second Season that the show got truly great, and explicitly mentioned BUFFY as the other greatest Season Two on TV. I think there is some truth to this, though I would argue that Season One of THE SOPRANOS was better than Season One of BUFFY (though I prefer BUFFY as a whole). There are multiple reasons that Season One of BUFFY wasn't as good as what was to follow. First, it was a very low budget show. Almost everything in Season One was done on the cheap, and this comes out in the quality of the production. Second, Joss Whedon had worked exclusively as a writer prior to BUFFY, and while he was a very good one, he still had to learn to produce and direct in addition to writing. So, there was a learning curve involved. Nonetheless, even though the show wasn't as good as it would be in Season Two, this is a striking debut season. There are some weak episodes, but from the very first episode there are a host of striking moments. There are a host of marvelously well-written moments, especially dialogue, which has always been a Whedon strongpoint (before BUFFY he was a highly regarded script doctor, paid to take scripts lacking pizzazz and spicing them up). The episodes were filled with glorious dramatic or action moments, but always also by great comic twists. In the high school years of BUFFY, especially in Season One, the scripts were largely structured around metaphor. The school was literally built on the mouth to hell, which expressed the idea that for many high school is like being in hell. One episode deals with the negative effects of group behavior through focusing on a group of students who are turned into a pack of wild animals. Another deals with a girl so ignored in school that she eventually becomes invisible. Personally, I was never a huge fan of the metaphorical episodes, but a number of people found them compelling.

    The most important achievement of Season One in my opinion is the assembling of a core group of characters-Buffy, her best friend Willow, Xander, the vampire with a soul Angel, the school Queen B Cordelia, and Buffy's watcher Giles-and establishing the central pretense of the show. From the very beginning we are confronted with a beautiful young girl who was happy being a cheerleader, future homecoming queen, and social butterfly, but who lost all that when presented with her new destiny: she was her generations new vampire slayer. Gradually, the tragic ramifications of that would become clearer, for one became a vampire slayer only when the previous slayer died. And you would then be the slayer until you died. So while it is cool that Buffy has super strength and agility and recuperative abilities, but she is cut off from the life that she wanted and confronted with the fact that there might not be much point in her planning for much of a future. Buffy doesn't want to be the slayer; she wants to be popular and have fun. Instead of being a cheerleader, she has to hunt and kill demons. What is most compelling about the show is how this young woman over seven seasons struggles with this fate that she did not seek and responsibilities that she can't pass on to others. There is a sadness that runs through the show.

    While I truly believe BUFFY is the best show in the history of TV, this is not among the greatest first seasons ever. It is not as good, for instance, as the first season of ALIAS or LOST or 24. But from small things great things may come. What I tell people watching BUFFY for the first time is that if you like Season One of BUFFY, you will utterly love everything that comes later. And now that it is priced to own, there is not reason not to get it....more info
  • sarah michelle gellar avoidance repented
    Just this week, I watched the first season of Buffy for the first time, as a result of several conversations with friends. I've always found vampire stories fascinating, because of all the already overtalked ways they describe real human problems - people preying on people, the disastrous results of failure to accept the inevitable in the guise of mortality... yadda. But I was never interested in Buffy, so I never got the point of why Sarah Michelle Gellar's face was all over everything. I had a certain amount of disdain for the whole thing.

    Now I know what this is about, though. Gellar is just flat amazing. It took me around 2 hours to get through each episode because I found myself replaying little reponses she made, facial expressions, the way she packs words by the way she moves. I was already really impressed when I came to "Prophecy Girl," then still couldn't believe it when I saw what she did in the "Read the signs... tell me my fortune..." scene. Amazing.

    So I know now why folks defend the show from philosophical attack, artistic attack, entertainment attack... what Gellar does is so offhandedly profound, and so accurate to the way a person moves and breathes naturally in similar situations ... (here, I was going to say "it wouldn't matter what the series was about, but I don't want to take anything away from Joss Whedon, or the concept, or the supporting cast, they all gave her space to do the work) ... it's all explainable (to me) as a defense of Gellar. She has a hundered faces, and inhabits them all fully.

    Now, I CANNOT figure out why I haven't seen her in any number of worthy projects since this. I don't get it at all. Does she not want to work? Is everyone out there making movies asleep? Or just scared by the cultural residue of the series?...more info