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The classic combination of James Spader and William Shatner is just one of many reasons to savor the inaugural 17-episode season of Boston Legal. Making its highly rated ABC debut on October 3, 2004, this darkly comedic spinoff from The Practice looked like a formulaic reworking of creator David E. Kelley's previously successful series Ally McBeal, with similar plots and quirky characters enmeshed in personal and professional affairs of the heart at the prestigious Boston law firm of Crane, Poole & Schmidt. It quickly became apparent that Kelley, co-executive producer Bill D'Elia, and the show's magnificent ensemble cast were onto something equally fresh, funny, and infectiously entertaining.

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Both Shatner and Spader won Emmys for their original roles on The Practice, and the priceless pairing of the erratic, egomaniacal senior partner Denny Crane (Shatner, doing the best work of his career) and ethically challenged attorney Alan Shore (Spader, likewise) signaled the arrival of one of the finest comedic duos in TV history. Waging a two-man war on political correctness, the boisterous has-been Denny loves the sound of his own name (the mere mention of "Denny Crane" qualifies as ego-stroking foreplay), unabashedly subjects female associates to his lascivious advances, and (in creator Kelley's words) "trades on the currency of his reputation" as an undefeated trial attorney. As the show's fascinating heart and soul, Alan Shore is a walking contradiction, and Spader plays him perfectly as a charismatic, self-loathing lothario who'll bend the law to suit his higher purposes. Deeply cynical yet fiercely committed to his own complex and compassionate moral code, he's brazenly open about his sexual appetites as he savors the affections of smart, sexy associates Sally Heep (Lake Bell), and Tara Wilson (Rhona Mitra), whose relationship with Shore grows strained as the season progresses.

While senior partner Paul Lewiston (Rene Auberjonois), senior associate and ex-Marine Brad Chase (Mark Valley), and junior associate Lori Colson (Monica Potter) struggle to maintain the firm's lofty reputation, the appearance of founding partner Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen) elevates Boston Legal to an even higher plane of serio-comic perfection. A former flame of Denny Crane's, Schmidt arrives in episode 11 (appropriately titled "Schmidt Happens") as common-sense negotiator with a rapier wit and a clanking pair of big brass cojones, fully capable of holding her own against the Crane/Shore juggernaut. And while "An Eye for an Eye" (episode 5) is a sublime example of Boston Legal's deft combination of lunacy and courtroom complexity, it's the deeper implications of episodes like "Tortured Souls" (15) and season finale "Death Be Not Proud" (tackling a dubious death sentence in Texas) that cast these rich and wonderful characters into sharper relief, baring their souls and the courage of their convictions.

With surprising departures (Lake Bell, in episode 13), new arrivals (Kerry Washington, as new associate Chelina Hall, in episode 15) and stellar guest stars including Larry Miller (as the eccentrically unstable founding partner Edwin Poole), Philip Baker Hall, Frances Fisher, Carl Reiner, Freddie Prinze Jr., Shelley Long, and late-season regular Betty White, Boston Legal gained a large and loyal following with exceptional writing, timely social relevance, and that rare quality of chemistry that guarantees long-term appeal. Nowhere is this more apparent than the now-famous Spader/Shatner "balcony scenes" that quickly became an episode-closing tradition, with staunch Republican Denny Crane and passionate Democrat Alan Shore reflecting upon their careers, current issues, and their own devoted friendship over brandy and cigars. With these two actors together, virtually every episode ends on a high note of pensive introspection, and Boston Legal becomes even greater than the sum of its parts. DVD extras are minimal (two featurettes with cast and producers, plus deleted scenes from episode 1) but enjoyably worthwhile. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • A spoonful f sugar helps the medicine go down
    If you want information on many important legal and ethical issues of today, here is a series that is always entertaining,funny and intelligent...
    Wonderfully written and acted...more info
  • Best Series on TV
    ABC should be ashamed for canceling the best show on TV. This first season DVD is excellent. Great laughs and characters. I will eventually buy the other 4 seasons. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Seller
    This was a gift for my daught-in-law and she is very happy. Good seller would do businesss with them again....more info
  • Boston Legal
    excellent, funny and thought provoking. James Spader and William Shatner make a great team!...more info
  • very entertaining
    We have throughly enjoyed this. If you watched the series Boston Legal this is a must purchase....more info
  • Best TV show!
    My husband and I just loved these DVDs. We had to restrict ourselves to just two episodes each day, otherwise we would have watched the whole lot in one session! It's great to be able to watch them without the commercial breaks. Absolutely hillarious!...more info
  • Denny Crane
    I would have Never before thought that my old time favorite: Jack Bower would rank underneath Denny Crane in entertainment. And his best friend, Alan Shore, omg, what a twosome....more info
  • Intelligent, hilarious entertainment
    Yes, there still are those TV series which provide us with fascinating stories, excellent acting and humor that challenges the brain.The casting deserves special mentioning; and yes, there is life on earth for William Shatner. Brilliant. ...more info
  • I'll join in what others have said
    I had for a long time known there was this show out there, Boston Legal, and that it was supposed to be quirky and funny. But I hesitated because A) I never much liked the little bit of The Practice that I saw, just not my cup of tea, and B) I really was creeped out by William Shatner from the Priceline ads.

    Then I saw a sort of tribute to William Shatner's character, on a VH1 special, and it was funny, so I gave the show a whirl. ONE EPISODE (of Season 3) and I was absolutely floored. Shatner is unbelievable -- who would have thought he has this level of finesse in him? He is hilarious, at the same time over-the-top and yet subtle and sublime.

    James Spader is another one I never really *loved* before - always thought he was fine but nothing special. On Boston Legal? WOW. I can't remember a television character as complicated and well-fleshed-out as Alan Shore, nor one as well-acted.

    I wanted to write a review that would encourage people who missed the first seasons to get on board now - it's not too late. Also people who don't like courtroom shows - this show has way more to offer than just L.A. Law or The Practice or Law and Order.

    This is one of those shows that makes you think the best dramatic work these days is being done on TV rather than in the movies. And these guys put out every single week!

    I also heart Rene Auberjonois, who is the only character who seems wholly real and natural (not that the other characters are flawed, but they do have extreme characteristics) and HUGE thumbs up for Bergen, whom I not only didn't like in the past, but actually quite disliked on the basis of Murphy Brown. She is hilarious in this show with impeccable timing. Clearly a very bright woman to carry off this character with such aplomb.

    Start watching on TV now, and get the DVDs of seasons you missed too....more info
  • Boston Legal Season 1
    This series is the best that has come along since the Seinfeld era. Denny Chrane, Denny Chrane, Denny Chrane. What more can I say?...more info
  • Awesome Show
    It's been so long since we've seen these episodes, but it's like watching a brand new show each time. ...more info
  • Boston Legal - Season One
    This is a WONDERFUL program. It is Contemporaneous, Topical, Self Deprecating, and Very Funny. It is a "not to be missed" TV experience among most of the networks' baby foods currently on the TV; including the multitude of choices on cable and direct TV. Reviewed by George Tuton....more info
  • boston legal
    Our favorite show on TV but we did not start watching until the second season. This is a great way to get up to speed on how the characters developed. Lots of funny episodes....more info
  • A Marvel
    Great show, great premise.

    It mixes law, comedy, and life together.

    How can you say no to a series that features Al Sharpton talking about society's intolerance that does not allow a "Little Orphan Black Annie"?

    It addresses everyday social issues and puts an intellectual twist on them. ...more info
  • Well Written Well Acted TV Fun
    OK, for those of us who were raised in the TV age and cut our teeth on such comedies as MASH, All In The Family, and more, this show is a pleasant surprise in a time when most shows are reduced to the same old tired lines redone over and over again. To come up with the recipe for this show, take the zaniness from MASH, the political incorrectness of All In The Family, and current zingers from The Simpsons, and you have Boston Legal.

    Nothing about this show can be considered normal or regular. And that's what makes it so funny. It is SO over the top, so outrageous, that you just suspend belief and bust a gut laughing. I'm not a big James Spader or William Shatner fan, but I just can't imagine any other two actors pulling off the friendship that exists between Denny Crane and Alan Shore. They are so full of themselves that you find yourself laughing inspite of yourself. To leaven out the mixture, you add the cool sex appeal of Candace Bergen (who somehow manages to be in every plot even when she's not around thanks to Denny & Alan's obsessions--but I'll let you laugh through that).

    If you haven't had the pleasure of Boston Legal, then sit back with a large bowl of popcorn and get ready to laugh. OR as Denny & Alan would have, a glass of scotch and a good cigar on the veranda....more info
  • Boston Legal Series - DVD
    I purchased this season 1 and 2 for my husband. We are huge fans of Boston Legal (we haven't missed an episode). Great gift idea for anyone who enjoys this show. What else can I say........Denny Crane. Denny Crane...more info
  • I overlooked this first time around - My Mistake!
    I did not watch this when it was on broadcast television. I figured it was 'another courtroom show' and was already overloaded by too many 'case a week' TV shows. I am now reveling in the ability to buy DVD sets of shows I missed. I watch them while playing on the computer in the evenings (but that's another story).

    This show is wonderful. It's well written, well acted, dramatic and funny. I actually laugh out loud at the banter between the characters. Yes, there are courtroom scenes, there are cases, but they're not cases that are already in the news, they're sometimes serious, sometimes funny cases that act in partner with the attorneys - they're not the main focus of the show (in my mind).

    If you like House, Grey's Anatomy, Deperate Housewives, you'll like this show. It is not another Law & Order. It's not that serious. I'm now purchasing Season 2 and looking forward to Season 3. Denny Crane (I hope I spelled that right!)....more info
  • "Refreshingly, Politically Incorrect !"
    Far better than "Picket Fences." This is a turbo-charged, fast paced comedy-drama. There is a blend of characters & plots that can either run parallel to each other & than cross into each other with funny results. The lawyers often tackle controversial issues with angst & wit. The friendship between Denny Crane {William Shatner} & Allan Shore {James Spader}is the main focus of most episodes. The chemistry between the two makes the show worth viewing. Shore, the straight man is filled with an amusing reverence for Denny, while the latter has an eccentric uncles affection for Allan. Their scenes on the terrace happily discussing their troubles & the days events while sipping Brandy & smoking Cigars show male bonding as only we truly understand. Shirley Schmidt{Candace Bergin} is the matriarchal engine who tries mightily from keeping the latter two from getting into deep trouble with their antics. The firm does not need bad press. Rene Auberjonois is her male counterpart who keeps the firm humming along. The captain so to speak of a ship that is always perilously close to the media rocks. The exquisite Julie Bowen plays Denise perfectly. She is the emotional conscience of the firm. Trying to juggle her tumultous personal life while desiring to make partner, & often dealing with the most lunatic clients. ...more info
  • Lock and Load
    Absolutely love this show. I came in late in the game, catching a few episodes here and there mainly because of a crazy work schedule, but I noticed that whenever I did catch this show I usually ended up laughing aloud. This is the first time I've ever bought a television series on DVD and I now think that it's the best thing since sliced bread. The pilot episode is just pure gold in my opinion and while the first season is good fun, somwhere around the middle the show tended to lean on the serious side instead of it being fifty/fifty. (Comedy and drama). However, the current season seem to be more like the pilot-so maybe the in the begining David E. Kelley struggled between writing Alley McBeal and the Practice episodes. Either way-it's all still very brillant work. I'm now ready to purchase season two. I just wish that there were more episodes in a television series. Seventeen is just not enough. Lock and Load...bring on season two....more info
  • Clever Fun
    "Lawyer shows" have been a staple of prime time TV for literally three generations.

    There was Perry Mason in the 1950s and 1960s. The genre started with the inherent interest of people in conflict, and the intellectual energy and ability of these increibly clever people we call lawyers...

    People we love to hate.

    Then we had L.A.Law - the next generation. Again, incredibly clever people, joined by some people who have really poor morals, but who are great at getting their clients what they need. Sex, too.

    More people we love to hate.

    And now, in the new millenium, the biggest jerks are the most effective lawyers, it seems. The people who stop where they draw the ethical line are seen as nice but ineffective. In fact, the results-focused lawyers who bend the rules are somehow heroic in their "courage."

    Winning is now everything - the first thing owed to the client.

    Well, I guess that's how the adversarial system is essentially designed, and the result is great drama.

    The writing is solid and the acting is great. Actually, to me, the weakness of the series is often cited as its greatest strength: Denny Crane. It's the words and work of all the others that I love to watch even more......more info
  • Absolute CREEPIEST Show on Television!
    Forget the X-Files, CSI, Kolchak the Night Stalker.. you want to see the Creepiest show on television.. you got it right here. I've tried my damndest to get into this show, being somewhat of a lewd male myself, but even I can't get passed the idea that for every case they take on there should be equal or greater the number of sexual harrasment suits during every single episode! That's not what makes it "creepy".. granted, a little sexual tension is amusing when it's portrayed by attractive actors or actresses that show a good deal of "CHARISMA".. the characters that Spader and Shatner play are not only visualy repulsive in their bloated forms, they also portray their characters as stuffy, Nueotic and flat out Weird.. which doesn't make it appealing when they molest a client or two, it simply makes them Creepy! You can almost imagine this is how Ted Bundy must've appealed to his contacts. In one episode they actually had Shatner and another partner played by Robert Wagner simultaneaously feeling up Jeri Ryan as she squirmed helplessly in the courtroom as a defendant (DURING A CASE) And exactly HOW in God's name is this suppose to be funny?? Especially to families that have any idea of what good taste is??? (I've read reviews were people talk about their kids ejoying it... great, you're raising future molestors - of COURSE they're interested!) Of course getting back to that scene, even though Jeri squirms for her life in the defendant's chair between two disgusting bloated old farts, she accepts the attention of Spader instead.. who always has the look on his face like he just slaughtered three co-workers, drank their blood and is trying to get the one he's talking to not to look down because he's wearing their skull as a Jock strap... How in God's name did a show get people this addicted when the leads are complete psychotics? At least they have Julie Bowen to drool over.. if you can take the creepy shivers the rest of the cast gives you. ...more info
  • Clever comedy
    Boston Legal has what many current T.V. shows lack: intelligent dialogues and interesting situations that in a funny way reflect what the U.S. public opinion is debating about, which we all hope were as simple to resolve as they are in the series.
    As a foreigner, I as well find enourmous learning value in the excellent English language the characters use. ...more info
  • Elegant comedy! Serious drama!
    This one is the first Legal Boston I has ever watched (never I watched the Practice). It is a grace blow. I will be interested to see how the show holds up, as I watch ignited Season 2, but in the Season One storytelling really is tightened, acting is impressive, and you do not find a better mixture of the drama and the comedy that anywhere work through topical editions this side of James Brooks and Trey Parker.

    James Spader plays lawyer-- the Alan Shore-- who uses each tactics of bad quality he barks to write down a victory. Within he is really a good person, but he cannot be stopped for him.

    Whd has thought that Guillermo Shatner would be a new role of the signature like this so many years old after Kirk? The Denny Crane is laughing, fighting to maintain on its shrewdness then its mind of pre-Alzheimers deteriorates. Sad and amused.

    And Candice Bergen is great. It brings the class and the beauty to the part of Schmidt. It has most of the dignity between the characters, but she knows to get down too.

    Everyone in this show has a sense of humor, but they are die-serious on which they do it. And that one is the heart of him -- this perfect mixture of the elegant comedy and the serious drama....more info
  • Hilarious!
    A great show! The writing is top notch, the wit is tight, fast, and at times dry and droll....more info
  • Just wow....Great show!! Stop screwing with us ABC and stop preempting the show!
    The last episode of this season had to do with the very beautiful Chelina Hall (Kerry Washington) and Alan Shore (James Spader) going down south to help an inmate who was wrongly convicted of murder. Without ruining the ending, I must say this episode is the best episode for that season. Even during Alan's closing, you could see him turn red with emotion. Chelina had me crying the whole time. Great DVD...Great Buy...more info
  • Very Good Show - But Sometimes "Preachy"
    My wife turned me on to this show. If not for this I would have never watched it. The acting is great, writing is superb even though it gets "Preachy" in a few episodes (the 2 shows with Rev. Al sharpton come to mind) but hey - Boston is in a "Blue" state so a little liberal dogma crammed down your throat can be expected and tolerated.

    Over all I really enjoyed the series and look forward to the season 2 release as I am currently watching season 3....more info
  • Best Show on Television
    I recently purchased Season One of BOSTON LEGAL and can't wait to get Season Two. This is the only DVD series I have ever purchased and that's how much I love the show. Working in a law firm myself, I am familiar with the types of characters it attracts, but few as interesting and funny as William Shatner and James Spader. I look forward to this show each week and the DVD's kept me in stitches during the summer months when the show was on hiatus. I haven't laughed-out-loud, as I do with each episode of BOSTON LEGAL, at a TV show in such a long time; probably since TAXI was on. If you haven't seen the show, you don't know what you're missing. BOSTON LEGAL is the best damned program on TV this year or in many years. It has everything?...more info
  • Pokes the Legal System in the Ribs with Laughter
    Boston Legal, the sequel of the Practice, is a hundred time better than the Original. Legal focus on the cases which makes you think, such as David E Kelly does.

    This series main lead is Alan Shore played with a cynical air by James Spader. His half crazied senior partner Denny Crane played by William Shatner, who proves he can play something else than Captain James T Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. Both actors have won Emmys for these roles in this series

    What you get here is one of the Best legal shows on TV. It covers issues with humor and human nature-which is also funny. Then it also can be hard hitting points of law which will intrigue those Legal eagles who love to water cooler debait shows... and if the last episode on this DVD set does not haunt you-you have no soul and heart

    Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD

    ...more info
  • What A Pleasure For The Well Informed/Laugh Out Loud Funny!!!
    This is as good as it gets. Humor Galore (James Bond Style), Up to the minute social issues with the real/reel FACTS!!! The acting is/not hollywooded, it is deadly funny bone serious. The issues they address are classic, in your face, can't believe the public is that stupid/THEY AREN'T. They speak to a audience that is AMERICAN to the bone. ...more info
  • Love this show!!
    It's about time that they had a funny, entertaining lawyer show on tv. Terrific stories and interesting characters. James Spader and William Shatner are wonderful, and I love their relationship....more info
  • Pure and great chemistry
    Every time I see a chapter, besides enjoying it very much, I have the strong feeling that spader and shatner should have had a lot of fun while performing it.
    No doubts about their talent, but you can also find a certain joy in their characters (specially in the balcony final scenes) that reveals a great dose of good humour whis doesn't belong to the script but to the special chemistry developed among the two of them.
    A great serie....more info
  • Mindboggling!
    Until last month we didn't even own a TV - at least one that got reception. Basically we had a monitor for playing DVDs. The only reason I got Boston Legal was that both my husband and I are huge James Spader fans. The reason I almost passed it up, despite that, was that I didn't have a lot of respect for William Shatner's past work. Was I amazed at what I saw!

    First of all, Spader, who was so excellent as an almost angelic looking villainous type, has gained some weight, lost some of that beauty and turns out to have a barely before suspected but decided flair for comedy. (He was kind of funny in Stargate but my husband almost laughed when I mentioned that Spader was doing comedy.)As attorney Alan Shore he still seems to be playing the devil - but when the facade cracks you can see the angelic still resides there. His body language is aconscious choice that makes him seem less attractive than he has been in the past - but it is the perfect stance for the character He is inhabiting. Shore as played by Spader is a multi-leveled character always capable of surprising us.

    But it was Shatner who was a revelation. He can not only be funny, but also plays pathos so well he can bring tears to the eyes. As a senior partner, once among the greatest of trial lawyers and now descending into dementia, his role could have been somewhat one-dimensional in less capable hands. But even when playing his foggiest moments, there is a gleam in the eye that lets us know that there is more to Denny Crane than meets most eyes. He can go from befuddled to sharp as a tack to uproariously funny- and then let us see his fear of losing it, with barely the twitch of a facial muscle. The performance is brilliant.

    And as a team, Shatner and Spader surpass brilliance. Politically opposed, they are still unlikely best friends, and the theme of friendship that flows through the episodes is one of its strongest points. There is also comedy - lots of it; intriguing legal cases (and they don't always win) as well as interesting moral dilemmas - some of which put Shore and Crane at odds for a time. Some of these can be so serious that the show hardly seems funny except in passing moments - but no matter how dark an episode gets it is also intriguing - no - riveting. And it always ends with food for thought - and usually a good smile.

    The rest of the cast is equally capable. I especially like Mark Valley as Brad - he could be an unlikable, plastic Ken Doll of a character but manages to win sympathy. And who could resist Candace Bergen as Schmidt, the female senior partner there to keep everyone in line. She is gorgeous, she is very tough - but she is also humane when it is important. And she is very, very funny.

    I thought I would buy the Season One DVD and treat myself to an episode a night, but the plots are so intriguing, the characters so fascinating and well drawn (and acted) and the issues raised either so poingnant or so absurd (or both) that I find that you can't watch just one.

    This series was enough to bring me back to watching television....more info
  • Best Show on TV
    Boston Legal is the best show on television! Each time I watch the DVDs I catch a little something I may have missed before. Waiting for Season 2 DVD... ...more info
  • Stunning Combo of Comedy & Drama
    Caught an episode by accident, and was immediately hooked. Bought Season One to catch up. Truly great writing and, even more astounding, truly great acting, especially by William Shatner, whom I'd always thought was a total hack, based on Star Trek (series and films). I now put him up there with Sir Laurence Olivier and Marlon Brando. Also outstanding is James Spader, who creates magical duo chemistry with Shatner. The entire ensemble is at the top of the tv acting game without a doubt. Story lines also manage to address pressing social and political issues with sincerity and depth, without excessive soap-boxing. On another, higher level of tv existence. Om....more info
  • Boston Legal
    Very entertaining
    The cast in this show is amazing
    Short one hour shows very easy to watch...more info
  • Boston Legal - Season 1
    I planned to watch Season 1 of Boston Legal during some of my winter vacation (too cold to venture outside unnecessarily). Can you imagine my disappointment when I opened the DVD case of Disks 3&4 to find it EMPTY??!! Silly me -- I should have checked each case upon arrival. I've never had a problem with Amazon shipments, therefore I didn't find it necessary to go through each DVD case checking behind the packagers. Box and receipt were tossed shortly after receiving merchandise. Thanks alot Amazon!...more info
  • Boston Legal Season 1
    This was a Christmas Gift for my husband - but we both enjoyed the program so much - sorry to see it off the air. Received it in fine condition. I like ordering from Amazon. It's very easy and I've never had a problem with any of the vendors. ...more info
  • Denny Crane
    I love Boston Legal. It is such an intelligent show. It covers some interesting subjects which my husband and i love to discuss after viewing an episode. I only wish i could be as clever as anyone on the show!...more info
  • Funny, but flawed
    Boston Legal combines a solid ensemble cast and edgy, often hilarious dialog, but ultimately fails in an orgy of liberal masturbation fantasies. There are two conservatives portrayed in an entire law office full of liberals. One is ex-marine, senior associate Brad Chase played by Mark Valley who serves primarily as a chisel-faced, punching bag for super-hero, super-liberal, Alan Shore, played by James Spader. The other is senior partner Denny Crane, an alcholic, womanizing, lawyer ex-legend, suffering from the onset of Alzheimer's disease played by William Shatner. All other conservatives portrayed on an episodic basis as the cast lurches from trial to trial are either portrayed as Christian nut jobs or war-loving proto-facists.

    Every tired, left-wing trope is trotted out and thrown in the audience's face, in an unending stream of finger pointing, raised voice, pulpit pounding preachiness, that at some point, will turn the stomach of anyone but a die-hard, drink-the-koolaid, knee jerk liberal. It cannot be overstated how heavy handed and annoying this all becomes. Case in point, in a Season 2 trial about a teacher seeking injunctive relief from a pair of overly protective and intrusive parents, a closing argument veers off on to a totally tangential screed about the No Child Left Behind act.

    Which is too bad. I think overall the actors do a tremendous job. There are truly touching scenes of friendship, and truly funny scenes of human fallibility. This series has a lot going for it.

    It's too bad the political rhetoric can't be turned down from a 10 to a 6 or so....more info
  • Boston Legal 1st season
    Boston Legal got better with every season. Season 1 had a rough start but it's still good, just not excellent....more info
  • Right wing propaganda
    We purchased this series on DVD because of all of the glowing reviews we had seen here. I gave it three stars because there can be little doubt that sometimes the acting, directing and writing are brilliant. In fact they are so brilliant we did not see the propaganda that was being transmitted so smoothly on the series. If one watches it with discernment, one will see the entire litany of the radical right wing beliefs being promulgated by the Faux News Network. To avoid giving away any spoilers I will refrain from pointing out all of the dozens of specific instances. A brief look at the plots will disclose that everything from torture to gun control to the right of a network to provide "Infomercials" and call them news is justified with cute plot twists and impassioned speeches given by some of the best actors in the world. We watched many shows and finally gave up in disgust when they justified torture using Attorney General Gonzales as a shining example of why all kinds of torture should be used in the name of protecting all of us.

    No doubt the popularity of this program will be used by future historians as proof that America lost its way in the early part of the this century. As a student of history myself I would characterize this program as being in a league with the propaganda produced by Goebbels for Hitler and some of the propaganda produced by Hollywood for the American audience during WWII.

    So if you want to use this as a teaching tool to help your students understand how subtle propaganda can be then by all means do so. Just be sure to purchase an inexpensive used copy so you can avoid enriching the ultra right wingers at Faux Network who produced this travesty. ...more info
  • Fun and thought provoking
    David E. Kelley is able to inject humor and entertainment into would be tragic legal cases. He tackles sensitive issues such as the environment, the healthcare system, a corrupt legal system. He is able to cut through the denial that our culture has and open it up to the light.
    Everything that DEK produces is an excellent product. I love that he sets the show with proper Boston as his back drop. This is an excellent show and well worth the purchase....more info
  • Court of the Absurd
    What started out as a good show evolved into a political forum for the far left. In addition, characters are routinely seen drinking tumblers of scotch. The office of this law firm would be 'gold mine' for AA....more info
  • Denny Crane!
    I was initially "turned on to" "Boston Legal" around season three or four, and immediately fell in love with it. I couldn't get enough of Alan Shore's (James Spader) biting sarcasm, borderline sexual harassment, and hilarious banter. Furthermore, the character of Denny Crane (William Shatner) always left me curious as to his fall from grace, as Alzheimer's slowly and gradually robs him of his legal genius, replacing it with hilarious eccentricities that never cease to amuse me. I had many questions about the show, "How did Alan come to work in Boston? How did Denny contract "Mad Cow" (as he claims)? How did the show start?" Season One didn't disappoint any of my expectations.

    Episode one immediately throws you into the story of "Crane, Poole, and Schmidt" and gives you very little exposition, focusing mainly on the stories of the cases and letting you figure out the character details on your own as the relationships play out through the caseloads of the lawyers. While this was initially frustrating, it nonetheless became highly entertaining.

    Even if you've never seen the show before, I would highly recommend it. "Boston Legal" is like many David E. Kelly shows in that it shows off lush parties with music, political agendas (mostly "leftist"), and witty, back-and-forth, dialogue that is reminiscent of a funnier Aaron Sorkin.

    In conclusion, I would highly recommend Season One as it is the genesis of one of the best shows on TV, has loads of great cameos (Freddie Prinze Jr., Elizabeth Mitchell (of "Lost" fame), and Larry Miller amongst others), and plenty of hilarious and poignant cases.
    ...more info
  • "I Love Solitude... Mostly in a Relationship"
    The above quote from this amazing show is a true testament to David E. Kelley's brilliance. Now, I have not seen The Practice, Picket Fences, or Ally Mcbeal, so I am without prejudice, and I must say that I am very impressed.

    James Spader, who plays Alan Shore, is the most interesting lead character in a decade, and plays the part to perfection. Alan is lonely, troubled, yet hides it with charisma and lewd comments. Spader is the perfect fit, and really brings out the best in his character. HE also has the best lines of the season (in later seasons Shatner has much better material) and says them with the confidence you would expect from such a character.

    Denny Crane, played by William Shatner, is the indisputed star of the show. I don't think he quite knew it himself, but this was the role he was born to play. Even though in this season he doesn't have the large influx of funny lines, the ones he does have are made even funnier by his outrageous demeanor. The "mad cow" was a nice touch, and it makes for a very interesting character: a has-been lawyer who floats in and out of his prime with every new episode.

    The femme trio of the season (all of which would leave quite suddenly) is composed of Sally Heap (Lake Bell), Tara Wilson (Rhona Mitra), and Lori Colson (Monica Potter). These women all want to sleep with Alan (and two do), a plot point that should have been more interesting than it was. It was almost as if Kelley said "To heck with romance" and made the show about Alan and Denny. This proved to be good for the show, but bad for the three unlucky actresses (who were all quite talented). Thus the three girls of season one got no real depth (expect Denise from seasons 2 and 3 seemed like a spin-off of Lori) and they never really got a backstory.

    Last, but most certainly not least, is Candice Bergen, who plays founding partner Shirly Schmidt. When I received this set I was perplexed as to the nature of why one of the cover's participents was not in over half of the season. The first minute she was one screen I realized why. Bergen (agiain) is the perfect fit for the role she plays and also bounces of of Shatner amazingly well. She could be the star of the show, should Spader decide to leave, yet Kelley (in this season and others) decides not to write much for her. However, when she is on screen the show just flows, and she is a welcome member of the team.

    In short (ironically) this show is the best thing on TV right now. It is socially relevent, funny, and brilliantly written. I highly recommend this amazing experience of a televsion program....more info
  • "Shock & awe"
    This show is one of the all time best shows on television. Few shows have ever made me laugh so hard. David E. Kelley is a wonderful writer and does a great job with developing such intricate characters as Alan Shore, Denny Crane and Shirley Schmidt. What is so strikingly funny about Alan Shore's character is his amazing one liners and his wonderfully constructed tirades. Denny, on the other hand, just says what he thinks. He says the things that a person would think someone would know better than to say, even if they thought them. All I can say is, no better show out there . . ....more info
  • The great and bloated Captain Kirk
    To the reviewers who lambaste this show for it's obvious and pervasive non-realism, perhaps you have missed the point. I am an attorney. I have taken two bar exams and am thus all too familiar with the rules of evidence, constitutional law, civil procedure, criminal law, criminal procedure, family law, torts and contracts. I only mention these areas because they are the only areas this show deals with (apart from an occasional mention of M & A and other corporate practices) and are consequently the areas that this show fudges severely. Almost nothing about the way lawsuits are brought or the way they proceed is realistic in any way shape or form in this program. Further, if Crane, Poole & Schmidt is the gargantuan law firm the viewer is led to believe it is, associate Alan Shore would not be able to pick whatever random criminal, tort or constitutional case he feels like trying. Also, neither the partners nor any other associates would involve themselves in ANY criminal or family law matters unless in a pro bono capacity. Going even further, no attorney in the firm, partner or otherwise would be able to continually get away with shooting people. Oh, and while we're on the subject, partners would not be able to fondle members of the opposite sex in the office and attorneys who were sleeping with each other would probably be disciplined for discussing their relations or having sex in the office whilst others can see or hear. It is also likely that sex dolls would be disallowed, whether or not they were made in the likeness of one of the named partners. Since we're on the topic of unrealism, another common trait shared among real-world firms that operate on the national and international scale comparable to this make-believe firm is that the named partners are usually dead. You may be able, from time to time find a lawyer named Foley, Larder, Arnold, Porter, Snell, Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, King, Spalding etc., but it's quite rare that this lawyer is the one who founded the firm that carries his/her namesake. The show is set in a fake TV world. Here's a few other shows set in a fake TV world where nothing resembles realism:
    House (Hugh Laurie is really English!!)
    The Cosby Show (Bill Cosby was really a comedian, not a doctor!!)
    Chicago Hope
    Law and Order
    Law and Order SVU
    Law and Order CI
    Law and Order XR4TI
    Law and Order S&M
    Law and Order ABC
    Law and Order USA
    Law and Order MIA
    Law and Order DDP
    Law and Order DDT
    CSI Miami
    CSI New York
    CSI Poughkeepsie
    CSI Marietta
    CSI Green Bay
    CSI Newfoundland
    CSI Siberia
    Xtra Large

    All are (or were) hit shows. All have very little basis in reality. The difference between Boston Legal and the other "legal" dramas is Boston Legal flaunts its lack of realism. It almost seems as if David E. Kelley is poking fun at his own work to some degree as well as the various Law and Order franchises. True, there are many points in every episode in which the characters (most often Alan Shore) pontificate and make profound discoveries, but in the interim, the show does not take itself too seriously. So therefore I love it, even though I know it is wrong. I contrast the Law and Order series, which is equally unrealistic, yet does take itself all too seriously, constantly pretending that it is not pretending even though the show's version of basic rules of law is no less outlandish than Denny Crane firing off a shotgun in a courtroom. In short, Boston Legal is good. The actors deliver because the teleplays deliver and the insincere treatment of law and procedure can be excused by the sincere treatment of the topics as well as the laughs. I would encourage anyone to buy this set and view it periodically (just perhaps not with your kids if they're under 16)....more info
  • All Hail Denny
    Hopefully as you read this the price is still right; picked up the first three seasons for 25 bucks a pop! Great to get the first two, since back then the ABC schedule was less dependable and I missed a lot of early episodes of the best lawyer show in the history of television....more info
  • A Great Beginning
    Best show around and the chemistry between William Shatner and James Spader is the best. It has it all - from it's serious content to it's humor. Who could ask for more....more info
  • James T Who...?
    You've got to give David E Kelly credit; this series has achieved the highly improbable...

    For 35 years if the name William Shatner crossed my mind, I'd instinctively picture James T Kirk and all thoughts are colored by Star Trek memories. But, as an actor if you become successful in genre stuff or soap opera's, it's a fair bet that you're almost dead in the water as far as fresh characterisation is concerned. The movie Galaxy Quest gently parodies this, although when you juxtapose Jason Nesmith and Bill Shatner this perhaps borders on brutal.

    There's a price for this sort of worldwide osmosis, so even if you didn't like Star Trek, you knew who James T Kirk was. Stepping out of Kirk's shadow is a pretty tall order, look at T J Hooker, for example, "hey, there's Kirk playing an LA cop". Similarly, both Leonard Nimoy and the studio [Desilu, I think] traded on Mr Spock's enormous popularity, by playing a character in Mission Impossible in the late 60s; I think my young mind got confused every time he smiled...

    To my knowledge it's extraordinarily rare for someone to step out of a show that permeated the national and in Star Trek's case, global consciousness to play a totally fresh and original character, but then again, William Shatner is a very fine actor.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: "Denny Crane".

    And hey, the rest of the show ain't bad either...
    ...more info
  • Benton Legal
    Here I am in Benton,Arkaasas, waiting for the delight my incredible hubby will show when he sees that we will be able to seee all of the first season anytime we want to! Since Christmas is not here yet, I can not verify the quality of the video, but it is brand new, arrived in fast timing, and was perfectly packed for safe travel. I am so pleased to be able to get it at such a great price. Thank you info
  • Boston Legal Season 1. Great Humor (not for everyone)
    I find myself laughigh out loud when I watch these DVD's. It's not for everybody though. Some people may find some of it to be offensive....more info
  • Here We Go...Hunky Dory!
    Right from the start you knew this spin-off of The Practise was going to be an award winner. The moment Edwin Poole walked into the meeting room trouserless!

    So many opinions and reviews have been made of this first season, I'm not going to bother with an in depth review!

    The basics:

    Alan has dragged Tara along with him to Crane Poole and Schmidt, Boston's best law firm, reuniting with Sally Heap while making new "friends" along the way, ie Brad Chase, Lori Strong and Paul Lewiston.

    A solid settling in period for the first six episodes and the David E Kelly introduces his master stroke, Shirley Schmidt!

    After womanising all the female staff at CPS, Alan finally gets his chance with his suffering assistant Tara, but as she soon discovers, Alan is not what she was hoping for.

    However it's all about Alan Shore and Denny Crane, their warm relationship and the cases that they work on, either individually or as a team.

    And were we not annoyed when this first season was cut short so brutally to allow Greys Anatomy to start...

    It all left us hanging, and totally disjointed the natural progression to season two, which had to spend five episodes to explain what had happened!...more info
  • Subtle, Cynical and Sarcastic
    The novice viewer can easily miss the humor and think it's another lawyer mess. But the humor is so subtle that it's almost lost in the delivery. Denny Crane and Alan Shore are the Abbot and Costello of our time. Don't miss it. A great first season....more info
  • A Shore hit
    I came by this series quite by chance on DVD, not knowing anything much about it - and was pleasantly surprised with the result.
    It's certainly not a great show like, say, the Sopranos, but it does hold its own when compared with the regular, run-of-the-mill TV fare that comes out of the U.S. entertainment factory.
    Scripting is pretty good on the whole, even if a little too dense for the running time available. Of particular merit is the character of Alan Shore, admirably played by the superb poker-faced James Spader. He is particularly well counterbalanced by William Shatner, whose dominating presence is impressive, considering the relatively small part he plays in the proceedings. The women are more like talking waxworks than real characters - but then Alan Shore is quite an act to follow.
    All in all, I got my money's worth for this DVD set, but I don't think my enthusiasm for the series will extend to buying season 2. ...more info
  • Boston Legal--Season 1
    Very funny. All our friends love it as well. Good assortment of characters. We enjoyed this season....more info
  • Boston Legal
    My first introduction to this series based on a friend's suggestion. It is a great series with some wonderful stars. William Shatner is perfect in this comedic role....more info
  • Hilarious!
    You can't help but love James Spader and William Shatner who are the linchpin of the series and who portray what all men one day hope to have. The time and a buddy to sit next to at day's end with a nice bottle of single malt whiskey to share and not a care in the world....more info
  • Great
    Boston Legal is the best, and just keeps getting better. This is a great price....more info
  • Best from Boston
    This series has some of the best writing on TV. It's intelligent, funny, moving, and exciting, sometimes all at the same time. Definitely great TV....more info
  • Love it!
    Its BOSTON LEGAL!!! Whats not to love?

    Watch it, Judge. We're a superpower. Don't make us add you to the axis.
    - Denny Crane...more info
  • Started off with a bang but drifted into standard sitcom
    The first half of the season raised interesting ethical questions about acceptable conduct, what respect for the law really means, and the strange mix of ethical/political/sexual boundaries that leave all the principal characters adrift at one time or another. Then, with the arrival of Candice Bergen as Schmidt, it seemed that the writers choked and began planning episodes according to public interest polls. The illusion of topical depth was maintained at the expense of real edginess. The characters and dramas always seemed to end in the middle of some imaginary MPAA ethical demographic. The series writers seemed to sacrifice unease for soft-pedaled rants about the environment, the death penalty, and shallow ethical conundrums. I loved the middle of the season and hear from others that it gets better in the latter half of season two and season three, but I doubt I'll be there to watch it. Once the sitcom formula becomes more important than the power of the mix, the potion loses its magic....more info
  • Wonderfully clever and funny
    I absolutely love this show. Extremely funny, outrageously clever, and always on-point with issues that society is facing today. Absolutely a buy (great value too for the # of episodes you get). Grab season 2 as well so you can save on having to ship them seperately :) (you'll want the 2nd one after you watch the first)....more info
  • One of the best series on tv
    This series combines smart writing with the talents of Candice Bergen, William Shatner and James Spader. The show is smart, capable of doing several story lines justice per episode, and really very funny. The only negative aspect about the DVDs is that the episodes do not have commentary tracks. I would LOVE to hear some of the comments the stars and creators have on this show. In closing, buy this now....more info
  • Boston legal season 1
    Great, recieved in great condition at a great price. I love this show....more info
  • Boston Legal Season 1 DVD
    This show is seriously funny. I was never a big fan of either William Shatner or James Spader, but they make this series come to life. This show addresses some topics that have been in the news recently and in the past in the form of lawsuits and defending criminals. In the mix is a lot of humor. I would definitely recommend this DVD set to anyone who watches Boston Legal and may have missed the 1st season, or for anyone who is interested in the show....more info
  • Boston Legal - Season One
    So glad I got this dvd - Boston Legal, Season One. I am thorougly enjoying it....more info
  • Boston Legal - Season One!
    Introduced during the final season of ABC's The Practice as Eleanor Frutt's maverick defense attorney pal Alan Shore, actor James Spader (along with fellow Emmy-winner William Shatner as Denny Crane, and insanely sexy Rhona Mitra as Tara Wilson) was promptly spun-off into this brilliant series the following season. Whether this was always creator/executive producer David E. Kelley's original intent remains unseen, but it was a tactically shrewd and smart move, nonetheless. Sporting a great cast, sharp writing, relevant topical issues, laugh-out-loud humor and remarkable heart, Boston Legal (original working title "Fleet Street") continued to do what The Practice did for legal dramas, only in a much more humorous way.

    Props to Fox for packaging the show in a first-rate DVD season set which features immaculate picture and sound and cool extras. Most notably, the deleted scenes from the pilot which Kelley explains in the introduction as being too "Practice-like" i.e. serious. These aren't the usual abruptly short deleted scenes typical of TV DVDs but full "super-size" scenes that add more to the pilot episode they were cut from, not unlike the deleted scenes from NBC's The Office.

    Boston Legal - Season One is a 5-disc (single-sided) set featuring all 17 episodes; Widescreen (1.78:1) video; Dolby Surround English audio; plus extras. Housed in slim cases, Disc One contains: Episodes 1-4; Disc Two: Episodes 5-8; Disc Three: Episodes 9-12; Disc Four: Episodes 13-16; Disc Five: Episode 17, plus Special Features: "Court is Now in Session - How Boston Legal Came To Be" featurette, "An Unlikely Pair - Alan Shore and Denny Crane" featurette, and Deleted Scenes from Pilot Episode.

    Boston Legal - Season One (along with The Practice - Volume One)
    Highly Recommended! ...more info
  • Great Wit Series
    If you missed this series then you missed one of the best. Boston Legal is excellent and this is a great opportunity to hear the excellent wit used on this show....more info
  • Ruined a great show!!
    This spinoff was the ruination of "The Practice," one of the best legal dramas ever aired. This ridiculously unrealistic sham is a major disappointment....more info
  • Bill Shatner: Contemporary Genius
    If you are a fan, or even if you are not, this show is absolutely incredible. It combines quick wits with interesting plot lines, beautiful writing, but most of all perfect characters. William Shatner and James Spader head the cast, and they themselves make the show. David Kelley outdid himself on this series...This redeems him for the tragic Ally McBeal years.
    The Special Features are OK, but not amazing.
    If you like it, I would definitely recommend season two as well....more info
  • I love to laugh
    and this disc set certainly does deliver. If you have seen one episode and liked it, give yourself a present and get this for yourself....more info
  • Non-stop fun
    It was hard to keep from just watching the DVDS continuously, one after another. Entertaining, but at times very thought provoking, too. Definitely not for kids, though.
    ...more info
  • Best Ensemble Cast Ever!
    EVER! Buy it. Watch it again and again. Denny Crane....more info