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Retrospect 7.6 Professional for Windows
List Price: $129.00

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Product Description

Retrospect Backup 7.5 offers complete protection for the used in small and midsize businesses. Your home and home office computers contain more and more personal, family, and financial data than ever -- what happens if you inadvertently delete a file, are attacked by a virus, or your computer fails? Don't lose your family photos or the only copy of your tax returns. Recover your information quickly to keep your home office running smoothly.

  • Complete protection for Windows desktops and notebooks
  • Secure, reliable protection for all your information
  • Simple, yet powerful - start your first backup in minutes
  • Fast backups and Smart Restores with unparalleled accuracy
  • Automated Disaster Recovery

Customer Reviews:

  • Run, don't walk, away from Retrospect Backup
    Retrospect is a terrible software application for the ordinary Windows or Mac user. Both versions are complex and difficult to use, and the interfaces are extremely unintuitive. To make matters worse, EMC will want to charge you $69 if you need help with this indecipherable mess. I only hope that the Time Machine backup feature that debuts with Mac's Leopard version of OS X will finally put this product out of business....more info
  • Technical but reliable
    This company has a great product. The steps you use are unique from others and therefore some feel it should not be used by the majority. I am of the opinion let the manufactuer spend their time making a reliable product and I'll spend my time learning to make it work. File and Directory selection were the most confusing steps for me because Retro does it differently but once I understood it was a breeze. For me the wizard made it hard to understand but when I went to advanced mode then it all became clear.
    Certainly not for the New Kid on the Block but experienced file manipulators should not shy away from this product....more info
  • Cryptic interface is inflexible
    This software is cryptic and counter-intuitive. When duplicating (syncronizing) my server's data hard drive onto my portable hard drive, I would like to exclude specific folder groups, but this doesn't seem to work. I finally resorted to just copying selected data onto the portable drive, then tried to duplicate the server data again after making some changes to files on my server's drive. This resulted in deletion of the entire contents of my portable hard drive! This software should have a selection window similar to Windows XP Backup where you can select/unselect specific folders. This was a waste of money. I am an engineer, used to working with various software functions. This type of software should have a simple intuitive interface but it doesn't....more info
  • DO NOT USE Retrospect Software!
    My group at my company have all purchased Retrospect and we use it to backup our data onto external harddrives. Everything seems to work fine, but when it comes time that your hard drive breaks? Guess what 2 out of the 3 people lost all of there data. Luckily I made a mirror image of the harddrive, which worked, but all of their software that tries to restore the old harddrive onto the new hardware DOES NOT WORK. I had to MANUALLY copy the files that I needed onto the new harddrive. I searched the web for new software, problems or updates but found nothing. Everytime I tried to restore the image of my old harddrive to the new harddrive, it failed with an obscure error message. I had to reinstall Windows XP and all of my other programs on the harddrive I had to manually install. Overall it was about a 2 week process of down time before my laptop was up and working again.

    My other co-worker had his hard-drive go down and because he used an older version of retrospect (which was installed on the old harddrive) he could not use the newer version of the software to restore his image. Who makes non-compatible versions of backup data bases? Retrospect should at least address this issue. Anyway, he lost all of his old harddrive.

    In my opinion Retrospect is not tested, does not work on all systems, and/or gives you the false sense of security that you have truly backed up data.

    If you already have install this software, I would recommend that you test it to make sure your files are really backed up by removing your harddrive, and see if you can get all of your data back....more info
  • Not for the Faint of Heart
    I reluctantly purchased Retrospect Professional 7.5 because I could find no other product with the feature set I wanted. My previous experience with Restrospect Express HD was horrible, so this took a big (or dumb) leap of faith. The bottom line is that this is a powerful product that takes a serious commitment to learn how to use. I read through the nearly 400 page manual three times before I had any real idea of how to use the product effectively. That said, I like the product's flexibility and its incremental backups. So far I have had no crashes, but I was able to restore a crashed coomputer with Retrospect Express without much difficulty (there were other [non]usability issues with that product).

    Since a reliable incremental backup is what I was looking for, and I think am getting it with Retrospect Professional 7.5, I give the product a tentative 4 stars. Whenever my computer crashes, I'll be back with a followup review....more info
  • Continued Excellent Program
    Being a Macintosh computer user for many years, I used Regtrospect Express Backup and never had any problems. Now, with a Windows laptop for Windows XP, I tried the new EMC Retrospect 7.5 Professional for Windows. I first tired the free trial version, and it worked beautifully. I then bought the regular edition. All I had to do was insert a new identification code and everything worked well. I created a disaster recovery disk without any problems. There's a huge printed manual that comes with the program too. I haven't tried the Macintosh version, but I'm sure it will be top-notch.
    ...more info
  • A Steaming Pile of Dung
    I too used Retrospect on the Mac and expected great things. I could be wrong, I'm using Retrospect Express which was bundled along with a nice NAS drive I bought. The drive is quiet, dependable and lovely. Retrospect Express stinketh. I'm a retired computer professional, and were it not for my expertise I wouldn't have been able to complete the most basic tasks. Stay far away. Any company which would release Retrospect Express on the public should not be trusted, even with this paid for version. Someone must be making something better....more info
  • Something to trust your valuable data to
    If you are looking for some simple one click backup solution, Retrospect is your thing. Certainly, it sports some wizards that lead you through the process of invoking solid, time scheduled, backups. But if you are willing to dig in the extensive manual, and spend some time and effort to get to know your way in Retrospect, this may be very rewarding. The program proved to be rock solid. The amount of options is large. I like the possibility to reach back in time to grab this erroneous overwritten or deleted file. The program has no problems with open files. One can build all kinds of schedules, backup sets and so called selectors, save them, edit them later on, and knit everything together until it suits any need you can possibly have. Personally I use a combination of daily backups to an external HD and every week the most valuable data is written on DVD's to store in a safe place. Very good value for the money....more info
  • Product works , buy it if you care about your data
    I'm using this product as a backup server for files on three PCs. One workstation in the house, a family laptop, and a work laptop. I am not using it for a full hard drive/ OS recovery, just incremental backups of important files and user directories. The software is great. For the first few weeks I enabled the email feature to email me upon each backup, successful or not. Each scheduled back up worked well, how ever I had to use windows scheduler to wake up the workstation from hibernate. No problem for me, but it might be tough for a novice user. The interface took a few hours to learn, but it has everything you really need. I would not call it overly complex, but it may be a bit much for a home user. I have tested the restore on many occasions and have found it to be reliable. The reason I purchased this software was that Acronis restore failed when I tested it. I really wanted to buy the Acronis package, since its image backup has saved my bacon in the past, but the normal everyday backup was really bad. In short, I would buy this product if you need to continuously backup your files on a regular basis. I would not buy it if your intent is to restore a complete OS. ...more info
  • Probably the best choice for home or small business
    Backing up is not fun, but it is crucial. For a business, the reasons are obvious. For a home user, consider that more and more of your information is moving from paper to bits. Your snapshots, your music, your bank records, the list keeps growing.

    What sets backup software apart from other applications (such as word processing) is that defects are extremely damaging. When Microsoft Word weirds out, you just slam your fist down and start writing your document again. If your backup software lets you down during a restore operation, it is a genuine catastrophe.

    So stable backup software is essential. My strategy has been to seek out backup software that is marketed to both individual users, and enterprises, the larger the better!

    Backup software marketed exclusively to enterprises is too expensive. Backup software marketed to individuals is unstable, just like (for example) Microsoft Money. If your backup software is used by large, powerful companies, then you can hope that these customers will be able to get bugs fixed quickly. YOU don't have the clout to get bugs fixed, but other customers do. You have to hope that the bug you find is making life unpleasant for a large, powerful corporate customer.

    I have found two packages that fit this description: Ultrabac and Retrospect. Of the two, Retrospect has a much better feature set. Retrospect has had a feature called "Progressive backup" which is unusual (perhaps unique!) and extremely useful. Recently, Retrospect added a feature called "pruning" which is revolutionary. Nice going Retrospect!

    The combination of these two features is simply outstanding. Each of my backup disks contains a "rolling" history of my data, going back over the last two monthes. I do a backup every night, and it requires no intervention on my part. Retrospect automatically deletes old backup data from my media ("pruning"), to prevent filling it up. Retrospect also avoids writing duplicate data to the backup media ("progressive backup"), thus extending the useful capacity of my backup disks.

    The sophistication of this backup scheme motivates me to use multiple backup disks. The backup jobs on each backup disk are interdependent, so if there is ever a problem with one of them, all subsequent jobs on the backup disk are at risk. In my opinion, anyway.

    So I alternate between two backup disks day by day. Each of these two backup disks contains a history of the state of my computer, going back 60 days, in increments of two days. So if I wish, I can restore the state of my computer to the way it was on any of the last 60 days. I can also retrieve individual files from those 60 days.

    The latest version of Retrospect is rock-solid, the way backup software should be. It executes while I sleep, and it has not called attention to itself for as long as I can remember.

    This is the backup system that I have dreamed about since I started buying my own computers.

    I do have a few reservations about Retrospect. First, it is not that easy to learn how to use. No, it is not a nightmare, but it could have been simpler. As an experienced user, this does not bother me. Your mileage may vary. Second, I was not happy about the 7.0 version of this product. It lived its entire life with some non-trivial shortcomings. I won't go into details, because this is now ancient history. However, I don't think that this is reasonable for a backup program. Finally, it may be the case that EMC is losing interest in the product. There have been layoffs and rumors. You can find these yourself on Google ( The Register ). This is a bit speculative, but it is worth mentioning.

    Do these sound like major complaints? That's right, they are not! Retrospect is as good as it gets for the home or small business....more info