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Kashi GOLEAN Roll Bar, Chocolate Turtle Roll, 1.94-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)
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Product Description

Designed to help you stay satisfied. All natural. Contain 12g protein and 6g fiber. A chewy chocolate center is surrounded by smooth caramel and then rolled in roasted peanuts, crunchy soy crisps and whole grains. Optimized Glycemic response: GoLean Roll is specially designed for an Optimized Glycemic Response to help balance your body sugar. The Glycemic Response is optimized by the type of carbohydrates and unique combination of protein and fiber. Slow release carbs: GoLean Roll contains whole grains, nuts and low glycemic carbs to deliver a steady stream of energy, helping you avoid sugar spikes and crashes. Protein 12g: GoLean is high in protein. Protein helps give you a lasting feeling of satisfaction and is essential for muscle development. Fiber 6g: GoLean Roll is an excellent source of fiber, which promotes a lower glycemic response and helps you feel full longer.

  • Case of 12 1.94-ounce chocolate turtle roll bars (12 total bars)
  • Made with a chocolate center surrounded by caramel and rolled in toasted pecans, crisps, and seven whole grains
  • All-natural; Kosher; high in fiber and protein
  • Made for an Optimized Glycemic Response with slow release carbohydrates to balance blood sugar, protein and fiber
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews:

  • "Taste Great"
    I really like the way they taste, I like the fact that these bars are chewy they really fill you up. I am going to try another flavor next time, because I liked these so much!...more info
  • Not my favorite of the Kashi bars (GoLean Crunchy is the best), but not bad
    The rolls consist of a very firm and chewy slightly chocolaty nougat-like center surrounded by a layer of caramel and rolled in a Rice Krispie-like coating. The taste is pretty good, and it should keep you going for a few hours.

    The caramel layer is very sticky, so try not to touch it. The least messy way to eat this is to just pull down the wrapper far enough to take a bite. Keep the rolls at room temperature (chilled you will not be able to bite into it, too warm and you have a sticky mess).

    It would be great if these were packaged as a pouch of bite-size pieces rather than a roll.
    ...more info
  • Kashi Go Lean Turtle ROLL!
    This bar is great for breakfast with coffee. The pecans and caramel give the nouget a multidimensional flavor. It feels like negative calorie intake with all of the chewing required to eat the bar. This is a good thing as it makes you feel like you've really eaten something. The optimized glycemic response also helps if you need an afternoon pick me up. ...more info
  • Very tasty
    These bars (all of the roll types) are hard to eat. That's actually part of why I like them so much. Because they take some effort to bite into and chew, they basically force you to eat slower. As a result, you feel more satisfied at the end of eating one than if you had scarfed down a candy bar in three bites. I don't find them hard as rocks though, just very chewy. If you don't like chewy food, then these are definitely not for you. I also really like the texture contrast between the crunchy/crispy outside and the chewy nougat inside of the bar.

    There is a bit of a mess factor involved in eating these, as noted by one reviewer. The caramel is sticky and sometimes leaves traces on the wrapper, and the outside crispy/crunchy coating tends to crumble off a bit. If you want to keep the inside of your car spotlessly clean, you might not want to chow down on a Go-Lean roll bar while driving. Nevertheless, I still think these are some of the best bars out there. They are not discernibly chalky nor do they have a strange chemical aftertaste the way that many protein or energy bars do. They really are like fortified candy bars. And they pack quite a high protein and fiber punch for only 190 calories each, while only having about 13 mg of sugars--about 1 Tablespoon--per bar (I was expecting more like 25-30 mg when I tried my first one). The chocolate turtle roll is my favorite flavor, but honestly, I've tried every single flavor of the Go-Lean Roll bars, and they are really all quite good....more info
  • Kashi rolls
    I recently became a type 2 diabetic and it was sugested I eat these Kashi bars as a filler if I needed something to hold me over until lunch or supper. As it turns out it's a perfect way to fill the hunger pains.
    I give Kashi 5 stars!...more info
  • Tasty and chewy!
    This has a very nice flavour and chewy texture. It sticks to me pretty well through the day also. I'm definitely a fan of GOLEAN bars, this isn't my favourite but it's very very good.

    Cheers...more info
  • Great, refined sugar free snack
    I discovered the Kashi GOLEAN Turtle Roll last year while hiking with my boyfriend. I've given up on anything with refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. You have no idea how difficult it is to find healthy, mass-produced snacks that don't contain either of these. But Kashi GOLEAN Turtle Rolls are made with brown rice syrup. They're great for packing into a back pack. Even when they get squished, they're still easy to eat. And they tasted good, too. These are incredibly difficult to find in my local grocery store and market so I buy a case or two from Amazon every other month and keep one at home and one at the office for days when I can't make it out to lunch. With a glass of milk, the Kashi GOLEAN Turtle rolls is great for tiding me over 'til dinner....more info