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Hot Wheels Radar Gun
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Product Description

Now you can read the speed of your favorite Hot Wheels racing vehicles. With point-and-read real-life styling and super-cool graphics. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles. Requires 4 AAA batteries- not included.

Ever wonder just how fast you get your favorite Hot Wheels car to go? Or how speedy you are on your own bike? You don¡¯t need to be pulled over by a cop to find out. The Hot Wheels Radar Gun does the job for you, using all sorts of state-of-the-art technology. Just set the scale to 1/64th or real speed, and MPH or KPH, aim the gun at objects coming toward you or moving away, squeeze the trigger, and check out the digital readout. Simple as that! Now you can set new speed goals, and actually find out if you¡¯ve attained them. The 1/64th scale speed reflects the fact that Hot Wheels cars are 1/64th the size of a real car. So if a Hot Wheels car goes 10 MPH, the calculation is 10 MPH X 64 = 640 MPH! Now we begin to understand why those wheels are so hot! Requires four "AAA" batteries (not included).--Emilie Coulter

  • Read the speed of your favorite Hot Wheels racing vehicles.
  • Point-and-read real-life styling.
  • Super-cool graphics.
  • Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles.
  • Recommended for ages 7 and older.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not as much fun as we thought
    We purchased this for our 5 year old son for Christmas. He LOVES anything "Hot Wheels", but this toy really does nothing for him. He never plays with it even though we have tried to come up with some creative ways to use it. I would have to say unless you get a good deal, save your money....more info
  • Fun Radar Gun
    Purchased this radar gun for our son to use with his science fair project. He needed to record the speeds of hot wheels trucks loaded with different weights. The gun was fairly accurate, and my son was able to prove his hypothesis. Now that the science fair is over, the gun can be played with, and our kids are having a lot of fun with it!...more info
  • Not good for policing
    40 feet is a little close to get an accurate reading on a car. Could get run over by fast drivers. Good for play and sports activities. ...more info
  • Radar gun measures up!
    I bought this after watching a young man use it in his neighborhood. Living in a "planned" community in Washington state, we have the problem of speeders and the paid security guards really can do nothing. People who are stopped simply complain to the managers, or just use their really foul mouths, and ignore the tickets. Since I have been using this, in full view of any approaching vehicles, people SLOW DOWN, at least until they are out of my view. It's an inexpensive and useful tool to slow speeders down! I'm sure glad I saw that television story about this radar gun!!...more info
  • Might work for toy cars but . . .
    My son isn't that much into Hot Wheels. He didn't seem interested in timing his cars with the radar gun. You can use it to clock runners, but it's not very precise. If it tracked baseballs, my son would have been very interested in this product, but it doesn't. I could sometimes clock cars passing in front of my house. I felt like a dork when I did it though. It looks cool, like a ray gun, so it has been used for Star Wars type role-play. ...more info
  • Good cheap radar gun!
    I bought this for my 4 year old and he had fun with it for the first two or three days.

    In the end, I use it to gauge how fast things are going and we talk about relative velocity and going fast and the dangers of such.

    I also use it to assist in slowing traffic down on our residential street. As soon as drivers see this thing, they think its local police enforcing traffic and they do slow down. Using Pavlov's method, over time, you can condition regular violators to move at the posted 25mph or below.

    Great fun. Tennis serves, biking, nitro rc cars, etc... The uses are endless....more info
  • Real Radar
    I bought this item to measure the speed of nitro cars. It works well but is not very high powered so you must be close when measuring. This can lead to some excitement reading speed then dodging a 10 lb car travelling at 40 plus MPH.

    It is well constructed very unusual and reasonably priced for a very sophisticated toy. I don't know how long the novelty will last for kids but for me it has been useful....more info
  • Excellent toy.
    Every dad who loved hot wheels as a kid should buy one of these radar guns (as a gift for his child, of course). It adds a new element of fun to racing the cars down a track, and can even be educational. My daughter now knows for sure which of her Hot Wheels is fastest.
    It is simple to use, and can even be used on other moving objects such as bikes and real cars. I can't believe that this technology is available at such a low price. We have only had it for a short time, so I cannot speak to durability. It does seem to be well constructed, though....more info
  • A little harder than it looks
    This is a cool toy, but it is harder to use than it looks. You have to aim it just right to get a good reading, so little ones can get frustrated. My son is only 6, so maybe this toy would be perfect for a kid a bit older....more info
  • Hot Wheels Radar Fun.
    I've been messing around with this thing for the past month and am very impressed, when i bought it i had no intention of ever using it for hot wheels cars, so I cannot comment on how it performs in that reguard. On the other had I am an avid downhill ongboarder and have been using this to clock speeds at firt it was difficult to get a reading but I soon figured out that if the rider goes directly past the person holding the gun a split second b4 they pass it will give tou a reading. ive aslo compared to speeds on the radar gun to my cars speedometer and they are just about dead on give or take 1 mph. An amazing purchase would definatly do it again if for some strange reason i needed to....more info
  • Great Gift!
    I bought this radar gun for my 6 y.o. son and he absolutely loves it. He can get the speed of passing cars, our neighbor on her bike, his hot wheel cars racing on the track; we even know how fast he throws a baseball :) I'm not sure who enjoys this toy more - my son or my husband! ...more info
  • Best cheap toy ever!
    Pretty much one of the most incredible toys ever... its hard to get tired of clocking people speed by on the side of the road.... good cheap fun that actually works.......more info