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Kensington 33362 Ultraportable Power Inverter 150
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Product Description

Kensington Ultra Portable Power Inverter 150 - This device gives you conventional power in unconventional places. Whether you're in your car or on an airplane, you can have up to 150 Watts of AC power in a portable wall outlet. Perfect for portable DVD players, notebook computers, portable multimedia devices, and more.

The Kensington 33362 Ultra Portable Power Inverter 150 plugs into your vehicle's power port, or airline Empower port, to provide AC power to mobile devices requiring up to 120-watts of continuous power. From laptops to mobile phones, MP3s to PDAs, and even portable DVD players, this unit is the most versatile choice for power on the road or in the air. This inverter is ultra portable, with a compact, lightweight, sleek design that fits conveniently into a notebook case or vehicle glove box, and provides up to 150-watts of AC power to run a variety of mobile devices. The Kensington 33362 includes an LED indicator light that warns you of undesirable operating conditions, as well as built-in safety features such as over-current protection, low- and over-supply voltage protection, and over-temperature protection. The Kensington 33362 is simple and convenient to use, and is backed by Kensington's one-year warranty.

  • Plugs into a car's cigarette lighter or airplane's Empower port
  • Provides up to 150 Watts of AC power (120 Watts of continuous AC power)
  • Bright LED Indicator - warns you of undesirable operating conditions
  • Built-in Safety Features - over current protection, low and over supply voltage protection, and over temperature protection

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product
    perfect? probably not so far...
    smaller with much more flexibility of use (AC and DC) than my sony charger!
    I can just recommend this product to every ultra-portable owners, it's the perfect way to save space, weight and get power in any places around the world!...more info
  • Great on the plane and in the car
    I own another older power inverter that is heavy, bulky, and has a metal outer casing. This inverter from Kensington blows it away for a number of reasons:

    1. It comes with an adapter for airplanes that fits into a standard cigarette lighter opening, or a smaller one that has become much more common. I didn't even know about the smaller connection until I bought this and had to use the smaller connector on my first flight.
    2. It is exceptionally light and small. If you've ever owned an inverter, you'll pick this one up and be amazed at how light and small it is compared to older technology.
    3. The cord from the connector to the base unit is a perfect length. It doesn't hang or dangle from the lighter like some other adapters I've used.

    If you're debating getting something like this over the iGo, then I would recommend this. I've been through this internal debate before, and although I love to spend money on new technology, I just couldn't justify buying the iGo because of all the uncertainty about compatibility, tons of adapters, and price. I can handle the few power packs that I need to take on a trip... and this inverter works like a charm with anything that normally plugs into a wall socket.

    I've used it on a 14 hour international flight (China) and a 4 hour domestic flight, as well as in the car and I couldn't be happier with the performance. I basically just use it for my laptop, but have also used it to charge my phone. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • works for me on planes trains and in foreign hotel rooms
    I use this with my laptop (a thinkpad), my cellphone (treo), and my iPod. It does everything it's supposed to, and extra tips for are both less expensive and easier to pack than entire travel chargers, as I used to bring.

    As others have complained, the short cord from the transformer to the all outlet is odd. Also, given the modular design of this thing, you would think Kensington would sell versions of that cord designed for different sorts of international outlets. As it is, I sometimes need to bring several outlet adapters along, in addition to the K33197. As the adapters never sit in the wall very well, and the transformer ends up hanging from them via its super-short cord, it often pops out of the wall unless I prop it up on a pile of books, or hang it from the arm of a chair with the loop of velcro intended to help control the cable for packing. It works, but it's not elegant.

    On balance, I am pleased with it. With a bit more polish, it could have been a lot more useful for international travelers.

    Also, why no Apple Macbook tip?...more info
  • Travel over seas
    Purchased this for a trip to the middle east. used for laptop, cell phone, and camera. Worked perfectly........more info
  • Terrific Gadget
    Worked like a charm on several long flights on different plane types. Very simple design, can't go wrong. Definitely the right purchase. Only wish would be to add a USB charge connection, but can work around that....more info
  • Destroyed my Dell Inspiron battery charger
    When I plugged this Kensington power adapter in to my Dell Inspiron, it could not charge the battery. When I unplugged it, I could no longer charge the battery with my Dell power adapter....more info
  • Does not work in Australia
    I travel a lot. That is why I purchased the Kensington Ultra Portable adapter. Be warned that something in this adapter prevents charging in some countries. It works fine in USA, France, Germany and most other countries I've visited.

    It does not work in Australia. I tried two different adapters and had the same problem....more info
  • worked like a champ on my IBM
    Doesn't work for my Dell - they make one but then I need to purchase a second unit. Either way, the unit leaves up to its promised and worked for the machine I purchased for...more info
  • as good as can be expected
    I bought the Kensington inverter for a trip to Europe. Flew Continental which has power in certain rows. The Kensington worked really well, kept my laptop charged the whole time. Was worried about the fan noise because of other reviews I had read, but this proved to be a non-issue. If you keep the Kensington on the floor, you can't even hear it. A couple of times I had to power the unit off & on to get the green light to come on, but otherwise it worked as expected. The only thing I would have done differently (in retrospect) is buy one that had a USB port for charging USB devices like our iPods. Good value for the money in any case....more info
  • No USB tip
    Even though the Amazon listing says this can be used with your own USB device cables and the USB tip is listed as an included tip in the chart on Kensington's own website, the version shipped by Amazon does NOT include the USB tip. Other tips supposed to be included were missing as well. Kensington's support was useless - all they could say was to ask Amazon for the tip, that it should have been included. But it definitely wasn't - perhaps it is an earlier version of the item, but if so they should have changed the model number. Buyer beware....more info
  • Definitely a decent charger!
    Slim profile doesn't make too much noise there is a tight fit with the tips which is definitely a bonus.

    The cord to the wall is too short I'm not kidding an inch (what the heck are they thinking). That is why I dropped a star never saw that small of a power cord in my whole life.

    The product is very slim and this is definitely a good charger to pick up. The 120 watt support is definitely a must have if you purchase a power notebook plus the bundled autocharger is nice indeed.

    I would love to give this product five stars but I can't because of a design flaw. ...more info
  • This cannot seem to support a 65W laptop power suppy
    We purchased this Kensington power inverter just before we drove from Oregon to Qu¨¦bec. It worked for the first hour with an Apple 65W power supply (for iBook) and then the red warning light came on and power was cut. Our cell phone charger worked just fine so I will assume the inverter could not handle the load from the laptop power supply.

    Later on our trip we purchased a Jensen 160-watt inverter and that works just fine with our laptop.

    A shame because the Kensington had a sleek profile which was easy to store and fit well under the bucket seat with plenty of room for adequate ventilation....more info
  • Bigger than my old "brick"
    I hate packing and hauling large power bricks for my work laptop. So I was always looking for a smaller one and I hoped this would fit the bill so I ordered it. It turns out that when you place the main unit, the power cords (two are required) and the correct tip in the nice little clothe bag that comes with it, it's bigger than my existing brick. So back it went. Seemed to work fine, it just wasn't the miniature solution I was looking for. ...more info
  • Kensington inverter WOW
    Used this on an African safari where there was little (solar) or generator power in the camps. Had to keep my camera batteries charged and this worked like a charm. Simply plugged it into the Land Cruiser while we toured the Serengeti. I ended up giving it to he Tanzanian tour leader b/c he liked it so much. ...more info
  • Great! Except no right angle tips
    This product is great. Except for: 1) no right angle tips are provided make use almost impossible on planes 2) Power cord too short. but standard cords can be used after minor modification to adapter....more info
  • No Tip for Lenovo (IBM)
    Believe it or not, Kensington does not have a "smart tip" for one of the most popular laptops on the market - the newer Lenovo (IBM) Laptops. When tech support was contacted, I was told no tip was planned for the Lenovo in the near future. This is unacceptable. I also have an Averatec laptop which does accept a Kensington "smart tip", but the tip it too long and subjects the computer to possible damage.
    From other posts I have read, not having proper tips for various makes and models is an ongoing problem with Kensington. They need to get their act together.

    Update - I was sent an IBM tip that worked - at no charge. Now a 5 star product....more info
  • False Advertising
    Buyer beware -- this product does not arrive with the N29 tip as advertised, making it unusable with a Thinkpad T60.

    Kensington will send the tip in "12 to 15 days" via USPS. They claim there is "no way" to get the missing tip sooner.

    In summary -- if you buy this item know it may not arrive as advertised....more info
  • not enough power
    I own a Dell M90 which takes a 130W power supply. The inverter shuts off if i connect it to my computer while running. I have to power down and shut off the computer to recharge it. not exactly what i wanted. should work okay for lower power consuming computers....more info
  • Good design, very useful
    I like this device a lot. Contrary to what some people have found, mine works fine with a Lenovo X60T, and I have found Kensington tech support very helpful. Regarding the short cord, consider: the nature of the device is such that it generates heat. Do you want something that generates heat sitting on your desk or floor, or hanging two inches away from the wall so it has air circulating all around it? To me, this seems like a no-brainer.
    The main thing is that it is light and powers everything, so you need only one brick for all your devices. For example, if you have a device like a shaver which doesn't have a ready-made tip, you can find a tip with the same volt/amp specs (tech support was helpful here) and make your own tip. Then when you travel, you don't even need a separate adapter for things like shavers. Overall, 5 stars!...more info
  • Functional and compact
    I bought this to use on usairways flights which require an empower plug. This worked just fine and the design is compact and easy to store away....more info
  • Kensington 33197
    I have owned Targus, Dell, and Kensington before. By comparison this is, by far, the best unit yet! It can run in my car, my home, and on a plane.

    The tips are fairly pricey, but deals can be found. I exchanged several on a local swap list. I own two of these, and the dual charging cord. I can charge my Motorola phone while using my Dell laptop!

    Very happy with both units....more info
  • Looks like a good product, but not compatible with my Toshiba A75
    A friend recommended this to me as he is very pleased with it. I read that it was compatible with Toshiba laptops, so I ordered it from Amazon. Once it arrived, I opened the box and found that my specific Toshiba laptop (an A75) was not on the list of which "smart tips" to use for the various computers. So I went to the Kensington website and entered my specific model number in and found it to be unsupported by any of the Kensington products. The bottom line is that it appears to be a great product, but make sure you check compatibility via the Kensington website before you order. The manufacturer's claim that it works with "virtually every" laptop does not do you a bit of good if yours is one it is not compliant with....more info
  • The fan is just too loud
    The product is a nice size and weight, is well designed, and works as advertised. But the cooling fan is just too loud. It was audible in my car at freeway speeds, I would hate to sit next to me on an airplane and have to listen to it for a transcon flight. I'll have to research another one....more info
  • A Great gadjet
    I purchased this power inverter to use for business and pleasure while in my car. Works great with my Dell computer and Sony DVD player. It is compact and fits right between the seats in my car out of sight. I highly recommend this one, I got fast delivery from the vendor and it worked perfectly when I plugged it in. ...more info
  • Incompatibilities with recent Lenovo Thinkpad notebooks
    I've read several reports of incompatibilites with recent Lenovo-manufactured Thinkpad notebooks, despite the fact that it does come with a compatible tip (N29). I decided to give it a try on my Thinkpad T60p at my local Circuit City store, which does stock this adapter. I explained my hesitation to a salesperson, who said he'd be willing to help me test it in-store after I purchased it. Sure enough, my Thinkpad wasn't getting any juice from this adapter, even though the tip did physically fit (but more on that later). So we tried one of their "for store use only" adapters that they had behind the counter, which coincidentally was also a Kensington product, but used a different system of tips/plugs and was a slight bit bulkier. We found a compatible tip ("L"). Voila! It worked! Turns out that it was an older version of what is currently sold as the 33403 model. So I exchange the 33197 for the 33403, and it is working wonderfully.

    Even if we ignore my incompatibility problems for a moment (especially since most users probably won't have the same problems I did unless they own a recent Lenovo Thinkpad), I have two major gripes (which others have already stated ad nauseum) about the 33197 during my short time with it:

    - Cord between the adapter and the wall plug is way too short!

    - Tips protrude 3" from back of notebook. That's a big lever arm that can break the notebook's fragile power jack if someone trips on the cord. At least *some* of the 33403 comes with shorter plugs and are right-angled, minimizing the risk.

    It's true that the 33197 is more streamlined and compact than the 33403. But even if we factor out my own technical issues with the former, I believe the slighly lower-priced 33403 is still a better designed product.
    ...more info
  • Looking for "The Power of Love"
    Me: technophile that has way too many devices and even more power cords. You: slim sexy supply that will clean house and fulfill all my needs. Let's get it ON!!!
    This device is good for those that travel and or use their laptops between the office and the home. It is thin and light and w/ the range of tips available it will allow me to eliminate 90% of my power adapters. The short wall cord can be annoying but w/ a small extension this can become tolerable. The main problem that I do have is that they have yet to provide a plug for the Lenovo T60. As soon as this becomes available I will gladly upgrade my review from 4 to 5 stars.
    ...more info
  • Common problems of auto/air/wall charger
    This seems like a great product. The tip issue is common to all of the companies that make this type of charger, and Kensington offers more tips that Targus or iGo. Taggus used to make a very similar model (flat, light, short wall cord, 120W) but for some reason discontinued it for models that are brick like (and much harder to travel with. And as for iGo support noted by someone else, whew...........more info