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Coleman RoadTrip Accessory Stove Grate
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Product Description

Mix and match stove grate with griddle, grill or another stove grate. Durable chrome-plated steel construction. Perfect for simmering sauces, cooking soups or boiling corn. Dishwasher safe. For use with 9949 series and 9941 series RoadTrip(R) Grills.

  • Perfect for cooking in a pot, from simmering to boiling
  • Durable chrome-plated steel construction
  • Mix and match stove grate with griddle, grill or another stove grate
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • For use with 9949 series and 9941 series RoadTrip Grills

Customer Reviews:

  • Must have!
    I purchased 2 of these grates to go on my new RoadTrip grill to take camping. They worked out perfectly!! I used them for "quickly" boiling a big pan of water for corn and for hot dish water and I used two at a time with my beloved Pampered Chef double griddle (I just covered the handles with aluminum foil). For anyone who wants to use the RoadTrip for more than a grill, this is a must have! They are also fairly lightweight and pack away nicely....more info
  • Wonderful Edition
    Got this accessory and the Cast Iron Griddle. With the edition of these two options we were able to use our Coleman Bar-B-Que for every meal and all our cooking while camping through the Summer. Highly recommend adding these two your camping box - was able to keep the trailer cool during the hot Summer months by cooking outdoors and it was easy to use, clean and store....more info
  • a must-have for camping use
    My family purchased a roadtrip grill 2 years ago to use for camping and we absolutely love it. The Stove Grate accessory made it even better, we use it for cooking, making coffee, heating up water for cocoa, washing, & etc. We are about to purchase a second grate as well. If you're thinking about purchasing an accessory griddle I recommend getting one of these instead and then use a pan....more info
  • Coleman roadtrip stove grate
    The Coleman roadtrip stove grate is worth the money if you plan to cook with a pot or pan, on your grill. I was very surprised how heavy and durable. I didn't expect it to be this well made. ...more info
  • Useful grill accessory
    Some folks go for really shiny big grills. What we wanted was a flexible, versatile grill that we could use at the house or on the road and this grill meets those expectations. We were able to grill hamburgers on one side of the grill while simmering veggies on the other side using this grate. It made for a nice meal.

    It seems to be substantial and ought to last for a long, long time. The chrome discolored the first time just like you see chrome pipes on a hot rod or motorcycle. That's just the way it is. ...more info
  • Good Addition to the Road Trip Grill
    We bought the grill for camping, and if you're out camping you're going to want coffee in the morning! The stove grate attachment is the only way to be able to get the coffee going in the morning without messing up the grill plates. It worked fine for us, we cooked all our breakfasts on the grill using this attachment. And it's easy to clean, too....more info
  • Perfect accessory
    A great buy - works very well with the Road Trip grill, and makes a perfect stovetop....more info
  • GREAT accessory
    This is a fantastic item to have with your road trip grill. We use ours for camping and this item is wonderful. HEAVY duty too! I was amazed at the construction and quality. After replacing 4 camp stoves in 4 years I KNOW this one will last! ...more info
  • happycamper
    Great addition to the Coleman grill. Works great for pan frying and seasoning hamburger for tacos, boiling water for noodles, etc. Don't need to use the stove inside the camper at all anymore. ...more info
  • Great accessory for Road trip Grill
    We really love our Road Trip grill and this accessory stove grill just makes it so much more versitle. We are now able to use it for any kind of cooking. ...more info
  • essential
    This is a great addition to the portable grill. It makes cooking out of doors with skillets and such, much faster and more convenient....more info
  • This stove grate is GREAT!
    The Coleman RoadTrip stove grate is heavy duty, cleans easily, and allows us to do more than grill on the stove. This is no cheap piece of aluminum!...more info