RiceSelect Orzo Whole Wheat Pasta, 32-Ounce Jars (Pack of 4)
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Product Description

100% Whole wheat. Quick & convenient. Premium quality.

  • Case of four 32-ounce jars (128 total ounces)
  • 100% all-natural whole wheat semolina
  • Low-fat; an excellent source of protein and fiber
  • Quick-cooking; mix into soups or eat as a side dish
  • Made from domestic ingredients and packaged in Alvin, Texas

Customer Reviews:

  • Tastes pretty good
    The whole wheat orzo tastes pretty good and it a good substitute for regular pasta if you are watching your card intake. It's also hard to find whole wheat orzo in a supermarket so online may be your best bet....more info
  • Great food
    We've been looking all over for a wheat orzo and decided to try this. It has worked very well in all our orzo recipes, hot and cold, save for one that was just OK. It has a stronger flavor than regular pasta made with bleached flour, so it does best in recipes with bolder flavors. Like most wheat pastas, it needs to be boiled for just the shortest amount of time, so that it remains very firm. We haven't overcooked it yet, so I can't say if it will get mealy and mushy like a lot of wheat pastas do. Highly recommended....more info
  • I love this product
    This is awesome. Amazon is the only place I have been able to find whole wheat orzo. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be available any more. I'm heartbroken....more info
  • Orzo
    Great pasta. I try to limit myself to whole wheat products. This one is easy to make and has a nice flavor....more info
  • easy transaction quick service.. real quick...
    This product came so quick I was really surprised it was 1 day or so and I recevied it! ...more info
  • Great WW Orzo Replacement!
    I found this product to have great texture and taste. My wife uses it to replace "traditional" Orzo in all her recipes....more info
  • Great pasta
    This pasta is great tasting and so good nutrition wise. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Absolutely wonderful comfort food!
    I discovered this in our local QFC grocery store, which is the only place I've ever seen it, and Amazon's price is much better as I paid $8 for one package.

    Growing up, my mom used to make us bowls of pastina as comfort food. I call this whole wheat orzo my "adult pastina". :) Cooks up really quickly and is versatile in recipes and tastes wonderful. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Found, at last.
    I have been looking for this whole wheat orzo for the last year and none of my area grocery stores carry it. So I was delighted to find it on Amazon. It is very tasty made with sauteed green onions and several cloves of garlic and then added to 14 oz. boiled chicken broth and then simmered for 15 mins. (using 1 cup of the orzo). Very yummy tasting and good for you too....more info
  • Delicious!
    I love this Orzo! I was unable to find this in the grocery store so I was really happy to find it on Amazon. I tried it tonight for the first time and it's delicious. I will definitely be buying it again!...more info