Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!
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Product Description

Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day is a fun, rewarding form of entertainment everyone can enjoy. Inspired by cutting-edge neuroscience, it's a full set of reading and mathematic exercises that stimulate the brain. At the start, you'll take a series of tests and get a score that determines how old your brain is. This is your "Brain Age" -- by performing daily exercises just minutes a day over weeks and months, the better you'll get and the lower your Brain Age will get.

  • Activities include quickly solving simple math problems & counting people going in and out of a house simultaneously
  • Draw pictures on the Touch Screen, or read classic literature out loud
  • Play Sudoku, the popular number puzzle game

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Fun
    This game is great! I have to say it's a bit of a novelty to me now as I have played it less and less (although I really should just play it a little bit everyday). When I was playing it steady, I did notice that I was more focused. They definitely aren't kidding that it trains your mind, but in a fun, and if you show it to family members, COMPETITIVE way. I actually showed it to my Grandmother and she loved it, because she said it keeps her mind going. It got me thinking that this is a great way for seniors to keep their minds active. My grandmother doesn't really do much to keep herself busy and she often gets bored. I need to get her a DS and this game. For $20, this game is totally worth the purchase. Go for it....more info
  • Great game!
    Brain Age is a fun way to keep your brain active. The more you play, the more different ways you get to train your brain. I've played it just about everyday, even if it's just for 5 minutes. Definitely a worthwhile game!...more info
  • It's Good...What More Can I Say?
    This game is fun if you like puzzles. I do.

    It is a simple game, it keeps me occupied and entertained, and if it helps increase my brain power, well, that is an added bonus!

    As other reviewers have mentioned (I have admittedly not read the almost 200 reviews here; sorry if I am repeating anyone), there are now outstanding graphics, the music is beyond simple, and the sound effects are amateur at best.

    Still, I think this is part of the charm and appeal of the game. It is simple and fun.

    I still, however, don't know why it is so expensive. It is worth it if you play it a lot, though. Try to find it used for a lower price....more info
  • Brain Age
    I enjoy the math but so far it can't read my handwriting so I fail in all of the handwriting portions which makes my brain age lower than it should be. I bought this to keep my brain active and I think the math helps that. I am working on the handwriting....more info
  • Great game- fun and educational
    This is a GREAT game for the DS. It is not only educational, but very fun. My son and I played this game until 12:30am last night (over 2 hours). It is great to keep up on math facts, fine motor skills, writing, etc. He likes to try to improve his time and score each time. Good gift for anyone, young or old!...more info
  • Good time for all!
    I just ordered this game with my new DS. I told my husband if he could spend money on golf each month, I could buy a DS, so I could quit stealing my 8 yr old son's! LOL I ordered this game, and a mystery/I spy type game, thinking I'd enjoy them, and I could keep my son from stealing them. Wrong!! Every time I turn around, either my son's playing it, or my husband's doing sudoku on it! If it gets my son away from Transformers for any length of time though, I'm happy. I'm hoping I'll see grades at school go up after playing these games! Seriously,we all love it, and it's so simple. Who would have thought that doing timed math drills could be so fun?? ;-)...more info
  • it made me use my brainI
    In order to keep my brain sharp I try to do some sort of game each day and I found Brain age to also be fun....more info
  • Boring after a while
    I found this "game" challenging for the first day and then got completely bored with it. You unlock all of the "training" activities after you've entered the training zone 16 times... so there's no real mystery as to what's in store day after day. I find the doctor a little annoying at times and wish he would stop saying the same things over and over again. I play soduku a lot and that's been more fun than anything else. After you reach the goal of the 20 year old brain - there's no more challenge to go after....more info
  • At least is has Soduku
    I found it rather frustrating how often it misunderstood my speech (English IS my first language) and even more-so my numbers it frequently misread my 1's, as 4's and made up numbers for my 8's, all of which I could probably "train" myself for. What I couldn't stand and ultimately lead to my abandoning this game was the repetitiveness and the number of screens you need to just to get to the training. The attempted humor FAILS and I don't need to see the same "how to make this software more useful" screens over and over and over for a program intended for daily training, guess what, its working I remember them from yesterday and every day prior, shut up and let me get to the training already.

    Soduku was fun, unfortunately it didn't have many games and your score was horribly punished by the games inability to interpret your numbers.

    Something intended for daily training should not be so annoying just to get to the training....more info
  • Enjoyable!
    Even tho there is a limited number of activities within the Brain Age games it is fun to "train" and see yourself progress. I think at $20.00 these games offer more entertainment than the Zenses games do at $30.00....more info
  • Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!
    This is a good game. It tells your brain age by taking 3 tests. The tests are really fun. The training are also really fun. It has a graph to show your progress. Overall, this is a good game. You should get if you want to make your brain smarter!...more info
  • Great Game!!
    I got this game as a gift with my DS. It's a great game. I started out with a 80 year old brain and ended up with a 23 year old brain. It's a lot of fun to play. It did improve my memory....more info
  • disappointed
    I purchased Brain Age as a Christmas gift. I feel the product could use an upgrade in the character recognition area. The numbers 4 and 9 are often confused by the program (Sudoko). x and k are also problematic (memory improvement section of the game). The penmanship of the person using the game is not sloppy. Also in the memory part of the game, the program will not accept words that are included in the list of words to remember. The potential is there, just fine tune the program...more info
  • Great training, expect major improvement in memory, etc
    It's a little scary when you first find your brain age, but also motivating. There is a guide who talks to you and explains each training excercise well. Then he comments on your progress and gets a little silly. The farther you go in training the more programs he adds. Each one works you in a different way, and I love it. Also, the training programs are still GAMES, just good for you! I love feeling like I'm doing something GOOD for my brain, and boy, I need it! So if you feel that way too, just get it and see for yourself. Well done, great program. I want everyone I know to use it!...more info