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The West Wing - The Complete Sixth Season
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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 05/09/2006 Run time: 949 minutes Rating: Nr

With the ghost of creator Aaron Sorkin fully expunged from the spotlit soundstage maze representing that most busy portion of the White House, the sixth season of The West Wing is less a return to form than it is a remaking of the things that were best about the show in the first place. There's C.J. and Josh throwing high-speed dialogue at each other; there's the tension and personality arc as characters are back in step with their original realization; there's the overarching story that runs throughout the 22 episodes along with the self-contained mini-dramas within each one; there are the new people who bind themselves to plots that are alternately tidy and messy, just like real life. The taking-stock the show's creative minds clearly did after a roundly drubbed season five had a lot of help from the necessity of thinking ahead to a new crop of faces and places as the Bartlett administration starts winding down its second term. Some of the plot points may be a little hard to swallow: Would C.J. really deserve to take over the Chief of Staff position? Would Josh really walk away from his dream job to pursue the seeming nightmare of running a presidential campaign for not-a-chance-in-hell Rep. Santos (Jimmy Smits)? Thankfully the answer turns out to be yes in these fully crafted episodes, even as they still sometimes ring with the people-don't-really-talk-that-way banter that makes up most of the conversation in the Oval Office or hallways of the elaborate set.

Jimmy Smits isn't the only welcome new regular face in season six. Alan Alda grandly returns to the medium that made him with effortless authority playing Republican senator and front-running aspirant to the West Wing's throne, Arnold Vinick. From his modest introduction, to the nuances of personality that slip through over the course of the season, Vinick is definitely one of the people we want to see more of. Adding her own personal flair and tweaking the subtleties of the scripts is Lily Tomlin as President Jed's protective secretary. Gary Cole plays smarmy and vapid with elan as the Vice President who believes he's heir apparent, and disgraced ex-VP Tim Matheson returns from the political graveyard, unbelievably believing he has a chance to win his party's nomination. The politics are still integral to the drama, with fiery President Martin Sheen refusing to go gentle into that good night of professional or personal shadows. The late, great John Spencer also brings poignancy to his last days as ex-Chief of Staff Leo McGarry, scenes made all the more touching by the actor's death in 2005. As with its best early seasons, The West Wing again proves that strong writing, top-flite production design, and authoritative acting always covers flashes of skepticism and makes great TV.--Ted Fry

Customer Reviews:

  • It is what it is
    Difficult to rate something so commercial and shrink wrapped. Basically, it was a good value and shipped promptly. Received in only a couple of days.
    Best thing is the availability and now I have the complete series....more info
  • Value added poltics
    Watching West Wing is as close as we will get to what it must really be like inside the White House since we can't trust anything else due to poltically correct spin which is run by poll data and special interests....more info
  • A triumphant return to form!
    My favorite show is back! After the somewhat rudderless season 5, the West Wing has recovered from the schism with Aaron Sorkin, and is offering up taut, exciting, compelling and FUNNY drama....more info
  • West wing ----- excellent
    We love the West Wing series and are absolutely thrilled to have all of the seasons on dvd. It's a must have for the West Wing fan. ...more info
  • Best season
    By far one of the best season's of the seven. Alda and Smits added a whole new depth to this cast and story line....more info
  • West Wing; Sixth season
    The sixth season of West Wing is well produced. But there are changes to the characters, which makes it unlike previous seasons. C.J. becomes Chief of Staff, the President developes M.S., Donna leaves her support position to Josh and Josh leaves to campaign for someone, Charlie is no longer assistant to the President and of course Sam left in an earlier season. It is not the same program in my opinion....more info
  • Another year in the White House
    Not one of the best seasons but still was one of the best shows on TV. Hated to see it end....more info
  • Government the way it should be!!
    I am a huge fan of the West Wing and just started to watch the series again. I realize that this is just a TV show but I think we all could use an intelligent President and righteous staff. Is it too much to ask for? I watch this show and have hope....more info
  • Such a well written series...
    It's not often that a series is so well written that you want to watch the same episodes more than once to catch the dialogue. Four star series!...more info
  • Better than Ever!
    I am a West Wing fan from day one, and Season Six is one of the best. Its a little confusing at times going back and forth between the White House and the campaign, but it really keeps interesting. The story of the evolution of CJ in this season is really my favorite. I highly reccomend this season. Can't wait for the final season!...more info
  • Good start ... fair ending!
    This was a great serious. Off to a tremendous start ... but where do you go from there? Great characters and a gratifying final season for those who watched it all the way through!...more info
  • ww6
    The show is wonderful as always. However, starting with the fifth season, the closed captioning was only in foreign language. Can you only be hard of hearing in spanish or french? Gimme a break! They could have done better. I'm very disappointed....more info
  • West Wing
    I love this series. Although it might not be real but it give us some idea what the president does all day and how his cabinet works....more info
  • Season 6 DVD's
    I have a deep love for the West Wing and will continue to watch it no matter the quality of the episodes. This season takes us out of the West Wing and on the campaign trail, which was interesting. However, my main reason for giving it 3 stars is because it doesn't have english subtitles and the extras are not all that great. I think there should have been a bit more invested in the overall package, not just taking the episodes and putting them on DVD's....more info
  • why are there no english subtitles?
    I have watched seasons 1 through 5 as I walk on my treadmill. The briskness of the language in this series demands use of the subtitle feature, especially over the noise of the treadmill. It is inexplicable why the first five seasons would offer English subtitles and Season 6 leave it out for the english speakers but provide it for the french and spanish. Go figure....more info
  • Better Than Season #5
    I took me a while to get through Season 4. Too much soap, no issues and no real excitement. This season, focusing mostly on primaries for the next presidency, is much better. Newcomers Smits and Alda are great additions, but it's too bad there's less of Leo, Charly and Donna. ...more info
  • closed captions
    We've enjoyed this series because of the English subtitles and would rate the first five seasons with 5 stars. Now the 6th season no longer has English subtitles and we miss a lot of what is happening. The box has the closed caption symbol, but we were unable to bring up closed captions. Does anyone know how to do this? Would appreciate your help. ...more info
  • The West Wing season 6
    WW is my favorite tv series, next to Lost. I always wanted the people running our gov't to be as dedicated and smart as the men and women in this show. Maybe someday....more info
  • Season Six
    We have not watched any of the episodes yet, but we never missed West Wing when it was on tv. We have all 5 of the previous seasons, and have watched all of them at least once. I know we will be watching Season Six over the summer while nothing of interest is on tv. We can't wait for season 7 to be released, to complete our set....more info
  • The West Wing Season Six
    Very enjoyable, this series is one of the best on TV and with each season the story and characters just keep getting better.
    ...more info
  • New blood brings interest
    For this TV show to evolve, there had to be an election and a new president. The writers stretched and made it happen....more info
  • West Wing is amazing
    There never has, and never will be, another show quite like West Wing. I will dearly miss this show....more info